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South Africa, South Africa

Shades of Yoga is an international yoga teacher training school offering level one RYT 200, and level two RYT 300 yoga teacher training courses accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

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  • Tanja

    Shades of Yoga website

    You will feel tremendous progress on a physical level and if you take enough time to incorporate the information after the end of the course, also on a mental level. I have learned a lot and would recommend the education to everyone. It was worth every cent!

  • Ana

    Shades of Yoga website

    The classes are held in a paradise like shala, in an open area surrounded by nature, so you can feel the wind and listen to the birds as you meditate. I am very grateful for this life-changing experience.

  • Katrin Goldberger Germany

    Shadesofyoga website

    The course has changed my body and spirit. It was a unique experience. The teachers cater to the individual needs and body. The classes are demanding and one grows beyond yourself. Despite my little knowledge of english, I could follow the course well. It was an unforgettable time which has helped me physically and mentally.

  • Nickie Jamaica

    Shadesofyoga website

    Shades of Yoga will guide you to the path of becoming the best you can be and if you are already on it then it takes you further. The course not only improved my breathing and my knowledge of yoga, the theory, and the practice, it also challenged me to be a better me. For this I am thankful.

  • Tammy Lewis South Africa

    Shadesofyoga website

    I was always a little intimidated to do a yoga teacher training certification but the spirit in which this course is facilitated allowed me to relax, to be fully present, and to get the most out of the learning. I can’t believe how much we learnt, discussed, laughed about, cried about, and grappled with in 200 hours.

  • Carly Rose Alaska

    Shadesofyoga website

    The course has inspired true lifestyle changes and has given me the skills to offer my personal knowledge to my students. I would recommend this course for future teachers, or anyone who wants to go deeper into their own yoga or spiritual practice. For me, Shades of Yoga sparked the passion of seeking knowledge in healing, yoga, and mind-body integration.

  • Caroline Pajewski South Africa

    Shadesofyoga website

    I thoroughly enjoyed the teacher training with Shades Of Yoga. I really appreciate Tracey’s policy of keeping her class sizes smaller as this allows for more intimacy among the students and more one on one time with the teachers. I learned more than I ever expected and feel inspired to continue on the path of yoga with the strong foundation I have received from my training.

  • Sara Mohammadi Dubai

    Shadesofyoga website

    Thank you for teaching me about the "shades of yoga" and making the past four weeks one of the most elevating experiences of my life. When the time is right, I can’t wait to come back for my 500-hour training. I would highly recommend this to any one interested in learning about yoga and more about themselves.

  • Miya

    Shadesofyoga website

    The teachers are extremely knowledgeable about yoga and not only the physical aspects but the yoga philosophy as well. It was especially helpful to learn how to recruit different muscles to achieve optimal yoga postures and how to have a fun and meaningful sequences. During the course, I also had opportunities to teach classes and to receive feed backs from the teachers and fellow students that gave me insight about how to improve my teaching skills. The venue was fantastic with tasty breakfast and kind staff.

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