Our mission is to cultivate a new breed of conscious yoga teachers. Reawaken the true potential of yoga, create solid foundations for growth and inner peace.

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Elias Ananiadis

Persefoni Aishwarya

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Olimpia Garbal

from Poland, November 2020

"The best possible way to teach yoga and consciousness."

I really feel like everything was better than expected. Very diversified classes on all the aspects of yoga, taught in a great friendship-like way with amazing atmosphere, no stress, but a lot of knowledge that can be used in everyday life and everyday teaching. I finally feel like I am ready to be a teacher, and ready to be a conscious teacher that does not only teach asanas, but also helps people to feel more content with themselves, more present, more at peace. I know it wouldn't be possible without your great energy, exceptional knowledge and love towards all beings, Elias, Persephoni, Marianna and Kathy.

The schedule met my expectations, I really wanted to have the most from this training and I really felt like I am using my time in most efficient way.

Even though there were a lot of classes, there was still time for external activities like swimming in the sea, walkign up to the mountains and having trips on the days off. I love the karma yoga project that we created all together, it felt really special. I also loved the celebrations to the moon, it felt very spiritual and fullfilling. Thank you for creating a second home for me. I hope you will be able to share your great energy with more and more great human-beings :)


from Germany, October 2020

"Amazing Yoga Teacher Training"

The whole teacher training was an amazing experience and opened sooo many different and new point of views. I even would rather say it is a training for life providing tools about how to be happy in our lifes.

Apart from that the stuff was great, the location, the weather, the food and the group. So, in conlusion, erveything was perfect and I can strongly recommend it.

Justine Wadhera

from Belgium, October 2020

"This is not a conventional Yoga Teacher Training"

The accommodation and yoga space are based in a beautiful location, which enhances your experience. The food was delicious, the ingredients were always very fresh and we got a great variety of choice every day. The people I met are amazing human beings and I have made life-long friends.

Anna Austaller

from Austria, September 2020

"Amazing training at a magnificent place with lovely people"

It is a wonderful place surrounded by nature and close to the sea with lonely beaches and crystal clear water. The whole retreat center is designed with a lot of love and small loving details. There is a large terrace where we ate together and spend the evenings together. The food is delicious, fresh and varied. This is also how the entire training is designed - with variety. :) Asanas, pranayama, philosophy, meditation, sound healing, chanting, acupressure lessons, walks in the nature and a little bit of anatomy.

To sum up, it was just an incredible time, I've learned so much about Yoga in this 3 weeks but also about myself and what really matters in life.

Jolana Samii

from Czechia, September 2020

"Heart warming experience "

Although Covid has been complicating travels and restricting aspects of the trainings, the academy was well prepared and well organized and the training followed through without any problems. The accommodation was very comfortable and clean and the food was too good! The training itself was of good standard considering the complications that arose due to the virus and the instructor Nikolas always took into consideration our energy levels and any possible injuries and pains so we always enjoyed the yoga class. Our group was very well connected and balanced which resulted in an amazing 3 weeks full of love and support and a lot of karaoke. I hope to see everyone again soon.

Gerda Jokubauskaite

from Norway, September 2020

"Wonderful experience! 🙏🏼"

I'm very happy that I hade possibility to meet so many beautiful and kinde people. Was an amazing experience to grow together, to learn and share the love 🙏🏼❤️

Beautiful place, good location, inpesive mountains and the sea. 😊

Super tasty food, many different variations, fresh fruits. 🍀

Our teachers Nikolas and Elias gave as all their knowledges and share with us their experience. I'm very grateful for that. 🙏🏼🍀

I learned many thinks, but some information I was missing the good think that now I feel strong and I have enough will power to continue studies on my own. 😊🙏🏼 This yoga teachers training helped for me to trust much more in my self. 😊❤️


from United Kingdom, September 2020

"You will grow "

The setting, accommodation, the people I met, the excursions to local beaches on days off, the food were all amazing. I learnt a lot and feel like I have grown as a person. Thank you

Carina Göb

from Germany, August 2020

"A wonderful journey into Yoga, meditation & consciousness "

Fantastic place, beautiful environment, very conscious & professional yoga teachers with a good sense of humor 😊 and magical skills in meditation combined with a deep & profound knowledge in the map of Yoga they share in every moment. This training is perfect for all who want to go deeper in their own journey of consciousness.


from Austria, August 2020

"Amazing experience"

It has been a beautiful journey with the most lovely, inspiring and amazing people.

It felt like staying with family, a very high vibrational place.

The rooms are beautiful, the resort is located in an amazing area, the food was amazing.

The teachers where so sweet and caring. Everything was just perfect.

Amanda Kite

from United Kingdom, December 2019

"Best three weeks of my life!"

I am so glad that I chose this course. I was initially looking for a weekend but when I saw their programme I just knew I had to sign up!

Everything about this course resonated with me. We dove down deep into all aspects of yoga and Patanjalis 8 fold path teamed with guidance on how to get the most out of each part.

The resort and accomodation perfectly compliment the course. So tranquil and seems to carry a high vibration nestled in between the coast and a back drop of mountains. Nature at its best helping you along your yogic path.

The rooms are wonderful. Comfortable, stylish and clean with a fantastic large baloney which I used to just simply sit and absorb the sounds of nature and the scenery of the sea and mountains. The food was glorious, every single meal was 5 star. Varied, healthy and colourful.

Amy Rojas

from United States, November 2019

"This yoga teacher training went far beyond my expectations! "

The training team were all wonderful in every way - excellent in their delivery of the program, so very friendly, approachable, and caring, and they made every effort to ensure each person got what they needed, so aware of each person’s individual needs while also doing such a great job of creating a feeling of unity amongst the group. I really appreciate that they limit the number of people attending the training (there were 13 of us) to assure this kind of attention and allowed us to all get to know each other. The location is magical and gorgeous!! Amazing view of the Agean Sea from every part of the retreat center, including the yoga terrace and all the rooms, with only about a 3 minute walk down to the water. I was so attracted by the photos when considering this training and it is even more beautiful in person. The combination of the powerful energy of this incredible island, the genuine devotion to share the practice of yoga with such integrity from each of the trainers, and the commitment to provide a truly pleasant experience from the lovely rooms, delicious healthy meals, a safe and secure feeling, and fun activities mixed in, made for a training that far exceeded my expectations! The yoga, meditation, gong and singing bowls, study of yoga, the feeling of community, and the care and concern from the training team and retreat center staff made it one of the best experiences of my life. I left with so much more than a certificate to teach!! So very grateful!

Chloe Stewart

from Australia, November 2019

"Incredible team, incredible experience "

The whole experience far exceeded my expectations. The teachers were extremely dedicated and made me feel supported before I had even arrived for the training. The location, food, staff, facilities and teachers were amazing. This training is perfect for anyone who is considering teaching or for those wanting to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga for their own personal development. I cannot wait to visit again!

Johanna Belsuzarri

from Netherlands, October 2019

"I did a lot of research + I am happy I booked my YTT Here!"

Katherine has a wonderful oasis on the island of Karpathos. Surrounded by sea views, sunshine, nature and love. Her hospitality is as warm as the sun and so is her smile. My time at the Retreat center was remarkable- 3 weeks total. She graciously accommodated my every need, from food intolerances and special diet, to early check in and included airport transfers. The excursions were great, and being so close to the sea is fantastic. Not only did I hear waves crash from my room at night but you can also view the water from the balcony, from the dining area, from the hammocks, from the yoga deck and of course, within a short walk, you can immerse yourself in the sea itself. The rooms are well appointed with everything you might need to include kettle, hair dryers and are decorated in a lovely Greek fashion. I highly recommend Kathy’s Retreat for yourself, your group or even for a family/ friend reunion. Everything was on point and within 24 hrs I felt at home. Imagine… 3 weeks later it became a second home.

The Yoga Teacher Training provided by Conscious Yoga was much more than just learning yoga. We dove deep into the heart and soul of yoga, not just learning to teach, but how to do so from a conscious perspective. We saw movies, had discussions, learned about chakras, went on excursions, enjoyed Greek food and so much more. If you are doubting yourself— DON'T. This experience was magical and so special.

Nicole Mathis-berman

from United States, August 2019

"Incredible Experience "

The 3-week YTT with Conscious Yoga was an amazing experience. The program is well rounded encompassing yoga theory/philosophy, extensive meditations with sound baths, intensive physical practice, anatomy studies, healthy vegetarian eating, and comfortable accommodations. I met the most wonderful, beautiful, kind people from across the globe. I am truly grateful the universe offered me this experience, it completely aligns with the journey of life.

Clarissa Govic

from Australia, July 2019

"I really loved the content and the structure."

I really loved the content and the structure. It was easy to follow and relaxed. If you like this and don’t need every minute to be accounted for then this could be for you. Kathy, Elias, Vicky and Perstefoni are stunning beacons of light. I loved all that I learnt and I am grateful for the experiences that the Conscious Yoga Academy delivers in their YTT course.

They do state in the course information that they accept beginners. I actually thought it was beginners teachers but it also means beginners in yoga asanas. There were YTT students that didn’t have a daily practice yet and were complete yoga beginners.

This was fine, I was here to learn how to teach every level. My advice to myself, if I had known and prepared, would be to ask each teacher how you can protect your energy from injury. This will protect your energy (and experience) from being inhibited from development.


from Ireland, July 2019

"July 2019"

Top quality course with passionate people in an idyllic location !

Kelsea Macnamara

from Germany, June 2019

"I don't think I can find the words to express my gratitude.."

I don't think I can find the words to express my gratitude toward the Conscious Yoga Academy Team.. Let's start with the layout of the course: I thought it was well organized for optimum results, but they were always flexible to the needs of the students (which I think is incredibly important). Each week we strategically and thoroughly went into different areas needed to become an all-around, holistic yoga teacher, not just a teacher of asanas. I appreciated the knowledge and clear communication from the teachers and even when we weren't in class, they were always willing to help or clarify anything that was needed. The food..was...incredible. Wenke, the Chef, was a bright beam of sunshine and her food was delicious. Miss Nadia, the house staff, was incredibly sweet and amazing as well. It wasn't just the teachers or coordinators contributing to this powerful journey, it was everyone on that property. The energy that surrounded all of us is something unforgettable and life changing. I highly recommend this course for everyone. If you're interested in being an asana teacher, or furthering your spiritual journey, or want to learn more about the basics of yoga asanas or yogic science, or even if you want some time and space on a beautiful island retreat to change your life... Choose this place, choose this course. It's most definitely the best thing I ever could have done for myself. Thank you, with all my heart.

Liam Nixon

from United Kingdom, June 2019


An amazing course in a stunning location. The course offered such a diverse level of teachings reaching a depth that truly inspired me. The range of yogic philosophy covered far exceeded my expectations and my gratitude goes to all the teachers who each had an impressive ability to adjust to the group and induvial needs. A fun, inspiring, truthful, and powerful experience that will be forever in my heart!

Tina Kennedy

from Canada, May 2019




from Algeria, May 2019

"A life changing experience "

I arrived with no expectations and a beautiful world opened up for me. Wonderful teachers and amazing students, together we created such powerful and clear energy that from now on will accompany us all.


from Switzerland, September 2020

"Ja "

Die Philosophie von Yoga wurde sehr gut herübergebracht und bei persönlichen Blockaden wurde geholfen.

Edith Cheype

from French Guiana, August 2020

"Une aventure de conscience au-delà de toute expectative..."

Ce fut une aventure au cœur du yoga comme je n'aurais jamais osé la rêver... Pas qu'une initiation d'asana, mais bien plus que ça.

C'est une invitation à prendre sa vie en main sous tous ses aspects, à calmer son esprit, à se connecter avec l'Univers, à manager son énergie et ses blocages,... Un vrai plongeon dans une dimension bien plus grande de ce qui est communément entendu par yoga dans nos contrées occidentales.

C'est une formation tant physique (hatha, vinyasa, anatomie) que spirituelle. Et c'est ce qui m'a conquise intégralement, cette merveilleuse partie sirituelle qui nous invite à nous reconnecter avec l'essentiel pour retrouver notre équilibre et notre paix intérieure. Je ressors de cette formation avec mon diplôme certes, mais bien plus que ça dans mon cœur...

Les profs sont pédagogues, bienveillants et empathiques. Pour les personnes vraiment débutantes, vous vous sentirez accompagnées et choyées au même titre que ceux qui pratiquent déjà dans leur quotidien.

Je sors de cette formation prête à partager avec le monde cette philosophie saine et authentique du yoga. A partager tous les bénéfices de son application dans nos vies quotidiennes...

J'ai adoré les cours d'asana, les séances de bols chantants, celles de gong, le yoga nidra, le débloquage de nos chakras,...

Les repas à bases de produits sains locaux sont délicieux, variés...

Et que dire de l'environnement, un véritable havre de paix entre montagne et mer. Un seul mot : EXTRAORDINAIRE ! MERCI à vous tous!