Welcome to Wild Warrior Yoga. They are primarily an Ashtanga Vinyasa-based yoga teacher training school and retreat center in the south of Spain.

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Morwenna Truscott

Lascel De La' Bruvs

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from Germany, January 2022

"I just absolutely loved it :)! "

The Training in Spain with Morwenna, Lascel and Polly was such a wonderful experience! All of them are very different teachers and complement each other really well, are extremely knowledgeable, take their job seriously while at the same time create such a fun and relaxed atmosphere where everyone is given space to learn and thrive individually. The Training itself was a really good balance between theory lessons and physical practice. It was lovely to see how much Morwenna, Lascel and Polly cared for us students to make sure that everyone was feeling well even beyond the actual Training. The food and the accommodation were incredible as well! All in all, I was super happy with my experience at Wild Warrior Yoga knowing that I got so much out of these 200h for my own practice but also as a Yoga teacher and feeling very well equipped for what is next to come.

Offer Sharabi

from Ireland, February 2021

"Excellent, well structured and immaculately taught course"

Morwenan and Lascel created a great atmosphere where they stoke a great balance between dedication to physical practice, theoretical studies of anatomy and philosophy and spare time to assimilate all this knowledge within the body and mind alike.

Both Morwenna and Lascel have years of experience in teaching teachers and this shines across not only in their taught classes but also in the way that their teaching methodologies which in turn helped us to learn how to teach.

The schedule was sound and was followed through very well, keeping us in the know of what was happening and also building our knowledge in a structured and well thought of manner.