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Hari-Om Yoga School

Hari-Om Yoga School offers Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training both in Italy and Costa Rica, and organizes several yoga workshops and yoga retreats.

Yoga Retreats 13

Instructors 8

Marco Mandrino

Marco is the founder and director of Hari-Om Yoga School. Marco is an enthusiastic practitioner of Muay Thai and combat sports in general. He has been teaching yoga for around twenty years, dealing almost exclusively with teacher training and retreats. Marco's idea, which the school reflects, is to integrate diverse techniques from various disciplines and arts in order to live simply, in harmony with the present moment and to the best of one’s potential.

Massimo Monti

Since an early age, Massimo felt attracted and influenced by the vision and teaching of mystics, masters, and yogis like Rumi, J.Krishnamurti, G.I. Gurdjieff, R. Tagore, and P. Yogananda, among others, which shaped the spiritual path to follow. Extensive travels throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, North Africa as well as the Americas, Australia, and Europe brought him in contact with different spiritual paths widening the spectrum of ways in the quest of human consciousness growth.

Marco Fasanotti

Marco has studied as a personal trainer and Pilates trainer. He also teaches in a company that teaches Pilates instructors. After many years of teaching physical fitness, he went to China to study Tai Chi and Qi Gong and finally became a Tai Chi instructor recognized by the Chinese Wushu Association. He is also a Qi Gong instructor, having studied with the Chinese Health Qi Gong Association. Marco lives in Biella in Italy and has created a wellness center, where he teaches Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Pilates, and yoga.

Emanuela Genesio

Emanuela teaches contemporary art at the European Institute of Design and Paris 8 University. She creates installations as well as takes part in performances, Indian inks, and poetry in relation with people and their energy. She teaches, and above all, she experiences yoga since she met Marco Mandrino's non-dogmatic and interdisciplinary approach. Thanks to the experiences of Tai Chi and Zen, she produces artistic performances and mixed workshops with the intention of going deep into the human poetry.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

Melanie Schwank

Melanie is a clinical psychologist with a degree in art, music and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Ever since she began her journey through yoga, she has found herself living a healthier, happier and more meaningful life. Today, she is a certified 500RTY. She enjoys practicing just as much as she does teaching. Her Classes are dynamic and challenging, she encourages you to listen to your inner teacher honoring and respecting your body and focusing on the magic of the breath to go deeper and have a strong and stable asana practice.

Melissa Lange

Melissa started practicing Yoga while living in Istanbul, Turkey. The practice of asana was a gateway to the deeper levels that Yoga penetrates and thus opened Melissa’s curiosity into meditation, pranayama, mind-body connection, and so much more. Melissa is a dedicated student of meditation, pranayama, and alignment-based Hatha Yoga. Her classes reflect this as she aims to lead you through a dynamic and challenging sequence, focusing on alignment to reveal inner strength and energy, and cultivating awareness and control of the breath to keep you clear, present, and focused.

Jennifer Osman

Jenny is a mother of one and avid kitesurfer. She has spent the last five years living on the beach in Egypt with her husband, also her childhood sweetheart, where they own a successful kitesurfing centre. Jenny has trained in Ashtanga yoga with David Swenson and has just completed her 500 RYT with Hari om yoga school. Today she has her own yoga shala on the beach. Jenny teaches a variety of classes including power yoga, hatha vinyasa, yin and ashtanga, although she enjoys power yoga the most due its fast pace.

Hari-Om Yoga School Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Emanuela Boriotti

Emanuela Boriotti is the creator of Floating Touch Massage, she is an Animal Flow and yoga instructor, an Ayurvedic therapist, and is specialized in sound massage as well as being an expert in nutrition. She practices many different sports that range from functional training to Muay Thai practice, to surfing. Emanuela's been practicing yoga since many years and she is tireless when it comes to mountain trekking. She brings and incredible passion in everything she does.

Reviews 3


from United States, June 2017

"Welcome to the bubble"

Nature sounds and sights were peaceful..

Jennifer Osman

from Egypt, July 2017

"Hari om was a life changing experience ,I throughly enjoyed"

The location of the training was amazing , the serenity and the food were amazing . The daily practice classes were a great variety of teachers and techniques which I learned a lot from.the classes helped build a lot of strength and build up a good daily practice I took back with me. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and that was great. The teachers had their own experiences and opinions which I respected a lot and it was shown through the lectures their knowledge . They believe that your own daily practice is very important in being a teacher which i believe into . All their teachers were really amazing in their own way. They make sure meditation and pranayama is an hour or more each day which also wasverygoodas itbecame a part of my practice even stronger and I really appreciated that .


from Ireland, July 2017

"lack of yogic attitude and poor quality of teaching"

The location, the food, the students, practical classes, some teachers' knowledge. Unfortunately they didn't speak great English so they were mostly assigned to the Italian group of students. The English group missed out on it.

Testimonials 5


Hari-Om Yoga School website

Hari-Om was exactly the kind of program I was looking for and I would definitely choose it again! I loved the location, the teachers and the supportive environment. It was technical and spiritual all in one. I felt like I learned what I needed to and also had the opportunity to go into myself and deepen my own practice and understanding of self. It was a wonderful experience.


Hari-Om Yoga School website

This is a solid education. Both in theorie as in a physical and mental way this education prepares you in a good way to become a great teacher. The open vision of the school ( mix of yoga, physical training and different philosophies give you the chance to discover what style and approach fits you best.


Hari-Om Yoga School website

I loved the training and the teachers. They are creative, mix a lot of other type of trainings with yoga, which I loved. I learned a lot and had the chance to share with amazing people from around the world. The only thing I didn´t agree with was that the training was 5 weeks long from 6 am to 7 pm every day, no resting days (just one afternoon in 5 weeks), just had lunch time as a break, and didn´t had the opportunity to get out of the Hotel to take some air. I think it is a bit too much. In order to integrate what you have learned you need to have some time on your own. Though, Samasati in Puerto Viejo is a beautiful location, surrounded by nature, and I felt very lucky to spent there more than a month.


Hari-Om Yoga School website

From my research I found the Hari-Om school on line and felt that the 300hr TTC course suited me and timescale wise was ideal. Before starting the course my expectations were that it would be similar to my previous course, only longer. I loved my 200hr teacher training however the course at Hari-Om was very different to my expectations. The school brought so much diversity and variety in to the teaching which was far beyond my expectations of a standard 300hr course. The teachers kept the course interesting throughout and their passion and enthusiasm was infectious and wonderful to share. The location is idyllic too and a totally nurturing environment to be in. I would recommend the school to all levels of Yogi, whatever your level, or expectation you will be enriched by a beautiful experience.


Hari-Om Yoga School website

Not a day goes by that I don't miss the beautiful teachers of the Hari-Om Yoga School! My experience with Hari-Om was so positive and life changing, it has made my life just that much better! Aside from the scientific and intellectual side of learning, there was so much love, spirituality, and compassion to share and cultivate. Om Santi Santi

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