Jaya Hana offers yoga, meditation, nutrition, and health retreats all over the world to relax and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the sanctuary.

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Hana Sykorova

Juli Vasquez

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Lima Zulu

Jay Hana Facebook Page

Definitly a five star retreat. The yoga sesions were the best ever! I have been a fan of yin yoga for a long time but this level was very releasing in fisical and spiritual ways.

The ashtanga sesions were perfectly set up to start light and gently strengthening during the following days.

The food was delicious. I never thought I would end un loving vegan food. We were always given an explanation of the ingredients, what they were good for and how they were prepared. Can’t wait to prepare them at home.

The company could’t of been better. I am very thankful for my new friends. Love you all!

The location can only be described as paradise on earth.Really, really awsome!

Thank you so much for this extraordinary experience Hana and Juli.

Love, Laura

Guillermo Rosman

Jay Hana Facebook Page

Amazing retreat at the Mayan Riviera. Great spot, great atmosphere and amazing food. Clases were incredible, Juli and Hana were great in instructing and helping us reaching our potential. We had a great group of people and the house staff is amazing too.

Maija Airas

Jay Hana Facebook Page

Yoga Retreat in paradise ! The place is amazing and on the world’s best beach !!!

To wake up at sun rise and have a challenging and rewarding yoga session, stretching muscles that I didn’t even know existed, unforgettable (and painful) ! I will be a fan of Yin Yoga forever.

My personal favorite of the whole retreat was the breath cycle. An experience that can’t be described...you have to go and experience it yourself.

Hana and Juli made incredible culinary masterpieces and everything was alkalinizing vegan food. My favorites were the breakfasts: quinoa porridge, oatmeal/quinoa pancakes, Turkish vegetable/hummus breakfast. Plus all the amazing fresh fruit Mexico has to offer. I probably ate way too much, but everything was so good, hard to resist !

Can’t wait for the next retreat in South of France.

Thank You Hana and Juli for your tranquillity and compassion, the passion for your craft shows.

Andrea GR

Jay Hana Facebook Page

I went to a yoga retreat and I though it would be really good before I met Hanna, but reality exceeded my expectations. Not only I learned about Yoga, but also about so many things. The retreat gave balance to my life, by learning how to eat and energize my body; by knowing more about my body expression; and by meeting people from all over the world, all which made this a full experience. Thanks for making me part of it!

Enrique Carlos Collado Heredia

Jay Hana Facebook Page

I have attended Jaya Hana's prior yoga retreats, but the Beyond Gratitude Thanksgiving Yoga Holiday really took me by surprise with the light shed on the importance of cultivating gratitude through all the lively group discussions we have had. It was not just about giving thanks around the Thanksgiving dinner table, it was practical information on having the choice to control our thoughts and emotions to lead a positively charged life and prevent disease, the link to yogic philosophy and Santosha, contentment, as one of the main principles to live by to lead a balanced life, the role of our own spirituality in our lives, or the power of remaining in positive vibration to visualize and manifest the abundance we want to attract into our lives, that made this an enjoyable, thought- provoking experience, with practical application.

All the thoughtfulness and hard hours of work spent carefully weaving in all the themes in preparation for this retreat made it a very magical and unforgettable experience.... so much that I can't hardly wait for the next one!