Shanti Yoga Ashram is the perfect sanctuary to go deep into the essence of yoga. It offers diverse and flexible yoga programs. Founded by Guru Yogi Prakash.

Yoga Retreats (7)

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14 Day Tantra Yoga Course in Kathmandu, Bagmati Zone

Available in October, November & December
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1 Year Diploma in Tantra Yoga in Chandragiri, Kathmandu

Oct 1-Sep 30 | Oct 15-Oct 14 , 2020–2021
    from US$7,300
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    7 Day Tantra Yoga Course in Kathmandu, Bagmati Zone

    Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2020–2021
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    Instructors (3)

    Yogi Prakash

    Yogini Rama

    Thakur Sharma

    Reviews (10)

    Michael Indresano

    from Italy, March 2020

    This was the yoga that I was looking for, a very complete study. Yogi Prakash has a very deep understanding and a unique way of teaching it. He makes it very accessible for all levels. Karma yoga practice was also much more of a powerful practice than I would have imagined. Truly thankful.

    The location is wonderful. Each morning we walked up the mountain to the statue of Buddha or the Buddhist temple. The sunrise above Kathmandu valley is breathtaking. People in the local village are incredibly friendly.

    Lucie Urbancova

    from United States, May 2019

    "It’s Whole package not just practicing yoga poses "

    We enjoyed Lessons about history and purpose of all yoga types learning how special and essential Tantra Yoga is directly from GuruJi. Even though the core of the practices stayed the same it had different aspects which were building up on intensity and we didn’t get bored. Loved chanting before every practice. Tasty vegan meals prepared with care from homegrown veggies.( even though someone could call them simple and repetitive). Cousy clean beds in tidy rooms. Having children around.

    Alessandra Reis

    from Brazil, November 2018

    "Sadly disappointed "

    Yoga classes were good but I thought we would have some outdoor yoga.

    Teresa Bruner

    from United States, September 2018

    It was an amazing experience. I loved everything I learned and the people I met while I was there.

    Elzbieta Kus

    from France, March 2018

    "Life changing experience "

    Authentic atmosphere of learning tantra yoga

    Arthur Stufken

    from Netherlands, October 2019

    "Een bijzondere ervaring."

    Ik ben twee weken in de Ashram geweest. Ik ben heel dank dat ik bij deze Nepaleese yoga familie heb mogen verblijven. Ik heb een hele andere kijk op yoga gekregen. Het heeft me echt verdieping gebracht. Verwacht geen 5 sterren hotel. Je leeft met een Nepalees yoga gezin mee. In de toekomst wil ik hier een teacher training te komen volgen. Namaste.

    Ronald Steinmetz

    from United States, February 2019

    "Sehr entspannend !"

    Ein sehr angenehmer Kurs. Völlig stressfrei.