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Indian Wellness Academy takes care of your physical, mental, and spiritual needs with yoga teacher training, meditation classes, workshops, and short yoga retreats.

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Ildiko Bakos

Ildiko's first encounter with yoga was in 2000 in India where she traveled for a year. She completed a one-month yoga course and a decade later, she returned to India to complete her yoga teacher training course which enabled her to change her life completely. Ildiko combines traditional Indian yoga styles with a contemporary Western approach to authentically help guide others to find their own love and benefits from yoga. Her teaching is spontaneous, light-hearted, and she aims to adapt and to meet the energies and needs of the group. Furthermore, she also offers soothing Ayurvedic massages.

Sri Vijay Anand

Anand is a yogi born in India, international speaker, presenter, and visionary. He has worked tirelessly toward the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of humanity through powerful yoga programs, teacher training courses, and volunteering to run public service projects. He has been a holistic energy educator for the last 30 years in more than 50 countries around the world. He is available to give lectures, workshops, demonstrations, retreats, and classes internationally. His 20 plus years of organizing teacher training programs enable him to share his knowledge, experience, and passion.


Matthew is a recent graduate of Indian Wellness Academy's teacher training course. Before this, he went far and wide to seek the best yogic training he could find. Matthew is qualified at the prestigious Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and Ashrams in Kerala, India, received instruction from Sharat Auroa, a yogi master and disciple of the world-renowned B.K.S Iyengar, and was inspired to seek training in Kundalini Tantra by Master Ketut Arsana in Ubud, Bali.

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Rebecca is a colorful soul offering an alternative, compassionate and gentle approach to yoga. She is a qualified children’s yoga teacher with many years of experience working with adults, children, and families as part of a healthcare professional. Rebecca has an extensive background in dance and movement and will often incorporate somatic movement into her sessions to increase participants ability to take their attention inward into their internal sensing body offering an opportunity to develop more body awareness and deeper connection with the self.

Clare Partington

Clare trained as a teacher at the Froebel Institute in London, combining education with ballet and contemporary dance. Dancing has remained her lifelong passion, along with Argentine tango. Her love of travel takes her regularly to India. Here, she attends yoga classes, has Ayurvedic treatment and has been able to study some aspects of Ayurveda, which she incorporated in her therapy practice. She is trained in reflexology, massage and is a Reiki master, and has just finished a seven-year course in homeopathy.

Diane Scurr

Yoga has been part of Diane’s life for around thirty years now. She found yoga in her late teens and has been supported by the practice, on and off the mat, since that time. Diane holds teaching qualifications in advanced Hatha yoga, Starchild Kundalini yoga for children and young people, and is currently undertaking the Kundalini Tantra teacher training course. As a life coach and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, alongside being a yogini, she seeks to help others thrive in life by nurturing their body, mind, and soul.

Caitlin Barett

Caitlin developed a real passion for Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and found the practice incredibly fun and satisfying both physically and mentally. She has been a student of Irish music and dance since age five and really enjoys the balance in her life between yoga, healing, and self-development with live musical performance and is training as an ecstatic awakening dance facilitator, qualifying in May 2018. In 2017, Caitlin decided that the time had come to go further with her yoga practice and embarked on Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher training.



Before becoming a yoga teacher, Victoria was an artist creating expressionist artworks and oil portraits. After becoming addicted to yoga after two years, she became a yoga teacher, and qualified with 500-hour level 3 diploma in teaching yoga, level 3 diploma in Pilates, anatomy and physiology, Thai yoga massage, and soon to be Kundalini Tantra Yoga. Following the Ashtanga discipline for over seven years, she now allows that to flow through her teaching.

(Pilates Instructor, Anatomy Teacher, Yoga, Physiology)


Ildiko started her spiritual journey in 2006 with spiritual Tibetan Reiki healing and massage. She very soon recognized that the balance of self-awareness and the physical body were a vital key to a healthy life and so she began to practice yoga on a regular basis. She has spent much of her time dedicated to learning and teaching dance. She became aware of the Indian Wellness Academy and decided to join the Kundalini Tantra yoga teacher training course. She can offer Tibetan Reiki healing and massage sessions: healing hands therapy, where your worries, stress, aches, and pains melt away.

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Kuma San

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I really enjoy these classes. Just what you body need

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