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Yoga Inspirations features Diane Cline who leads empowering retreats four times per year in Hawaii and Indonesia. The retreats are open to all levels and ages.

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Diane Cline

Diane Cline, RYT, is a leader in global consciousness, life coach, sound healer, medicine woman, and enthusiastic about serving you ! Diane considers her retreats "Empowerment retreats " where you are learning many ways to empower your life. As the founder of Yoga Inspirations, she has award-winning DVDs and has served over 7,000 people while on Kauai. She is especially passionate about helping people release physical ailments, old traumas ,habits & sharing a Peaceful way of Living. Propelled by her love for humanity, she dedicates her life to serving and uplifting others.

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Amy, Jesse & Paige Olson Wisconsin Ohana

Yoga Inspirations website

Are you ready for a life-changing experience? For those considering your first retreat with Diane from one who has now attended three retreats … I could not more highly recommend doing so!

We were so blessed to attend Diane‘s Kona retreat as a family! We had so much fun and gained a great deal individually and collectively. This shared experience provided a common foundation for the three of us to address daily life back at home with ease and grace.

Diane has an intimate familiarity with the Big Island of Hawaii and she shared her knowledge and insights in meaningful ways throughout the retreat. Her connection to the soul of the island is inspirational, educational and palpable.

Diane’s amazing partner, Steve, supported us every step of the way with patients and soulful spirit. Steve also began and ended our days with amazing culinary experiences.

Our daily yoga and meditation was rewarding and strengthened the body, mind and spirit. Our excursions brought us to beautiful sacred spaces each with powerful energy. Diane challenged us to seek inner strength through our source. We found ourselves going beyond the limitations we had set for ourselves and even overcoming fears.

In Diane‘s presence, one cannot help but feel inspired and lifted to a higher level. She is a very special human being (or is she perhaps part angel?) with a heart of gold!

With much gratitude and aloha,

Your Wisconsin Ohana ~ Amy, Jesse & Paige Olson ( march 2018)

Laurel Mitchell

Yoga Inspirations website

I originally joined the retreat to spend some quality time with my sister, and perhaps relax a bit. Unbeknownst to me, the retreat became a life changer. My life took a dramatic change right before the retreat and I entered into the retreat completely stressed out. Within no time at all ,Diane changed my life and introduced me to a new way. I continue every day forward with a different outlook. And as a bonus, I met some really amazing soul sisters and brother who I hope to continue the friendship with.

Thank you so much, my sister and I plan on attending future retreats!

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