Crete, Greece

YogaOnCrete offers various yoga courses and other holistic practices for a private group or activity holiday in beautiful location and venue.

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  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Fantastic week with brilliant and clear instruction from Eugenia. Was wonderful having the sessions underneath the olive trees outside. Food was delicious and nutritious. There's enough to keep you occupied in the area for a week and the yoga is not too strenuous to prevent you from wanting to explore in your free time. Am seriously considering booking for next year already.

  • Gabriella Toro Greece

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    It is with immense joy that I recommend Yoga on Crete. Eugenia and Federica were exceptional instructors and took us on a wonderful journey of discovery. The retreat was expertly designed with plenty of free time to rest or enjoy the many wonderful beaches nearby and Eugenia was delightfully accommodating with all my requests. Having two expert teachers for a small group of 14 gave us unprecedented individual attention during the class. Maria's food topped it all for me. It was plentiful and fabulous and mostly coming from her organic farm. Eugenia, Federica and Maria are such sunny and caring people that it was impossible not to feel at ease straight away. I also immensely enjoyed the company of the other participants who came from allover Europe. I will forever cherish the memory of the delightful yoga studio under the cool shade of the olive trees, with the sweet sounds of the countryside drifting through. A few words about the location: Sfakia is a lovely small town a bit away from the beaten path and because of this it was never too crowded even in the heart of summer. Also, while the whole of southern Europe was sweltering in a heat wave, we hardly ever went above 30 C. I consider myself lucky to have discovered Yoga on Crete and hope to be back again.

  • Renata Kovalcuka Great Britain

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Beautiful location and very close to the town centre - whether you decide to stay in the yoga house or neighbouring hotel. Yoga is practised outside on a patio with all props (mats, blocks, belts etc.) provided and usage supervised by the instructors whilst the program itself is suitable for complete beginners in yoga practice. Daily schedule allows for a few hours on a beach or simple "me time" in between AM and PM sessions, with a day off to relax or explore Sfakia further. As Yoga on Crete runs various programs, expectations and results may vary - but I'm sure it will surprise you with something unexpected. Perfect choice for those not so fond of overpopulated mainstream resorts and buzzing nightlife.

    It's very minor, but food provided (very good in quality) is 100% vegetarian - I was craving fish and meat 2 days into the program. Luckily, local tavernas are just around the corner if you wish to explore local delicatessen and maybe a glass of wine in your own time.

    When staying in Yoga House, get out of habit of taking long showers - water pressure and supply is very low. Best shower time - in between sessions when most residents are out of the house, dishes washed and plants watered.

  • Geraldine Christin France

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Les cours de Kristina , le lieu, le site , les excursions, la nourriture et l'accueil sans oublier le groupe.


  • Caroline Spector Israel

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Beautiful accomodation.

    Delicious food.

    Amazing teacher.

    Lovely beach.

    Food was too tasty (ate too much).

    Week was too perfect (didn't want to go home).

  • Danica Australia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    My three-week yoga retreat was a time of learning, letting go of some baggage, making new friends, exploring the gorges and beaches of Crete and finally a breakthrough! I am a different person to the one that first arrived. I am so thankful to YogaOnCrete for the opportunity to make this happen

  • a traveler

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Location: Chofra Sfakion is beautiful with plenty of relaxation space on the rocky, clear beaches and the locals are very friendly. Warning, this is not a place to party, as it is a small village with a few restaurants, beaches, and boat rides to offer.

    Housing: The YogaOnCrete house is wonderful. If staying in a shared room, request the upstairs room for the beautiful view and porch! I stayed during July so it became quite hot during the night, so request a fan. The food was tasty and perfect for vegetarians and vegans, alike. However, don't upset the chef!

    Yoga Teacher: Federica is a lovely person - very lively, funny, and spontaneous. You can tell she cares about people, yoga, and her beautiful little daughter, Maya.

    Teaching Style: I chose to do the Hatha Flow course and it was too relaxing for my tastes. If you wish for a relaxing, spontaneous type of yoga which focuses on alignment, body awareness, and movement, you would probably enjoy this session. If you wish for more of a challenging or rigorous course set-up you should probably book a different session or elsewhere.

  • Ashleigh United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    YogaOnCrete was amazing! It was simplistic living with depth. I went with my mom, which was a great way to connect more as women (I'm 25). The house was beautiful, set in a small village, but with everything you need to unwind and relax. The food from the in-house chef was out of this world. Being a vegan, it was not only nice to have choices but to have absolutely delicious choices was a dream. I have come home with the desire to be more adventurous with my food and by no means have I ever wanted to cook. The trainers - well they were so kind, hospitable and knowledgeable about all the poses and had some great life lessons. Eugenia and Frederica made it for me, they had a light and they could see ours and with every moment with them, you could tell they could see yours. This was not a retreat with a bit of yoga for me, this holiday was life changing. I have meditated every day since being back, and I do yoga once a week (I'm an utter gym cardio freak so this is enough for me as I like intense workouts). I don't want to do anything that is a disservice to my body - eat crap, not move, drink a lot. I definitely look after my body even more now. I also now take time out of every day, unscheduled, and think on the spot what do I want to do - which is how I'm writing this. Please come to this - you may not have the experience I've had but I can only share this for me - it was amazing!

  • Nadia United States

    BookYogaRetreats website

    My overall experience with YogaOnCrete was magical! A perfect balance of vacation and training. The food was fantastic even though I am not a vegetarian. I would happily return next year and highly recommend this retreat to people that love the beach, quiet places, and raki (great hard alcohol)!

  • Victoria

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Host Eugenia created a real gem of a retreat by the sea. I stayed at YogaOnCrete in July and absolutely loved it. It is located in a very peaceful place. I had an amazing Princess suite with the sea view from the toilet! The whole house was beautifully decorated and very well maintained. Yoga classes under the olive trees were challenging and very enjoyable. Meditation by the sea was my favourite. Biggest praises to Joshua's cooking which was of a very high standard, imaginative and healthy. There was a good selection of beaches around. Marble beach was especially exciting. Great experience, will highly recommend to yoga and good food lovers. Million thanks to Eugenia and her team for creating heaven on Earth.

  • Lucia Netherlands

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Having been in a yoga class for a few days, a new world unfolded. The influences of the yoga exercises were healing, warming and opening up. The environment in combination with the care and kindness of the teachers, have made this holiday an unforgettable new life experience.

  • a traveler Austria

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I rate the yoga workshop in Greece with 10 of 10 points. It was a very rewarding week with helpful and very well-prepared units of yoga in beautiful surroundings. Everything was well organized, the social skills of all participants outstanding, culinary options a dream! The week was a unique and wonderful experience, there is nothing to change or improve. It was wonderful as it was!

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  • a traveler Cyprus

    Yoga On Crete website

    It all happens for a reason. I'm so grateful to have found Eugenias little paradise place and to have enjoyed nature, yoga, people, delicious vegetarian dinners and most of all the wonderful sea-view that really brings me back to my breath. Namaste.

  • a traveler Japan

    Yoga On Crete website

    Although I could only stay here for 5 days, I feel completely refreshed. Not that I am excited about going back to the city and office, but I do feel ready to go back to work and face new challenges. I also recovered from my chronic fatigue.

  • a traveler United Kingdom

    Yoga On Crete website

    How can I begin to express the transformation and revelation that this week has been? Soul-food indeed. Such wonderful, open, warm people, exquisite surroundings, and days and nights full of sunshine and laughter. I feel blessed. I have found muscles I never knew existed, swam in clear, healing waters, gazed upon unbelievably beautiful sunsets, eaten truly amazing feasts, given myself permission to just do nothing, shared laughter and genuine warmth and love all around - and slept more than I knew possible! Do keep this precious place just as it is, so when I next come back, the journey may continue. Bless you, all. Thank you.

  • a traveler Malta

    Yoga On Crete website

    The whole week has been a truly amazing experience - the yoga, the village, the surroundings, but most especially, the people and the wondrous spirit imparted. It has been a true awakening and the recognition of inner self and stillness. Everybody has been a true inspiration.

  • a traveler Europe

    Yoga On Crete website

    Dion and Victoria have managed to transmit their enthusiasm and love for what they do and live during this week. As a student, you can feel their enthusiasm, love, and commitment all the time - during class and outside of class. Very knowing, competent teaching in an extremely open, humorous, caring way - wonderful general atmosphere. Thank you so much for this very special week!

  • a traveler United Kingdom

    Yoga On Crete website

    Words can't really explain the magical experience I have had here with you, so I'm not going to be able to get it across on this page but thank you so much for one of the most wonderful, peaceful experiences of my life. It truly has been magical, from the company to the yoga, to the landscape and house, oh, the food, tea, and sea as well. My room was fit for a princess, truly beautiful. The house is entirely peaceful. I'll go back having learned enough to prompt myself to change my life for the better.

  • Synnöve Malmström

    YogaOnCrete Facebook page

    I had an amazing experience of yoga, hikes, marvelous food, and fantastic company with YogaOnCrete. All set in the most beautiful home with a stunning panorama. Thank you, Eugenia, Konstantinos, and many others who contributed to my wonderful vacation. Happy 10th birthday YogaOnCrete!

  • a traveler United Kingdom

    Yoga On Crete website

    What a lovely group of people! I have loved this experience and that is what it has been, much more than a holiday, a truly healing experience. I really enjoyed it and wouldn't change anything. It has felt like family.

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