Yoga 4 Men is a social group for men who share similar interests in yoga retreats where they can also share the practice of meditation and well-being.

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Felipe Fernández Del Paso

from Mexico, February 2020


Thank you dearly for this incredible week of discovery, heart melting, profound love, deep emotions and unconditional giving. You are a natural leader and the journey of the hero is easily traveled with a guide like you.

You are a soothing rockstar in chaotic world. Your super powers go beyond your imagination and your knowledge. Karma, Bhakti and Devotion. Love, surrender, and awareness are words that will accompany me in my life along with your solemn yet playful incredible accent.

- One hand fixes the lenses as the nostrils open widely while he takes a deep inhalation trying to find the perfect word to describe the next teaching. He laughs within, laughter echoes inside of him, a smirk barely shows on his face, he is the teacher and he has to be serious. His brow frowned, very profesional, incredibly handsome and poised. He has transformed himself, the alchemy of yoga and meditation have touched his students but the guru, Rad, the Radical, a radical self reliant yogi, a comet, a shining star… Rad has become what he always dreamed of becoming… He has become the blissful soul that he was searching for and he’s becoming one with the divine, he is now his original self.

He has built a community where vulnerability is a commitment, a standard that breaks barriers and connects people, the participants are here to share, to heal, to move forward.

México and Zipolite were the perfect frame for this incredible retreat.

Harry Matheny

from United States, January 2020


Instructors with a heart full passion in a Location that was paradise combined with amicable bonded group of wonderful men of like mind who grew to be as one

David Luu

from Singapore, January 2019

"Good as an introductory retreat to yoga"

Class was structured. Participants were friendly. Retreat location is convenient with excellent ocean view.