The Whole Truth Retreat offers yoga retreats, juice cleanses, and plant medicine in South Africa and the United States.

Reviews (7)


from South Africa, March 2020

"Completely misleading and unacceptable based on web "

Tasha was attentive, yoga was good

Cecile Pentori

from Zimbabwe, December 2019

"A wonderful getaway"

Tasha provides an all encompassing wonderful retreat space and a very unique and tailored care for the participants. I had a wonderful time with her and enjoyed all activities. I particularly appreciate the very tailored care and one on one attention she offered me. The food and juices were delicious and set the tone for healthy habits. I highly recommend taking the time to come, to leave all technologies behind and be present.

Melissa Scherer

from United States, November 2019

"3 Day Juice Cleanse "

From the moment I arrived at Whole Truth Retreat, Tasha welcomed me with open arms. She lovingly and expertly guided me through my first ever juice cleanse. Her warm approach put me at ease and allowed me to really experience the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the cleanse. Tasha customized approach to the retreat also introduced me to the many healers in the small town of Stanford. She is tapped into the healing community here and set up various appointments for me during my stay. Tasha customized as well every yoga class we had together to draw out specific poses that would help heal my medical condition. She read up on my condition in advance and was prepared to guide me through how to heal it naturally. Tasha is a true healer herself and a fountain of wisdom in all areas of wellness. She also ensures that upon your departure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to make real, positive changes in your life. I took the private room upstairs and highly recommend it!


from South Korea, February 2019

"Many things were different from the photos in this site. "

The class with Tasha was good.

Martin Jacobitz

from Germany, January 2019

"Absolutely inspiring experience"

After a very hectic and intense year I was looking for a place where I could wind down, recharge my batteries and get some clarity about my life goals. I found Tasha's private retreat, which sounded very interesting to me, on this website and decided to book it. The next day Tasha gave me a call and we talked about my expectations and objectives and then about the program. We also discussed all my open questions and concerns in a lot of detail. When I reached the retreat I immediately felt at home. I received a warm welcome and a very good instruction into the 6-day juice fast.

The juices and broth that was prepared during the stay were absolutely delicious, fresh and organic and I took quite a number of recipes and ideas with me.

I also enjoyed the guided meditation and yoga sessions (both, in the house and in nature).

One of my favorite events was the dance. I was first a bit unsure whether it would be something I would enjoy but it was a very intense and interesting experience.

Overall, the organization of the retreat was perfect. Tasha was available at all times and also very flexibile to shift and change the daily schedule according to the weather or my mood/energy level and interest. She proactively suggested many activities that were all very enjoyable. We also had many deep conversations during our time together and I can say that the objectives that I had set myself for this trip have all been achieved. I can only highly recommend this privat retreat.


from United States, December 2018

"A life changing experience"

The private retreat with Tasha was an incredible process. She went with me through this retreat like a Companion. I've learned a lot about my own spirit, my energy field and my soul. How to interact with nature and support all these aspects with yoga and meditation. It was amazing! Once in your life you should do a retreat with this wonderful woman. I'm very thankful for this experience!