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My Yoga People offers yoga classes and Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour yoga teacher training in the heart of the Chamonix Valley.

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Mariza Smith

Mariza tries to keep her classes honest. She holds her spirituality within her. If you have a question to ask, she will always make time to answer and if she doesn't know the answer, she'll tell you that too. Mariza practiced Iyengar, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and then trained as a gait therapist, her practice is a fusion of all these elements. She plays music in class and tries to make things as fun as possible. She has no fixed ideas on what yoga is or should be.

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Lydia Lopez

from Indonesia, July 2017

Professeur inspirant, ouvert, humain et drôle

Marion Piret

from France, June 2017

"The best Yoga Teacher Training"

I had the most amazing time there. I was really anxious about not liking the teacher and the program but it ended up being the best experience ever. Mariza is a wonderful teacher. She taught us so much and gave us useful tools and tips from her personal experience in addition to all the knowledge. I also loved the workshops on Fridays!

It's a challenging experience, due to the short time we have to learn everything but it is so worth it! Mariza was really aware of that and created a safe environment, she made sure we were fine and was there for us the whole time. What I also really liked about her is that she never pushed her opinions onto us about what is right or wrong but let the door open for us to chose what we believe.

This is the kind of life experience that changes you. You are going to learn about yourself, and grow a lot.

I am personnally a lot more confident and I am ready to work for what I love.

I almost forgot to mention how beautiful the chalet is and the view from the shala!! Outstanding.

Go for it, you will learn so much, you will grow, cry, laugh, make friends and you won't ever want to leave.

Morgane Ribeyrolles

from France, May 2018


Mariza est formidable. Elle a une approche très intéressante du yoga, elle est bienveillante et le contenu de sa formation est très complet.


from Switzerland, July 2017

What a journey! Beyond grateful for all the things I have learnt and all the amazing people I've met during the course. Mariza is a very loving and honest person and we've all grown so much. Besides yoga practice, teaching practice & theory, anatomy and yoga philosophy we had workshops in acro yoga, chanting, ayurveda, yoga for sports and thai massage which were awesome and you see lots of different approaches to yoga from the different teachers.

The place is relaxed and in your spare time you can go for a hike or explore the village which is within 15min walking distance (there's also a bus) where you find lots of restaurants and shops.

Definitely an amazing place to learn, grow and love :)

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My Yoga People website

My teacher training with Mariza was a life changing experience! Quite simply my body benefited hugely and my mind as well. The discipline of daily yoga can only benefit us all. You see your body change as your muscles become honed, and all the back and neck aches go away to be replace by a feeling of well-being. As someone whose mind is always ‘too active’ a daily yoga practice helps to keep me calm and grounded and better able to deal with daily life. I cannot recommend enough the chance to do your Teacher Training, even if you never wish to teach you will gain so much from a month of intensive yoga practice. A truly calming and life enhancing experience. Please go for it, you will not regret it for one moment.


My Yoga People website

I am more than happy to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for my Mariza Yoga Teacher Training experience. I would recommend it in a heartbeat to absolutely anyone interested in teaching yoga or simply looking to deepen their personal knowledge of yoga as I first intended to do when I decided to sign up for Mariza YTT. Mariza YTT was a life-changing experience on so many levels for me. It is not only about learning Asana and how to teach yoga. It is far beyond that. For me it was an initiation to learning to live my yoga. In all corners of my life. In the way I see the world, the way I act, in my relationship with others but most of all the relationship that I have with myself.

It helped me to reveal on which I need to work more. YTT taught me that everything you need is already there- inside of you, you just need to find the way to listen. And YTT creates the space and time to do just that. YTT was one of the most challenging things I've ever done but well worth it. It can be quite terrifying as it was for me at times, but Mariza is that kind of teacher who always makes sure that you are feeling safe and supported and let you know that she's there if you ever need her. She understands that we are all different and that we all might need a little different approach. She's incredibly patient and compassionate which makes you feel secure and safe in challenging situations and gives you space to grow and learn at your own pace. Being fortunate enough to participate in Mariza's second YTT inspired me to start to teach myself even though I haven't intended to do so at the beginning at all. YTT helped me to overcome my fear of standing in front of people and express myself in my own way. And not just in standing in front of my students in a yoga class. YTT also gave me a solid base for my regular Asana and meditation practice that I was struggling with before. The sequence that Mariza taught us really helped me with my home practice and is also a great inspiration for sequencing my own classes. Even after completion of YTT, Mariza stays My Teacher to whom I can turn to for an advice and an inspiration. I left the Mariza YTT with so much more than just my official teacher training certificate. It opened me a door to a whole new world which I was looking for it seems like a long time and for that I'm grateful every day.


My Yoga People website

Total honesty: I hadn’t put much pre-thought into taking a teacher training course. It was end of a very busy summer work season, and I wanted to be a little selfish and take myself on a 'holiday’ without leaving Chamonix., which I love in Autumn. I imagined TT as a slightly more rigorous month of yoga retreat & liked the idea of having tools to do yoga myself at home on winter days, since I didn’t really have the skills to do anything other than pop on an yoga video and follow the lead of someone else’s practice up to this point. I really can’t put concisely how much more a month with Mariza was. I didn’t have the understanding what I’d get out of it and so was massively humbled growing so much more than just learning how to put together an hours worth of poses in all kinds of ways. On a very basic physical level, I’d struggled with chronic running related injuries for years and had more or less accepted gentle retirement due to hip injuries and over use. This was central to the appeal of Mariza’s yoga to me because it forced me to work on isolating core muscles, strengthen lateral muscles, and start to become aware of my feet and proper alignment, far beyond strong calves, quads, and glutes. I found myself having a whole new range of tools to get at the source of my running misalignments, emphasizing strength and balance instead of a just a new round of cortisone injections, orthotics, time-off. Had this been all I gained from a month of teacher training I would have considered it more than a success. But that was just one component. I found my body opening up and found with it what felt like ways of opening my head as well. The philosophical side of yoga had areas I found interesting simply from an academic point of view initially, but the way this particular teacher training course drew these subjects back to anatomy, to the science of breathing, and the various biological systems of the brain and body I found absolutely fascinating. My graduate work was in neuroscience, so by nature the skeptic, scientific viewpoint is the lense I see the world through. It was truly mind-opening to feel like this point of view was not only included but supported here. It’s led me to go back and take courses in anatomy and phys with an eye to continuing to merge yoga with the science of movement. Had no idea I’d be so drawn into this field. Or that it even existed for that matter!


My Yoga People website

I wanted to thank you again for those very memorable 4 weeks!! You have done an amazing job and I mean that really from my heart:) i wanted to let some time pass to contact you and let all my thoughts settle down a bit. Now more than one week later I still feel very very happy that I did the TT and have lots of butterflies in my stomach when I think about it;) Thank you!


My Yoga People website

YTTC with Mariza was a lifechanging experience for me, after, nothing was the same. Mariza is a very kind person, gentle talker but confident and firm when it comes to teaching. The place was absolutely beautiful and the view from the shalla, breathtaking. I will always be grateful for my time on YTTC with Mariza! I definitely recommend Mariza and this course !

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