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With over 20 years of experience and a long history in health and well-being, Skillful Mind provides people with the skills and knowledge of soul searching.

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Peter Radcliffe

Peter is a life coach, meditation teacher, and neuro-linguistic programming trainer. He teaches students though the lens of a calm mind to help bring peace, happiness, and joy to their lives. Peter's unique background as a Buddhist monk empowers his retreats to be so much more than an ordinary getaway, it becomes a journey in itself. Peter began coaching and teaching meditation to small groups in 2004. He left the corporate world behind in 2009 to teach meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, and personal development full time.

Mardi Rogers

Mardi is Skillful Mind's Kundalini yoga instructor, meditation leader, event manager, and refresh leaders program coordinator. After attending a yoga retreat with Skillful Mind in 2014, Mardi is working with Skillful Mind towards creating the best experience for retreat attendees. From her own love of yoga and meditation, she became one of the first refresh meditation leaders, and now manages the leaders program. She is also a Kundalini yoga instructor and loves sharing the benefits of meditation and yoga in her weekly classes and on retreat.

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Kylie Adelaide

Skillful Mind website

My experience at the Empowerment Retreat was life changing. I chose to go because I was in a state of unconsciousness, meaning my life was in turmoil and I was floating from one day to the next without conscious decisions. People walked all over me, I bent over backwards for everyone and gave nothing to myself. And neither did anyone else. I just couldn’t figure out why, when I was so accommodating and caring and considerate of everyone. My bucket was empty and I was running on thin air, so when my friend suggested the retreat I jumped at the chance. What I learnt about myself has stayed with me, and a year later and I utilize these skills on a daily basis. Peter taught me how to meditate effectively and how to draw deep into myself to figure out what was actually causing my feelings and my fears. Then he taught me how to turn these fears around and make sustainable goals. I was also amazed to see so many people attending from the service industry. Nurses, teachers, counselors and care givers who all felt drained and empty from giving so much. I saw a young couple in crisis, leave the retreat as a united pair. The retreat has changed my mindset and behavior at home, work and in all my relationships. There is no doubt the skills and experience I received on this weekend has changed me in a positive way. I have balance in my life and regularly re-visit Peters meditations. Forever grateful to the Skillful Mind Team.


Skillful Mind website

What a great group of people I have met this weekend Thanks to you all for sharing I've had a very relaxing weekend that I would recommend to anyone wanting to make some positive changes and their life.


Skillful Mind website

I got so much out of this Yoga Retreat weekend and left there feeling like a new person! I feel like me again and cannot wait to do more with Skillful Mind....signing up for the Meditation Retreat tomorrow. Thanks so much!

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