Sundari Integral Yoga School aims to inspire and nurture human potential. The school offers Yoga and Qigong&Tai Chi classes, as well as Teacher Training Courses

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Eugen Mario

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Boris Van Melle

from Belgium, August 2021

"That was amazing"

The dedication,the generosity and the enthusiasm of Carmen is truly Contagious and inspire. You feel a real benevolence and a desire to share her knowledge I enjoyed it a lot

Reka Forgach

from Spain, July 2021

"Comprehensive and challenging yoga retreat"

An educational experience is only as good as the instructor that leads it, and in this respect, Carmen provided the highest quality training anyone could ask for. Her deep breadth of knowledge in yogic philosophy is evenly matched with a gentle and jovial teaching style that easily adapts to any circumstance - in order for us to get the most amount of understanding from the retreat. Carmen truly teaches individuals and was able to insert an insane amount of information into our heads over three weeks in a practical, fun way. The purity of her intent is evident from day one - she spares no amount of energy or time to make sure that students leave with a complex understanding of the foundations of Integral Yoga. Beyond this, it's impossible not to mention the sacred beauty of Madeira island, the kindness of the people and the warmth with which you are enveloped on a daily basis during this retreat.

Jonelle Miller

from Great Britain, November 2020

"Fantastic YTT, Great Value, & Beautiful Location "

What to expect:

This is a serious YTT course about Integral Yoga. You will receive a 500 page textbook, and spend every day and night learning the authentic practice of yoga, including the asanas, pranayamas, meditations, relaxations, & concentration techniques. You are pushed to teach your own classes to the group, and leave with all the basic skills you need to teach on your own. You do have a long exam at the end, however the content is reviewed before hand, so you will know everything that you need to study to do well.

This is so much more than just a YTT. For me, it was a spiritual journey. It opened me to learn about myself and about the universe. Carmen and Eugene are both scholars and very skilled at what they do. They take time to introduce you to their friends and community, and set up fun events during the off hours. You will be challenged, but you will gain so much more than just a certificate. Highly recommend.


from Portugal, October 2020

"Good foundation about yoga"

I think the content of the course was a good starting point understand yoga and how to grow as person through yoga. Detailed information about the poses the benefits physical and spiritual and the correct alignment. I aprreacieted the option of doing only the course without accomodation, this option suited me better.

Bajno Maunder

from Great Britain, August 2020






from Australia, March 2020

"Wonderful experience "

Carmen and Eugen made this yoga teacher training - thank you for sharing your in depth knowledge and time with us. It’s an experience I won’t forget and it’s allowed me to understand that yoga is a way of life rather than just an ‘exercise’ to keep fit and healthy.

Monika Stawick

from Sweden, November 2019

"Excellent experience"

That was a fabulous time I had with Sundari Yoga School!! Really the best choice!! The Teachers, Carmen and Eugen of the highest degree- they are not only wonderful, kind people but gracious and patient in their teaching.

The content of the classes, the academic atmosphere were great and in the same time we felt free to ask questions and discuss interesting issues. They share knowledge,love and spiritual wisdom and that created a unique chance for us to start this wonderful journey of self-discovery as a yoga teacher!!Thank you for everything!!!

Charlotte Abbey

from Spain, August 2019

"One of the best experiences of my life"

Sundari Integral Yoga school became like a family to me for the 21 days on Madeira Island. Carmen and Eugen were so welcoming and caring towards us all, and I always felt I could ask them anything if I was ever feeling unsure.

They both have an incredible wealth of knowledge, and are so passionate about what they do.

They even organised excursions on the days off for us to see the island, and It was absolutely amazing! I truly felt I saw so much of this beautiful place, that I never would have seen otherwise.

I went to learn how to be a yoga teacher, but I left with so much more.

The knowledge taught, helped me see that I always have everything I will ever need in life to feel true happiness, and I can’t wait to teach that knowledge to my future students as well as friends and family.

I will remember this experience for the rest of my life, Thankyou so much for everything Carmen and Eugen, and to everyone else I was able to share this amazing experience with. 😊🙏🏼✨


from Colombia, July 2019

We were in nature a lot. But when Carmen har doublebooked herself one weekend and couldnt artens class with us, she also did not know what she would ask Eugene to teach us, so we asked if we could be i nature, but that we couldnt. I felt that was very off, that she didnt know what she wanted to teach us, but she knew she didnt want us to be in nature when she knew we loved it, and I asked several times if we could be outside more.

Miklos Molnar

from Portugal, June 2019

"200h Yoga Teacher Training in Madeira"

Madeira is an amazing island and perfect location for a yoga teacher training. Life is nice and calm there, so I had time to focus on my studies.

It was mostly one to one sessions, so we really focused on the things where I had to improve. And during the evenings I met the yoga community what Carmen and Eugen builded up over the years.

They treated me like their own family for 3weeks, and I got a lot to continue a successful yoga practise.

Gabriela Quevedo

from Spain, July 2021

"Experiencia Única"

Yoga clásico y original. El curso está orientado al yoga integral y se aprende muchisimo del yoga clásico, no moderno. Es importante tener estos conocimientos esenciales y básicos para entender la corriente moderna o occidental.

El curso es impartido por Carmen, que es una persona maravillosa y una excelente profesora de yoga. Combinación perfecta entre teoría y practica de yoga.

Además la isla tiene una vibra mágica que hace que este curso sea perfecto.


from Portugal, December 2020

"Formation passionnante"

L enthousiasme de Carmen sa culture immense en matiere de philosophie yoga et des differentes asanas

Charlotte Kazhel

from Spain, July 2019

"Instructors knowledge and dedication was very high "

Instructors knowledge and dedication to Yoga practice. Instructors dedication to also give us a the best mouintain-trip on our day-off from the yoga-school (sundays). Beautiful, beautiful place of the hotel were the teaching found place.