Momentom Collective hosts transformational yoga events for yogis, acro yogis, aerialists, dancers, visual artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

Yoga Retreats (4)

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Instructors (2)

Gabrielle Bonneville

Therese Lowton

Reviews (3)

Bjorg Arnadottir

from Mexico, December 2018

"Beautiful community!"

We were surrounded by open minded people doing what they love! We learned so many different things and everyday was unique. Highly recommended!

Cel Sibley

from United States, May 2018

"Aerial with Momentom Collective San Marcos"

The instructors were excellent! Besides great aerial classes, there were other classes and events that were equally enjoyable (the lectures, the cacao party, the sauna, the informal hike to town).

Franziska Lehmann

from Germany, January 2019

"Stunning location and great spirit"

This is a very special retreat, focusing on the spirituality and artistic movements. Even though I am not part of any form of circus life, I felt loved and integrated into the community. The views are stunning and the food as healthy and delicious as it can get. I am very grateful for the experience and recommend to anyone with an open mind to join in.

Testimonials (5)

Andrea Laltoo New Brunswick

Momentom Collective Facebook page

Momentom Collective's artist residency was straight up transformational! It was an awesome opportunity to learn and skill share with amazing performers, yoga teachers, and healers in a beautiful setting. I was a little nervous about going at first because I'm new to circus arts, but everyone there was a beginner at something! I grew so much while I was at the Guatemala residency, not only from the planned activities on the schedule, but also from being in the local community in San Marcos and making great, authentic connections with the other Momentom residents. I've lived in community a lot and this one stood out for its openness and support. If you're thinking about joining this crew...stop thinking and start DOING!!!

Shane Hawkins

Momentom Collective Facebook page

A place to be inspired. The crew here is definitely creating a new wonderful gift for the world. An experience of play, community and intentional bonding. I was in Guatemala and the space offered a wonderful mix of conscious space and circus all with the life of Lake Atitlan nearby. I was truly amazed by the people that came together at Momentom, more small dose adventure packed into one location than I've experienced elsewhere.

Brittany Nicole

Momentom Collective Facebook page

The talent, passion, unity and inspiration at Momentom will turn your life upside down, burn away insecurities and leave you reborn among the ashes, a Phoenix of your heart! Come to train, to teach, to connect, come as you are, leave as you want to be!! The energy is uplifting, and the people are divine. Take the leap, join the circus! Learn to fly! Now is the time! I highly recommend you connect with Momentom today. The possibilities are endless.

Brittny Popolizio New York

Momentom Collective Facebook page

Momentom is a place where like minded, passionate, creative, and goal oriented individuals come together to inspire and create for a better world. If you're looking to make a positive shift in your consciousness and in your life, I highly suggest visiting one of Momentom's residencies. Skill sharing and community building is what they are all about, and I have absolutely met some of the best people in my life through the Momentom Crew, themselves included. Magical places with pure heart intention behind it. When surrounded by artists, yogis, and conscious individuals, you can't not be inspired. Everyone wants to see you succeed here and there is nothing but love and support throughout the entire community. If you're looking to explore your mind and enjoy the laidback fun of skill sharing your craft, this is the place for you. I will definitely be returning. See you soon Fam.

Lena Cole New York

Momentom Collective Facebook page

I absolutely adored my time with Momentum Collective. The fertile ground that has been carefully sewn, watered and cared for is rich ground seeded for transformation and transmission all day long. Each moment is inexplicably full, and as the space fills... a divine presence allows itself into your being. And once it feels this, there’s no going back. It truly roots and anchors a shift in your conscious being on how it TRULY desires to operate during this existence. For this, I am truly grateful and will recommend this experience to anyone ready to embrace it.

Endless gratitude to the team and all of those who have touched this collective’s thread.