Gokul Yoga Bali is a yoga school and ashram set amid lush green on a Bali river bank. The school offers yoga workshops, classes, and teacher training courses.

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I Ketut Aryantha

Madhuri Rasika Devi Dasi (Pradnya)

I Wayan Suwitra

I Wayan Sudira

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Alina Mitriaieva

from Seychelles, March 2020

"Yoga sessions were great"

I loved the 2 times a day yoga sessions 1,5 hour long. All the teachers were conscious about the group needs - all levels. The team of the retreat is attentive and helpful, you feel that they care, it made us feel welcome. They have a really nice cultural program for guests, it kept us entertained and busy. As long as you are prepared for the small minuses, this is a good value for money, I’d recommend.

Andrea Cifuentes

from Malta, February 2020

"The best decision I made in my life"

I had the pleasure to join a Yoga retreat on the 07th of February, it wasn't only a Yoga retreat it was, have the opportunity to become part of their family... each particular member of the staff is an incredible person, everything they can do for you they will.

How to describe the location and the place... I have not words, the best peaceful place I been in my life, the food and facilities are 5*.

The Yoga classes are perfect prepare and giving you the energy to continue with this daily routine, understanding what Yoga means on a daily basis...

I will come back as soon as I can... thank you, big family.


Natasha Tsingas

from Australia, February 2020

"Amazing retreat experience"

The ashram was an amazing experience, from the location, facilities, food to the people, I am so grateful for this retreat. The workers are beyond amazing, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Nothing is ever to much for them and they are the true definition of going above and beyond. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone, beautiful place and the yoga practise is also fantastic taught by amazing teachers.


from France, February 2020

Very well-organized schedule of twice a day yoga and other activities which allow for the full immersion in the Balinese culture. The food was delicious, freshly prepared by lovely people and the restaurant area was nice to hang out at any time of the day. Yoga classes vary depending on the teacher, there was only one meditation class which was a bit disappointing. It could be nice if yoga classes would include more of the yoga philosophy, theory, meditation as often they were quite technical and focussed on the physical implementation of asanas only. Very good massage available on-premise. In general, it was a great experience in a beautiful location and in close proximity to the local culture. The people were very friendly. The community of fellow yogis, the home-cooked food, the yoga+activities schedule and location were the highlights of the retreat!

Marine Laffay

from France, February 2020

- Delicious freshly prepared food

- Excellent yoga classes

- Extremely friendly staff

- Very interesting daily activities

- Magical jungle atmosphere

Overall I highly recommend this retreat

Eileen Hazel

from United States, February 2020

"A really lovely and affordable yoga retreat "

Shanti Toya was a lovely haven away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud. I enjoyed everything about it, my favorite aspects were the community created by the participants, our wonderful fun hosts, and the pool was a life saver on the hot days. Totally worth it and I would highly recommend this retreat.

Yoga with Carrie

from Canada, February 2020

"Beautiful inside and out!"

Shanti Toya is a very heart centred Ashram <3 From the initial communication, one feels like a dear friend. Everyone is so compassionate and caring, and this is reflected in how you feel when you are there. I felt very comfortable, and well looked after.

Ary, Kalina and everyone are always smiling. As a yoga instructor, I found the yoga classes to be just what I needed to refill my own cup. Rami gives an excellent massage, and Widi is always there to help, what a happy soul! We had different experiences every day, and you truly get a sense of what Bali is all about. Visit the healer if you have the chance, I feel 10x lighter! I am looking to bring a group back next year!

Bianca Hoogerwaard

from Netherlands, December 2019

All yoga teachers were verry good! And the program was also very Good. Also the staff provide very good service! I loved the food!


from Germany, December 2019

staff was very nice

Angelika Maier

from Sri Lanka, November 2019

The yoga classes and tge food was very good.

The staff was like a family, really friendly!

Patricia Sarmento

from Switzerland, October 2019

"Yoga in paradise"

- Authentic, peaceful and beautiful location.

- Great yoga classes & extra activities.

- Delicious vegan food 3x per day.

- Fruit & aromatic waters/tea available the whole day.

- Amazing kindness of the whole Shanti Toya Team who are so lovely and always ready and happy to help. Suksuma to all of them!

Ingrid Hammer Torp

from Indonesia, October 2019

"A very nice and personal retreat. A great yoga experience! "

The staff was very friendly and personal, and we all got to know them well. Same regarding the group of people joining the retreat. We became a very close group and it was easy going there solo. The group came from all over the world in all ages and we had such interesting and fun conversations. The food was really good, though it was a bit rough on the body with just vegan food when you’re not used to it. There was also plenty of activities during the week we could join. The yoga instructors were very good and we learnt a lot of the different aspects of yoga as well as the training it self. Some had never done yoga before and some very more trained. Anyhow, we had such great classes, not too strict, and a good laugh was never off the table. The area was very nice, located in the middle of the rice fields surrounded by palm trees and lush jungle. There was a very nice swimming pool in the garden that was very refreshing as it comes from a natural source of water. We spent quite a lot of time there during the day, chatted, relaxed and enjoyed the fresh water.

Sandi Petersen

from Australia, September 2019

"Perfect place for soul, body and mind "

This was a perfect place for a healing, yoga and meditation experience in a non-pretentious friendly environment. Every staff member, including the cooks, yoga teachers, massage therapist, groundsmen, went out of their way to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of their guests and consistently greeted everyone with respect, warmth and kindness. The location is beautiful - peaceful and quiet. Food was brilliant and available when you wanted to eat, rather than at a set time. The yoga platform among the treetops provided a beautiful space for morning and evening yoga while listening to birds, waterfalls, and the trees. Each yoga session was different and the instructors were willing to cater to all levels of capacity. The spring fed pool was always clean. Drinking water, tea and coffee and fruit was always available, room was clean and air conditioned.


from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Shanti Toya of dreams "

The yoga retreat at Shanti Toya was a very peaceful and enriching experience. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. The ashram is situated in a great location and the rooms are surrounded by large trees which shield you from the outside world helping you to fully disconnect. The food provided is varied and delicious. The yoga classes were inclusive of all levels and took place in a little tree house. Additionally the daily activities were focussed on getting to know the Balinese culture and helped break the ice between guests. One massage is included in the price and we enjoyed it so much we ended up booking a second one. There are many peaceful spaces to sit and reflect alone and communal areas, such as by the swimming pool, where you can spend time with the other yogis. For me it was a much needed break and I highly recommend the yoga wellness retreat.

Jue Wang

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Unique and relax experience "

The environment, the people (honestly enjoy their hospitality), teachers, the pool and food. You can hear rain, birds, roosts very clearly every night and morning, we didn’t mind, as felt like live in nature


from United Kingdom, May 2019

Everyone was very nice, yoga classes were great, massages amazing, lunches delicious (breakfast not so much to chose from, however). Setting in the jungle was very pretty.


from Germany, May 2019


Food, people, location, nature

Olivia Baccellieri

from Australia, May 2019

"An amazing experience...!"

Shanti Toya was an incredibly rewarding experience. The various instructors introduced several different kinds of yoga to us. The cultural classes in the afternoon, included the Balinese experience tour, were very special to partake in. My room was air conditioned, very clean, and comfortable. The staff members were all very kind, helpful and accommodating. Thank you so much for this wonderful week!

Emma Furneaux

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Amazing experience "

An absolutely incredible retreat, the staff are some of the nicest people I have met. Nothing is too much trouble. What a way to spend a week relaxing and taking time for my self through amazing yoga practises twice a day, plus countless activities if you want to take part. The yoga set at every level, from beginner to advance so don’t feel like you can’t go here because you’re only starting your yoga journey, they cater to every level

Patrick Chung

from Indonesia, April 2019

"The Negatives Don't Come Close to Outweighing the Positives"

Yoga instructors/classes - a good breadth of styles across morning and afternoon sessions for five days

Private one-on-one yoga curse (paid extra) - now I can work on Yoga solo when I return home

Free Massage

Amazing food - 100% vegan, 100% tasty and filling

Warm friendly staff

Location - Rice fields on one side, a forest on the other. Perfect escapee from hustle and bustle of more touristy areas nearby

Daily Activities, especially the Balinese Experience - this was a day where we walked around the village and learned about temples, visited schools and got to see Balinese traditional dancing, plant rice in the fields (wear shorts!), see how coconut oil is made and more!

Gill Harrison

from United States, April 2019

"Pure paradise"

Surrounded by nature, this retreat is so tranquil. It's about 20 minutes from Ubud in a taxi, which is perfect to get away from the business there. The shala is so beautiful and the best place to develop my practise. The staff are amazing - so welcoming and helpful, they always had genuine smiles on their faces. The swimming pool is fresh spring water, which was so refreshing. I would highly recommend staying here, I had the best time.

Oana Baldean

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Best holiday I've ever had"

The location is dreamy. The people at the AShram are the best people I've met. So caring and kind, I never felt safer and more at peace.The yoga classes were inspiring and varied. I have fallen in love with the place and hope my path will cross with them in the future as well.

Diana Sulkova

from Germany, April 2019

Amazing experience, beautiful location, very experienced yoga teachers, great food and very nice staff. Totally recommend!

Laura Denne

from United States, March 2019

"Serene retreat in beautiful natural surroundings "

The surroundings are just beautiful, the photos don’t really do it justice, you will be practicing yoga with the sounds of the jungle and the waterfall in the background, I don’t think it gets much better than that!

The staff are just lovely, widi and putu are such fun, and the other staff that work in the kitchen and the ground always greet you with a warm smile.

Nice cultural activities to enhance the stay. Stunning spring fed pool.

I met the loveliest group of like minded people at this small retreat and it really grounded me, ready for the end of a long journey.

The yoga is a good mix and appropriate for most levels.

Great food and drinks

Amazing value compared to other retreats

Matthew Brumbaugh

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Amazing Experience "

This yoga retreat was the highlight of my travels to until that point. The people were so friendly, the yoga was amazing and the food was so good! Overall am absolutely incredible experience!!!!

Anis Nabillah Mohd Azli

from Malaysia, March 2019

"Beautiful experience "

First of all, the yoga retreat price is really worth the trip/time. It’s one of the most affordable yoga retreat in south east Asia with awesome experience. The ashram, is hidden in the midst of rice paddy field with soothing environment (but beware of mosquito)

We have 4 different yoga instructors that came to teach us during the week. They’re so friendly and taught us the different types/dynamics of yoga. The classes were getting intense as day goes by but you’ll get stronger as well.

And I met 7 beautiful strong women from all across Europe and they made my stay even more special.

The host n staff were all friendly and helpful. They tend to our enquiries n help arrange our transportation when we’re going out to other areas.

Food was amazing! It’s all vegan but super delicious and there’s free flow of fresh tropical fruits daily.

I would definitely recommend this place to other people. Good job shanti toya ashram team !

Valentina Cavallaro

from Australia, March 2019

"Peaceful retreat"

I loved staying at Gokul Yoga Retreat, the location was so peaceful in the middle of the forest, the food was also good with different choices every day. Staff and all the instructors were really nice, I really had an amazing experience here!


from Indonesia, February 2019

The yoga classes, the teachers, massage, people overall were really, really great! And the vegan food was amazing! For that I would come back anytime.

Joanne Thwaites

from Australia, February 2019

"Yoga retreat"

The staff were all very kind and helpful. All the yoga teachers were experienced and good teachers. The envioronment is divine and promotes tranquility.

Agnieszka Tracz

from Taiwan, February 2019

"Great yoga experience in a traquil setting"

The place is excellent, the people who work there caring and lovely, they try their best and overall we had a wonderful experience. Food was 100% vegan and inspired me to try it after coming back home - I felt light and healthy. Rooms were spacious, beds comfortable and bathroom was clean and practical. The whole place is located in the middle of rice fields, quiet and tranquil. Every day's schedule was interesting and we attended all the activities. Fantastic experience - highly recommend!

Annika Talmar

from Estonia, January 2019

"Everything that I excpected"

I liked everything about this retreat. It was certainly very good value for money. The premises were perfect. Like a paradise garden. The staff was friendly and welcoming. The pool was a real highlight and greatly appreciated after a hot day. I never knew vegan food could be that good. I slept like an angel. The daily activities were really interesting. Especially the visit to the local village and the local family. I also really enjoyed the massage and meeting the local healer. This experience truly changed my life and I would recommend it to everyone.

Victoria Brown

from Australia, January 2019

"Amazing experience "

Amazing location, lovely people, good food, awesome classes, fantastic massages and excellent value for money. If you need to get away for a while and be around like minded people, among nature then this is definitely the retreat for you, however if you like the finer things in life than this retreat may not be the one you’re looking for. You have everything that you need for a comfortable and relaxing retreat and the Bali experience is above and beyond. Everyone is so loving and accomodating and they really take care of you. I’ll be back for sure! Thanks so much Kalina and the rest of the team 🙂

Matthew Discombe

from Australia, January 2019

Fresh water pool

Sophie Baystream

from Sweden, January 2019

"Authentic Balienese experience"

You feel so welcome from the very start. The program is truly abundant. I loved to get to know the Balinese culture more.

Har Leng Law

from United States, January 2019

The instructors are good

Martina Tanganelli

from Italy, January 2019

"Magical "

Shanti Toya Ashram is a magical, quiet and peaceful place surrounded by lush tropical nature. Fresh spring water in the pool, delicious food and healing treatments combined with always different yoga and meditation classes make this place a dream. If you need to recharge your batteries, if you need some peace of mind, if you are looking for any kind of inspiration, well, this is the place for you.

Private yoga classes can be arranged and the library offers a great choice of books for the ones that want to go deeper in to yoga and its principles.

A special mention goes to the staff which is made by dedicated, sweet and caring people.

Unforgettable, I felt like home (and better!)

Mary Kate Fitzpatrick

from Laos, December 2018

"Lovely Oasis"

I loved Shanti Toya Ashram. This was my first yoga retreat ever, and I enjoyed it immensely. The instructors were all wonderful, and each brought something different, and the site itself is a wonderful place to relax and reflect.


from United States, December 2018

"This is a very special place"

The people- so warm and friendly

Aleksandra Caikina

from Latvia, November 2018

"Yoga classes"

Instructions and explanation

Tash Kenny

from Vietnam, November 2018

"Wonderful stay, thank you! "

The staff at this place are some of the nicest people I have ever met.


from Australia, October 2018

"Good relaxing wonderful place"

The location was wonderful. Yoga class good. Staff friendly and happy. Overall I moved my stress levels to zero.

I healed and moved a lot of negative stuff.

Andrina Moltrasio

from Australia, September 2018

"Retreat revive and rejuvenate "


Katherine Marks

from United States, August 2018

"Exceeded my expectations "

Perfect location, great food. The best part for me was the variety of yoga styles and teachers- all Balinese. A perfect place to rejuvenate and heal. I’ll definitely be back.

Petra Hartman

from Slovenia, July 2018

A perfect little place in the middle of the jungle, with amazing fresh food and lovely teachers.

Sylvia Toporova

from Ireland, July 2018

"Week of yoga in tranquil forest and mid of rice fields "

Quality of daily yoga in morning and evening was amazing. Various instructors, different yoga (Vinyasa, Yin, Dynamic), breathing exercises. Besides that each day some activity - Balinese village, cooking and dancing class, make of offerings. Lovely staff - Kalina manager was very helpful all the time, Pradnya who runs the place is lovely lady as well, not to forget the chef ladies who prepared amazing vegetarian food. Ashram is in the forest, lot of flora and fauna( geckos:) so you rather like living in nature, no frills accommodation, focused on yoga.

James King

from Australia, July 2018

"Highly recommended "

The staff are welcoming, friendly and helpful. The yoga instruction and variety was excellent. The cultural experiences were interesting, educational and enjoyable. The food was healthy and very tasty. The location in a small forest by a river surrounded by a farming village was peaceful, relaxing, colourful, refreshing and there was local wildlife to be seen.A variety of accommodation options are available. Massage and healing services are very good. Transport services are timely and professional. Overall an excellent experience and value for money.

Sarah Brown

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Amazing week "

Such a lovely place with lovely people, beautiful surroundings in the most peaceful location, amazing homemade vegan food everyday, the trip was really interesting, the massage was amazing, the activities were all fun, yoga was great, the people I met there were so lovely... the only downside was my room which was a little unclean and they are very basic but they do their best to be accommodating and help in any way they can. The perfect place to relax and find your inner calm, thanks for a lovely week x

Anna Heldt

from Malaysia, July 2018

"for yoga beginners"

the yoga classes are perfect for beginners, the basics like right bearings are explained very well! For advanced yogis the classes are a bit simple sometimes. But anyways it’s great to get to know many types of yoga. The meals are super delicious and the massage is the best we’ve ever had.

Shirley Wei

from New Zealand, July 2018

Excellent value for money, with 7 days accommodation plus 3 meals a day and 2 daily yoga sessions, really couldn't ask for more! Enjoyed the tranquility of the surroundings, a good place to relax and distress. Staffs are all supper friendly and helpful.

Rachel Joyce

from United Kingdom, July 2018

The environment and the staff were incredibly lovely. I felt very relaxed and calm on my return to work. A very good place to switch off

Ashley Train

from Indonesia, June 2018

"A little piece of heaven in the green "

Everything about this retreat exceeded my expectations. The environment was calm, comforting and friendly. The staff (and I mean ALL the staff) are some of the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met. The location is perfect, surrounded my the green of bamboo, palm trees and rice paddies within a small village. I would highly recommend this to anyone, whether you are a beginner at yoga, or more experienced. The classes are fun and relaxed, and you leave with more confidence in your practice than when you first arrived. The activities and schedule allow you to really get to know more about Balinese culture, and fall in love with it.

Joyce Reyes

from Oman, June 2018

"The retreat was worth it!! "

The team is the best !

Paula Lopez Pena

from Bangladesh, June 2018

"Can't think of a better Yoga retreat"

Everything, from the yoga classes to the vegan food (and, of course, the customer service) was absolutely brilliant. And everyone was so friendly! It felt like home.

Dan Wang

from Thailand, June 2018

"Good retreat environment with great interaction of stuffs th"

The pool in the jungle is really nice and clean. The stuffs are awesome, they try their best to make you feel great! They schedule different type of yoga every day and also has a balinese culture tour which is really unique. It happned to be fullmoon, we had a very unique experience there. I really enjoy the staying.

Lily Spendlove

from New Zealand, June 2018

"Amazing quality peaceful retreat "

The value for money of this retreat was outstanding and the hospitality from everyone was amazing you felt well and truely part of the family

Angjelka Efkoska

from Macedonia, May 2018

"Relaxing retriet with serioze joga"

Staff are great-here to help you with everything. Food was delicious(special tnks to Aisa and Kade). Kalina the menager is there for everything you want(she made me feel special on this retriet and tnks for that.)

And joga lessons-this is seriouse joga. I have lerned much from all joga teachers-I was asking so many questions,they responded to all😊.

Not to forget the pool-georgious.

This retriet is my special experience,highly recomended.

Angjelka, Macedonia


from Germany, January 2020

"Life Changer"

Ein paradiesisches Kleinod das mit liebevoller Hingabe und Aufmerksamkeit geführt wird. Grossartige Yogalehrer aller Bereiche- in der Auswahl und Abfolge der Sessions wunderbar für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Die Option noch weitere PrivateSessions zu buchen, bietet die Möglichkeit, sich weiter zu entwickeln. Ein authentischeres Leben auf der Insel bekommt man wohl in keinem anderen Umfeld geboten wie dort. Das essen wird jeden Tag frisch zu bereitet - 3 mal am Tag und man kann sich satt essen. Die indonesische vegane Küche schmeckt grossartig, es werden jeden Tag frisches Obst und Kräutertees bereit gestellt. Mir hat es an nichts gefehlt. All diese Erfahrung nehme ich nach Hause in mein Leben und schätze, dass es mein Leben verändert hat und wird. Alles auf Anfang im neuen Jahr. Ich freue mich für jeden der dort hinreist und werde selbst auch wieder dorthin zu reisen!


from Germany, January 2020

"Entspannung pur"

Du fühlst dich sofort gut aufgenommen. Alle, wirklich alle im Ashram sind richtig freundlich und hilfsbereit. Sehr angenehme Atmosphäre. Die tagesplanung ist locker und lässt viel Platz für Ausflüge. Das Essen war einfach nur fantastisch!

Renate Steinfort

from Netherlands, November 2019

"Absolute aanrader! 100% hart voor wat ze doen en uitdragen!"

Alles!! De absolute overtuiging van alle medewerkers en de visie van hen en de Balinese eigenaresse om de yoga-filosofie uit te dragen. De prachtige jungle-achtige groene omgeving met veel hoogte verschillen.De kwalitatief hoogstaande yogalessen. Het uitzicht op de jungle vanuit de Yoga-shala. De prima accomodaties met alles wat je nodig hebt. 3x per dag vers Vegan eten, dat de hele dag ook klaar staat al. Dus je kunt eten wanneer je wilt. Fruit, thee, koffie, koud water, maar ook Gember, Kurkuma en limoen water staan de beledig voor je klaar. De gratis massage..heerlijk! Het leuke uitstapje naar de Village met demo’s over de traditionele Balinese cultuur en waaanziing lekker eten daarna. De bereidheid om alles voor je te regelen naar uitstapjes, incl betrouwbare chauffeurs uit het dorpje zelf. Kortom: 100% de moeite waard! Ze geven er ook 200 uurs Teacher Trainingen.


from Indonesia, October 2019

Super freundlich und herzlich sehr um den Gast bemüht familiäre Atmosphäre

Egle Altamirano

from Argentina, October 2019

"Excelente y saludable propuesta"

- Buena actitud de todo el personal

-Buen nivel de yoga adecuado a la expectativa del grupo.

- Muy buena cocina

- Buena propuesta de actividades


from Germany, June 2019

Yoga Ashram with familiar flair. Lovely people, good yoga teachers, great activities- such as balinese massage and balinese cooking class-, fresh and healthy vegan food. I will come back :-)


from New Caledonia, June 2019

Le site, au milieu des rizières et les cours de yoga

Anne Ritter

from Germany, May 2019

Ein wunderbar unaufgeregter, ehrlicher Ort. Herrlich zum entspannen. Schönes Rahmenprogramm. Nette Leute. Sehr schönes Yoga Shala. Abwechslungsreiches veganes Essen.


from Germany, May 2019

Wonderful place, wonderful staff, had a great Time!

Marieke Van Stigt

from Netherlands, April 2019

"Knusse omgeving en fijne yogalessen! "

Gemoedelijke sfeer en hele fijne yogalessen!

Sophie Merlin

from France, March 2019

"An incredible week in a real haven! "

The whole experience at Shanti Toya was absolutely brilliant!

The yoga sessions everyday and the food were my favourite! We had different teachers and different types of yoga to practice. The teachers were very nice and attentive, they really wanted us to progress at our own pace.

I have to come back on the food... It was SO GOOD !!!! Everything was vegan and just perfect! A lot of very different vegetables in different spices and sauce. The broth were amazing! Thanks to the brilliant chefs!!!!!

I loved the coconut water everyday, so healthy and so good.

I also really like to be able to discover and understand more of the Balinese culture with the different activities they planned for us, and also the conversations we had with them.

Maditha Kredel

from Singapore, February 2019

"It was such a great experience!"

Literally everything

The food is amazing, the atmosphere so calm and beautiful, the staff so kind and nice and I learnt so much in yoga. Also the Massage is incredible!

I can only recommend this place!

Edith De Vries

from Netherlands, February 2019

"Yoga Retreat Shanty Toya was heerlijk!"

Zodra je de poort door bent voel je de rust. De geluiden van de jungle geven de yogalessen een extra dimensie. De sfeer in ashram was heel ontspannend. Maar liefst vijf Balinese yoga teachers lieten ons alle facetten van yoga beleven en gaven veel achtergrondinformatie. Ook de extra activiteiten waren erg leuk om te doen. Het veganistische eten was heerlijk. De medewerkers hadden veel persoonlijke aandacht voor ons, het voelde voor mij echt als thuiskomen!

Natalia Zalewska

from United States, October 2018

"Wunderschöne Oase für die Sinne"

Idyllische Lage zwischen Reisfeldern und ein absolut traumhafter Garten. Insbesondere der Pool war super toll!! Abwechslung bei den Yoga-Stilen zum reinschnuppern. Der zusätzliche Workshop war für mich total hilfreich. Super nette Mitarbeiter und ein herrliches veganes Essen jeden Tag! Nur zu empfehlen :-)

Kat Mei

from Malaysia, July 2018

"Unglaublich entspannte Woche inmitten von Reisfeldern"

- die Anlage

- das große Zimmer (mit eigenem Bad)

- das super freundliche Personal

-das frisch zubereitete vegane Essen

-das vielfältige Yogaangebot

-die kostenlose Massage

Saida Amokhtari

from France, May 2018

"Super retraite très apaisante et intense "

Le cadre est très joli et excentré, la piscine très agréable. Les cours sont tops, le staff aussi, la cuisine même si vegane est excellente (moi qui ne mange pas de légumes d'ordinaire !) les activités en dehors des cours sont très bien... (visite du village, rizières, usine traitement de riz, cours de cuisine, danse Balinaise) 😊 j'ai vraiment apprécié ma retraite et rencontré des gens très gentils. Merci 😊

Monika Gisler

from Australia, April 2019

"A hidden gem in Bali"

Wonderful place in Bali to switch off and recharge. The location is totally off the beaten track within the rice fields but surrounded by lush palm trees. The rooms are unpretentious but more than sufficient and the Ashram has an amazing pool, two great yoga areas, a cosy dinning area and provides good WiFi.

The staff is absolutely amazing and goes above and beyond to accommodate your needs. As for the yoga, the yoga teachers are top class, well experienced and totally acknowledgable Balinese yogis. Hands down the best yoga teachers I have ever experienced.

Maaike Smelter

from United States, February 2019

"Local, vegan, middle of the jungle but close to Ubud"

This place was like paradise to me and my fellow retreat members. Nobody wanted to leave and luckily I was able to stay for 10 days. Unfortunately I had an accident the morning before the retreat, which stopped me from doing yoga, but I enjoyed myself very much everyday with my new friends, the amazing vegan food, the paradise-like pool, the wonderful staff, the daily activities and my books. Rama almost completely healed my almost broken tailbone, and after 7 days I was already able to do some yoga. The staff was super helpful and bought bandaids and medicine for me when I needed it.

It is very local, so you eat Balinese food, stay in rooms that are very comfortable but it's not a retreat. That also defines the people who do the retreat. It was very mixed, everyone was not about performing but about enjoying and learning.

The surroundings are so green, so many birds and insects (in the trees, they keep everything really clean so I had no fear of spiders or insects in the rooms or food) and you can see the sunset from the neighbourhood ricefields. You can rent a scooter for 60.000 rupiah and drive within 30 minutes to ubud if you like.

Because of my accident I had a different experience than the others, but it was the best I could've wished for. I only had to pay for my food, accommodation and treatments, which is still a very good price for what you get in return.

All in all, it was my best, most relaxing and eye opening experience in my 5 weeks of Bali.

Giulia Maury

from France, February 2019

"An exceĺlent experience!"

The yoga workshop was amazing, so helpful and inspiring! All the yoga teachers were very good, experienced and helpful. The food was all fresh and delicious! Shanti Toya is a beautiful place with a very loving and caring atmosphere, one feels like the staff and guests are all part of a big family.


from United Kingdom, December 2018

"An oasis in Bali"

I loved everything about this retreat, the set up was perfect! Staff were welcoming, the organised daily workshops/day tour was a fantastic way to learn traditional Balinese culture and 2 yoga classes a day with a variation of teachers to keep it interesting. We had a very small and intimate class which meant that the teachers could help us individually, and each one was knowledgeable and passionate about their practise.

Oh and the fresh spring water pool in the jungle was paradise!

Cait Davies

from Australia, December 2018

"Excellent opportunity to relax and further practice"

The staff and teachers were all amazing. So friendly, gracious and welcoming. The food was fresh and varied. The grounds themselves were so beautiful. The photos don't do it justice. On top of that the Balinese experience tour was such a great insight into Balinese culture. We did so much in just 4hrs. That was such a gift. Overall so many places to be mindful and reflective on the grounds and not far from Ubud for day trips if you like. A fantastic experience, I will definitely be back.

Zaida Aguado Bordes

from Ireland, August 2018


Excellent instructors, really good course, wonderful location and amazing food. The staff in Shanti Toya Were wonderful and very helpful, food incredibly delicious, and the course intens but absolutely great.

I hightly recommend this place and this particular course.


from Egypt, December 2017

"Gokul x Umasari"

Really a course where learning was at the foundation and practical application of the knowledge. The schedule was strict but we also had a lot of freedom.

Lea Müller

from Switzerland, July 2019

"Absolutely in love with this place!"

The Yoga Retreat in the Shanti Toya Ashram was so so amazing! Beautiful Place and such a lovely staff! And the food was sooo good! For me, just perfect! Thank you so much!

Claudia Troche

from Germany, May 2019

"Das YogaRetreat war gut, das Zimmer leider nicht"

Das YogaRetreat als solches, die Menschen, das Essen, das Yoga waren toll. Alles haben auf die Anliegen reagiert. Sie waren sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Das Essen war sehr lecker. Die Yogaeinheiten waren abwechslungsreich gestaltet, gut erklärt und auf die Korrektheit der Ausführung wurde geachtet bzw Fehlhaltungen korrigiert. Auch das Programm hat mir sehr gut gefallen und hat die balinesische Kultur gut näher gebracht.