Marzena Jachowicz offers private yoga therapy sessions as well as yogic workshops and retreats.

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Marzena Jachowicz

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Yonit Marks Bertelsen

from Denmark, January 2018

"Amazing hiking and perfect yoga classes lovely retreat ♥️"

Alex Yudina

from Germany, November 2018

The schedule was put together very well. The Yoga lessons were very well structured and informative.

Testimonials (2)

Alexandra Yudina

Marzena Jachowicz website


The Yoga sessions were scheduled for two times a day. The first session was at 7.30 am before breakfast, the second at 6 pm before dinner. Each session was 90 minutes long. In the morning Marzena started off with a nice, short meditation to prepare us for the exercises. After the meditation she announced the theme of the day: an area of our body, the organs and the element the organs are representing according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Marzena taught us basic facts about the connection between our physical body and our emotions. She was telling us about it while guiding us through a series of exercises and poses of Yin Yoga. She managed to create an environment of harmony and mindfulness and she adjusted each session to our moods and needs. After each Yoga session we felt calm and confident ready for the meal that was waiting for us.


We were served three delicious meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dishes were mostly vegan but still very rich in taste. As an exception to the vegan diet we had eggs and goat cheese. All meals were made from organic, local products of Tenerife! And they were prepared by the lovely daughter of Marzena and Chris, Nika.

The breakfast included warm dishes, such as porridge and scrambled eggs and cold dishes like granola, rye bread, avocado, tomato, paprika, various jams and honey. The beverages of choice were a selection of herbal teas and coffee. Since we went on a hike everyday, we had a light, picknick-style, lunch (salad, boiled egg and some bread) outside in the nature. In the evening we had a very rich, 3 course dinner. For starters there was a vegetable soup and fresh vegetables, such as green salad, avocado and tomato. Then the main course, also vegan, a combination of cooked or baked vegetables and either rice or potatoes. And last but not least the desert: the famous goat cheese of Tenerife and something sweet like ice cream or pralines made from healthy, low sugar ingredients like nuts, dates, avocado, cocoa, almond milk and so on.


We went on a hike everyday, every time exploring a different area of Tenerife. Chris, Marzena`s husband, was our guide. He started hiking in Tenerife a while ago and knows the island very well. He managed successfully to chose the perfect destination for the day, since it can be a challenge in Tenerife, because of the unpredictable weather conditions. Still we had to take our rain jackets along every time we went out. The destinations varied from a classic sites such as the Teide National Park in the centre, to the Anaga Mountains in the north and a trip to the eldest city of the island – La Orotava, where we learned about Gofio, a traditional Chris and Marzena took us to the hiking destinations by a small bus and by another car, so we didn’t have to use public transport. It was very comfortable and saved us a lot of time. We spent around 2-3 hours just hiking, which was sometimes challenging for those who are less experienced but still a lot of fun for everybody because of the incredible beauty of Tenerife. We enjoyed some amazing views and shared some very nice moments, like picking wild almonds and figs while walking… Chris tought us some very interesting facts about the history and current situation of the area.


We stayed at Hacienda Christoforo in Adele, in the south of Tenerife. It`s a lovely place with a couple of different sized and equipped apartments, two beautiful yoga rooms, several kitchens, a pool and a small animal farm with sheep and chickens. The apartments were furnished in a mix of typical Canarian country house style and far-east aesthetics. Alongside the beautiful interior we enjoyed a very comfortable stay.

All in all:

I’d love to join that Yoga and Hiking retreat again some day. That’s an experience worth to repeat. It was definitely more than I expected. The combination of Yoga exercises and hiking in a place like Tenerife was just perfect. In just one week I learned a lot about my body and my emotions and also about a different place and culture. I saw and tasted new things that broadened my horizon in many ways. Marzena, Chris and Nika are wonderful people and great teachers, guides and cooks and it was a pleasure to meet them and the rest of the group!


Marzena Jachowicz website

Hiking and yoga with Marzena and Chris is a great experience. I was a beginner in yoga but Marzena is such a good teacher that after just a few sessions it feels like you have done of forever. The combination of yoga and the tranquil atmosphere of the hacienda were fantastic. Additionally Chris knows all the best spots on the island for the most perfect walks. I had no idea that Tenerife is so beautifull! I joined a nearly all Danish group, but a english was the standard language for the yoga lessons that was not a problem at all. In total I had a great week and would recommend to join Marzena and Chris on these holidays