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Grasse, France

Jaya Hana offers yoga, meditation, nutrition, and health retreats all over the world to relax and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the sanctuary.

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7 Days Luxury Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Grasse, France

May 13-19 | June 24-30 | September 23-29

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Hana Sykorova

Ojashvi Yoga Shala Prenatal Yoga - 85 hours Yoga Alliance International (Yoga)

Kula Collective Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Hana draws from a variety of yoga traditions, weaving in shamanic philosophy, aromatherapy, breathwork, reiki and sound within intention-set classes in line with her Kula Collective training. As an Ironman athlete, she understands the importance of body recuperation and specializes in yin yoga, a slower approach to yoga, stretching the body beyond the muscle to access the connective tissue, achieving benefits similar to acupuncture, and deep relaxation. As a holistic health coach, she has a deep interest in diet and its ability to heal the body.

Ingrid Delarue

Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Hatha Yoga)

Yog Peeth Institut in Rishikesh Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

After years of practicing various sports and nursing injuries, yoga became a way of life for Ingrid. The philosophy and technique of this ancestral art have allowed her to evolve and truly realize herself. Her 500 hours of internationally- recognized Yoga Alliance registered training obtained in Kerala and Rishikesh (India), the heart of yoga traditions, gave her the opportunity to deepen her yoga and meditation practice and develop new skills. She shares her passion for teaching by sharing her knowledge of breath control, postures, and meditation with the aim to restore Prana, the life force.

Juli Vasquez

A spiritual seeker since her early childhood, in addition to her bachelor’s degree in architecture, Juli has been an avid learner about metaphysics, the healing power of nature, and the interconnectedness between all. She has studied the teachings of different masters and methods like Louise Hay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, Michael and Yehuda Berg, Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer among others.

Testimonials 12

  • Lisa Morrow

    Facebook page

    A few weeks ago I attended my first yoga retreat with Hana and Ingrid in Cote d’Azur. To be really honest, this was my first ‘real’ yoga and meditation sessions. I was encouraged to try yoga by my physical therapist due to some nagging injuries and lower back pain that have been impacting my health and sleep patterns for years. When I heard about the retreat, I was a bit hesitant to make such an investment for my first ‘real’ yoga experience as a yoga newbie, but I walked away with such an appreciation for the practice and benefits of yoga and was so happy I made an investment in myself and got over the concern I wasn’t yoga ready. This retreat truly exceeded my expectations.

    From the first day, Hana and Ingrid made me feel welcomed and comfortable in my journey in learning and experiencing the benefits of yoga on my body and mind. On top of the amazing location (South of France people!), we had level-appropriate yoga sessions I grew to crave each day instead of fear, we received amazing healthy food to try each day alongside new ways of eating that were customized to my goals, relaxing in the beautiful villa and surrounding scenery, entertaining excursions to famous restaurants, local nature spots and historical spots all over the Cote d’Azur that I would have never gone to or known about without a local, to the special trips to famous places like Eze Village to the local market to find some special essentials oils for me. Hana and Ingrid are truly passionate about what they do and it showed in their program, receptiveness to feedback and flexibility when needed, and good times and laughter that filled the week and kept a constant smile on my face.

    Overall, this retreat was perfect balance of yoga and (re)treat for me. I look forward to their next retreat with Hana and Ingrid and will be nudging my friends and family to join as well…I think it would be an amazing experience with a group of friends or nice treat for those you love.

  • Marko Cekic

    Facebook page

    It so happened that the Jaya Hana Reboot & Regain Your Inner Balance Retreat came up on my radar right as I was dying for a break on the beach...

    I can honestly say the retreat was spectacular! A life-changing experience that will stay with me for a long time.

    A few of the highlights:

    -The Temazcal ceremony had some moments that will stay with me forever. It made me realize how important those moments are to keep moving forward in life, which was something our retreat host had talked about the evening before.

    -I enjoyed taking the yoga classes so much, that I was motivated to completely change my training and workout routine to include daily yoga and pilates - literally the night after I returned home. Classes at my local studio were mellower and easier than the retreat classes, which stretched me to feel my practice advance. I am now incorporating yoga into my training going forward.

    -I felt a huge amount of "stuck" pain in my pelvis/lower back during a breathing ritual, and now that I'm aware of it, I've been using yoga to release it, with visible benefits to posture and well-being after just a couple of weeks! My weight training has also improved.

    -My attitude is much more positive. I lost my laptop at the airport on my way home from the retreat. Normally this would be very upsetting; this time it wasn't. It was an old laptop and I knew I needed a replacement, so I just ordered the new one and kept smiling...

    -The food was incredible! Fresh, raw, handmade, delicious! I'm a devout carnivore, but I really enjoyed the vegan dishes with incredible local village produce. The instructors are clearly passionate about cooking and health. One of my favorite dishes was fresh coconut pancakes with strawberries and coconut puree - just incredible! The fresh juices and salsas were also fantastic.

    -The retreat was a perfect balance of intense and relaxed. Classes, discussions and rituals were serious and meditative. Social interaction was pleasant and low-key. Excursions were exciting and private. And, if you really wanted it, there was a chance for a sip of wine or a little ceviche at the right moment. Perfect!

    Overall, I'm managing my day-to-day challenges far better now, so that I can enjoy some of the amazing things that seem to be happening in life!

    Go spend some time with Jayahana! You won't regret it!

  • Joyce

    Facebook page

    This was my first time ever at Yoga, and it could not have been a better experience than to have Hana as my instructor at the Casa Del Mar Bonita. I felt amazing afterwards, so relaxed and rejuvenated. It really opened my eyes, so much, that I am now seeking to do Yoga at home with a private instructor. Thank you Hana for making my first time at Yoga so memorable and everlasting. Looking forward to returning to Playa Del Secreto and having another Yoga session with you.

    Muchos Gracias!!!

  • Shama Zehra

    Facebook page

    I'm a frequent traveler and have been to Jaya Hana a few times. It's one of the most unique luxury experiences of my life and definitely THE BEST yoga retreat.

  • Boris

    Jaya Hana

    The most amazing experience! Thank you! Looking forward to coming back as soon as I can!

  • Marty Quinn

    Jaya Hana Facebook page

    I spent a week in the French Riviera at a cycling / yoga camp that Jaya Hana hosted and was super happy with the service, accommodations, and itinerary. First, we were picked up from our hotel in Nice in a van big enough to carry our bikes and gear. When we arrived at the villa in Grasse, my wife and I were blown away. It sits on a beautiful lot not far from downtown Grasse but with a secluded feel. We had lots of input on our daily activities and the schedule was flexible with plenty of options to suit all interests and riders. Then the post-ride yoga was such a nice way to finish the day and so was the food! I can't wait to book another trip.

  • Carolyn Altman

    Jaya Hana website

    The riding around Grasse was perfect. It was so wonderful to climb to the extraordinary views of the sea, mountains, and the perched villages, kind of like riding through a fairy tale. Many of the rides called to mind Cezanne’s paintings, especially those of the mountains. Every ride was a perfect ride, each with a coffee break and lunch in yet another magical place. Yoga classes were right in line with what we needed after those amazing days of riding. They helped me and my body handle all that pedaling with ease and fluidity. The same is true regarding the massage. One sometimes doesn’t notice when all feels good and is going along fine, but the week could easily have been one of nagging tightness and increased muscle tension. Instead, both body and spirit were relaxed and ready. The villa is beautiful and comfortable and you made us all feel very much at home. I loved how the doors and windows were always open so that the week felt lived outside. And what an outside it was. The gardens, the fruit trees, the olive grove, the terrace. Truly, it was a paradise. The food was extraordinary. It seems the first thing people ask when one returns from France is “how was the food?". Well, it was fresh, healthy, and delicious in every way, made even better by good wine and great conversation. Thank you for arranging the incredible restaurants (they are some of the best meals of my life) and for Aurore’s delicious home-made preparations. Her food was so beautifully prepared and thoughtfully combined, every mouthful a treat. I’m newly inspired in the kitchen and am eating even more artfully than before. This foodie says thank you!

  • Adrian Collado Mexico

    Jaya Hana Facebook page

    Yogi master and amazing locations where you can feel inner peace and love. Thank you for the amazing experiences.

  • Bakala Nicolas Congo

    Jaya Hana Facebook page

    There are so many things to say and the first one will be thank you. Thank you, for making me discover yoga. I was looking for someone like you to teach me for the first time. Your kindness, ability to understand me, sense of listening, and explanation, it's everything I need to fully understand what yoga is. The practice was intense and deep. I was feeling free and lighter after we finished. Keep on going in this way.

  • Steve Neitge United States

    Jaya Hana Facebook page

    Jaya Hana is very passionate when it comes to yoga. I met her in Playa while looking for my hotel down on the fifth. She directed me in the right direction and invited me to do yoga the next morning with her on the beach yoga studio at Playa De Secreto. One of the most memorable highlights of my trip. I highly suggest anyone looking to do yoga on the Playa area to look her up!

  • Edward Banfe

    Jaya Hana Facebook page

    I was looking for a vacation that would be fun, healthy, and energizing and found Hana and Enrique's Mexico home on Airbnb. The place looked beautiful and offered healthy food, but I had no idea how amazing the experience would be until I arrived. Hana is a wonderful yoga teacher and very happy to work with beginners. She is also an elite athlete, so getting health tips from her and learning to practice yoga to improve not only my physical but also my mental and emotional well-being was a huge bonus. She and Enrique are warm and genuine people who made me feel like family. I can't wait to see them again, next time with my kids.

  • Marissa Abernathy

    Jaya Hana Facebook page

    Jaya Hana is easy to get to and hard to leave! We had the most unforgettable time at the Casa Del Mar Bonito and Jayahana Yoga and Pilates Retreat. It's truly a perfectly relaxing getaway in your very own private paradise. We rented a car in Cancun and found the property with ease. We got comfortable on the roads and drove the very short distance to Playa Del Carmen a couple of times and took a day trip to Chichenitza. It's also a quick drive to Tulum and other popular attractions like the cenotes, adventure parks like Xcaret and Cirque De Soleil. The pictures of the house are sure to enchant you, but there's nothing like experiencing the laid back luxury and natural beauty of this home and its private beach for yourself. It's even more stunning in person and the attention to detail is found in both the architecture and the hospitality of its homeowners, Enrique and Hana. Imagine simply sitting up each morning in your super comfy king sized bed and being met by the rising sun over turquoise waters and foamy waves. We couldn't resist getting up each day and walking mere steps to the open beach to take in the peacefulness of the morning (accessible by our own beach entrance off our patio facing the sea). Hana made us feel at home from the moment we pulled into the driveway. She personalized our breakfast and lunch menus and introduced us to her homemade ginger-limeade, hibiscus water, and spicy local seasonings. We even drank more than our share of coconut water sourced from trees right on the property. Everything was extremely fresh and delicious, especially the Ceviche! There is just something extra tasty about food made with love, even the quinoa, eggs, and fresh papaya tasted fantastic. We also enjoyed being introduced to Yin yoga and sunset yoga on the brand new ocean-front palapa. Hana is obviously a gifted instructor and her passion for holistic wellness paired with the most beautiful beach atmosphere in the Yucatan, makes Casa Del Mar Bonito one of the best places to vacation in the Riviera Maya. You just won't find any place else like it. Thank you, Enrique and Hana! We left feeling like family and we will return again soon!

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