Yoga Pilates Ibiza

Yoga Pilates Ibiza offers retreats with accommodation, food, and three hours of daily classes, including yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, and Pilates.

Reviews (7)

Fernanda Baumhardt

from France, April 2018

"Great place if not raining "

The location is beautiful, very green, great trekking routes, the breakfast is delicious and healthy. Accommodation facilities is also great.

Sara Axelsson

from Sweden, September 2017

"One of the best retreats I ever had!"

This retreat with Opale had a great impact on me and I would say without hesitation it was one of the best retreats I ever had. And, I have had many! What I loved the most is that I had so many Aha!-moments. Many of the concepts such as bandhas and energetic alignment I have been taught many times before, but not until now did I really understand them fully! These are complex concepts that require years of practice, but Opale have the ability to explain them very well and effectively integrate them into the body work. Opale's teaching style is very matter-of-fact at the same time as it includes a lot of depth which really serves all levels in class - both beginner and intermediate. Everybody can work on their level and still learn new aspects from the teaching. I really appreciated that Opale offered a lot of contact with the group by demonstration and corrections etc. It is so helpful. You would be surprised how many teachers just let their student go on practising in bad alignment! The group size was small so there was plenty of opportunity for individual feedback.

Deborah Smith

from Great Britain, September 2017

"Yoga versus accomodation"

I felt Opale to be a wonderful teacher, well versed in many aspects of yoga and completely genuine and passionate about her subject. She was calm, consistent and patient and her classes flowed yet adapting to different students.

The location was 5 minutes walk from the beach, which is a lovely uncommercialised area but with enough for eats and drinks.

A very cheap nearby cafe and supermarket which the locals used.

The indoor yoga studios were lovely.

For me all the following negatives and overall score were balanced out by the lovely Opale.

Silvia Bird

from Great Britain, June 2017

"Opal's yoga retrer"

Opal is a truly amazing person with great energy a caring personality for her guests.

She is accommodating in her yoga practice for beginners explain exercise well and keep the energy with more advance students .

I have no hesitation of recommending her yoga retreat .

The location is in a quiet beautyful part of Ibiza 35 min from Aeropirt .

Katelijne Tavernier

from Belgium, June 2017

"Perfect mix of journey inwards and outwards"

Opale is a beautiful woman and soul.I loved the way she teached . you really make progression during week. She has a broad knowledge . I go home with gratitude and a smile .

Andrea Ranninger

from Germany, May 2018

"Great Retreat for yoga. Amazing teacher!"

The retreat was absolutely great! Opale is a very experienced teacher and made all the difference. She corrected my posture at all times and helped me so much during the week. I was able to relax fully and improve my yoga so much during this week. The three hours went by fast and I enjoyed very much my lunches and times with Opale besides the yoga. The new location was very clean and nice and within 5 minutes walking from the beach. The hosts were very friendly and the breakfast and lunch was healthy and fresh and adapted to my needs. I can really recommend this retreat for anyone.

Testimonials (5)

Deborah Smith


My most enjoyable yoga experience.

I have been practising yoga for many years with many teachers and I found Opale to be the most inspirational teacher I have come across in my experience when I attended a yoga retreat in Ibiza in September 2017. Opale has a completely natural and genuine and empathic way of relating to people and her style of yoga is clearly a wonderful thoroughly researched style combining different approaches from many trainings and a great deal of experience. Her essentially mindful approach focuses on the joy and lightness of posture making and mental approach, turning it into a joyful experience. She is able to work creatively with people of all levels of yoga experience. I can’t recommend Opale highly enough but her inspiration is reflected in the fact that I am considering training myself, following in one of her footprints.

Susie Goldring


Hi Opale,

I would love to come to another one of your retreats at some point and I feel like I finally 'got' what yoga was really about...

The ambience and location of Ciel Azul was great- it feels a bit odd and a bit overly spiritual at first, but when you get used to it it's lovely adn all the people are lovely.

the rooms are a little basic but the food was delicious and tasty and everyone was very accomodating about my allergy.

The beach was perfect and the optional activities were good.

The pool was lovely during the day and particularly and night adn overall I would like to come back.

I would love to come to another one of your retreats at some point and I feel like I finally 'got' what yoga was really about.

Kyla Moore


Hi Opale!

Thank you for a great week. I loved Ciel Azul and thought the food was fabulous, plus being so close to a quiet beach was great. It was super easy to get to the prettier beaches but lovely to 'come home' to the piece and quiet of the local beach. Perfect distance to the beach.

The room was lovely.

I enjoyed the breakdown of the course. Surprisingly my favourite by was the mindfulness and the little bits of yogic philosophy you casually slipped into the class. I often found myself hoping I would remember what it was you said later, only to forget everything as I turned my attention to my next breath and movement. You said something very poignant about relaxing into life, not trying too hard to do the postures, just do them, and when things get tough just smile. Although you said everything in a much more graceful way. These are the lessons I really found myself reflecting upon this week at work and I have felt the week progress much better for it.

I was very pleased with the emphasis on breathing and engaging mula Banda. Those are my favourite lessons from Pilates.

I would like to thank you for adapting the class so effortlessly to all our individual needs. I found yoga every day too much. I cannot believe that as a woman who cycles around 30 km every day and 100 every Saturday I am still totally shattered and I skipped half the classes!

Thank you very much for introducing me to Ibiza and answering all our queries before hand. I would definitely recommend you to friends.

Marina F.


Hi Opale,

Sorry for the late reply, it has been a busy week. Ibiza has some magic influence on my life. It's the second time I've been and both times some important positive events have happened shortly I definitely will be coming for more!!

I enjoyed your yoga retreat, thanks for offering it and doing what you are doing. I would also recommend it to friends should they be looking for this type of holiday.

The preparation was good, you gave us all the details we needed and answered all the silly questions. Similarly to Kyla, I loved the accommodation and the food. I would not call the breakfast really included in the package though, as I am not sure anybody can survive the morning on just nuts and fruits. Of course there is the kitchen so we could cook etc.

Elisabetta was wonderful wit Mark, thanks for arranging that!

I like your style of yoga, you combine nicely the exercise and the yogic talk which I appreciate a lot.

The timing of the classes I found not perfect as you don't really have much of the day left this way. I would suggest to do it 9-12 every day so that the rest of the day can be used to explore the island if people want to. Though the food quality in CielAzul is good, the speed of serving is very slow, maybe a buffet would work better to give people an opportunity to socialize but yet be able to do some other things on the same day.

And thanks for your lovely homemade jam, nice touch!

Sara Meddings


Hi Opale,

Thank you for the video, it’s great. I have just done my first practice with it with the help of my dog.

Would it be ok to send the link to a friend?

Yes I very much enjoyed the week and I am thinking of coming back next year. And yes I think I got the balance about right in terms of effort and resting to manage the fatigue.

I found the journey by plane quite tiring – not the flight itself but the queues at the airport especially on the return journey – not sure anything can be done about that and that is why I have extra days off now. (The past eight years I have not flown anywhere and instead caught the ferry to France or Spain.)

I thought the yoga was very good and you were good at understanding how everyone was different and our different needs. I appreciated the way you encouraged us to use child pose to rest and also helped us to know when to consider re-joining the class. On the last day we were all quite tired so you adapted the plan. I had expected that perhaps the last day would actually be an easier day to help us all felt confident about continuing the practice back home. It was good to have the mindfulness at the beginning and to be mindful during the practice. I also very much liked the way you spoke about non-violence and a sense of satisfaction from whatever we were able to do – and reminded us about smiling. Oh and I liked the experiments we did to see if we were stronger when using the bandhas or when smilingm, I had not come across it before and was impressed.

I thought it worked very well to have the yoga and then eat together.

The yoga room was ok.It might have been nice sometimes to be outside in the shade but on the other hand it was good to have the familiarity of going to the same space and being somewhere with air conditioning.

The location was good being only a short walk from the beach and having a pool on site so that when I was too tired to walk to the beach I could just enjoy being at the Ciel Azul.

The room was quite nice with a balcony, comfortable bed and basic kitchen equipment – it was great to have the kettle and fridge in particular. It might be worth putting in the information in advance that the rooms had these. I very much appreciated you organising me the particular room you did – first floor with a sea view – it made a difference to my stay.

The food was excellent – maybe the best most healthy food I have had on a holiday.

Possibly it might be helpful to offer so we could be in contact with other participants in advance – for example it could enable people to decide to hire a car together or share a trip from the airport.

I am not on facebook, if I was I would link to you.

Today in Seaford, UK, it has been a glorious Ibiza day, 24 degrees, sunny and a warm sea. I have had the gift of an extra day of holiday and with yoga too.

Thanks for everything

Warm wishes


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