Pratham Yoga India is a leading Yoga Training Center (Hatha Vinyasa Yoga & Ayurveda) in Rishikesh with highest standards and Yoga Alliance Certification.

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Samuel Vincent Cannizzaro

from Thailand, March 2020

"Beautiful and excellent Experience "

The Quality of teaching and teacher, was impressive. From the first moment I arrived, I felt at home. The atmosphere and the community during this training increased positive from day to day.

The new skills and experience I got are very precious to me and I want to say a big thank you to the people who made that possible!

The theacher/ staff crew were honest and lovely people, who help as much as they can, open for any issue, doesn’t matter pro or contra.

This courtesy I appreciate so much.

I left with a feeling like leaving home.

Thank you

Laura Zini

from Senegal, March 2020

"100% recommended! 💕🌸⭐️"

I am so glad I followed my instinct and intuition and decided to do the 200 hours YTT with Pratham Yoga in February 2020.

It’s difficult to describe what this month has meant for me. But overall, it has been absolutely great! If you are looking for an authentic yoga experience, in a quite and peaceful area just outside the center of Rishikesh, with passionate and truthful yoga teachers, please choose Pratham Yoga. The quality of teaching and the personal connection between teachers and students is an absolute plus. Groups are small and full attention is dedicated to each student. Complementary activities, such as special meditations, mantra chanting and sharing circles are organized throughout the month to enhance the learning experience and spiritual development. It is an intense and complete programme that I would recommend to both experienced practitioners as well as beginners. It suits perfectly each and every level.

Thank you Pratham Yoga for being who you are! ❤️

Loren Bakker

from Australia, February 2020

"An authentic yoga experience "

The most incredible teachers and human beings.

The training was delivered in a way that can be applied when returning home on both a personal and professional level.

I loved the intimate student group size which enabled us a more individual learning time with our teachers.

Would highly recommend Pratham, Vijay and Carolin Dutt.

Sam Alexander-Vasey

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Transformational experience "

Pratham yoga is a truly special yoga teacher training school. I loved the small group approach and it truly did feel like a family (especially as we were there for Christmas and the teachers worked so hard to make that a special day for all of us - thank you so much for our beautiful Indian Christmas!)

The course was really well structured and there was a lovely rhythm to our days. Everything was very authentic with beautiful Sattvic food and amazing teaching from true yogis who live their lives according to yoga philosophy. The location is stunning with views of the Ganga River and is so peaceful being outside of Rishikesh itself (though only a tuktuk ride away for our Sunday free days).

I feel like I left Pratham different to when I arrived. The experience was immersive, transformational and authentic and I truly believe I have made friends for life. Huge thank you to the amazing teacher’s who run the teacher training course so beautifully - Carolin, Vijay, Kuldeep and Rahul, as well as the drop in teachers bringing specialisms in their fields - thank you Simon Ji for all your stories in philosophy!

Much love to my Pratham family and if you’re reading this to decide where to do your TTC, you are very lucky to have stumbled across such an incredible school. There is such a range of quality in the schools in Rishikesh and I believe that Pratham is one of the best 😊💫

Luca Jordan

from Spain, January 2020

"Not just a YTT... "

My time at Pratham was a super special month and when the month was over I really didn't want to leave!

The location really made the experience more focused and allowed me to feel a certain sense of tranquility that I'm almost certain I wouldn't have felt, had I have chosen a school that was based around the Tapovan/Laxman jhula periphery.

The teachers were all amazing... Each one in their own special way, which allowed me to feel very safe throughout as I felt like all bases were covered both in terms of practical teaching and also in terms of emotional support.

The teachers generally always gave us their full attention and effort and this was optimised because of the limited group size stipulated by Pratham. On our course for example we learned in a group of only 12 students.

Both the yoga asana and alignment was very well covered and I really enjoyed meeting and learning with several different teachers. Philosophy with Simon-Ji was an absolute treat and also the extra classes like Ayurveda and Anatomy were very well taught which made the package seem extra complete!

The food was incredible, wholesome vegetarian cuisine with a large range of flavors and local ingredients. Super sattvic too so we were feeling very energized, clean and ready to practice! I already miss that food... Carrot halva stole my heart!🥕😋😍

Spending December at Pratham was special, and when Christmas day arrived we all felt like a big family and thanks to all of the staff we celebrated in style!

Michela Valentini

from Italy, November 2019


Oh, I finished my 200 hours YTT at Pratham Yoga school 3 weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. All the teachers are so well prepared, dedicated and inspiring...I’ve learned so many stuff about yoga and myself... I felt at home for the whole time. The school is 30 minutes far away from the crowded Rishikesh so you can really focus on your studies and your practice and enjoy the holy/quiet presence of Mother Ganga that is a few steps far from the school. I recommend this place and this experience to everyone! Thanks, Pratham Yoga for all the positive vibes. I will be forever grateful.

Larissa De Souza

from Australia, October 2019

"Amazing ❤️"

I don’t have enough words to explain or I don’t even know if I am able to explain in words what was like to be at Pratham yoga.

You will feel part of a family and they will always make sure you are feeling comfortable and at home. Everything is planned with so much care and mainly love that it is impossible not to enjoy it.

All staff are great, philosophy classes are awesome and so inspiring. Ayurveda classes were also super interesting and every teacher do their job with so much love.

Vijay has such an amazing energy and brings so much passion to his asana and mantra classes.

Koldeep will challenge your body with vinyasa classes and always maintain the discipline and support you in every step.

Carol is so nice and kind and always has a smile in her face, making every ayurveda class more and more interesting. She also gave as some moon cycle classes and basic knowledge in pre natal yoga.

Anatomy classes were really interesting and teacher shared some of her experiences in yoga and life in general as well.

To add more: food was amazing always.

Everything is great. You will fall in love with Pratham yoga the same as I did. It is impossible not to.

My heart is full of love and full of energy to step to another part of my life after this experience. I’ll take with me so much of what I’ve learnt here.

Pratham yoga you will always be in my heart. Thank you ❤️

Maja Cote

from Canada, October 2019

"Go for it"

Let’s start by the location. It is 30 min away from Laxman Juhla and Ram Jhula (main areas with shops, restaurants, etc.), which are nice to hang out and full of the noise of the crowd.

On the opposite, Pratham yoga is in a quiet and peaceful village, just two minutes from a beautiful white sandy beach where you can calmly rest/meditate/ study with the sound of mother Ganga that flows in front of you.

Believe me, I was going there every day and always had the beach just for me in the afternoon.

So, the location itself has something you won’t found in the schools of the main areas.

Small batches are also a huge plus. You get a personalize approach.

Now, the classes. You might see yourself struggling some time, realizing for example that yoga from a Indian point of view is quite more “complete” that one can experience in a western country. Also possible to realize that some asanas you were practicing home were not as perfect as you thought ! But it is a good thing, you will start to see asanas with a different angle, see how indian philosophy is connected to practise, as well as pranayama, mantra, etc.

It is for sure a “humbleness” experience that can just be good for the ego !

Inspiring beautiful teachers. Their commitment, generosity, humility, and so on.

You will experienced discipline (social and personal); “putting yourself out there” making you sometime feel “naked”, vulnerable. Roller coaster of emotions.

Food was absolutely delicious!!!

Silke Van Den Broeck

from Belgium, September 2019

My time at Pratham Yoga was just wonderful! The yoga hall is a little outside of Rishikesh, next to Mother Ganga, with a wonderful river view, and a beautiful beach nearby. The teachers, staff and fellow-students feel like one big family, learning and growing together, and making the whole experience unforgettable. Next to yoga philosophy (with the amazing Simon Ji), anatomy and asana and alignment classes, we also had an introduction in Ayurveda and yogic nutrition! Each and every one of the teachers has so much knowledge to share, so you will learn A LOT. It's a truly transformative experience, which I can only recommend. Once you're called to Rishikesh and to Pratham Yoga, just go for it! You will not regret it, I promise.

Ciara Reynolds

from Australia, September 2019

"I couldn't be happier with my yoga experience"

Pratham Yoga is perfect! The teachers are so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They went put of their way constantly to make our stay more comfortable. They made my stay!

All aspects of yoga was covered from pranayama, asana, meditation, philosophy and on and on!

I didn't go with any expectations but I came away with a world of information and confidence.

It's non stop so be prepared for full on days, it's intense but so worth it! Make sure to pack the electrolytes!

Thank you to everyone at Pratham Yoga for making my experience so memorable. I felt safe, included and cared for <3 and ready than ever for this life long yoga journey!

Maria Chiara Cuneo

from Italy, May 2019

"Find yourself at Pratham Yoga ॐ"

The school is located 30 minutes away from the crowded Rishikesh and it is very important as you can focus more on the practice without distractions. The school is very nice with big shared rooms and spaces to study and make practice. Teachers and all the staff were amazing; they help us solving every kind of problem and doubt we had and, above all, they teach very well! I learned a lot of things during the month I spent in Pratham Yoga; I feel myself enriched, I know more about the world and especially about myself but as we say many times during the course, the new journey is starting right now! Thank you India, Namastè

Tonuccio Manca

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Great School "

The school s a quite area just off the River Ganga, Teachers knowledgeable and well prepared.

Daniel Kolb

from Austria, June 2019


Sabine Meusburger

from Austria, May 2019

Sometimes you have to take a break from your life, to find back to yourself. This break I took at PrathamYoga. My goals were more personal - finding back to my old balance, getting my inner+outer strength back, getting even stronger. Now I have to say, I achieved my goals and I'm so happy and thankful for this wonderful life experience. Within this month, I deepened my Yoga practice + knowledge more than I've ever expected. There are so many things to point out, so please check my full review on The small size of the group allows the teachers to respond to each student in a very individual way. Each of us made their own experience/development - and each of this unique path had place to grow and was accepted and appreciated. The Yogashala is situated in a quiet place next to the Ganga. It was amazing to see and feel the Ganga at the morning walk, when the sun raises and the spirits awakens. It felt like home from the very first moment. Vijay and his amazing family make this place to a wonderful, magic spot full of love, life + positive energy. The Yoga classes with Vijay were structured in a very good way to deepen the practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Mantra Chanting step by step. Also all other classes helped me to get the holistic meaning of Yoga and were very interesting and full of knowledge. The Meditations were very powerful, intense and deep. The weekend-trips were amazing experiences, full of life and gave me a lot of energy. The food-delicious.

Tiphaine Gouilliard

from France, May 2019

L’energie de notre petit groupe m’a permis d’aller profondément dans la compréhension et la pratique du yoga mais aussi des méditations, guidées par des profs de qualités, investis et disponibles. Dans un lieu loin du bruit de la ville. Une expérience qui vous redonne de l’énergie pour le reste de votre vie.

Violaine Blouard

from United States, March 2019

"A magic month"

I had a magic and challenged month with Pratham Yoga. It was really more than a TTC, a life experience. The place near the Ganga is peaceful (really nice), food is delicious and sattvic, teachers are supportive, wise and sharing, Yoga is challenged.

I learnt so much with these amazing teachers, I really enjoyed every aspects of the TTC.

More, I feel I met a family and found a new home. I met amazing human beings taking care on every seconds. Studying and practicing with a small group was a big chance.

I feel honored to have been a student in Pratham Yoga: the best place and circumstances to pass TTC.