Yoga Pilates Ibiza offers retreats with accommodation, food, and three hours of daily classes, including yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, and Pilates.

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Rory Keaveny

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Ibiza get away"

Opale was fantastic - patient and kind. One can tell that Opale has a vast experience in yoga and meditation and is very able to tailor to an individuals needs.

The retreat was a perfect balance of practice and quiet time. That there is no mobile phone signal in the area is certainly a positive, Sa Mariana is an exceptionally beautiful place. The beaches are just spectacular and the restaurants very nice.

Hugely nice contrast with the rest of the island - so quiet and peaceful! very nice after a few days partying on the other side of the island!

Fernanda Baumhardt

from France, April 2018

"Great place if not raining "

The location is beautiful, very green, great trekking routes, the breakfast is delicious and healthy. Accommodation facilities is also great.

Sara Axelsson

from Sweden, September 2017

"One of the best retreats I ever had!"

This retreat with Opale had a great impact on me and I would say without hesitation it was one of the best retreats I ever had. And, I have had many! What I loved the most is that I had so many Aha!-moments. Many of the concepts such as bandhas and energetic alignment I have been taught many times before, but not until now did I really understand them fully! These are complex concepts that require years of practice, but Opale have the ability to explain them very well and effectively integrate them into the body work. Opale's teaching style is very matter-of-fact at the same time as it includes a lot of depth which really serves all levels in class - both beginner and intermediate. Everybody can work on their level and still learn new aspects from the teaching. I really appreciated that Opale offered a lot of contact with the group by demonstration and corrections etc. It is so helpful. You would be surprised how many teachers just let their student go on practising in bad alignment! The group size was small so there was plenty of opportunity for individual feedback.

Deborah Smith

from United Kingdom, September 2017

"Yoga versus accomodation"

I felt Opale to be a wonderful teacher, well versed in many aspects of yoga and completely genuine and passionate about her subject. She was calm, consistent and patient and her classes flowed yet adapting to different students.

The location was 5 minutes walk from the beach, which is a lovely uncommercialised area but with enough for eats and drinks.

A very cheap nearby cafe and supermarket which the locals used.

The indoor yoga studios were lovely.

For me all the following negatives and overall score were balanced out by the lovely Opale.

Andrea Ranninger

from Germany, May 2018

"Great Retreat for yoga. Amazing teacher!"

The retreat was absolutely great! Opale is a very experienced teacher and made all the difference. She corrected my posture at all times and helped me so much during the week. I was able to relax fully and improve my yoga so much during this week. The three hours went by fast and I enjoyed very much my lunches and times with Opale besides the yoga. The new location was very clean and nice and within 5 minutes walking from the beach. The hosts were very friendly and the breakfast and lunch was healthy and fresh and adapted to my needs. I can really recommend this retreat for anyone.