Yoga Inspirations features Diane Cline who leads empowering retreats four times per year in Hawaii and Indonesia. The retreats are open to all levels and ages.

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Diane Cline

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Abegail Barrios

from Canada, May 2022

"Uplifting, empowering and good for the soul.."

I had an incredible experience on this retreat with Diane. Absolutely beautiful location, great accommodations (clean and spacious) and the food was outstanding! This was my first retreat and so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m so glad I followed my heart and went on this one. I was introduced to a new community of amazing people and because of this retreat, I’ve made meditation and Kundalini yoga part of my daily life.

This retreat gave me clarity, community and reminded to just love myself. 😊

Daniela Isbell

from United States, May 2022

"Going on this retreat was in my highest interest"

It was meant to be. It was exactly what I needed and I got what I asked for.

After homeschooling my children for almost 2 years during the pandemic, I desperately needed a reset and recharge. I wanted to get my yoga practice to the next level and Diane introduced us to Kundalini Yoga and meditations that did exactly that, even though it was not what I had in mind.

I went with an open mind and returned with an open heart. I feel better than I remember in a very long time, empowered, charged with positive energy, in balance, and more connected to my inner self.

Diane put together a program that was diverse, challenging, and just right. She is highly professional and her experience shows. She knows what she's doing and she is doing it very well! The yoga, sacred ceremonies, meditations, and sound healing go hand in hand and I couldn't say which I enjoyed the most. It all came together and formed this magical, spiritual experience that is the tool to get where you want to be.

Diane and her team made us feel special and loved. There was so much love and kindness to soak in and at some point it filled all of us, this seemingly random group of women, up and created a bond I didn't expect when I arrived.

Come with an open mind and you'll see what is possible!

Laura Gregersen

from United States, May 2021

Great healing and beautiful places!

Rosemary Yurczyk

from United States, April 2021

"Rose’s review"

I enjoyed the overall acceptance and love that the retreat leaders had for our group. That allowed for an intimacy and trust for us to explore our spiritually within the group❣️Really loved the hikes; there were a few of us that were slower than the rest, but all were encouraged to make it, and we did! The meditations we learned were nice and the Kundalini breath work was awesome! 🥰 We all learned tools for our spritual 🧰 toolboxes❣️

Pamela Nualart

from United States, December 2020

"Beautiful and transformational experience "

I am beyond thankful for my days in Sedona with Diane. It was such a pleasure to meet her and to be guided and inspired by her. I feel blessed for that opportunity and I am committed to continue with the spiritual growth. She is full of light, intuition and knowledge. I was able to get my meditation practice to a higher level thanks to her ability to share her gifts and help me to see my true essence. She offered a wide range of resources from theory, meditation options, mantras, music, crystal bowls, yoga poses, daily self care practices, etc.

Accomodation was super comfortable, clean and great location.

Excursions were one of the highlights of the retreat as they were fun, active, varied, intentional and taking advantage of the beautiful natural setting.

Food was so good. Denise prepared delicious, healthy and sufficient vegetarian/vegan meals for the group. She was specially thoughtful and caring in catering my very special nutrition needs. Very thankful for that.

Leah White

from United States, November 2020

"Powerful Healing and Personal Growth Experience! "

Hello, to anyone considering attending one of Diane Cline's retreats. She is a white light of healing. I arrived feeling broken, and depleted. In the short time of 5 days in her care I deepened my meditation and yoga practice, learned how to foster daily life choices to better reach my highest potential and I got to do all of this amazing heart opening work in a truly amazing part of the world with a group of very special people. I would highly recommend any of her retreats. She is supportive, funny, deep, and authentic. It does not matter if your a true yogi with a daily meditation practice in place or an individual who is curious about yoga, sound healing and meditation. She will open her heart to you no matter where your at on your personal growth path. Book now! It may just be the best gift you could give yourself. I know it was for me. Namaste....


from United States, November 2020

"Review of Sedona Yoga Retreat "

I really enjoyed the location. Sedona is a beautiful place for a yoga retreat. I enjoyed many of the meditations & excursions. The food was excellent & the people were all very nice.

John Stanley

from United States, November 2020

"Spiritually Speaking 🙏"

The retreat invited me into a deeper relationship with God, my wife, Susie, my children, and each Soul I met in our group.

A fantastic blend of Kundalini yoga, meditation, hiking, and forming community. Denise and Lauren, who served as supporting crewmembers, were my favorite kindred spirits for the retreat.

Blessings and Namaste 🙏,

My name is John

Angela Bushey

from United States, November 2020

"Who doesn’t like hiking, yoga, and meditation?"

I didn’t know what to expect on this trip. I went in with an open mind not expecting to get answers and some healing of my soul. I am very grateful for this journey. Made some life long friends and gained a sister. If your undecided just do it. You will not regret it.

Sarah Dick

from United States, July 2020

"Sun soaked spiritual retreat in Sedona "

This week in Sedona with Diane was truly a God send time to rest, rejuvenate and get spiritual inspiration. I am grateful for the amazing moments we shared, the beautiful Sedona landscape and energy, the food, the meditation practices and the company were all more than I could have hoped for. Each day was structured to optimize our time but also open to the needs of the moment, taking time to have fun, swim in rivers and soak in the moments in the sun!

Michelle Burton

from United States, July 2020

"Amazing Centering Experience "

I loved the meditations, sound healing and hiking to beautiful spots to meditate. Diane has a calming voice and glowing presence. The perfect experience to center during the COVID coaster of openings and closings.

Joey Kelley

from United States, July 2020

This was a beautiful retreat and Diane is pure light and love! Will definitely join her again on other retreats!

Shannon Youakim

from United States, June 2020

"Sedona Calmness "

I enjoyed the whole experience. Diane is an amazing woman. She takes the time to truly listen, look you in the eyes and give you the tools to change your life. The knowledge, hope and calmness I left with is priceless. Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I highly recommend a retreat with Diane!

Tatyana Schadegg

from United States, September 2021

"Amazing Retreat !!!"

It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Simply, it's the Yoga of Awareness. I have profound new insights into your life.

I have a newfound strength and clarity that allows me to make positive changes in my life without fear. My creativity surges. Thank you Diane!

Lolita Wyche-bowman

from United States, July 2021

"A Magical Experience!"

To begin, the location of this retreat was absolutely divine! The yoga instructor Diane Cline welcomed me and my husband with open arms. Every sound healing, meditation, yoga session and excursion event was priceless!

Lauren Brooks

from United States, February 2021

"Amazing, spiritual experience "

Diane's retreat in Kauai was amazing. She really took the time to make sure we set an intention for the retreat and felt like a local during the week spent here! We got to see sacred sites, morning and evening Kundalini Yoga while ending the night with amazing crystal bowl sound healing. We also had daily excursions - paddle boarding, visiting beautiful beaches, and whale watching (I went in Feb) they are only there certain times of the year.

If you are looking to unplug, disconnect with the same day to day activities and get back in touch with what is truly important in life, one of Diane's retreats are for you!


from United States, January 2021

"Immersion with Nature and the Divine"

I really appreciated the trust Diane built around her practice. As a solo female traveler, looing to escape the city, I needed a retreat that would effortlessly transition me from work life to play life. It was clear I would be in good hands on this adventure as soon as I spoke with Diane. She guided my questions and excitement patiently. Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals was a bonus, as I left with a new best friend! I was challenged mentally in fun ways but always felt encouraged to trust my own instincts and take a break if needed. The breathwork is something I will use more in my practice and am excited to teach others. The highlight of my trip was all the time spent in the ocean. The water was so warm and inviting! I can not wait to visit Hawaii again and connect more with the culture and healing practices I learned on this trip!

April Toelle

from United States, November 2020

"Amazing and wonderful journey "

This retreat was an experience of a lifetime! I feel a new fresh breath of life like never before. I plan to book future retreats to continue to learn and grow.

Marilyn Reaume

from Canada, February 2020

"excellent yoga retreat"

The instructor, Diane Cline, was an excellent teacher. She embodied her philosophy and was extremely knowledgeable with respect to kundalini yoga, crystal singing bowls, and meditation. The atmosphere was warm, friendly, and supportive, and the accommodation was roomy and clean. I learned so much and developed some new friendships. I will definitely be returning for a longer 6 day retreat in Hawaii in the future.


from United States, January 2020

"A cleanse for your heart, soul and mind. "

This retreat changed my world! If you are looking to shed old trauma, release past fears and leave bad habits behind, this is the place for you. I came with no set intentions and left the same person but the upgraded version of myself! It’s the person you always knew you could be but don’t know how to get there. Well look no further! Diane will jump start you right where you need to be. Years of therapy? No thanks! One week with Dianne and you will be feeling confident, relaxed, in balance and ready to see the world from a calmer and more peaceful perspective.


from United States, January 2020

"Yoga participant "

I enjoyed the location and the morning yoga sessions.

Patricia Gomez

from United States, December 2019

"Yoga retreat was wonderful"

Even before the retreat started, the instructor Diane Cline had already started communication with tips for the upcoming retreat. She was checking in to make sure my questions were answered beforehand. I had a couple of mishaps, I missed my connection flight due to the delayed of the first flight, however, Diana kept checking in for my arrival. The food was great! better than expected. I came to the realization that this retreat was in divine order with the situation in my life. She is very passionate of what she does and she very knowledgeable. She went above and beyond on the retreat and exceeded my expectations. She will help anyone in need. I would sign up for another retreat with Diane Cline. She is AMAZING!!


from Canada, December 2019

"raising my vibration in paradise"

Diane is a touchstone for divine energy. She reminds us that we are spirit incarnated as humans: she connects us, tunes us up and sends us back to our own circles to share the light. And what instrument cannot benefit from a commitment to tuning??

Erin Greenberg

from United States, November 2019

"Impressions "

I loved the feeling of love and acceptance on this retreat. I’m a guarded person, and I was able to start opening up and sharing. We had a small group, and I feel like I made friends for life. Diane and Steve were such an amazing example of a loving relationship. I immediately felt like I’d known them forever. For the first time, for as long as I can remember, I felt safe and happy.

Cynthia Greenberg

from United States, November 2019

"A healing journey "

Diane shares the wisdom of kundalini yoga and meditation with generosity, mastery and a playful spirit. When she played the gongs and crystal bowls I was transported into a state of deep peace and healing. I loved the excursions to secret beaches and sacread sites and the stand up paddle boarding was really fun. Her partner Steve cooked a wide variety of the most delicious farm to table meals that were a mosaic of color on the plate. I feel empowered by the experience and can’t wait to return to Hawaii next year to swim with dolphins in Kona.

Joanne Neeson

from United States, October 2019

This retreat came at a difficult time in my life – when I knew I could not continue with the way things had been and I had so much fear of the unknown – I was stuck. I planned this trip and had no idea that it would be the motivation of an entirely different life for me. I was told by friends and loved ones that I even looked different upon my return. This change that everyone was noticing was a Reflection of the impact the retreat/Diane had on me—my soul felt like it had been healed. From arrival to departure, I was welcomed with an unwavering warmth and an abundance of love. Diane immediately saw parts of me that have been dormant for so long and taught me how to love myself completely and what it meant and look like to be an empowered woman. Diane not only showed me how to be free and strong she gave me hope which I had lost. The rituals of respecting and honoring the land, water, and food we ate, I not only learned appreciation at a deeper level, and learned what true connection is; connection to self and to other. The lessons I learned in Kauai continue to unfold as I put it all into action. I have a life now that I never imagined and it is only getting better and better. This only touches upon my incredible experience and my gratitude to Diane for the life-changing experience she provided for me with all her unconditional love, wisdom, and support. Sat Nam

Anita Shum

from United States, September 2019

"The best getaway I've ever had - a customized trip!"

Diane Cline's Yoga Inspirations retreat was nothing short of exceeding all expectations! The entire experience was like having a life coach, spiritual healer, therapist, kundalini yoga instructor, expert water adventure guide, and local tour guide all wrapped into one. Diane and her brilliant chef partner, Steve (also an expert water adventure guide), made us all feel like we were visiting family as Steve cooked delicious gourmet meals, and they both essentially held our hands throughout the entire customized experience. They do this same type of customized experience not only in Kaua'i but on the Big Island, in Bali, Australia, and in Scottsdale, AZ. Many of us, including myself, will be returning to one or more of Diane's other retreats. It's no wonder she has returning customers time after time as we had some returning customers during this retreat. So sad it's over but looking forward to seeing Diane and Steve again soon!

Jodie Gobler

from United States, March 2019

"Great Experience!"

I love the positive atmosphere. The yoga and meditation was amazing. I got exposure to many different meditations. The excursions were at beautiful beaches. The massage and gong ceremony were amazing! Food was excellent.