We offer authentic 200 and 300-hour Yoga Alliance Certification in Koh Samui. We ensure excellent training with a maximum of 10 students and amazing teachers.

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from Finland, January 2020

"Some room for improvement"

The location couldn't have been better, the tranquil Banburee resort in the beautiful surroundings and the friendly staff really contributed to making the experience enjoyable. The course had a good and relaxed atmosphere, our group was great and there was a nice variety of teachers, all of them really nice and friendly. Most parts mentioned in the course description were covered.

Nathalie Bolluijt

from Colombia, January 2020

"Unforgettable experience"

This month was life changing for me. I learned so much about who i am and who i want to be as a teacher.

Every teacher gave their own personal input and shared their knowledge with the group and not only did i learn more than i expected, but we also had a lot of fun.

The teachers were very supportive, were always there for us and made sure everyone felt safe and confident enough to teach at the end of the course and gave everyone the space they needed.

I loved the variation in yoga classes and lectures which were given in the beautiful yoga shalas that the Banburee resort has to offer.

The Banburee resort is an amazing place to stay during this YTT. The pool, rooms, beach, food and staff made my stay even more magical.

I didn’t want to leave this place and all the friends we made, so i really hope to come back for my 300hr YTT this year and continue the process of developing myself not only as a teacher but also as a person.

Thanks again! ❤️


from Switzerland, December 2019

"Sometimes too easygoing"

The resort is awesome, the hotel staff is incredible, the breakfast buffet was great but dinner and lunch was not good and not what the body needs when practicing 5hours of asanas a day.

The teachers were really nice and professional. I've learned a lot from them and met many beautiful people from all over the world. Overall it was a good experience but there are some things that need to be improved.


from Germany, December 2019

"Amazing training in paradise"

I was searching for a suitable training for a long time: I wanted a down to earth training, un-dogmatic, with teachers who are not playing a guru-role, but still have a realistic connection to the modern world. Teachers who see more in yoga than simply asanas & acrobatics, but in fact a holistic system that is timeless and universal. Tanias Yoga Mat School resembles that in a genuine way and I am grateful that life has brought me here. The team of teachers resemble a colourful mix of different styles- as yoga in today's life is. I like the fact that there are many different teachers who all have their unique flair and bring in their atmosphere and styles: From classical Hatha classes, sometimes with a musical/dance flavour, classes on key muscles such as core, classes with focus on in depth alignment, vinyasa flow, yin, kundalini, iyengar style, using props correctly, partner yoga.. to name but a few😊. A big thank you to Tania, Bashakti, Dimitri, Lek, Panita, Bowie and the guest teacher Prie ♥️🙏🏼. I have learnt a lot and return with lots of inspirational ideas to teach in the future 😊 and to share this knowledge.

Accommodation is super comfortable in a luxury resort with pool in a tranquil setting.

I hope to come back in March to learn more from Tania and her team, thanks for everything♥️.


from Singapore, December 2019

"Great choice and wonderful experience "

The resort was beautiful, trainers nice, food excellent. The value is great. Schedule for 1.5 days off is perfect.


from Canada, December 2019

"Unstructured "

Well we had uncontrollable circumstances with tanya not being there ( may you get well soon). I would have liked more of a structure to the program like schedules ahead of time it's all felt sort of done and planned day by day. I feel like in any school there should be a curriculum that is followed and somewhat a little flexible but not to this point. I enjoyed very much bashakti, miri ( thanks for stepping in), dimi, panita and lek they were great teachers each with unique styles and teaching techniques. I wish our manual was better and more time had been put on it. The printing was kid of all over the place. The food at resort was really not good. Except breakfast. There was no real welcome to the resort. Rhe students themselves got together. The room arrangements were not thought out properly issues with personality clashes and age gaps. The questionnaire we get at beginning should have more questions example: do you drink? Do you smoke? Are you a night owl? The room sharing should have better been done. All in all I learned a lot. We had beautiful kind teachers who really did their best considering. For my first training was fine. I'm.not sure I would recommend it to my friends as it lacked a little structure not necessarily quality of teaching. But again we had uncontrollable circumstances.

Thank you to everyone the staff at Banbury was fabulous. And so were our teachers


from Switzerland, November 2019

"A 200h YTT for those who also look for a holiday gateway"

The venue facilities are excellent, very suitable for the course. The staff is very nice and polite. The teachers are competent and fun. The activities offered to students on free time are also fun.

Marine Constant

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"An amazing experience "

A great life experience - learned a lot, met great people and was able to push myself physically and mentally, all of this in a nice environment. The place is great to practice yoga and relax, with outdoor sea view shalas and a nice pool.


from Hong Kong, October 2019

"An amazing experience"

This is a lovely family. We are together for sharing yoga and love. We respect each other although we are from different countries and have different cultures. All the teachers try their best to educate and help us. The environment is amazing. After this training, all I want to do is passing this love to more people.

Ina Hoffrogge

from Germany, October 2019

"A place to grow, connect and balance "

I’m truly grateful that I’ve chosen the Yoga Mat School for my 200h YTT. No place I’d rather have done my certificate.

Our teachers were teaching by heart, thank you for inspiring me in so many different ways. The resort is beautiful, the staff absolutely caring and always open for any request you may have. They offer free shuttles to the closest city, which is a wonderful add-on. The Shalas are filled with positiv energy and so much yogic heart.

While talking about it I already miss it.

Thank you again and I’ll see you soon.

So much love and Namasté xxx

Giovanna Flores-sibala

from Philippines, October 2019

"Very Happy!"

You deserve a GREAT THANK YOU Tania, Bashak, Panita, Nick, Dima, Alex, Lek! You guys are amazing! Hope to see you again in April! Ü

All the best! Ü


from Slovakia, August 2019

"Best yoga experience ever ! 💚"

Everything !!!! I can’t even describe it by words! It was just absolutely amazing 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

Rachel Wong

from Hong Kong, August 2019

"A memorable journey in my life 😁😄"

Teachers & classmates are great 👍 👍👍Miss u all 🥰🥰🥰

Ellie Wing

from United Kingdom, August 2019


Lovely group of teachers. So accomodating, and friendly. I have a new family with this school. Went above and beyond for all of us, inside and outside of school hours. Planned excursions and helped us out with local advice and food. Brought us fresh fruit regularly and accomodated all our of diets. Extensive course and they tried to fit so much in for us. Will never forget this month and have a home for life on koh samui.

Hyejin Kim

from South Korea, July 2019

"Full of giving and support and caring. "

I LOVED a morning sunrise yoga on the roof by sea.

Every moning was So beautiful and gave me a lot of inspiring and enegy and refreshment.

I felt that i was blessed. 🙏

Shawna Brady

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Perfection ❤️"

From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I felt nothing but welcomed, looked after, encouraged and loved from everyone! First off the Hotel staff are the kindest, most considerate and eager to please staff I have ever come across. They do everything they can to make your stay effortless and enjoyable. The chefs are hardworking and try to please everybody in any little way. The cleaning staff were angels taking care off our rooms everyday at any time that suited us! The resort is beautiful with a sea view, amazing pool, and perfect rooftop and shala looking out to the sea where we practised yoga everyday. As for the instruction we received for the 200hour teacher training I found every aspect flowed effortlessly I can only imagine how much organisation it took behind the scenes but you wouldn’t know as the instructors themselves where so relaxed but professional, they are an absolute credit to the yoga mat and a fantastic team. I felt so lucky to have All of the combined knowledge and experience from everyone there. I would 100% recommend!!!


from United States, July 2019

"Once in a lifetime experience "

I was very pleased with the Yoga Mat instructors and the curriculum of the training course. The instructors were knowledgeable and provided all the tools we needed to complete the training. We had such a nice variety of instructors and styles of yoga to learn about and challenge us. The facility was nicer than I expected and the staff went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. The food was very good and the kitchen staff was always willing to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. The breakfast buffet was amazing but it would have been nice to have more than one option at lunch and dinner. The resort accommodations were better than I expected and I was very comfortable during my stay. I couldn’t be happier about my decision to attend The Yoga Mat School in Koh Samui. It’s an experience I will never forget!

Kate Lang

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Everything I had hoped for and more "

This course really did exceed any expectations or hopes that I had for a yoga teacher training. I entered the course unsure if I wanted to teach but wanting a deeper understanding of my own practise, however through the well structured programme and multiple opportunities to practice our yoga teaching skills in a supportive environment Not only have I deepened my practise but I feel well equipped to teach if I choose too. The course was well structured yet flexible to accommodate the needs/levels of each student. Both the yoga and philosophy classes were perfect, Tania’s knowledge and passion is inspiring. We were very lucky to be able to work with a variety of amazing teachers over the course, each specialists in different areas of yoga. I left with a stronger mind body and soul and all the tools I feel I need to continue my yoga journey. All that I could have hoped for and more 😊

Tiffany Sutherland

from United States, June 2019

"Best Thing I Could Have Done for My Mind, Body and Soul. "

I just returned home last night from The Banburee and my 200 hour YTT at the Yoga Mat in Koh Samui - run by Tania Winstanley. I am stronger and more capable than I was before I left for the training. The yoga instruction was perfect and well structured. The Yoga philosophy lectures were wonderful. Tania really knows how to put together a dynamic and knowledgeable staff. Panita, Shiva, Edit, Alex, Bowie and Nicholas were fantastic! All of the guest teachers and lecturers were great too! If you have been contemplating doing this for yourself - don't hesitate, just sign up and get over to Koh Samui. You will not regret it.

Katie Carroll

from Thailand, March 2019

Whether you’re a complete beginner to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll find the experience with The Yoga Mat School to be inclusive, transformative and fun. Some of my fellow classmates were there to deepen their own personal practice, while others wanted to start teaching yoga immediately upon graduating from the course. In hindsight, I felt a little naive going into the entire experience, as I wasn’t expecting to feel such an expansive spectrum of emotions. You will feel challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone, yet completely supported — you truly get out of the experience what you put into it. I feel very fortunate to have undergone my yoga teacher training alongside some amazing, like-minded individuals and I look forward to seeing how each graduate will contribute to the yoga community in their own special way. Each of us graduated from the course feeling inspired and confident in our abilities to teach and for that, I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with Tania and her team.

Stacey Goodale-DeGagne

from United States, November 2018

"I had the time of my life."

I felt nervous about booking this in all honestly, because with all the selection we have, how do we know we are making the right choice? I decided to go for it, and made that click! Tania reached out to me right away, making me feel much more at ease with my decision. As the day to leave for Thailand approached, I started emailing questions regularly about what to bring, where I would be staying, and I always received a warm hearted welcoming email. The first time I met Tania and Lizza at the resort, I immediately felt at home with their spirits. Every teacher I had on my training was a 10/10 in experience, knowledge, kindness, and professionalism.

The accommodation was unbelievable. Absolutely perfect. The resort was beautiful, with a stunning view for us to enjoy during our yoga practice every day. Amazing food! I never got sick of it! The staff were amazing. Always wanted to help, with a smile on their faces. I would love to go back!

It was a group full of magical people. The program was intensive and well rounded. I cannot reccomend enough! If youre thinking about booking, do it!


from United States, November 2018


This was a truly amazing experience. Highly recommended🤩 I felt safe and comfortable. Made great friends. Learned lots starting from a beginner in yoga. Tania is great! I went in October- weather was nice, plenty sunny days. Make sure you book a few extra days on your plane ticket so you can see more of Thailand- it’s safe to travel alone.

Tatyana Grablevsky

from France, September 2018

"Amazing course, highly knowledgeable team, paradise location"

Tania is a truly gifted yoga teacher who pours her heart and soul into her work. Her energy and enthusiasm for yoga really go beyond the ordinary. She inspires, instills confidence and leads her students through an incredible journey of believing in themselves and achieving the levels of greatness they never thought possible or incapable of, just a few weeks before.

Ram brought the weighty scholarly substance to the theoretical basis of understanding yoga as a thousand years old tradition that has been studied by generations of yogis in India and eventually in the West. His in-depth, multi-faceted learning and understanding of the ancient vedic texts in their original Sanskrit language and sharing that knowledge with us has been a great gift and an eye-opening experience for all of us in the program.

This training took place on the beautiful Ko Samui, and the island is known for its really strong yogic culture. It was felt everywhere we went. There is really a lot to do and see there. We stayed in a fantastic yoga hotel on the beach and enjoyed morning yoga classes by the tropical waterfalls or on the beach itself. The food was fresh and delicious.

Overall, to say that this was a life-changing experience would probably be an understatement. Everyone whom I met on this one-month journey of self-discovery, would be a person I'd remember for the rest of my life.

Thank you again to all of you.

Tania, Lizza, Ram, Dima and everyone at Satva!

Best of luck in the future!


Olga Pérez Martínez

from Spain, August 2018

"Life changing experience!! "

Loved the energy of the teachers, specially with Tania. She gives her heart and soul to this training. After these 25 days in this beautiful island not only I feel confident enough to go out and teach, but I also feel stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally :) From the first week you'll be practicing teaching each other so when the course comes to an end you feel fully prepared to teach a class in real life.

Yoga philosophy classes with Ram were incredibly mind opening as well. This training provides not only important knowledge on proper and safe asana practice, but it is a great immersion to the Easter yogic lifestyle overall.

Furthermore, Koh Samui is an incredibly beautiful island with sunny tropical weather and you are always surrounded by nature and the sounds of birds and other animals. The energy of this place is special and perfect for the training :)

Tania and Lizza make you feel like at home and cared after from day one.

As I said, life changing experience!


from Hong Kong, August 2018

"J wong"

Had a very great time here. Learned a lot form different teachers, who are all very positive and nice. After the course I become more confident in teaching.

Maud Balthazard

from France, October 2019

Ambiance avec les autres participants , lieu du séjour parfait pour la pratique et le centrage sur soi.

Tom Sigrist

from Switzerland, March 2019

"Wonderful experience - I would 100% do it again"

I'm very happy that I did my yoga teacher training with Tania. Tania is a role model for me: she lives what she teaches - and teaches what she lives.She is Yoga ;-) Her co-trainers are just as great. The documents are very extensive, over 500 pages. We had the opportunity to teach yoga right from the beginning and made great progress with it. Tania was very responsive to our requests and organized additional yoga classes at 2 levels. The hotel area is very nice and the staff is extremely friendly. We had upgraded and stayed in a beautiful villa with breathtaking views.Even though at the beginning I had little yoga experience but thanks to Tania and her team, it was a wonderful experience for me and my wife. Thank you very much. I can wholeheartedly recommend this yoga education.

Sarah Koelsch

from United States, January 2019

"So happy that I've chosen this particular YTT"

The most positive experience for me was the diversity and quality of the physical Yoga classes as well as the in dept education by Ram. Tania created a program tailored to our group members' abilities and interests. Tania has a lot of experience and knowledge and truly loves sharing her gift. I have learned so much during this TYY - couldn't have asked for more. I am still so grateful - thank you Ram and Tania!