A calm and peaceful yoga and meditation retreat center in Chiang Mai, a perfect complement to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

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Amori Thang

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Joseph Brown

from Hong Kong, January 2020

"Beyond our expectations :)"

The type of the yoga we did was adjusted to meet our needs. The instructor made us feel at ease and at home. Accommodations and food was wonderful as well. We slept well and ate healthy which got us ready for meditation and doing yoga for 2 times a day. They arranged a driver for us. The location was peaceful and the small trips in between sessions were relaxing. Amori and family are so hardworking to provide an exceptional experience! We would highly recommend if you want an escape from the city, if you are looking for peace from technology, or a place to turn the brain off because everything is ready set for you!

Harriet Wailling

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Relaxing and beautiful stay "

I really enjoyed my stay at Flow Yoga CNX. Amori is an excellent teacher and I got a lot from the meditation and yoga sessions. The accommodation is beautiful and the food was delicious - and there was so much of it! Amori also very kindly drove us around and showed us some local sights.

The airport pick up was much appreciated and it made my stay so much easier. The driver even dropped me off at my next hotel in chiang mai.

I would recommend this retreat to others and would consider going back myself one day.

Sudarthi Naidoo

from Vietnam, January 2020

"One of the greatest experiences ever!"

I went for a four day retreat and from the second I arrived there I felt at home. Amori really cared for me and always made sure that I had what I needed. Her meditation and yoga sessions were wonderful. She challenged me but did not push me to do impossible things, and she always asked how I felt throughout the sessions. The food was excellent. Amori's mum cooked all the meals and the food was the best Thai food I had. There was always a variety, and fresh fruit was served with every meal. The location was beautiful and peaceful, with a spectacular view. The accommodation was a shared house, but I was the only one in it so I had the whole thing to myself. It was clean and comfortable, and I had a good night's sleep every night I was there.

There are so many positive things about this retreat and I can go on forever. I'm grateful for experience Amori gave me. She's a wonderful instructor and host, and I will definitely return.

Greg Schroeder

from South Korea, January 2020

"Expectations Exceeded"

The facilities and surrounding area were beautiful. I woke up to rooster calls and cow moos across the road in the rice fields.

The staff were extremely friendly.

I learned a lot about yoga and meditation from a knowledgeable, patient instructor.

I even learned about the surrounding area, right through to who the neighbors are and what's going on with this year's rice crop, a tour of the local temple and market, and even meeting some local people who study yoga with Amori.

Amori was receptive to and sought out my goals. She modified the lessons to them, and clearly stated when we were doing things tailored to my desires. For example, we did poses particularly helpful to lower back pain or stiffness in a shoulder per my request during our sessions, and she clearly stated which poses, added to the sessions in appropriate places, were specific to my goals.

The massage was from an experienced practitioner who did an excellent job, especially considering she was learning about my wants and needs across language and cultural barriers.

Phoebe Evans

from Australia, January 2020

Amori was very kind and welcoming! We liked the meditation and yoga, but most of all we enjoyed the sightseeing and massage included in the retreat. Additionally, the food was presented wonderfully and was always plentiful. Thank you Amori!

Anja Ilott

from Thailand, December 2019

"The perfect escape "

I came to flow yoga with a busy and chaotic mind, not having practiced meditation in a while as I couldn’t seem to find the focus. After three days with Amori my mind had settled and I found the guided walking meditation techniques were able to help me regain focus. This is something I will definitely be taking home with me. Amori has a strong yoga style but is able to adapt to each individual, we had chair yoga classes for those who had never done before and where less flexible, and stronger yoga classes for more intermediate and advanced practices. The food was also delicious and you are never left hungry, most of the fruit we ate was grown on her property and which was a added delight. The location is beautiful, just outside the business of chang mai. The thing I found most inspiring though was Amori herself, she is such a giving person, offering free yoga to seniors in her community and taking us in as a part of her family whilst we visit. She took us around to see the local temple with such beautiful views and had a lot of information to give. We also got to experience the local market where she bought us some treats. I will be back for sure and would recommend to anyone! Thankyou Amori :)

Michelle Levai

from Laos, December 2019

"A memorable experience. "

I came to this retreat with an open mind and an open heart. I loved everything about it. Amori was a wonderful host and yoga/meditation instructor full of love and compassion. Her yoga classes were challenging, but she did allow me to modify the moves whenever I felt uncomfortable with certain poses. Her mindfulness meditation class was heavenly. It allowed me to enjoy and to be truly present in the moment. The food was absolutely delicious and so beautifully decorated. She made sure that I was never hungry. :) She cared for me like I was part of her family and made sure that I stayed safe when I expressed the need to go out to the city by myself at night. ;) She took me on a tour of one of the nearby temples on the mountain top which was absolutely breathtaking. I am definitely making Amori's flow yoga retreat a routine destination for my mind, body and soul. Thank you Amori for such a wonderful experience!


from Vietnam, November 2019

"Peaceful and much needed retreat!"

The retreat with Amori was so much more than I expected. Her knowledge of yoga, mindfulness and meditation was outstanding. I had some physical limitations and she worked with me, checked in with me and made sure every step of the way that I was okay.

The food! Oh my gosh...it was beautiful, amazing and so healthy!

She took us on a lovely walk to the rice fields, a walking bridge, a dam, the market and temple. I had the good fortune of being at the temple during a ceremony and she explained what was happening- it was extraordinary.

Thank you Amori for opening your home and introducing me to this amazing gift of living in the present moment.

Michael Rossi

from Vietnam, July 2019

"Great yoga, meditation, food, hospitality! "

Amori was a great meditation and yoga teacher who challenged us a fair amount and was always open and willing to incorporate our feedback and thoughts into the retreat. She was very gracious in providing us with beautiful tours of her town, explaining the history of her property and her life, catering us with delicious food she and her mom cooked, open with questions and thoughts, and wanted to ensure we were happy and fulfilled along the entire journey. Thanks so much Amori!

Jessica Skeans

from Thailand, June 2019

"Yoga, Good Food & Sightseeing! What’s better?"

This yoga retreat offers the perfect amount of needed relaxation, self reflection and yoga / meditation work away from the busy city of Chiang Mai.

I loved having their guest house all to myself! AirCon worked great! Hot water in the shower ... free water, snacks and tea/ real French press coffee provided. The food was very delicious and abundant.

Amori is as interactive as you’d like. When I needed rest, I would retreat to my guesthouse. When I wanted to explore the area she generously drove me to town and to areas of interest near by.

You receive your very own yoga instructor! 1:1 attention- if you don’t want to meditate every morning and night- just tell Amori!

Overall- this retreat was a 10/10. I got to live and incorporate “Thai style”. You'll have a beautiful garden to walk along and a clean A/C yoga studio to practice in. Which was fabulous because mosquitos love me... Amori was very considerate and tailored all her outside classes/meals to keep me inside in the A/C and away from bugs. Haha thank you so much!

Please thank your mom again for all the delicious food- and for your amazing hospitality.

Sara Soldevila

from Thailand, May 2019

"The best local retreat in Chiang Mai"

The experience that I have lived these days with Amori has been incredible. I have no words to describe how beautiful it has been. She is a really good professional of different types of yoga and meditation, she teach me everything, and I can feel a big improvement in myself. The house and the environment makes you feel calm and relax, it’s a magic place on earth in front of rice fields. Apart from the retreat, you will also experience how to live as a "local" from northern Thailand, I discovered a lot of places around the village because of her. The accommodation is really good, you have a lot of space for yourself. Every morning I had a cup of tea on the balcony with the morning views of the rice fields before meditation. Another espectacular thing it’s how Amori’s mother prepares you an amazing food, adapting the menu to your diet or allergy (they make it for me a delicious gluten free menu everyday). You can notice that she used to have a restaurant. Everything they have given me is priceless! I am very grateful for everything. I hope to return at some point in my life.

Cheryl Salter

from Australia, January 2020

"Outstanding Personalised Retreat in Chiang Mai"

This total experience was outstanding. Amori was the perfect host. The

meditation and yoga instruction was personalised to meet individual ability levels. There were two sessions of both yoga and meditation each day. Amori gave us experiences in different types of yoga and meditation. This was my first experience doing yoga and I came away feeling stretched, mindful and re-energised. I have taken away many learnings from this experience, which I have adapted into my daily life routine.

Amori filmed the sessions, and we left with small film clips of our experiences. Amori also took numerous photos, which she shared with us and has given us a comprehensive photo journal of our experience.

Our accommodation was also outstanding. The retreat is part of a 'village'. We were surrounded by rice paddies and farms. Amori's gardens are just beautiful...very relaxing and a wonderful place to focus on mindfulness.

Amori took us on many excursions around her village, where we experienced local food, local markets and local sightseeing. Her Mum cooked for us and we had the most amazing Thai food! And lots of it!! The Thai massages were fantastic and complimented the yoga and meditation.

I would not hesitate in recommending this retreat to anyone who is looking for some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Amori guides you in things you can take away to do in your everyday routine to become more mindful and physically healthy!!

Brenda Sibiga

from United States, December 2019

"My own special program."

Very much enjoyed the individual attention.Amori worked to my level...giving me lots to work on without overdoing it

The food and hospitality is wonderful!

Sophia Kim

from United States, November 2019

"Amazing and healing stay!"

Amori is very kind and personable instructor. I spent 7 days at the yoga program, and it really felt like a retreat away from the busy work life. I especially enjoyed the flexibility that Amori provided throughout the program. I learned so much about yoga and meditation. Overall, I would highly recommend this program to those to are looking for a true getaway from their busy lives!


from Thailand, August 2019

"Yoga retreat Peaceful rice field "

Amori was friendly, kind and speaks fluent in English . She was accommodating , patient and put a lot of energy on me . Class size is small. U get all the attentions , time to retreat. she always make sure I had a gd time . I got the whole house myself . It was quiet , clean , spacious . There is snacks , drinks in the fridge for u to grab . Gd WiFi , nice balcony with rice fields .

Yoga room is equipped with good props such as :yoga mats shipped from the states , Mirrors, Straps , blocks &yoga chairs etc

The retreat is less than an hr from cnx old city . Amori sent me a female driver to pick me up to retreat the 1st day .

She showed me around: national park kings project , temple , the rim and around the areas

Yoga , mediation re customer for ya needs . Talk to her and she did her best to make it interesting for me . I don’t have much attention spans normally , but she was compassionate enough to embrace me . Amori is a good photographer , she helped me to capture nice pictures for memory . We went to rice fields the first day . She showed me how the rice fields works , how the process of growing rice . She is also very informative with diff knowledge. Her mum is very sweet and made me super nice food . No food left on my plate normally . They got gd hearts . Very companionate towards all beings . Thx for giving me ya energy :)

Minakshi Jagai

from United States, January 2019

I am new to yoga. For me it was important that I got good guidance. Yoga with Amori is tailor made. She instructed me with my disabilities and gave me alternatives to still perform the poses. I really liked that she gave me the right instructions with patience. I have also been well supervised in the field of meditation and mindfulness. I can now practice yoga and meditation independently all thanks to Amori.