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DR Vipul Kumar


Dr. Vipul Aryan

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Lynnaya Gwen

from Australia, September 2019

"Location Location Location! Away from the horns! "

The Asana instructors are great! Jazz is an amazing practitioner with a wealth of knowledge. Manish is a great consistent instructor who will push you to better yourself but also support you where needed.

I enjoyed Laxme's devotion to her work and felt as though she was extremely committed to creating the best experience for her students. The location is away from the main city. So it's peaceful and tranquil there but not to far to head in and enjoy your day off. The accommodation is new, which I believe to be a benefit over choosing other schools in Rishikesh (based on conversations with other YTT students from other schools). Food is delicious! The chefs take a lot of pride in their work. But be prepared to only eat twice a day and it's mostly vegan, some vegetarian food. Meals are at 1015 and 1930. As a former meat eater I struggled the first week transitioning. I recommend bringing some supplements from home if you are a meat eater for the transition/general health and well being (B12 and if you like magnesium, probiotics, greens, Macca powder and possibly protein/shaker cup). Bring some of your own tea for variety as they only serve one type of tea the entire month, if you don't want to spend your day off shopping for tea.

We had air conditioning (there are very few rooms with AC) and I highly recommend for the hot months, so book AC in advance.

Yogic philosophy was interesting but it is too content heavy with no prerequisites for YTT 200.

Vincent T

from India, July 2019

"Wonderful Yoga Teacher Training 10/10"

To begin with, I was looking for a place to advance my personal practice in the first place and a way to feel secure yet challenged. I loved that we were all treated like family, very respectful and kind. I was really surprised that i enjoyed teaching yoga so much that i am now actually teaching it! I learnt a lot in these weeks and had the chance to study with incredible teachers. Not only did I feel supported and pushed, I also met beautiful friends along the way who I shared lots of special moments with. Life is an up and down and this yoga teacher training definitely showed me that it’s about setting a balance and going with the flow. Vipul Ji was very knowledgable, open for questions and let me see life and inner processes from a new angle. Generally I released a lot of old baggage and the Emotional Blockage Treatment was a very great highlight for sure! I literally felt every part of my body and energy levels. The days were accompanied by nourishing meals, always prepped with love. Our requests for special menues were always taken seriously and we also had tasy falafels one day. I loved the fresh fruits and teas as well. Lighter, happier and more relaxed than ever I’m aiming to live present and take actions with compassion. A big and warm thank you to the entire team of Gyan Yog Breath for this awesome experience, constant support and open ears. It meant the world to me and truly helped me to grow as a person and teacher.

Monika Arum

from India, May 2019

"Amazing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training "

Coming from a background of international business managing, I felt pretty stressed and overworked. I was searching to take off some time and work on myself, grow as a person and integrate yoga into my daily life. I didn’t think of teaching yoga but more of using it as a way to keep me cool and grounded. After completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh at this wonderful school, I’m even considering changing my career path completely. The insights I had into my inner core were extremely motivating and blissful.

All teachers at Gyan Yog Breath provided excellent knowledge, compassion and passion for their subject. The training was challenging for me but I got a lot out of it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for some peace and new energy!

Not only have I learnt to teach yoga and grow my practice, I have also made some amazing new friendships and learnt to focus on what really matters: balance, health and happiness!


from India, May 2019

"Blessed by the best! May 2019"

Ohh what a questions! I’m super stoked that i was able to make it to this retreat and chose Gyan Yog Breath for my first ever yoga training. The staff, teachers and people are extremely kind, helpful and inspiring. Our group felt very at home and guided well. There is lots of nature, cows, river, mountains and buffalos around so it’s quite peaceful and natural. The ashram is new and awesome! Since the first encounter via email I felt that this place is the right one for me. As I arrived I was welcomed with flowers and a warm smile. The receptionist is super helpful and always there if you need new towels, sheets or have a question. What I loved most was that we got so much knowledge about yoga I could have never imagined. My body is much more flexible now and my mind feels in tune with it. I always had concentration issues but it seems like the daily mediation and detox modules really made a change. Dhanyawad dear Gyan yog Breath Family!!

Renate Mueller

from India, April 2019

"Incredible journey towards my personal happiness "

First of all I would like to thank all of you for giving me this amazing experience! It’s been a real journey for me and just the beginnig of something new. The course lay a foundation for my teaching career and provided me with deep insights of yoga, health care and cleansing. I found the philosophy, Ayurveda and emotional blockage part super interesting and helpful.

It’s hard to put into words all the memorable feelings, we all grew so much during this time. Every afternoon we had a lunch break where we went for walks along the Ganges, took baths or simply sat on the balcony and read deeper into our study material. I think there couldn not have been any better location than this ashram as it’s quiet, modern and very cosy. We had movie nights, danced, chanted mantras, it’s been the full on program and I did so many amazing things. We explored the waterfall and had a day trip to Haridwar, where Vipul Ji showed us amazing sights and we took lunch in the ashram there. I also did some gardening (there are flower pots all over the place). The food was very good, the staff very helpful and always friendly and the teachers really knowledgable and experienced. I met such lovely people there! I’m 100% positive that I will return to Gyan Yog Breath for my advanced 300 Hour Training. I cannot express how much my expectations were exceeded and what i took from this wonderful school and training program. Thank you thank you thank you! Missing my yoga family so much already!


from India, April 2019

"Wonderful moments with incredible people"

The program I did in Gyan Yog Breath Yoga Ashram was really unique and amazing for me. The moment I came to the ashram, my sister and I were welcomed very war-heartedly and Hanny the receptionist gave us a big smile. The whole time I was feeling very home. the yoga teacher training was very structured and we were given a lot of knowledge and space to reflect, grow and process the infos. I liked the food, always fresh and tasty. Sometimes we had even vegan mango ice cream or home-made peanut butter. The asana classes were really great. I have gained lots of flexibility and strength and I'm sure its because of the teachers there. the place is also incredible, such a peaceful view and the rooms are big and bright. We had a rain shower which was fancier than in my home haha. One part I loved a lot was all the inspiring people around. my fellow class mates came from all over the world and each one contributed to this happy energy. We shared a lot of special moments together and felt like there was a reason why we all came here in this one place at the same time. I will always recommend this experience to anyone! The intention for my choice to do this program was to become a yoga teacher and discover something new, and what I received from it was that plus a lot of new friendships and feeling of being grounded and on the right path. I think it's perfect that the ashram is located so peacefully and the flowers everywhere make it so beautiful and soothing.

Sarah Herre

from India, April 2019

"The best choice for my yoga teacher training"

It’s been an incredible month of connecting with myself, learning the roots of yoga and feeling at home in a beautiful ashram. The staff, teachers and cooks are wonderful. I felt very welcome and at peace. The management of the school is always there for you and I felt really supported and understood. About the curriculum: it’s really diverse and interesting so you get to study all about the cleansing techniques like shatkarma, asana, Pranayama, meditation. I loved the daily Philosohy classes as well, Vipul Ji is an amazing Teacher. The alignment and anatomy classes were also really helpful to understand how to get the postures right and how we can adjust our students. I didn’t expect to learn so much in 26 days. The group energy was also really good. All of us became very close friends.

I came to do the training with my sister and left with many new sisters :D

About the ashram: wow! It’s so beautiful, well taken care of, clean, peaceful and relaxing. The ashram is located a little outside the main area directly at the National Park and river. We went to take Ganga dips every day in our break and even had some amazing Sunrise yoga classes. There are cows, chickens, birds around. I even saw an elephant once from very far. The yoga hall is very big and there is only glass walls so you have natural light all over. It’s an amazing place to practice yoga and especially the peacefulness and calmness made me go even deeper into my own journey. I miss India already!

Elizabeth Hanrahan

from United States, February 2019

"A Necessary Part of My Spiritual Journey"

There was no better way to start my 2019 than with Gyan Yog Breath. I chose this program through gut feeling, and I was so happy with my decision. Although, one month is a very short time for performing yoga (especially because I’m a beginner) I felt like I learned so much thanks to the amazing teachers. I try to continue with routine post-graduating, and I hope to return to complete my 300 hour here someday! Thank you Gyan Yog Breath!

Gabriella Nastasia Bech

from Denmark, January 2019

"Not as expected at all"

I like manice the morning yoga teacher and lucky the shat karma and meditation teacher and Nishi the pranayama teacher and the old philosophy teacher. Their names was not mentioned under the names of the instructors. .. their teachings was really really nice. .. but sometimes we were 23 people in a room suited for MAXIMUM 16 people and that made the supposed benefit of their teachings real difficult. We should turn and twist just to fit in and we were touching each other and that made it sometimes impossible to go into the poses like we should. Not the teachers fault but a matter of greediness from the schools side for sure. They wrote their was a limit of 18 people in every class for the retreat but that’s a lie.

Giada Clerici

from France, December 2018

"A really good experience "

The food was delicious and varied, the location is quite good even if is an hostel and not a real ashram, teachers are professional and the program is good.


from Netherlands, February 2019

"Amazing experience"

This YYT truly was a magical experience. Like many of my group members we found this course in a nice coïncidence and I didn't get disappointed. The teachers are highly capable and really have a way of adjusting their teachings to the group. The structure of the course has a nice build up to the point where you get to teach. All is done in such an organic way, that exciting goals become easily within reach. I also enjoyed the holistic approach and the emphasize on deblocking energetic points in the body. I truly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to take the next step in their life.

Viola Mohr

from United States, October 2018

"My transformational stay in Paradise ~ Sepember‘18"

Oh I simply loved my yoga teacher training with Gyan Yog Breath! From the first message until the last day, everything was smooth, encouraging and unique. The staff CARES for you so much so whenever you need something they are there. The course itself is wonderful! ❤️ Learning about so many different things in depth and detail exceeded my expectations! From asana names to alignment to nutrition to philosophy and how yoga is related to our energetic and physical body. Incredible what can be really learnt in one short month! 🧘‍♀️ My mind was blown away from the preciseness, awareness and compassio of each teacher and student. Amazingly tasty and nutritious meals made the days even better and have me energy to learn, laugh, connect and feel relaxed. 🤤 This place is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to detox body and mind, gain clarity, cultivate self-love and enjoy the power of a yoga community and open-minded non-judgmental yogis. What an energy and journey it has been! Coming to India all by my self to do this yoga teacher training was the best decision ever. 🇮🇳 I’m so thankful, happy, re-charged and transformed. My mind is more at peace, my heart is smiling and my body is light like a feather, all connected with each other and telling me what I want and need in life. 🌿 I already applied for a yoga teacher position as I feel confident about myself and ready to share what I‘ve learnt. 🙏 A BIG THANKS to the entire school for making this month so great! I will 100% come back!!👍😍