With the ancient science of yoga at its core, Shri Gaia Institute focuses on conscious evolution, while increasing skills as professionals and practitioners.

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Effie Nanou

from Greece, August 2020

"The greatest gift i ever made to myself!"

It's been just one day that i came back to my "reality"!Everything around me is changing just because that training changed me!I never thought that philosophy would be so interesting!It is not just what it sounds.Its our every day life,a guide to it!Our psychology!Tanya and Marina are giving it away as a gift!And when you leave your training you will acknowledge it everywhere.Petra is a GEM 💎!All of the teacher assistants are unbelievably beautiful people!Great thanks to Dunja and Marthe for their help, support and tips!I am beyond glad that i choose that training!It is an emotion provider(the ones that you thing you don't have,and the ones you already do just enhance),a school of learning and finding your true self!Gratitude for each one of those human beings that guided us through it and given us a new path to our lifes!💙🙏

Casey Lutz

from Thailand, January 2020

"Soo much knowledge!"

After a few weeks have passed from the training and I have had the time to get back into the routine of teaching classes -- I have noticed my knowledge from the training starting to blossom and come into practice. I am so thankful for all that I learned during my time in Bali with Tanya and can't wait for another training at some point down the line!

Cora Willow

from United States, September 2019

"Life changing experience, I highly recommend"

The quality of instruction was outstanding, and the instructors were very knowledgeable. The training was well organized and I appreciated the balance of yoga and meditation practice, teaching methodology and yoga philosophy. This training is not for the creation of instagram models, it is for those who want to deepen their own practice and personal growth, and truly understand, practice, and teach yoga.


from Germany, September 2019

"Such an intense and great experience! A journey to yourself"

This YTT really gives a profound base! The teachers were extremely professionell and advanced and they were very supporting at each moment! I have lesen es so much and I am really greatful für this experience! Thank you Tanya, Portia, Eden and Maryna! ♡

Shirley Boslem

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Life changing experience."

The daily routine and discipline are not for the faint hearted but an amazing journey of mind, body and soul. You will find your body changing, your fitness and endurance challenged and you will bond with the most eclectic and interesting people you would never normally meet. I found the whole experience a combination of elation of well being and an adventure of life changing proportion. I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting to experience a yoga training adventure in their life. The teacher were all amazing and challenged our bodies and mind and were so friendly.

Charlotte Ferrall Peevey

from Great Britain, August 2019

"I had an absolutely amazing time,"

I loved it all, I learnt so much. Tanya, Portia and Eden were so amazingly supportive and kind.

I strongly suggest you go and train with them. You’ll leave feeling wonderful 💕

Alice Lee

from Hong Kong, April 2019

"Highly dedicated, passionate and loving teachers"

I really enjoyed the learning experience with Tanya Popovich (the Head Teacher) and her assistant teachers Krystal Yamamoto and Portia Leigh, and the group of like-minded people. Tanya and her assistants are highly dedicated, passionate and loving teachers. The Advanced Teacher Training at Shri Gaia Institute /Swaha Yoga Center was as intense as I anticipated, but it really helps me to dig deeper into my spiritual path and the authentic yoga. I would highly recommend Tanya’s training to anyone who wants to go deeper into their yoga practice, and/or wanted to be a more inspiring teacher and leader in their community.


from Denmark, April 2019

Tanya is a well of knowledge when it comes to studying the roots of yoga. This training allowed me to deepen my practice and knowledge of yogic philosophy. Tanya is great Teacher who respects the individual students and allows them space to learn and grow in a nuturing way,

Katy Fernandez Pardal

from United States, January 2019

"Blissed out! "

This training truly exceeded my expectations. I feel a different person and so knowledgeable. Everything we studied in yoga philosophy was put to practice every day in our little international community. We studied ancient scriptures in depth and applied them every day. Our morning practice was absolutely amazing, such creative sequences that felt very good on the body. I was able to do asanas I never imagined, and my strength and flexibility has improved a lot. Breathing techniques gave me a lot of alertness and focus every day. Asana breakdown through anatomy, biomechanics and alignment was so interesting I never knew so much about the body! Also how important it is to sequence the class correctly. All other students and teachers on the course were extremely nice and helpful when schedule would get a little tough and when breakthroughs and transformations would happen. I have made some wonderful friends! Our main teacher Tanya and all other guest teachers were so inspiring, knowledgeable and wise. Tanya truly has so much experience and understands a student's psychology very well. I can not recommend this training enough and would also say that it is very deep work, necessary in order to become a genuine inspiring yoga teacher. Thank you!

Barbara Duchow

from Germany, January 2019

The most magical experience!

I had done my 200-hr training few years ago with another school and while I got good skills to begin teaching I did not feel a profound transformation on a personal level. This training was recommended to me as a "training as comlplete as an advanced training." So grateful for this experience and a beautiful shift in my personal life. This training is based on tradition and lineage, and our main teacher Tanya Popovich preserves this tradition in the most sacred way while incorporating it for all of us in the contemporary world. Teaching methodology, biomechanics of the body, allignment, knowledge of sequencing, vinyasa krama, hands on assists, etc. were like no other I had experienced previously as a student and teacher of yoga. Philosophy, yogic lifestyle, and all theory behind our practices were extremly satisfying and decodified through Tanya's enormous knowledge and understanding. I feel that I have gained the skills from a master. The community of my fellow yogis was absolutely amazing, and I strongly feel that Tanya and rest of the teachers provided a wonderful safe and nurturing space to develop relationships amongst us that will last a life time. Forever grateful for this incredible personal and profesional transformation. I would not only recommend this training, but say is a must for any yogi today.

Blanka Erhatič

from Slovenia, September 2018

"A life changing experience!"

Yoga teacher training by Tanya Popovich and her assistants Maria and Melina was a fantastic and transformational experience.

It was very challenging physically, emotionally and mentally, but only through hard work I was able to grow and completely transform my mindset in so many ways.

Training was led in a very responsible and professional way, with a deep, passionate yogic knowledge and attitude from all three dedicated and experienced teachers, who had in such a short time ensured to all the students to get equal attention at learning and gained quality knowledge of the skills to be a competent yoga teacher in the future.

All three teachers were very genuine, understanding and helpful, opened to all the students, their wishes, needs and ideas. Also the location was wonderful, peaceful and relaxing, with the shala with the beautiful view of the ocean, placed above a pretty, tiny beach.

Because of the sense of love, gratitude and understanding, floating in the air during all of these four weeks of training, I can feel the real significance of yoga and believe in myself more than ever.

I am forever grateful to all three teachers for all their support during this incredible life transformation, and I recommend Swaha Yoga Teacher Training to everyone. Because of the help of all these beautiful souls I believe in better world and nicer future.

Thank you girls and I really hope to see you soon! Namaste.

Katy Stephenson

from Great Britain, August 2018

"An amazing course where I met some wonderful people."

I've done yoga for a few years on and off but wanted to understand it more and the philosophies behind it. I chose this course for the content and the location and it didn't disappoint. The setting was beautiful and although I was staying in extra accommodation which was of less quality (which I had fully expected as this was communicated to me when booking), the accommodation did not hinder my experience.

The course was intense but interesting. It's been a long time since I've learnt this much material in the time allocated and due to the support of my fellow course attendees we got through it together.

I am so thankful and appreciative of the like-minded and kind-hearted people I met on this course. They made it all worth while and I continue my yoga journey with them.

Magdalena Vojackova

from Czechia, August 2018

"Amazing transformational experience"

Amazing yoga shala and food, amazing and knowledgeable teachers

I loved the morning practises and very detailed methodology with a lot of modifications


from Denmark, August 2018

"I don't like being treated as an ill-mannered kid every day "

I liked the accommodation, the food, the surroundings, the staff, the schedule and the other students.

Marthe Bruhn

from Germany, August 2019

"This experience has changed my life "

Literally everything.

This teacher training has topped all my expectations.

Aline Charront

from France, August 2019

"Superbe formation enrichissante"

Les professeurs de qualité, pédagogues, à l'écoute.

La nourriture très bonne, végétarienne et diversifiée, un régal !

Des cours complets, de qualités, intéressants et clairs.

Le lieu en Crète qui est près d'un joli village avec de nombreux restaurants, petits magasins, bars au bord de plage.

La plage est propre, la mer douce, un vrai bonheur !

Dunja Riedener

from Switzerland, August 2019

"What a amazing place with amazing teachers!"

The Place is mystic and wonderful! The teacher training is intense and i learnd so mutch in this 1Month, not just about yoga and the Philosophie i learnt a lot more about myself. Snd i more thank thankful for everything they teached me. If you are looking for a 200ytt with real teachers and where you can actually life yoga, thats the Place! From the button of my heart i really recommend this training snd Tanya as a teacher,


from Germany, May 2019

"Amazing experience in Bali! "

I had a great time during my 200hr- teaching training in Bali. We had a friendly and open minded group and the most amazing teachers. It was a amazing experience to study the yogic philosophy.

Tamara Dukanac

from Switzerland, August 2018

"An overall wonderful Experience"

It was an overall beautiful experience with a lot of beautiful souls. The location was gorgeous and provided the perfect little space for yoga without any distractions. The training overall was very interesting and provided a good base. Philosophy was thought very in depth. I loved Methodology, which I think was the best part of the whole training. It was thought very detailed and I love that we learned how to sequence, cue and assist from the early beginning. Tanya has a lot of experience and knowledge to share and Malina and Maria were just the perfect addition to the training. Maria was such an inspiration and kept the training going strong.

Jule Schlabach

from Germany,

I just finished the ATTC 300 hrs in Evia, beautiful quite location with delicious food and great accommodation. I highly recommend the ATTC with Tanya! I’ve done my first TTC (200hr) with Tanya 5 years ago. I decided to do the Advanced Training because I love her classes and the lectures a lot. I appreciate her great knowledge and the way she shares her experiences with the students. Being again in the role as a student and receiving was an amazing experience! Tanya and her teaching team are very knowledgeable and I got plenty inspirations and input for my teachings and my own personal journey. It was also helpful to repeat past topics and seeing it now from a different perspective. Thank you!

Portia Leigh

from Los Angeles,

Life Changing Teacher Training

I absolutely loved my intensive training with Tanya. Tanya and the teachers assisting on the course were incredibly knowledgeable and they showed immense respect for the tradition of yoga. I really appreciated their emphasis on the philosophical aspects of the yogic texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras and the Upanishads. It takes a really unique teacher to impart such an ocean of information to a large group of students in a way that everyone can digest and understand and they definitely exceeded my expectations in that department. From the daily teaching methodology portion of the training where we led our fellow students through the asanas and the many hands on assists we practiced over the course of the month, I feel that I couldn't have asked for a better training to prepare me to actually go out and share the gift of yoga with other yogis. I'm so grateful to the whole team for welcoming me into the community. The friendships I made during my training with are ones that will last forever and I'm thrilled to have made the decision to join the Swaha family.

Tatianna Loncheva

from Malta,

I attended an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Swaha Yoga Center with Tanya Popovich. I do not have the words to describe the inspiration, the knowledge and the professionalism this teacher has put in her work. The content of the course has exceeded my expectations and Tanya has a magical way of transferring her knowledge in a simple and straight forward way. This is in my opinion one of the rare teachers and one of the rare schools that transfers the classical yoga teachings in a way that is very modern and approachable, yet still true to the tradition. Be expected to do the work, both the deep inner work and the work needed for the course. What I appreciated most of all in addition to the techniques taught is the yogic lifestyle and yoga off the mat where participants are continuously asked to introspect, meditate and question. If you are ready for this type of work then this is the course for you. It has absolutely transformed my life and taught me how to be a more authentic, inspired and inspiring teacher! Could not recommend more!

Branislava Malcovati

from Serbia,

Having recently finished the 300hour teacher training in Evia with Tanya Popovich as a lead teacher, I would highly recommend both. I was looking for some time for a teacher training that would expand my horizons in yoga not just on a level of yoga postures, but also pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, teaching yoga, business of yoga, and living a yogic life. I must admit this course gave me all of it. Tanya is a highly educated and experienced teacher, most importantly she is a teacher who knows how to share her knowledge. Even though I have had some previous knowledge about some of the subjects covered, the lectures were interesting, and they gave me some new insights and new perspectives. I got the opportunity to learn a lot, both on and off the mat. I am so grateful that I was again given a chance to sit humbly on the floor and listen to a teacher who is willing to share the knowledge she has, to be a part of something beautiful, like in ancient times. I would gladly recommend Tanya and her teacher training courses to anyone. I do hope I’ll get a chance to repeat this experience with her and her co-teachers again.

Maria Macsay

from New York,

Fantastic Teacher Training

This course exceeded my expectations! We covered many topics; asana, methodology, philosophy, yogic lifestyle, in depth and were instructed by very knowledgeable teachers whom I still have a great relationship with. While there are many trainings out there, in my opinion and based on conversations with friends who have completed other trainings, this is the most comprehensive 200 hour training I know about. I highly recommend it!!

Sissy Fragiadaki

from Greece,

I have been teaching yoga for 6 years and all teachers that work at my yoga center and I have attended Tanya's trainings to become more efficient teachers. I believe her to be the most honest, knowledgeable, humble, patient and kind teacher that is truly concerned about passing on her knowledge. Tanya is a highly respected teacher and community leader. Her trainings are inspiring, fun, at times mind blowing, and definitely demanding - they are for serious students. Transformation comes through guidance, sweat, effort, surrender, fun, but also through tears and growing pains. Excellence in yoga education and deep inner transformation.

Kyriaki Mantzana

from Greece,

I was into yoga 10 years on and it was time for me to have a 200h Teacher Training. I am so happy I have chosen to study with Tanya Popovich. She is a real lady, she is inspiring and she knows what she is talking about. With all the theoretical and practical background necessary in her field I feel lucky to have met her in her studio in Athens. Tanya in her teaching is transcending all the international experience she has, with kindness and smooth professionalism. She is a charming teacher and her example inspires me. Her words have influenced me. I consider her my guru.