Kite Sister is the original women's only kiteboarding and yoga camps company since 2010. They offer services and kitesurfing lessons in exclusive locations.

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8 Days Kiteboarding and Yoga Camp in Paracas, Peru

November 9-16 | November 17-24, 2019
    from US$1,700
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    Suzanne Pomeroy

    Kite Sisters website

    My week with Kite Sisters was amazing!!! Everything was so well organized!!! Chelu and Octavio have handled all the details from the pick up at the airport to the beautiful accommodations and Juan’s amazing food (he even accommodated my vegetarian diet). All you have to do is Kiteboard. The instructors were patient and experienced. We absolutely had the best group of women I feel like I have made friends that will last a lifetime!!

    Susanna El-Armale

    Kite Sisters website

    I couldn't have imagined a better kiting experience and camp. The 7 other fabulous women and I were constantly in a state of awe as Chelu and her crew took care of every detail, offering us a fun, festive and adventurous getaway. The coaching was top notch, the food spectacular, and the morning yoga was the perfect start to our day. This was an epic holiday, and the only thing that made leaving easier was knowing that we will meet again in June in Essaouira. Can't wait to see my sisters again!

    Triana Silton

    Kite Sisters website

    I was blown away by this amazing experience. Chelu is able to create a unique space where strangers come together, bond and learn something together. And do it in a supportive environment. The kiteboarding teachers were great, the house was perfect, the food was amazing, the yoga was totally geared to what we were doing in the water and the excursions were super fun! I have never been on a group trip together and had some trepidation, but I loved this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is up to trying something new in an amazing environment (physical, spiritual and emotional). Well done Chelu and the whole team!!

    Jenelle Lymer

    Kite Sisters website

    Attended the Kite Sisters camp in Paracas, Peru in NOV17. Highly commend their organizational skills for the whole camp. From the venue, morning yoga, the most amazing food, all staff were fantastic, friendly and kind. I now have a group of new sisters that I hope to kite again with around the world and especially with Chelu & Octavia again. The schedule for the camp was explained and planned perfectly. There was free time every day but the activities organized as a team was great. Sand-boarding and the buggy ride was awesome. So much fun! Felt absolutely comfortable the whole time. Yoga every morning was a fantastic warm-up for the afternoon kiting. We had wind every day. I used my 10M kite for 5 days and my 7M for 1 day that was super windy. Learnt a great new trick with the help of the Octavia and Liam - thanks, guys! Adri and chef made and delivered the nicest food I've tasted while on holidays. We had beginners, never kited before to advanced. Everyone had a fantastic time. It was so nice to come home from a great kiting afternoon to a warm house with the fireplace on and dinner served within an hour. We were made to feel like princesses. You didn't have to think of anything as Chelu had already done that for us. I will soon be doing another again and would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing it - to do it. If you want to ask me any questions. Please feel free. Congratulations Chelu, Octavia and team! Your rock :)

    Julia Germany


    Brilliant and caring organization from beginning to end, superb food, excellent kite Instructors, thoughtfully chosen spots...don't know where to start or end. The atmosphere with my fellow kite sisters and the amazing crew was the best cherry on top!