Rishikesh Yoga Home offers multiple yoga teacher training courses in all styles of yoga, all with elaborate course structure, as well as multiple yoga retreats.

Yoga Retreats (10)

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3 Day Online Mindfulness, Multi-Style Yoga, and Meditation Retreat

October | November | December | January, 2021–2022
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10 Day Christmas and New Year Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Dec 24-Jan 2 | Dec 24-Jan 2 , 2021–2022
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Videos (7)

Instructors (6)

Vikas Bisht

Yogi Mohan Jee

Shailendra Rana

Yogini Richa Mishra

Sankalp Sadh

Yogi Prem Bahadur Shah

Reviews (11)

Mirjana Dokmanovic

from Serbia, January 2021

"Loved it!"

It was really great experience to learn from the Rishikesh Yoga teachers. I have deepen my knowledge of yoga. The instructors are highly professional and they did their best to deliver their knowledge and classes via online platform. After the classes I felt enegized and recharged.I regret that due to the pandemic situation I couldn't attend the classes live and visit this great yoga retreat. Nowever, I am thankful that the technology made possible the distance learning and experience the Rishikesh Yoga Retreat from my home. I am also thankful to the organizers to make possible to attend some other classes out of this programme.

Vesna Nikolic Ristanovic

from Serbia, January 2021

"Very good experience"

Multi-style yoga and pranajama were exellent. I enjoyed them very much and learned some new asanas and exercises. Although it was on line, it felt very similar as live and I felt so energised and calm after the retreat. Moreover, I was allowed to attend classes for yoga teachers, so I enjoyed exellent meditation class as well.

Emilia Kovalenko

from Ukraine, May 2021

"Amazing experience "

Teachers were so professional,the schedule is a bit tight but you are getting a lot of knowledge

Naïs Fox

from France, January 2021

"Rishikesh Yoga Home has become my yoga family "

• The teachers are amazing. They made this training so special. They are patient, they answer all your questions, they put all their heart in their teaching as they want you to get the best knowledge. A special thanks to Vikas, without whom this month wouldn't have been the same. He's a pure soul and an excellent teacher, with an incredible energy.

• The management is also really nice, they always answer to all your questions and very quickly. They are super flexible regarding any queries and always try to find solution.

• I didn't expect to find this deep human connection with other students from my batch as it was an online training, and that's why I can say it has become my yogi family.

• The program is diversified and Rishikesh Yoga Home is one of the few shcools that provide Ayurveda Yin Yoga, and Satkarma during the training, what is very interesting. You also study philosophy, anatomy, meditation, pranayama, ashtanga and hatha. It's quite complete.

•The schedule is flexible and adapted to all. They try that most of the students can assist the live class. Of course you can also watch the recording but it's always better to be live so the teachers can explain you better.

• Thank you dear school and I am looking foward to visit you as soon as I can !


Julie Janssens

from Belgium, December 2020

"Wonderful experience with amazing teachers!!"

This yoga teacher training was so much more than I expected! It was definitely the best month of 2020 for me! The teachers are so great, experienced and really do their best to make everything as good as possible for you! They are so kind and warm that every time I logged in, it felt if India came a bit closer into my home! I am really happy with the things I learned and experience I gained in teaching yoga. But the most grateful I am for the positive energy and the friendships I made during this training. It really felt as becoming part of a family! I cannot wait to travel to India to practice more with everyone of the Rishikesh Yoga Home family! I am really grateful for this wonderful experience! If you are doubting about taking this YTT, just do it, you will not regret it! Big love from Belgium!

Rita Thomas

from New Zealand, November 2020

"Amazing! "

Every single teacher professor and doctor made my journey enjoyable and I have attained so much new knowledge and things to process and grow from. Rishikesh yoga home showed me the light and I feel so dedicated and proud to be where I am now and able to share the light of yoga with others. With the help of Rishikesh yoga home I have found family that will be a part of my life forever.

I highly recommend rishikesh yoga home!

Thank you to each and every one who is part of rishikesh yoga home !

I have been telling all my friends about this amazing teacher training and I think I have had a friend sign up for a future batch already!

Rishikesh yoga home you are amazing!



Sandra Els

from South Africa, November 2020

"Excellent YTT"

I was very sceptical at first about online YTT, but after the experience with RYH I can fully recommend online training. The instructors and organisers were not only passionate and dedicated to their subject matter, but they kept us updated about every class every day. They are extremely helpful and supportive and care about their students. You don't feel like just another student. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rishikesh Yoga Home. I am very grateful to all the teachers who made this course so enjoyable and uplifting. Many blessings from South Africa!!!!

Jessica Lily Talhame

from Lebanon, October 2020


this experience was the best! the teachers are so compassionate and patience! everything about this ttc made me better as a yogi and a human. definitely recommend it!

Lily Jahn

from United States, August 2020

"Transformative Experience"

Wow! This training was so wonderful! I have come out of it with more curiosity to dive deeper into my practice and the confidence to begin my own teaching practice. I initially intended to take this training as a sort of retreat for myself, but this has opened a whole new world of possibilities for ways that I may offer this practice to others. All of the instructors were incredibly knowledgable but took the time to make everything accessible and lighthearted for everyone. They were open to questions/concerns and offered modifications and support throughout all asana practices. Vikas is exceptionally positive in his approach and support, and doesn't judge when you struggle, simply gives you options for a new way forward. The philosophy, anatomy, and ayurveda lectures were wonderfully informative and integrated with what we were learning in asana classes, and meditations, shatkarma, and pranayama practices were a beautiful and comprehensive introduction into a full yogic practice. Overall this was an amazing experience and I'm so happy to have booked with Rishikesh Yoga Home and be a part of their network. This was an incredible opportunity to connect from across the world, and I look forward to traveling to the school when able.

Jenna Nagel

from United States, July 2020

"Life-changing experience!"

I loved the positive energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement each instructor brought, along with their own personalities, and the chance to go deeper into my own personal yoga practice while gaining confidence as an instructor myself. The small group of students I was in was ideal for more individualized attention, and I loved doing the live classes via zoom, as it was very motivating to see other people all over the world putting their energy into the training alongside us. What an amazing group of women. There was so much support, encouragement, and laughs along the way that made the challenge of starting Ashtanga at 6:00 am every morning totally possible for someone who struggles with mental health issues (and mornings in general!). I want to say a huge thank you to every instructor from Rishikesh Yoga Home for all of the time and energy you put into developing this course and sharing it with the world!!! I can say that in no small way, my life has changed because of you and the gift of yoga, and I am forever grateful!!! I look forward to the day when I can come visit you all in person! Namaste :)