Maitri in its simplest form is most commonly interpreted as loving-kindness, compassion, friendliness, benevolence, and goodwill towards self and others.

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Hamid Ebadi

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Mya Jones

from United States, November 2019

"Mind, Body & Soul Essentials "

Such a wonderful experience to sit in silence for 7.5 days at Karuna in the beautiful Monchique mountains. The combination of Zazen meditation, Yin Yoga and hiking was perfect. Hamid is a wonderful teacher with years of experience and infinite knowledge. He is a beautiful story teller who speaks so eloquently. His dharma talks were very well received by all. He is the real thing! The Yin Yoga was a great way to stay aligned after sitting for many hours a da and the massages were a real plus.

Karuna is a beautiful and serene piece of property in of itself. The rooms, meditation and yoga studio and dining areas are all very comfortable. The outdoor areas are even more exquisite; however, it is the hospitality and love of Ana and her staff that brings the experience to another level. She truly puts her heart and soul in her delicious vegetarian and vegan farm to table meals.

My entire experience exceeded my expectations. It is the perfect combination to sit in silence, reflect and connect with nature, self and others. So much gratitude.

Gill Sims

from Great Britain, November 2019

"Silent Meditation Review "

A life affirming and enriching experiences. The Karuna centre was the most amazing place, with views stretching over the lower mountains and out to sea.. But what strikes one even more is the sense of peace and tranquillity that pervades the whole space. Our host Ana was incredible, she and her team looked after our every need, providing the most amazing food prepared with love. The accommodation was comfortable and warm, and each room had amazing views over the Serra de Monchique.

The retreat itself was led by Hamid, an ordained Buddhist monk, philosopher and psychotherapist. Hamid instructed and guided us through each and every meditation, but more than that, I was personally grateful for his selfless care and compassion when supporting us through the emotions that sometimes surface during and after meditation. In addition; we were privileged to receive a Dharma talk from Hamid on 6 of the 7 full days. The talks were utterly amazing, his wisdom was awe inspiring and he delivered each talk with eloquence and humility. Each talk was a fascinating insight into an aspect of life, and whilst many of the messages were simple his delivery allowed them to resonate at a deep level. Hamid is a truly compassionate person, and his teachings profound.The most important lesson was to understand how the ordinary is itself truly ‘extraordinary’ and that meditation does not turn us into a different person but rather it loosens the grip of the ego, freeing us to be more of the person we are

Fabio Novo

from Brazil, October 2019


An amazing exoerience


from Switzerland, July 2019

"Amazing experience"

I was lucky to join Hamid for two wonderful retreats. One of them in beautiful Karuna retreat center, Portugal. I loved staying in Karuna, it is a very peaceful place in the middle of a beautiful nature, quiet, amazing healthy food cooked by the wonderful host. For me it was the ideal place for my getaway to re-connect to myself and, as Hamid says to "just sit".

But anyway, the location was only secondary, the retreat lives from Hamid, he was the soul of it. He is not only a wise man and humble person but also a great story teller. Even now, a year after my retreat I can still gain from what I have learned there.

Of course, there were hard times during the retreats. Speaking of long hours of meditation, alone with my wild thoughts accompanied by pain in my knees and back the early getting up and freezing cold nights. But at the end, I feel like it was all necessary to discover the real me and a long-lost peace, lightness and happiness.

So, getting to the point, I can only recommend to join Hamid’s retreats. It is not an easy holiday, you will have to work hard on yourself, maybe even suffer for some moments but at the end you will learn a lot about yourself, life and go home stronger and hopefully happy.

Åshild Basso

I find it difficult to explain how I experienced the 8days of Silent Zen Meditation Retreat under Hamid Ebadis calm, honest, humble, wise, secure, compassionate and grounded wings of life.

When I booked the retreat I didn't know anything about Zen. I was just in a periode in life when stillness and silence was highly needed.

I arrived in Portugal with some inhaled preparations. But I could not prepare myself neither for Hamid I'd never met before, any of the other fellow beings attending nor the retreat centre.

The experience was nurishing my roots, stretching my spine, opening my heart inwards and outwards, showing me the peace, understanding and compassion silence and stillness could create in my self, but also in a group of unknown wellknown travellers in life.And Hamid Ebadi made that possible.

For me these words seems little. The experience has opened new doors. I will keep the silence and the stillness alive as mush as possible. And I will return to Maitri Retreats under Hambid Ebadis guiding. Forever grateful. Thank you