Indiv Yoga is a therapeutic blend of yoga styles that certifies you to be able to teach yoga for every individual, confidently, and professionally.

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15 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Algarve

September 10-24 | November 5-19, 2022
    from US$2,912
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    Charlie Stewart-Brown

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    Debbie Corbin

    from Great Britain, November 2021

    "A wonderful experience"

    This was a wonderful course, so well planned out. 2 weeks is a very short time to learn so much information, but Charlie has structured it in such a clever way that we were able to cover the vast curriculum within the time we had, and still squeeze in some fun social activities. Thanks to her planning, hard work, wealth of knowledge, great communication skills and kind, genuine support, we left knowing not just how to teach a yoga class but also about anatomy and physiology, mediation, and the history and philosophy of yoga. It's an intensive course, but it was so interesting and really feels like a transformative experience. The villa itself is beautiful with great amenities (lots of space, well stocked kitchen, swimming pool), and located in a quiet area where every day you can watch the beautiful sunrise/sunset and listen to the birds singing in the trees... So peaceful. I would recommend Indiv Yoga a thousand times over, and can't wait to come on another of Charlie's courses in the future!

    Cindy Galinsky

    from Germany, November 2021

    "Best Teacher, best location, most amazing 2 weeks!"

    I had the most amazing 2 weeks at the yoga teacher training with Charlie. I could not have imagined how much I would learn and how close of friendships I would build. Charlie structured the course so well and is the most amazing teacher! So wise, so intelligent and such a big heart ♥️ I could not recommend her enough!

    Melissa Segovia

    from Spain, May 2021

    "Magical journey 🙌"

    I have no other thing to say but thank you, thanks to you Charlie for encourage us, being so kind and patience, share your knowledge and experiences with us. IT really was a magical journey, I have learned and discovered a lot more about all areas in yoga and also about myself that now I'm thirsty for more and feel ready to continue learning and spreading what I have learned too. I feel so glad that I could share this experience with wonderful souls that I'm already missing!! Taking this YTT was one of the best decision I have ever made!

    Thank you again Charlie,

    Namaste ✨💗

    Louise Böhler

    from Germany, February 2021

    "200 hours full of good vibes "

    It was an extraordinary, wonderful and magical time. With the lovely soul Charlie and 5 more beautiful women those two weeks were an experience I don’t want to forget!

    Thank you for the beautiful insights in your world Charlie, in the world of Yoga and for everything you taught us about life, yoga and spirituality! Big hugs, hopefully see you again!


    from Great Britain, September 2020

    "So worth doing "

    The trip as a whole was very well organised - from the pick ups to the dietary forms we filled out before hand.

    This is not a holiday or retreat - it is a Teacher training course which is exactly what I wanted so expect days to be long and intense but they are very well structured and there a breaks in between. Charlie is a lovely teacher and guru, she is passionate about Yoga, its origins and meditation and it was great to learn from her experiences and knowledge.

    This is a wonderful journey to embark on if you are thinking about it, GO FOR IT! And I highly recommend Charlie and Indiv Yoga.

    Philippa Benjamin

    from Spain, September 2020

    "Life changing"

    Charlie is a great teacher, yogi and instructor. We had yoga lessons every morning, meditation every night so the course was teaching us not just the poses, but breathing, meditation, the philosophy of yoga, and anatomy and physiology. You wonder how one manages to fit it all in and still retain the knowledge required for end tests, but it's organised and structured so well, it just works. Its no walk in the park but if you're prepared to work hard the rewards are great. I feel so prepared now to go out and teach yoga.

    Maya Richards

    from United States, February 2020

    "Incredible and Rewarding YTT in Beautiful Portugal!"

    I recently finished a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Indiv Yoga in Carvoeiro, Portugal and it was one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences of my life. Charlie is unbelievably knowledgeable in all things yoga and it's apparent that she genuinely loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with her students on the course. She remains very professional throughout the training, while being incredibly supportive and compassionate for those she teaches. Being immersed in the program allowed the group to really take in and appreciate the history and transformation of yoga, the principles that lay the groundwork for the practice, and the practical application of teaching others. In two weeks, I feel a total transformation in how I think about yoga, my own personal practice, my perspective of the world as a whole, and who I am as an individual. I left the course feeling prepared to continue my journey and share all I’ve learned with others in my own community, while feeling comfort knowing that I have Charlie’s continued support as I continue to grow as a yogi. I am so grateful to have gone through this amazing experience and I absolutely recommend doing a course with Charlie and Indiv Yoga.

    Shkendijë Thaçi

    from Switzerland, February 2020

    "A wonderful experience"

    I did the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Charlie. I learned so much from her and enjoyed growing personally during this time. the house, the garden, the pool and the housekeepers were so lovely:) I recomend this course totally it was very interesting to learn about the yogic history, diferent yoga styles, anatomy and how to stucture a yoga class.

    Elisa Farias

    from Ireland, February 2020

    "Couldn’t have been better!"

    It was just perfect! Charlie is an amazing teacher and a wonderful human being. We had all the support in the world, in all aspects. I feel fully ready to start teaching, besides knowledge she gave us confidence.

    Also, the place is absolutely beautiful!

    Atena Liu

    from Hong Kong, February 2020

    Squeezing in the majority of 200 hours of YTT within 2 weeks means it is by nature intense and overwhelming (but this might soon change to 3 weeks). However, this immersive experience with Charlie’s training really makes what I learned about yoga unforgettable and fun.

    Initially, I chose Indiv yoga because of its philosophy — to make yoga approachable to everyone. And that is consistently reflected throughout the course design.

    The entire training showed a lot of professionalism and care.

    Charlie herself has had a wide range of experience in different schools of yoga, with which she could present yoga to us in a more comprehensive and unbiased manner. On top of the teaching poses and modifications (to kids, elderlies, people with minor injuries), we also discussed about the history/philosophy, breathing techniques, tried a wide range of meditation practices, all of which are presented in a truly unbiased manner.

    Alexandre Larouche

    from Canada, November 2019

    "A very nice, deep and rich experience"

    Thank you so much Charlie for the amazing 2 weeks of learning and growing. I like the way the course was structured. It was a nice challenge, mentally and physically. Im very happy that I decided to join on that journey. The quality of the teaching was deep, physically and spiritually. I came to learn more about Yoga and I got served! I feel like this course will help me in my personal life, and make me a better human. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow, learn, get better, or explore new horizons. In bonus, the food was excellent and in big quantity! Oh, and the Villa is amazing!

    Josie Dade

    from Great Britain, November 2019

    "Yoga teacher training, and a whole lot more!"

    I loved the location, the house, the whole set up, but mostly I loved Charlie's whole ethos and the way she conducted the course was outstanding! She is a fountain of knowledge and experience, and knows exactly how to guide people to become confident and knowledgeable teachers who understand the true meaning of yoga. The course is intense, with a lot to learn in 2 short weeks, but it just goes to show what is possible when done in the right way. It was a beautiful and transformative experience!

    Heidi H

    from Austria, November 2019

    "A lifechanging journey"

    Charlie has been living as a yogi for more than 14 years, having taught embassadors and various different private clients and group classes, I could not imagine a better teacher. In Indiv Yoga, the individual is in the center, so you learn about how to adapt the yoga to different audiences and needs. She puts a lot of emphazize on correct alignment and the traditional yoga principles, yoga styles covered were: hatha, vinyasa flow, sivananda, kids yoga, yoga for pregnancy, restorative yoga and chair yoga. We also learned different meditation techniques and yoga philosphy. Two housekeepers were cooking food during the day, the fridge was full of salads and all sorts of things, so you could always prepare your own food.

    Recommendations for your trip: Due to duration of the course it is a lot of content to cover and to study in short time. The schedule allows short breaks, so you may want to get a watch to ensure punctuality. It can get a bit stressful as you have to do homeworks and study for your exams, be prepared to put in the work required. I would recommend looking into the biggest muscles, joint movements and bones beforehand, as this will help to understand the alignment cues better and will also be knowledge needed for the exams.

    If you are a german speaker, the book "Yoga" from Inge Schöps may be helpful to prepare for the course.

    With Charlie, you will learn the tools required to be a great yogateacher.

    Tess Taylor

    from Great Britain, November 2019

    "Excellent Teacher Training course "

    Charlie was an amazing, supportive teacher with an incredible amount of knowledge. She understood our concerns and took time to make sure everybody was supported in the group. It is extremely good value for money, the villa and area are beautiful, and the course is packed and intense. I learnt so much about Yoga and myself on this incredible journey.

    Marie-eve Castonguay

    from Canada, November 2019


    Everything was perfect! Charlie is an amazing teacher. We learned so much more than the physical practice of yoga. History of yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness/Yoga and more. Merci pour tout :)

    Katharina Claeys

    from Germany, November 2019

    "15-day yoga teacher training with Charlie"

    I had one of the best 2 weeks of my life!

    Charlie is amazing and filled the house with so much love and spirit from day 1. She has a wonderful and inspiring personality, lots of experience and teaches with passion, dedication and pays attention to every little detail.

    The atmosphere was fantastic at this lovely property with its beautiful garden, swimming pool. Everything was clean, the yoga equipment/material was of high quality and the meals were healthy and delicious.

    Undertaking this course with Charlie was without a doubt the right decision and I couldn’t imagine being better prepared and confident to start teaching yoga and passing on the knowledge I acquired.

    Thanks for everything Charlie! Namaste


    from Germany, July 2019

    "Intensive Erfahrung"

    Der Kurs war sehr lehrreich, intensiv und hat uns alle das anvisierte Ziel, Yoga Teacher zu werden gebracht. Das Ambiente war Mega schön und wir sind als Gruppe zusammen gewachsen und haben uns persönlich wie Auch als yogis weiterentwickelt. Charlie hat uns ihre Yoga Erfahrung vermittelt sowohl in Praxis als auch in Theorie.