Sparkling Yoga offers world-class yoga retreats led by highly experienced teachers. Their retreats are created to ensure guests are supported, nourished, and inspired throughout their yoga journey.

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Elena Mironov

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from Canada, July 2018

"Props and Practice Beforehand Unnecessary"

When Yoga practice became more intermediate (starting on Saturday).

Adelaida Arreaza

from United States, October 2018

Magical days in a magical place with magical people and instructor. Elena is such a positive soul that pushes you to your limits and also respects your limits in a very loving manner.

Would definitely go again. Thank you Elena.

Donna Williams

from Sri Lanka, November 2017

"Incredible location + blissful yoga "

Location was incredible, hotel beautiful and yoga fantastic


from United States,

I have only positive things to say about Elena and the retreat. Everything was lovely. The location/setting, her lovely way of teaching/guiding the yoga and meditation practice, the food, etc were all top rate. I'm already planning my next retreat with Elena.

Tim Atkins

This experience exceeded my expectations by a long way. I booked it thinking I just wanted a different setting to challenge my body in, in a focused week of yoga. Firstly, the location is like a dreamland or a model toy town, especially when you get up in the mountains either side of the Engadin Valley and take a look at your surroundings. It is simply breathtaking. The people are friendly and the Hotel Arnica was fantastic, with incredible views (make sure you ask for the side that you can see the mountains out of your room from, as the other does not have windows). The staff at the hotel was extremely sweet, and one of the staff, Martina, drove back to one of the yoga studios for me to get a water bottle I had left behind after a session.

The people in our yoga group also hiked around the valley in smaller groups and ate at the local restaurants together (not cheap, but lovely), which created a nice bond and conversation between us. The other ingredient that pulled the class together was the instructor, Elena. She is a delight and a skilled teacher and practitioner. Group dynamics can be difficult to manage sometimes, but her non-judgmental approach and warm demeanor made the class feel relaxed and I believe we all benefited from her style. At times, the physicality and postures were really tough for me, but that is what I was looking for, to step out of my comfort zone and stretch my body and begin to understand yoga from a different level (I had about nine months under my belt by this time).

Since the retreat, I have taken the practice and lessons into my day and week, rising earlier and doing an (almost daily!) 45-minute routine before work. I do not think I would have had the motivation to do it without attending the retreat. I will certainly be back to Switzerland again and most certainly, I will be attending another location with Sparkling Yoga. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I cannot recommend it enough.