Solar Yoga Retreat invites you to merge in this week of mindful living and inspiring activities to bring you into a state of deep relaxation and joy!

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Ingrid Andrea Christiansen

Barbara Pascali

Ixtaliy Nahual

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Oana Radulescu

from Germany, July 2021

"unleashes your inner power and peace"

The concept was planed as a whole. Every element of the retreat (courses, food, location, breathing exercises, meditation, arragements) merged into a great experience. We've experienced different kinds of yoga and learned a lot about breathing and it's importance for body and soul. Great yoga trainers and above all, super group with great spirits. Definitely a must do! Thank you!

Anja Grlj

from Great Britain, June 2021

"Wonderful experience "

The entire stay throughout the week was wonderful. The house and it's location were right by the beach, in the night you could hear the sea waves crashing ashore.

The yoga classes were diverse and well run. There were various types of yoga classes scheduled throughout the week with different instructors.

The food was very healthy and diverse.

Entire experience was well balanced and the energy among the people attending the retreat was empowering. I would highly recommend the retreat and would return again.


from Spain, October 2020

"It was amazing! "

The people are very welcoming and full of joy and happiness. It was a pleasure to spend the time with the teachers and the people from the group. The food was delicious and prepared with a lot of love! The time scheduling was on point and I liked the fact that we had a bit time to sleep in and still did so many things during the day, but everything relaxing 😌

Loved it and can just highly recommend to join and do it! An open, spirituell and welcoming group is waiting for you!

Emma Sargeant

from Great Britain, June 2020

"An incredible month-long personalised retreat "

Wow, what can I say? I live in Ibiza, and I reached out to Ingrid towards the end of a tough 7 week Spanish corona virus lockdown. I had been living alone during this time, and I wanted to reset my mind and body. I told Ingrid how I was feeling , and she put together a 1 month personalized retreat for me.

Ingrid was very flexible on pricing, and offerd me a few options to suit my budget.

I arrived at her house, where I would be staying in a rustic, bohemian style studio in her garden. It was beautiful.

Every single meal I ate during this month was incredible. Ingrid and her lovely friend Nati, prepared very creative raw vegan meals for me, and everything was prepared with so much love and care. I was so surprised at how high and stable my energy levels and mood were throughout the month, and I am so excited to have been able to experience the raw lifestyle and I plan to continue with a 100% raw lifestyle once I get back to my home.

Every evening, Ingrid gave me a private 1hour yoga session. We did a mix of yin yoga, as well as more dynamic styles of yoga, yoga nidra, and breathwork. Ingrid took me to some of the most beautiful places on the island to practice. A wonderful yoga shala in the forest, beaches, and cliff tops.

Ingrids massage was also exceptional, as was the raw dessert she made on the final evening.

It was a beautiful month with her wonderful family and friend, Nati. I can't wait to see them again and perhaps do one of their group retreats. Thank you!


from France, October 2019

"Headspace and grounding"

The location, magic...the lily pond with the meditation shelter; the pool area; the wigwam; the wonderful grounds where you can lose yourself in your thoughts; the main house wizth its fantastic artwork; eating as a group,

The food and ability to make tea in the morning..

Being picked up on arrival rather than fathom out location and directions..

The camraderie and empathy among the participants...

A safe space to reveal anxieties and make personal reflections with support and no judgement...

Learning how to meditate and slow down..

Improving my yoga skills, really developing and improving techniques...

The camraderie and the feeling of non competitiveness..

Learning to accept and relax into being me.

Eleonora Rizzo

from Italy, October 2019

"A magic experience that you will cherish forever "

The atmosphere, the location, the vibe, the quality of the lessons, the fabolous garden, the food, the human connection, the open minded people met during this retreat, the possibility to openly share love, emotions and difficulties.... I felt I was in a dream most of the time and I will definitely go back for another retreat with this fab team. As soon as they welcome you , you feel at home and you will never want to leave.


from Great Britain, October 2019

"Intense week at gorgeous villa"

Ingrid’s yin yoga and instruction were excellent . The yoga sessions in the eve were a pleasure. She is a very calming presence and patient teacher . The Villa Maecenas and it’s gardens were stunning as a venue with great original art. The mindfulness was good and beautiful, calming spot by the pond for it. Es Vedra trip good and stunning sunset views. Group of people not too big. This will suit you if you are confident in yourself and a variety of yoga practices.


from Switzerland, August 2019

Christina Greenhalgh

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Yoga retreat Ibiza"

The genuine care and welcoming nature of the instructors was humbling. It was my first introduction to mindfulness and meditation - I was curious but didn’t think it would be for me. I missed the breath workshop as I didn’t realise quite what a release it can be and then kicked myself but overall it was a treat to be introduced to different forms of yoga and have such a blissful time to rejuvenate my sense of self and well being. Long may I feel like this!!

Natalia Doroshenko Murray

from Spain, March 2019


I feel so lucky and blessed to have been able to spent one, without exaggeration, life changing week with amazing Ingrid and Nati. I came to the retreat in depression, completely unsatisfied with my life and unable to be happy. I left the retreat feeling absolutely blessed with my life. That’s what a week of taking care of your spiritual part can do.


I came in March - not the most popular month for Ibiza, but really it’s the best time for a retreat. The island has this tranquil energy that soothes your soul, the beaches are peaceful and quiet.


The program for the retreat is very deeply thought-through. I was introduced to Kundalini yoga and Yin yoga and now they are definitely in my workout plan. I have more than ten years experience in practicing yoga so I can tell that all the instructors were super high level professionals. Feeling blessed to have met each one of them.


Special revue is needed in terms of food. Oh my god those girls are cooking such delicious and creative stuff! I came back home so motivated to eat more vegetable based foods!


This retreat is not like some of those super-hotels where you are one of a thousand other guests. This is more like another home away from home. Home for your soul. Place where people really care about you.


I was lucky to experience new astrological year, full moon and spring solstice all in one week. Isn’t it magical?


Ingrid, Nati! Namaste 🙏🏼

Karina Dall

from Denmark, November 2018

"Great yoga retreat"

Lovely people. Beautiful food. Wonderful yoga! Nice acommodation. ❤️

Enjoyed every minut of it - and I Can definately send my highest recommendations for this great little retreat in Ibiza. So grateful for all That it gave me.

Victoria Ashfield

from United States, October 2018

This retreat comes with so much variety and variations of yoga styles and generally caters for every ability. The house itself and the girls were warm and welcoming and it generally felt like a home away from home. I liked that all the classes and activities were not compulsory meaning that you had the freedom to come and go as you pleased.

Caroline Harkin

from Great Britain, October 2018

I really enjoyed the variety of yoga sessions throughout the week and mediation classes. The yoga retreat was lovely and from the minute I arrived I felt like I was at home. Ingrid the organiser and all the staff really treated you with tender loving care and was at hand for any quires you had. I had a very positive experience and would not hesitate to recommend this retreat to anyone.

Eloise Ridge

from United States, September 2018

"Amazing experience! "

I loved every minute of this retreat. Ingrid, Ixtaliy and Julia welcomed us all with such warmth and kindness. The variety of Yoga on offer was wonderful. A dynamic and energising practice in the morning, combined with a more soft and yin styled practice in the evening, not forgetting the beautiful Shala we practiced in. There were also a lot more activities on offer throughout the retreat including art therepay, mindful meditation sessions and much more. The food was another amazing part of the stay. Ingrid, Ixtaliy and Julia all made sure we were looked after regarding any intolerances or dietary requirements and the food was so yummy, beautiful and healthy, to nourish the mind and body. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking for wonderful yoga, healthy delicious food and lovely teachers who are always there to help with whatever you needed. It was a magical experience that I will never forget

Julia Bettermann

from Germany, June 2021

"perfekter privat Retreat mit grandioser Unterbringung"

Da die Unterkunft bei Ingrid direkt am Haus für meinen Zeitraum bereits komplett untervermietet war, habe ich ein Apartment bei Ihrer Freundin Vicky angeboten bekommen. Solltet ihr die Möglichkeit haben eines die süßen 2 Apartments mieten zu können, solltet ihr das definitiv tun. Das Apartment war bestetns ausgestattet und verfügt über Zugang zu Garten und Pool.

Das Essen war hervorragend und ganz nach meinen Wünschen von Ingrid zubereitet. Außerdem täglich total flexibel, sodass ich mich zu keiner Zeit eingeschränkt gefühlt habe, aufgrund von festgelegten Essenszeiten. Wenn ich es zeitlich mal nicht geschafft habe, wurde mir das Essen persönlich zum Apartment geliefert :)

Die Lage von Ingrids Haus und auch das Apartment (5 min entfernt) liegen sehr zentral im Südwesten der Insel, sodass man innerhalb von ca. 7 min am Flughafen ist und auch sonst zu keinem Teil der Insel mehr als 40 min benötigt hat.

Die Yogaeinheiten waren komplett auf mich und meine Bedürfnisse abgestimmt, sodass ich für mich den größtmöglichen Nutzen (Entspannung, Bewegung, Selbstliebe, Frieden) aus diesen wundervollen 2 Wochen ziehen konnte.


from Germany, October 2019

"Auftanken in Ibiza"

Sehr warmherzige Aufnahme, kompetente Betreuung, spannende Inspirationen, mit Liebe zubereitetes Essen, Location (Finca und Areal) sorgfälitg ausgesuchtes Programm, mit neuer Energie zurück!

Natacha Ballegeer

from Belgium, June 2019

"Best experience ever"

I find the inner peace thanks to this fantastic retreat. Will do it every year

Miriam Sofie Roth

from Austria, June 2019

Zusammenfassend, es war eine wirklich tolle und besondere Erfahrung für mich. Ingrid, Ixi und Edi haben sich wirklich ganz besonders um uns gekümmert und uns alles ermöglicht. Sie haben alles aus voller Überzeugung gemacht und wir hatten nicht das Gefühl, dass es für sie nur ein Job ist. Sie waren mit Leidenschaft mit dabei und das konnte man spüren. Das Essen war köstlich, das Haus wunderschön und wir könnten eine Vielzahl von verschiedenen Yoga Arten ausprobieren. Es ist sehr empfehlenswert und ich würde das retreat jederzeit wieder mit ihnen machen.


from Germany, May 2019

"One week of total release"

One week of total release thanks to the amazing teachers Ingrid and Ixtaliy. Their kindness, hospitality and feeling for sensations make this week unforgetable. Delicious meals, yoga lessons adapted to the needs of the group, meditations which open the mind completely, all this made this retreat unique. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Karolien Demot

from Belgium, October 2018

"A lifechanger"

This yogaretreat has been so fun & challenging, a real life changer. The classes are a good mix of all sorts

Of yoga, meditation,art...the food was delicious and we were really taken care of. Full relaxation at this beautiful location. The conscious breathing by Pablo and Barbara was an unseen experience. A big Thanks to everyone!