Maya Yoga House is located in the famous hills of Zagorje, Crotia. It offers retreats and private and group classes delivered in Croatian, German, and English.

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Maja Tauzer

Reviews (18)

Tonja Rantanen

from Finland, August 2019

"Relaxing and inspiring yogaretreat"

Teacher was excellent, she mixed different yoga styles for me especially what my body needed. Very inspiring conversations and lot of interesting things about meditation. I was very relaxed after coming back home and full of new ideas and energy to continue practising things what i learned in Mayas yoga house. Food was excellent organic and my body felt very clean and flexible after four days. Very peacefull and beautifull place.


from United States, April 2019

I really enjoyed the peace and tranquillity and the Agniothara fire rituals .

Was very cleansing ..

Lauren Cox

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Just what was needed!"

This retreat was exactly what I needed. Maja was keen to personalise the programme around what I liked/expressed a preference for and consequently the yoga and other rituals were very enjoyable. Maja is passionate about her work and shares her passion through regular friendly discussions. Maja is keen to get to know you and asks questions to ensure easy conversation. The food was excellent - Maja is a great cook and prepares all organic food using produce from her garden/neighbours. The spa/sauna’s are also great and a welcome addition to the package. Any free time can be spent in your VERY comfortable rooms or walking in the local area. There is a great walk down into the local village with some awesome scenery.

Kimia Pooya

from United States, February 2019

I liked everything! I could feel the change within me, I felt so much happier and relaxed. I learned a lot from here and she’s just an amazing woman.

I will definitely go back one day :)

Gay Summers

from Great Britain, October 2018

"A New Zealanders experience"

Beautiful environment, very peaceful. Maya was extremely helpful and accommodating. I appreciated the hatha yoga being appropriate for my level of yoga practice. I learnt a lot from the discussions we had. The fire practices and meditation were helpful too. Loved the meals and getting to know the local area. The local masseuse that Maya recommended was lovely and an excellent therapist.

Els Raeves

from United States, August 2018

"Unique Experience"

To become a better version of yourself.

Maya takes you back to your true authentic self.

Maya is a very special person with a beautiful heart.

If you search for yourself and a quiet beautiful place you are on the right path here :-)

The moment you arrive you are on a trip to become your pure soul again.

I was here with my 4 year old son and he was accepted as the same tribe and together we had a wonderfull experience.

The food was fresh, pure and clean and for my son they made very delicious pancakes :-)

Full of love & joy.

Gem Argyle

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Very relaxing!"

If you'd like an intimate retreat experience, this is for you. Maya welcomes you like being home from home, with classes around your schedule, home grown vegetarian food and time in the day to relax in the local swimming pool/sauna. She is a very knowledgeable instructor and will out you at ease. The area is quiet and beautiful with a wonderful view.

Courtney Matesic

from United States, March 2018


Maya Yoga House is so serene and beautiful. I had a wonderful, soulful experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to grow and strengthen themselves. Everything from the yoga, to the food, to the beautiful scenery was blissful!

Isabelle Cholette-bachner

from Austria, July 2019

"A sojourn with lasting aftereffects!"

Maya's house is situated in beautiful hills in the countryside. The view from the house is inspiring and soo peaceful.

Everything in Maya's concept is meant to help you relax and let go of the useless. Her open way to relate with people and animals inspires to look closer inside and learn.

She will adapt the retreat to the participants and the needs of the day (sunrise, sunset, excursions...).

She cooks wonderful organic vegetarian food that will leave you satisfied and light at the same time.

Anand Puthupparambil

from Germany, July 2019

"wonderful journey "

It was a pleasure to us meeting Maja in her house in Sveti Kriz, Tuhelj. Its a small village in a hillside/vineyard area where everything was just green during our stay. The view alone from the living room over the landscape is just as calming as our yoga practise with Maja.

She is a very empathic Person who cares about your needs and she creates a schedule fitting to your level and experience. Converations about our way of living, indian philosophy and our needs and wants were not just an enrichment for our lives but also a perfect complement for our training. The combination of Assanas, Meditation and Agnihotra were exactly what we needed to calm down our minds and bodies. Maja is totally capable of connecting an ancient tradition to our present lives.

We know that we will come again. Thanks so much for a mindopening experience.

Peace, Love, Health and Prosperity to Shiva, Mimi, Kali and You.


Maria and Anand

Lauriane Peresse

from France, March 2019

"Such a great time with Maya"

Maya is so nice, a welcoming, and kind person, open-minded and spiritual.

We had a lovely time. The practice of yoga is really interesting, about relaxing. She can do many different types of yoga. The four sessions of Agnihotra fire ceremony we did were very powerful. Meditation was so easy after that.

It was really great to speak about India, her others travels, spiritually and others deep subjects of conversation.

The food she prepared was excellent. She always does everything for you, she is so accommodating and Maya brings to you a good energy which stays in your body and in your mind.

Her house is in a great natural area, peaceful mountains around everywhere.

And her 3 cats are so cute^^

Also, the afternoon at the sauna center was really good.

I had such a great time with Maya, thank you very much for everything.

Judith Wackerlig

from Austria, August 2018


Maya is an amazing woman full of life and love. She is happy to share her energy, knowledge and experience with her guests and takes great care of them. I spent 4 nights at her lovely place in August 2018. I have never had the luck to join a yoga retreat in such a welcoming and individual atmosphere as Maya is offering. This is a rare experience in the modern world and made me grow in my yogi life. the


from Austria, March 2018

"perfekt für ein Yoga-Kurzretreat"

die ländliche Umgebung - sehr ruhig

Andreas Cox

from Great Britain, August 2020

"A very tailored informative Yoga experience for a beginner"

I had no previous experience at Yoga or meditation, but after a lengthy discussion about my goals, Maja set out a complete package to show me all the basics and helped me to achieve them on my own so I can continue to practice at home. Very knowledgeable, very understanding and very quick to encourage you and to keep you moving forward. Maja was able to see when I needed help, and would be able to sort out the problems before being asked, but could also see when I was managing things on my own and was able to just blend into the background as not to disturb me, but at the same time keep an eye on me. I wasn't sure if this was something I could do, or want to continue doing before I visited, but now I feel more than capable of working on myself and achieving lots of positives from the effects of the Yoga and meditation, and hope sometime over the next year, to return to further my progress

Juli Friedrich

from Germany, October 2019

"Croatia & Yoga - the perfect combination"

Maya is a wonderful host. She also is an experienced yoga teacher. She helps, however possible, to adjust your stay to your wishes. Getting to know the ceremony of the Agnihotra fire was a stunning experience. The house is located in a wonderful spot of Croatia - small mountains and a lot of nature around. The possibility to visit the Spa and Wellness Center Terme Tuhelj is definitely a big plus, the saunas there are wonderful and make the visit a holistically cleansing and inspiring experience. Thank you!

Refiana Krishna

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Deeply relaxing experience!"

Maya is very friendly and funny. She is also knowledgeable about yoga and meditation. I feel so grateful to meet her as she shared a lot of interesting experiences and meaningful insights, particularly about the Agnihotra (the fire healing) I highly recommend you to try this because it changed my energy a lot :)

The food is amazing I loved every bit of it (all fresh from her garden!). Not to mention her beautiful house in the middle of the field, far from the city, the view is unbelievable, we woke up and did yoga with this view. So deeply relaxing especially for someone who's living in a city, the place itself is suitable for grounding :')

Last but not least, she is really helpful she helped me to catch my bus when I wrongly saw the bus schedule (my fault) and if it's not because of Maya I would never catch that bus and no bus left at that day.

Thank you so much Maya for your kindness I will never forget this experience and I wish I will meet you again soon.

Namaste :)

Marie Bredager Nielsen

from Denmark, August 2019

"Wonderful place to refresh your energy"

Maya Yoga House has the most beautiful view, and the place has a unique and calming atmosphere from the moment you arrive.

Maya is a very experienced yoga teacher. Her voice is a wonderful guide through asanas and yoga nidra. She manages to be very grounded in her own experiences and beliefs, and at the same time very attendant to student's needs.

I loved the agnihotra fires. The rituals were new to me, but definitely had a grounding and calming effect. Along with interesting talks, cute cats, daily yoga and yoga nidra i only wish i could have stayed longer!

Amalia Suryani

from Austria, July 2019

"Lovely yoga experience"

I liked all the yoga sessions and agni rituals. I liked talking with and learning from Maya. She is very knowledgable about yoga and it's interesting to hear her yoga journey. I especially liked the house (with two lovely cats), everything was clean and comfortable. The garden was also really nice for yoga and sun salutation. The tea prepared by Maya was always tasty. Food was yummy, I just wish we could have more dishes. I enjoyed walking down the neighbourhood and had some hand-picked organic fruits. For a first-timer traveling to Croatia, it was surprisingly very easy to reach the location by buses and Maya was very helpful. I skipped the sauna because the days were really hot and chose to have a relaxing massage instead.