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Gyan Yog Breath

Bipin Gyan founded Gyan Yog Breath foundation in 2008 to overcome all these issues and provide real yoga and emotional unblocking treatment, but also has set up acredited teacher training courses.

Instructors 5

Swami ji

Swami ji has been teaching and guiding spiritual seekers and yoga aspirants for the past decade. He is the founder of Gyan Yog Breath Yoga Center in Rishikesh, India and introduces "Emotional Unblocking Treatment" and "Power of Transformation" meditation to his students from all over the world.

Reviews 28

Frank Heitmeyer

from Germany, December 2017

"Beware of expectations"

The classmates, most of the teachers, the food, the course location, the friendliness, especially pranayama and meditation.

Luke Henkel

from United States, October 2017

"Wonderful teachers, sub-par experience with course leader"

I loved the instructors: the two meditation and pranayama instructors, and the asana instructor, Manesh. Manesh was absolutely spectacular--thorough, knowledgeable, personal, challenging, and humorous and light-hearted at the same time. He gave us great perspective and kept reminding us that the base of our asanas/postures are the most important. Getting this drilled into us was very helpful! Above all, Prakash and Shakti, the meditation instructors, were absolutely phenomenal. They are meant to do what they do--100%. They are deep, skilled, personable; overall two of the warmest, gentlest people I know. Their classes were consistently spot-on; their energy gave each of us in class the inspiration to try our hardest with the (often quite difficult) breathing exercises, and also how to deal with the emotions that would arise! These two were invaluable to my yoga TTC experience and I wish them all the best :)

I liked the meals and the cooking staff. At first it was hard to get used to the Indian fare: heavy amounts of salt and extraordinary amount of carbs and rice.

Considering we were in a yoga course, often the food simply felt too heavy. However, the cooks did a great job and provided us excellent nourishment. It was often entirely Indian, which actually was delicious--and we did have quite fresh vegetables and fruit. Sometimes we'd have oatmeal, pasta, etc. to suit our Western palates--it would have been nice to have more of these meals.

Lily Hall

from United States, July 2017

"A Yoga Teacher Training in the Heart of India"

I enjoyed the meditation, asana, philosophy, and anatomy classes the best. Anki (yoga, anatomy, yoga therapy instructor/co-owner), Siddhant (philosophy instructor), and Kamal (asana instructor) were incredible teachers. My classmates were the best I could have asked for during my experience, and the majority of us became close friends.


from Great Britain, July 2017

"Great new yoga school"

Extremely well taught asana classes, fascinating philosophy unit, varied meditations, emotional blockage therapy... Very good insight to yoga. Great food too!

Rob Vos

from Netherlands, July 2017

"Very nice course with Good teachers"

The practice of yoga is Very Good the classes are Very Well organized. I learned a lot. Everybody was Very helpfull and loving.


from Germany, February 2018

"Das Erlebnis Gyan Yog Breath"

Sehr gut hat mir die familiäre Atmosphäre gefallen, für das ein oder andere Wehwechen gab es immer ein offenes Ohr. Auch das immer frisch zubereitete Essen war sehr lecker. Die Philosophieklasse mit Ekin war toll.

Ingrid Bartra Soto

from Germany, December 2017

I'm very happy to choose this school!👏

From First day until last day i'v feld very very hapy 😍 there.

The school is very nice and quite new, the food was wery good and healthy and especially the teacher are very nice and helpful.I Have learned a lot of nice things, and now yoga has a different Melanine for me and i hope that i can transfer on the same way to all the people in my country.

The Group was very nice to, we was like a Family.

Thank You for all the nice people who give us a hapy time and who took care of us.

Thank You for the big heart what You have💔

For sure i will go back to learn more.

Marie Lou Le Torc'h

from France, December 2017

"Amazing experience !"

I am so glad to choose Gyan Yog Breath for my 200hours Yttc! All the yoga team brings me so much: I improve my Yoga knowledge and I went deeper to my innerself, I feel more connected with the yoga way of life, I really recommend this YTTC ... Great teachers in all matters, quiet and peacefull place to stay and live during 1 month, Indian locals in Rishikesh are really nice, living next to the Ganges and the mountains is so powerful, the way of life there is so closed to the Yoga philosophy... I enjoy the ashram on the rooftop with the view on the river and Himalaya... The synthetic food is awesome ... Thank s to all the yoga family... I will never forget this wonderful and intense experience!

Vanessa Hänni

from Switzerland, November 2017


Der Tagesablauf ist sehr angenehm. Die Meditation und Reinigung mit Prakash und Shakti sind sehr, sehr gutI. Ich habe so viel gelernt und bin sehr dankbar für diese tolle Erfahrung. Die Hatha Yogaclass mit Manish war ebenfalls super, der Anatomieunterricht mit ihm ist (für Leute ohne Vorkenntnisse) gut und der Philosopieunterricht mit Vipul ist interessant. Vipul dürfte für Diskussionen manchmal ein bisschen offener sein.


from Switzerland, October 2017

"Transformative yoga"

I was really looking forward to doing something different and in a different environment, and I got that. My aim to dive deeper into yoga and to have a good base to do more training by myself were fulfilled. I was prepared to having lower living conditions compared to Europe so everything concerning this was quite fine with me. I also see each challenge and inconvenience as an opportunity to grow in tolerance, modesty and even appreciation for the imperfections. So we got our chance! Even haven fallen sick (most did) left me feeling more grounded.

The Emotional Blockage Treatement was received very controversially and it is true that the technique is still in an early stage and maybe not quite ready to be passed on to students in teacher training. That said, I am glad I was introduced to it and it left me quite in awe. I have never seen this kind of approach. My impression is that deep emotional blockages, which might have to be treated over years with classical therapy, can be relieved merely within several minutes. It is definitely not a Western style approach, but for me it worked and changed my life positively. Together with 4 weeks of yoga immersion incl. heart warming and knowledgable teachers and amazing group I left as a new person, and I was as joyful and open as I had never seen myself before. Even strangers mentioned the high energy they perceived! I am grateful for this positive transformation. Thank you!

Stéphanie Gessler

from Switzerland, October 2017

I really enjoyed meditation & pranayam classes with Shakti and Prakash. They also gave explanations and you could feel the good energy and vibes they spread with their personalities. I felt very comfortable and valued as a student with both of them. Thank you so much Shakti and Prakash. I also loved the Asana Practices with Manish. He is a very knowledgeable Teacher, with a lot of experiences. I learned from the base, how to move my body. Im very thankful for his advices. The kitchen staff always treated us so nice and worked very hard for us. I also enjoyed the view from the Yoga Hall room. You could see the mountains and hear the small river, which flooded into Ganga. There was this raven at the window, who visited us every morning and evening during our practice. This gave me a very special feeling, about how we as a group created some strong energy with our practice. I adored our group, I also learned from them a lot. My overall India experience was absolutely amazing and I feel different, more aware and filled with more energy. I experienced so many wonderful moments, so much joy and got to know so many amazing personalities. I feel so grateful being able to experience this and to grow more and more. I definitely would do another TTC, but NOT at Gyan You Breath. In fact, I don't recommend it to anyone at all. As I read the description of this course I get kinda sick and just want to share my thought to prevent other students, in future to book this course.

Linda Kutakova

from Slovakia, July 2017


It was a amazing experience!

Jenifer Seib

from Germany, May 2017


Rishikesh oder auch die heilige Stadt! *.*

Erst mal zu den Betreibern des Yoga Retreats, ich durfte zwei ruhige und engagierte Personen antreffen. Man wird sehr herzlich aufgenommen und ich habe mich dort sehr wohl gefühlt, wie in einer Familie! <3 Bei jedem noch so kleinem Belange und Frage stehen sie zu Verfügung und helfen einem sehr herzlich weiter. Die Erfahrungen und das gelernte sind der Wahnsinn! Das Programm ist super durchdacht und vom Anfänger bis hin zum Vorgeschrittenen ist alles mit dabei. Ich könnte viel tiefer ins Detail gehen will ich aber gar nicht da ich der Meinung bin das jeder diese einfach für sich selbst machen sollte. So viele tolle Eindrücke; Momente; Orte; Menschen; Kurse; Information; persönliche Erfahrungen und Wissenswertes wie dort kann man nur für sich selber mit nehmen. Ich weiß das ich nächstes Jahr wieder dort hinreisen werde!

Mari Shirley

from United States, December 2017

"Unforgettable TT at Gyan Yog"

How do I do justice in writing to my experience at Gyan Yog Breath? I took my 300 hour yttc here, and I can honestly say that it changed my practice forever, in the absolute best way.

First off, the view from the rooftop where we spent our days was incredible. We got to practice and eat our meals with a beautiful view of the Ganges. I will always remember our last meditation class, looking out over the lights of Rishikesh, so sad to be saying goodbye to such an incredible school and incredible people.

The teachers here are people who have devoted their lives to yoga. I learned so much from the entire team about what yoga really is. I learned in class, of course, but I also learned from my teachers as we ate lunch together, or went on a trek together. Watching how my teachers interact with people and the world around them gave me some serious aspirations.

My asana practice was rejuvenated. I learned so many powerful meditation techniques. I learned so much philosophy from several different texts, and really enjoyed learning from the Bhagavad Gita! The course content was wonderful, and we got lots of individual attention from our teachers. Everything was delivered in a way that was easy to learn.

Weekend excursions included whitewater rafting, waterfalls, and a visit to an ashram at a sacred cave.

I am so happy to call my teachers here my friends. We had impromptu dance parties (more than once), had long chats over meals, and were overall hosted with so much warmth and love.

Le N

from United States, October 2017

"Emotional blockage "

I feel very fortunate to have learned how to work pressure points for emotional blockage.

Anna Tsvetanova

from Germany, July 2017

"Great people, great yoga training"

It was my first time in India and everything was new, but I really felt at home at the Gyan Yog Breath School. The people were super nice, the teachers were amazing, the food was home cooked and really fresh. I loved the whole experience, it helped me a lot to achieve my personal goals and peace of mind and I am really thankful to all wonderful people I met at the Gyan Yog Breath School.

Dannia Palacin

from Indonesia, December 2017

"Amazing experience"

I really, truly enjoyed my time during the 300hrs ttc. Really good training with amazing teachers. Hard work, full of commitment and effort. All the techniques we used during pranayama and meditation were super helpful to leave behind rotten and supresed emotions. Day after day I was feeling lighter and more blessed. Something I really really enjoyed was Shatkarma. That has take my practice to a complete different level. Asana was also super interesting, I learned many more ways to achhieve expansion, full breath practice and balancing sequences.

The food in the place was amazing and delicious, the accommodation was also great. The view is unforgettable.

Thank you gyan yog breath team!!! What a journey ❤️


from Germany, October 2017

"The most life-changing, amazing experience ever!! "

I arrived at Gyan Yog Breath in the beginning of October to do my yoga ttc. The Building/Ashram is very new and beautifully renovated. I was welcomed by Shakti, Prakash and Vipin who invited me to have chai (Indian Tea) on the Rooftop Terrace. My luggage was brought into my room for me. I felt immeditaely very welcome and we started to get to know each other.From the Roof top Terrace/hang out space you can see whole Rishikesh and are sourrounded by the Himalaya Mountains. Its beautiful! My room was very bright and big with an attached balcony and bathroom. I slept very well during the whole Course. We started the Course with a Fire Ceremony, where we received malas and a T Shirt each. We got also some school books, manuals and a new yoga mat. I have practised yoga for 5 years now, but my experience with the yoga classes and all other classes at GYB went beyond what I thought was possible. The instructions, way of teaching, depth of classes, content and Lifestyle application changed my whole life, Body, way of thinking. I am very grateful for what I have learnt from Vipin, Manish, Vipul, Shakti, Prakash, and Kulwant. They are unique, kind and inspiring teachers who made me realize so much about myself. The yogahall is very big, bright and perfect to practise yoga with personal space (not all mats touching to the next one). I also loved the emotional blockage Treatment by Vipin, all the tasty Food always made freshly and my new friends ! Thank you so much Gyan Yog Breath!

Cleo Herre

from Netherlands, July 2017

"Great experience!"

It was the perfect yoga school to get away from everyday life. I could fully concentrate on the knowledge the teachers had to offer, which was a lot of helpful and interesting things. I grew very much in the time spent there, not only as a future yoga teacher but also personally. If you are willing to fully open yourself to India and its ways as well as the yogic lifestyle this yoga school has great capacity to help you on your way. Besides that you also get enough time to discover the city itself. I had a great time, thank you!


from Germany, June 2017

"VVovrorsicht "

die Zusammensetzung der Gruppe

Testimonials 5

Jen Australia

Gyan Yog Breath's website

I wish to thank Vipin and Anki for making my first experience in India so enjoyable. The 4 weeks of the 300hr course is a full immersion into Hatha and Asthanga Yoga, Meditation techniques, Yoga philosophy and anatomy, Pranayama and so much more. The culture! The environment, the the weather, the food, the crazy, easy going nature of Indian people… This experience is so much more than just Yoga Certification Course. It’s a course in miracles. We all arrive from different countries, with different pasts, but we have all been guided here and now together to all learn how to be present and trust that we will be guided to the perfect future.

Rita Sweden

Gyan Yog Breath's website

I come to India for a new life changing experience and enjoyed a 300 hours yoga teacher training at Gyan Yog Breath, Rishikesh. I learn things I never thought I could learn as Emotional Unblocking and I get a good ground for meditation.The teachers are true yogis, always ready to explain, sharing their knowledge and also pushing you trough all limits in the best possible way.The most rewarding and challenging experience was practicing Ashtanga, as I never did it before.

What I have gained in this course is priceless, an experience I would not have got elsewhere. I am so happy to have been part of this teacher training! My heart is know open to embrace yoga for ever.

I would recommend this school as a good investment in personal development.

Natalie Germany

Gyan Yog Breath's written paper

Namaste! I have successfully completed my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course with Gyan Yog Breath on March 29, 2017. The beautiful time in Rishikesh I will never forget. Dear Vipin, dear Anki, Thank you for your hospitality, your kindness and wisdom. Our whole group felt very much "home" with you. Our meals (always freshly prepared and delicious) and our weekend trips balanced out the hard work at Yoga practice. I am very impressed of the strict, friendly, corrective, aware and joyful teachers during the course. Thank you Vipin for the intense classes (sometimes also painful from emotional release). Thank you Ekin for all the interesting and interactive philosophy lessons. Thank you Kamal, Vinay and Monu for the great and perfect yoga classes. I have become a better person and also a better yoga teacher. You all and India Have fascinated me and I am already planning to do another course with you. Many greetings and love from Natalie.

Felicia Spain

Gyan Yog Breath's written paper

It was amazing experience being at Gyan Yog Breath. It says that if we want something and if we ask to God , he gives us . I always wanted to see inner natural beauty and always wanted to travel the world but the day I entered at Gyan Yog Breath, I travelled the entire world, the entire world was in one building, people and myself. I spent a month learning and going beyond my ideal together with different people from different countries speaking Different languages. Every day was different and full of self exploration. The Visit to Ganga and waterfalls were unforgettable moments of my life. Thank you Swamiji, Ankiji and everyone for everything. I am living my dream ! Really grateful for everyone and everything!

Valérie France

Gyan Yog Breath's written paper

I highly recommend this school. It is easy to get drowned in the multitude of yoga school options in Rishikesh. After looking around for a month for a school I decided on this one. The caliber of teachers are excellent. The location is beautiful. The atmosphere created by Swami, teachers and staff facilitates learning and self growth. The ashram location is a great spot to be, very close to the beach. One of my fondest memories, is sitting next to Ganga beach right next to ashram on a full moon night with friends from Gyan Yog Breath. The food is also very good, if you enjoy Indian food. If not, there are countless restaurant options, nearby. The education offered here is all encompassing, there are many schools in Rishikesh but this one is building a good reputation due to its hard work. Be open to all that is, accept and know that you are in good hands.