Sparkling Yoga offers world-class yoga retreats led by highly experienced teachers. Their retreats are created to ensure guests are supported, nourished, and inspired throughout their yoga journey.

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Elena Mironov

Reviews (5)

Russell Hilliard

from United States, October 2019

"Absolutely Amazing"

Everything about this yoga retreat exceeding my expectations. Elena is incredibly knowledgeable and ensures growth safely. She pushed my limits, but did so with grace and proper guidance. The yoga was beyond wonderful. Hotel and surrounding areas were simply breathtaking. I could have stayed much longer. Everything was well worth the money and travel time. I'm deeply grateful.


from Canada, July 2018

"Props and Practice Beforehand Unnecessary"

When Yoga practice became more intermediate (starting on Saturday).


from Switzerland, October 2020

"Une retraite au top de la qualité"

La qualité de la pratique du yoga

Adelaida Arreaza

from United States, October 2018

Magical days in a magical place with magical people and instructor. Elena is such a positive soul that pushes you to your limits and also respects your limits in a very loving manner.

Would definitely go again. Thank you Elena.