Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat promotes and provides yoga classes and Ayurveda treatments and uses a holistic approach to purify the body and mind.

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15 Day Ayurveda and Lifestyle Yoga Retreat in Kerala

Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr, 2020–2021
    from US$1,045
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    6 Day One Reality Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat in Kerala

    Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr, 2020–2021
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    3 Day Becoming One Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Kerala

    Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr, 2020–2021

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    Saji Ramaswami

    Dr. Dinesh Manayattil



    Aje Nyah

    Irie Nyah

    Reviews (219)

    Nelske Elzer

    from Netherlands, March 2020

    "what a wonderful retreat this is!"

    had such a wonderful time here! The food is AMAZING, the staff are all super friendly, the area is beautiful and met such nice people. It is very easy to go here by yourself, you will not feel alone. The atmosphere is very positive and easy going. The classes are good in general; i found some great and some ok. There are 4 teachers who take turns teaching during the week. Make sure you take a bike ride in the area!


    from Switzerland, February 2020

    "Very personal"

    All was so great. The teachings, the organization, the yoga, the treatments and the 5 stars food.

    The most special thing is how you feel taken care of in a very personal way. Unni the owner, and each person working there genuinely takes care of each guess.

    Just looking forward to go back.

    Rosie Weir

    from United Kingdom, February 2020

    "Wonderful experience!"

    Such a relaxing and positive 9 days, gave me skills and ideas I will take away. The food is amazing, the staff are amazing, Hinterland is an oasis!


    from United Kingdom, January 2020

    "Lovely place. Not one for quiet reflection (noisy people!)"

    The environment was beautiful. The care of the team was amazing. The food was excellent.

    Ivo Urbanovics

    from Latvia, January 2020

    "Wonderful experience and relaxation"

    We loved everything - starting from place and facilities, garden, animals, birds and delicious, healthy, great variety of food to no doubt fantastic yoga and lifestyle instructors, yoga philosophy classes, meditation and massages. Great organisation and attitude. A wonderful experience, inspiration and relaxation! Thanks a lot!

    Sariah Southgate

    from United Kingdom, January 2020


    The place was divine... friendly.. spiritual... laid back...

    Food was out of this world...

    The masala coffee was exquisite...

    Yoga classes were stunning and the location was beautiful.

    All staff were kind, serene and lovely.

    The animals-dogs and emu called Emma made my experience magical..

    Would go back in a heartbeat...

    Beautiful place and I’m missing it already-going to burn some joss sticks and do some yoga...

    Linda Moberg

    from Sweden, January 2020

    "Paradise "

    I am so gratefull and happy for this stay:the yoga, meditation, yogaphilosphy, the incrediable food, the staff, the feeling of warmth and joy in beautiful surroundings. And really lovely guests!

    莉蓮 李

    from Taiwan, January 2020

    "A calm and blissful journey! "

    Visiting Hinterland was one of the best decisions i have ever made! I LOVEE everything there. The amazing food, calming yoga and meditation sessions and the nature. Most importantly, the people. I can really felt from the deepest of my heart that Unni and everyone in Hinterland care about us, they are so thoughtful just to give us the best experiences. Also, i met some great souls there and hopefully the relationship will last.

    There are so many good things i have no words to describe. Everything was amazing.

    THANK YOU, Unni. For giving me the strength and energy that i needed the most. I'll keep it in me. Until next time!

    Baiju Solanki

    from United Kingdom, December 2019

    "Superb food, great instructors, perfect to just switch off!"

    Hintervillage is a great getaway, The facilities are just what you need, food superb, instructors knowledgeable and generous, and very well organised, just what you need when you want to switch off! Highly recommended!!!

    Leezah Fredericks

    from Canada, December 2019

    The food was incredible and the chef, Manesh Kansan, provided us with a wonderful and diverse array of vegetarian dishes over the course of the ten days we visited. I’ve never enjoyed vegetarian food as much as I did there!

    Everyone on the entire staff, from the courteous and attentive people who provided our meals, to the yoga instructors, to the wonderful ladies providing Ayurvedic massages, to the owner Unni, (who went the extra mile to accommodate our requests for extra classes and meditation sessions) - everything exceeded our expectations. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this retreat. I would definitely recommend it.

    Sarah Kokot

    from Germany, November 2019

    "Silence and peace in the middle of nature!"

    Everything was wonderful, the yoga classes, the food, but especially the people of the center. Unni took so great care of every single guest. Wonderful! Thank you so much!!!

    Enlisa Khanna

    from Denmark, November 2019

    "A. blissful experience"

    Hinterland retreat is an ecofriendly village with a magical and holistic energy, Nature is beautiful and organic farming of rice, vegetables and spices and recycling of water is done with so much cleverness and awareness.

    During my 10 days stay I realised, with the exquisite spirituel guidance, how simple life can be.

    The quality of the yoga instructions, meditation, lectures on yoga philosophy, Ayurvedic massage is excellent. Food is so yummy and served so nicely and always with a smile.

    Everything is done with maximum of care, attention and mindfulness from each and everyone working in Hinterland,

    Mogens Jensen

    from Netherlands, November 2019

    "Excellent yoga hideaway "

    Really good yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy. Excellent service from all staff and Unni and his wife are doing everything to make you feel part of the family.

    Ieva Umbrasaite

    from United Kingdom, November 2019

    "Eco travelling oasis"

    Incredible place, great food and yoga. this trip was exactly what I was looking for. everything in the village is ecological and sustainable. Everything is hand made and from the heart! Daily massages, ayurvedic doctor consultation - you will feel completely relaxed, happier and healthier!

    Saule Sitsas

    from United Arab Emirates, October 2019

    "An amazing place created with pure love"

    Everything in this place is LOVE and harmony. I’ve met great people, tried delicious food, learned so much about consciousness, confidence and balance. Unni’s hospitality were beyond expectations! I’ll definitely come back.

    Helene Marlet

    from France, October 2019

    "Hinterland is Heaven on earth."

    The place is eco friendly and greenly beautiful..The chief cooker is amazing.All the staff is only focused on your well being...It was just perfect..I guess I will have to pay an extra cost at the airport for the good vibes in my luggage..God bless this place...

    Alexandra Häckel

    from Germany, October 2019

    "Best Yoga Resort"

    I came to Hinterland as a yoga novice. My expectations were simple: doing some Yoga and get relaxation from my daily life. I got so much more than that. Health issues were discussed, taken seriously and included in everyones daily program. The yoga sessions were of high quality as well as the meditation and massages. I felt taken care of and was welcomed every day by every single one in Hinterland. The small group of people and the daily routines made it easily possible to get to know each other. It's location in the nature as well as the sounds of nature gave me - combined with yoga - the peace and the time-out I was looking for.

    Thank you very much.

    Emily Duignan

    from Ireland, October 2019

    "Amazing retreat"

    Thank you to everyone at Hinterland for this incredible experience. I couldn't have felt any more looked after during my stay. The attention to detail was incredible and the whole atmosphere is so calm, warm and welcoming. I learned so much and I feel like a new person now that I'm home. What you are doing at Hinterland is really special and I wish all my loved ones could experience it! Couldn't recommend this place highly enough


    from Egypt, October 2019

    "A best trip I had life ever "

    Nothing could be not liked there , welcoming , people attitude , practices and experience received , food , marvelous nature ....etc


    from United Kingdom, September 2019

    "The key to unlocking potential for bliss"

    The guided meditations, one to one discussions to answer questions relating to the practice, including yoga instruction, philosophy lectures and practical skills such as Ayurvedic cookery classes all enabled me to qualify my understanding of the value of yoga and medication, providing a foundation on such a buy.

    Liz Collins

    from United Kingdom, April 2019

    "A little peace of heaven"

    Unni was an amazing host he couldn't do enough for everyone. A very kind and warm hearted man. The food was excellent. The staff lovely too. It was perfect. The yoga teachers were good. Various class's were offered too which also bonded the group together which was lovely. The itinery was full on and Unni could not have done any more. Fabulous thank you, thank you. 🙏

    Sabina Zuskarová

    from United States, March 2019

    "Lifechanging experience"

    This place is absolutely incredible. The food, the intense yoga, meditation and spirituality broadened my knowledge and gave me a different perspective. Unni and all the people working in the resort put their whole heart into what their doing and this was so inspiring to watch. The fellow participants enriched my life on so many different levels and now I have some new valuable friendships I don’t want to lose. The stay was worth every penny and if you have an opportunity to go, don’t hesitate, do it!

    Stella Puddu

    from United States, March 2019

    "Oasi of peace and happiness "

    This place is an oasi of peace and happiness. I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience it. Everything it’s great : yoga lessons, philosophy and meditation classes, massages, facilities , the staff is great and the food is the best Indian food ever! I will definitely come back. Thank you Unni for your wonderful work!

    Francis Kirby

    from Ireland, December 2018

    "Wonderful place and people"

    Hinterland is a wonderland place which is made really special by the wonderful people and the attention to detail. It is a relaxing, fun and wonderful place to spend some time.

    Catherine Declemente

    from Republic of Moldova, December 2018

    "Pleasant and relaxing retreat"

    I enjoyed the different yoga teachers and also the environment (surrounded by nature). The food was EXCELLENT! Unni spent time to make me a therapeutic tea for several days, to help with my sensitive stomach, which was very kind. The staff was also extremely kind and available whenever I needed them.

    Helen Mcharry

    from United Kingdom, December 2018

    "Hinterland wonderland !"

    Hinterland is a quiet, calm haven to rejuvenate body and soul. The stunning surroundings, the amazing food, the inspiring Yoga, the kind helpful staff, the wonderful mix of guests... everything just works perfectly!

    You will love this place 😊

    Raluca Herren

    from Switzerland, October 2018

    "The best yoga experience"

    It was an amazing experience!! A wonderful retreat with wonderful people, surrounded by beautiful nature and animals. I couldn't recommend more Hinterland Village, and I'm looking forward to the next time I will be there (and that is certain that will happen).

    Unni and all the people working there were doing more than possible to make our stay excellent. Everything is organised in such a way so you can get the most out of the yoga retreat: 4h of yoga classes daily, meditation, Ayurvedic massages and treatments, cooking show, yoga philosophy, chanting and so much more .... a complete experience to give you an understanding on what yoga is and how it can be good for your body, mind and soul. The food is delicious, freshly cooked every day. I'm already missing all the snacks and flavoured waters that were prepared for us every day.

    I came home after 10 days more healthy, rejuvenated, with a positive mind and open heart... so, thank you Unni, and thank you to the entire team in Hinterland for this amazing time! It is indeed a life changing experience, and I think I took home with me a lot of the learning and positive vibes I got during the stay.

    A perfect location for solo travellers and a great opportunity to meet think-alike people and build new friendships. Airport pick-up can be arranged, and also day-trips if you're willing to explore the surroundings.

    Sophie Bentley

    from United Kingdom, October 2018

    "Yoga bliss"

    Unni was so attentive and caring. He really listened and tried to give you the best and most unique experience possible. The food was amazing and the place itself was so beautiful. I spent a week here and I did not want to leave.

    David Bourke

    from Australia, September 2018

    Every part of everything

    Suzanne Mccorkell

    from India, September 2018

    "A little slice of heaven"

    The venue is just delightful-all aspects of it.

    The food is plentiful, fresh and yum

    All of the people are friendly helpful amazing

    Kajsa Hederstedt

    from United States, August 2018

    "Hinterland - one of the best things I’ve experienced 🙏🏻"

    My karma led me to Hinterland - I must have done something exceptionally good in a past life! I’m leaving this beautiful place full of gratitude and bliss. What an amazing experience! THANK YOU ALL for this oasis of calmness and recreation, thanks for the fantastic food, for the wonderful yoga, for the interesting talks, thanks for all the laughter! Thank you for guiding me and holding my hand during this path of my spiritual journey!

    I have a soft heart but a strong mind, and a soul that knows everything. My eternal love and gratitude! Hope to see you all soon

    ❤️ Namaste 🙏🏻

    /Kajsa from Sweden

    Annie Burns-pieper

    from India, August 2018

    "Beautiful setting, incredible food. Yoga so so."

    This is a gorgeous spot, so peaceful and serene. The hosts were so kind and helpful they took excellent care of each guest. The massages were wonderful, I really felt pampered. The food was amazing very impressed by each meal and snack.

    Julia Nash

    from United States, August 2018

    "Hinterland..a little piece of Heaven"

    Too many to mention. Yoga, mediation, philosophy, massage, food and all of Unni’s team were outstanding. The eco philosophy of the retreat is inspirational. India needs more people to think like Unni. 🙏

    Shaleen Meelu

    from Germany, July 2018

    "A lovely experience "

    The structure of the day was wonderful and the food excellent. Accommodation is simple but, this feels appropriate. I dreaded the idea of a cliche yoga retreat but this seemed truly authentic. The teachers were very good and both my body and mind feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The food was excellent. I also enjoyed the sound of the rain as we practised yoga and meditation.

    Grace Murray

    from India, July 2018

    "Yoga - the full package!"

    At Hinterland Village, Unni, Sri Devi, Swamy, Jayesh, and all the other wonderful staff members and teachers, are really giving you a solid foundation into all aspects of yoga. Everything runs so smoothly, and you feel really taken care of and looked after, in every way. It's not just about doing asanas, but about learning about meditation, philosophy, ayurveda, and emotional and spiritual health. This retreat really gave me the building blocks in order to lead a healthier and happier life going back to my normal routine. The food is wonderful, my room was comfortable and there's always lots of hot water in the bathroom! Visiting in monsoon season also meant that we had quite a small group of people and it felt really relaxed and cosy. The days are busy enough with 4 hours yoga and one hour meditation, and the place fully stocked with loads of umbrellas, for the heavy rains to not impact too much.

    Emma Inglis

    from Australia, June 2018

    "Just what I needed "

    Hinterland was like a little family away from home. I automatically felt relaxed and never wanted to leave.

    The yoga every day was calming and balancing and coupled with the philosophy made a lot of sense...and the FOOD was AMAZING!

    Christophe Cohen

    from United Kingdom, June 2018

    "Heaven on Earth"

    I am not sure if it was the yoga so amazing or the grateful food or again the philosophy classes or maybe the host Unni. Perfect ingredients

    Emma Young

    from United Kingdom, April 2018

    "Amazing experience "


    This is little gem of a place. As soon as you arrive you feel welcome by Unni and his staff and your fellow guests. This is about the whole philosophy of yoga including guided meditation, yoga Philosophy classes which was new for me as well as the yoga practice. The food was amazing and is all sustainably grown at Hinterland. There are also Ayurvedic massages on a near daily basis. I would definitely recommend and will go back.

    Amanda Fritzen

    from Denmark, April 2018


    Sheida Samy

    from Sweden, March 2018

    " Bästa platsen för avkoppling och läkning av trötta själ "

    Allt var bra. Personalen är väldig trevliga och underbara.

    Maten är väldig verigerande och otrolig gott. Du går aldrig hungrig. Yoga och meditationen va bra för mig som nybörjare. Filosofi och yoga läraren var underbart. Tusen tack Swummi för att du delade dina kunskaper med oss. Du har hjälpt mig för att läka min trötta själ och ha en positivare synsätt på världen.

    Unni ägaren är också en underbar person som hjälper med det mesta. Jag sökte dit för min onda rygg och han skrädda sydde en program med extra massage och separata träningar som hjälpte min rygg mot det bättre.

    Jag kommer definitivt att rekommendera denna underbara plats till mina vänner.

    Abigail Mcknight

    from United Kingdom, February 2018

    Staff were so friendly and would do anything for you, really enjoyed my experience. Would love to return one day.

    Veronik Girault

    from France, February 2018

    "Hinterland paradise"

    Even if I tried,I would not anything negative about. This magic place.

    I arrived physically injured, could barely walk and. Was so worried about

    not being able to practice yoga, But the moment I arrived all was put in place,healing oils,intense massages and yoga challenges to healing.

    Within days I was on my feet, felt so good that extended my stay.

    It was difficult to leave...planning to go back very soon for at least one month. Everyone, every animals on site are devoted to make you feel better and happy. You will not leave the same..

    Already counting the days to et back!

    Ella Chinnery

    from United Kingdom, February 2018

    "Wonderful place with amazing staff and a great atmosphere "

    The team who work here are like a big family, you can tell everyone is genuinely happy to work there. Unni the owner ensures you feel welcome as soon as you arrive and the day is planned so you can do as many or as few activities as you like. There is plenty of free time to socialise and meet new people or to take yourself off alone if that's your thing. The food was amazing and you will never go hungry with regular meals, juices and snacks all included. Most of the food is grown on site and freshly cooked. The yoga is a little different to a class at home, there is more focus on breathing and meditation rather than just how many asanas can you fit in an hour. I feel so much stronger and more flexible and could see daily progress for practicing 4 hours a day. The teaching is excellent and personal.

    Erik Benjamin Meskanen

    from Finland, January 2018

    "Cosy and great in every aspect."

    I had none expectations for my first yoga retreat and the experience in Hinterland Village was much more than just brilliant, educative and eye-opening yoga, meditation, philosophy and Ayurvedic treatments - the village has a cosy, warm and communal atmosphere as the staff and the visitors spread authentic caring for one another. I built long-lasting friendships here. It always was sad to say goodbye to travellers with interesting lives and stories but an eager excitement grew as new travellers arrived. Individuals' schedules change daily. I learned much about myself and the surrounding world here. My habits and behaviour have changed for the better with a more stable mind. The meditation sessions, and especially one yoga nidra session halfway through my retreat sharpened my awareness and planted healthy behavioural actions into my subconscious. My behaviour and daily habits changed by the yoga, meditation and philosophy sessions. Thank you Jayesh and Swami! The nourishing and the delicately presented food was absolutely spectacular. A cookbook by the chef with all of the recipes served in Hinterland Village will be released in 2018. An immense thank you to the chef! Unni has created a genuine gem paradise with beautiful natural wonders and an authentic and caring community. I felt like being at home. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Unni, the complete staff and the visitors for making the experience in Hinterland Village life-changing and unforgettable.

    Robert Durnin

    from United States, December 2017

    "A great and highly recommend experience"

    From start to finish the staff treated us well and warmly, and the food and service they provided was fantastic. The instruction was apt, and I feel refreshed and strengthened from the yoga and meditation program.

    Zosia Rutkowska

    from United States, December 2017

    It's hard to put into words how wonderful my experience was. Perhaps if I tell you that I cancelled all my travelling plans one by one to stay longer at the Village, it will tell you how I felt there. I achieved so much physically and mentally: the massages helped me with a very old injury - I am almost cured! The Dr prescribed me some oils which I am going to use to continue my improvement. Yoga classes are so nicely structured and the the teachers make it highly spiritual ensuring your breath is right. I very clearly progressed within the days I was there. I have no words to describe Swuami and Jayesh. Both very different and both quite simply WONDERFUL. I felt they can read my mind to address my personal issues which I never voiced. Unni is a wonderful man who cares so much about his guests. It's so clear in his actions and how he speaks and organises everything. His staff are a credit to him - they are so lovely! I learnt so much during my stay. THANK YOU! Last but not least, thank you to Bianka who is one of the kindest people I met and helped me so much. I can't wait to be back and I will be recommending this retreat to everyone!!

    Mohan Munde

    from United Kingdom, December 2017

    "Hinterland Village Kochi"

    Yoga instructor Swami, Jayesh meditation yoga, Bianca Dance therapy the massages were awesome, food so yummy all the staff and Unni so hospital. The lush green surroundings incredible

    Kelly Connaghan

    from United Kingdom, December 2017

    "Great times"

    This is a gem of a place, the food, Yoga and staff are excellent. It is also an enterprise that benefits the local area and they are starting to grow their own fruit and vegetables so pretty soon it’ll be very eco friendly. I was made to feel very welcome and I also enjoyed the chance to go on trips to the backwaters and a nearby waterfall. All in all it’s a very nice place to go to relax and improve your health and fitness

    Melanie Summer

    from Australia, November 2017

    "Absolute Bliss"

    I just had the most amazing holiday at Hinterland Village. I felt so relaxed and healthy when I left. The owners, Unni and Sridevi, have done an amazing job in creating a place that feels homely. They truly care about the experience. Nothing is too much trouble to organise and a lot of things like massages, laundry, etc are included in the price. And as a result, their staff are truly wonderful. Super caring, friendly and attentive.

    I loved it that we had never more than 12 people in the camp (I think their absolute max is 20) which has kept the time their very intimate and personal.

    The daily program was much more than I expected. I thought I would have a lot of time to read and take time out but in fact, there was always something on. 4 hours yoga a day, 1-hour meditation, yoga philosophy, massages, nature walks, cooking demonstrations and the list goes on. That said there were people who skipped classes or didn't participate, so that was fine too.

    The yoga was great. Very different to what I am used to from home but I loved it. The classes easily accommodated all levels of yoga from beginner to more advanced. There was a lot of focus on flexibility, stillness and breathing which I thought was perfect to recover from a stressful life or someone who wants to recover from burnout.

    The vegetarian and Indian food was amazing. We had three meals plus snacks in between. Plenty of good healthy food with a lot of their vegetables homegrown.

    Esther Saint-leger

    from France, November 2019

    "Très bon séjour "

    La nourriture était absolument délicieuse pendant ces 10 jours. Le personnel très agréable.

    Marianne Houel

    from France, January 2019

    "Cocoon of wellness"

    With simplicity, humility and care, Unni, his family and staff make your stay in Hinterland unforgettable. Each day is special and part of a process.

    I rested, practiced, discovered and enjoyed a lot (yoga with different teachers, meditation, aryuvedic medicine and food) and, most of all, I left this wonderful place with a brand new energy!

    Let's be aware ;)

    Aude Charles-achille

    from France, January 2019

    "The best of the best"

    I loved absolutely everything. The place, the staff, the guests, the atmosphere, the classes...

    First yoga experience and retreat, I will never forget it. I felt home. I will definitely come back.

    I already miss you all.


    Jana Imboden

    from India, January 2019

    everything was just amazing couldn't be better thank you to all of you


    from France, January 2019

    To feel like in a family and Unni's "personal" attention; the impression that the staff is happy working at the retreat.


    from Belgium, October 2018

    "Great yoga retreat"

    De service was geweldig. Ze wouden echt het beste voor u. Heel toffe extra activiteiten.

    Marcus Nachtigall

    from United States, March 2018

    "Erstklassig in mitten der Natur "

    Ich bin zum ersten Mal mit Yoga in Berührung gekommen und bin echt begeistert. Vor allem von der Ruhe und der Energie des Lehrers . Das Essen ist einzigartig und schmeckt einfach hervorragend . Jeden Tag kommt was anderes auf den Tisch und wir war 10 Tage dort

    Harms Wulf

    from Germany, February 2018

    sehr qualifizierte Yogalehrer

    Vermittlung von Hintergrund wissen zu Yoga

    Gianna Reccavallo

    from Switzerland, January 2018


    Excellent location, delicious food, friendly staff, amazing yoga-teacher

    Martial Boisseau

    from France, December 2017

    "Ideal place "


    Christophe Bacher

    from France, November 2017

    "Merci encore à toi Saji pour l'ouverture ??"

    Saji pendant les cours de philosophie ma ouvert des portes, que du bonheur ?. J'espère te revoir bientôt Christophe

    Catherine Kosmala

    from France, November 2017

    "lieu delieu"

    l'accueil, le lieu, les gens, les cours de yoga et méditation, la cuisine, la disponibilité du staff, la gentillesse, le respect, le service

    Chris De Vos

    from Belgium, March 2020

    "A little paradise"

    Wonderful place, amidst nature, quiet and peaceful. The personal touch towards each individual, the friendliness of staff, the amazing Mr Unni, always taking care of you, no matter what. The abundance of organic and extremely tasteful food. The depth of the yoga classes and meditations, the interesting yoga philosophy, the amazing Ayurvedic short one amazingly beautiful experience.

    Imani Ifedi

    from India, March 2020


    INCREDIBLE place. I did a 3-day yoga retreat and could say so many positive things about it. The surroundings are peaceful and beautiful, the yoga classes are well-paced and meaningful, Unni and the rest of the staff are SO helpful and kind, the food is healthy and extremely delicious, the other guests were friendly and open, and the experience was genuinely impactful. My only regret was not staying much longer!

    Toby Piachaud

    from United Kingdom, February 2020

    "Incredible stay"

    Everything about this place is so tranquil. I can't recommend it enough for someone looking to get away and experience brilliant Keralan food, yoga classes and relaxation.

    Sharon Beard

    from United Kingdom, February 2020


    The staff were helpful and friendly.

    The yoga studio and sessions were excellent.

    The massages were also good.

    Adela Klimova

    from France, February 2020

    "Amazing experience first time in Kerala"

    This was a paradise on the earth, from the first welcome juice drink, resort with their own grown food, amazing menu everyday different variety, yoga classes professionally run at such stunning view on rice paddies with sunrise, animals, plants and all the harmony which was created by Unni and his 5*service of his team. Boat trip organized and usage of bikes on premises was another bonus. I felt so recharged and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to future traveller’s! Hope to come back one day, thank you

    Srdjan Kovacevic

    from Romania, February 2020

    "Excellent, excellent, excellent"

    Amazing food!!

    Plenty if yoga classes each day!

    Amazing hospitality!!

    Monika Bebnowska

    from India, January 2020

    "3 days in heaven!"

    That was my first experience with Yoga retreat and I could not choose better! Everything was perfect there: beautiful location, comfy rooms, amazing Yoga shala with outstanding instuctors and absolutely delicious food. The staff is so nice and helpful, so you feel good vibes everywhere. And my special thanks go to Unni for creating that magical Hinterland Village :).


    from Finland, January 2020

    "Piece of Paradise"

    The staff was most loving, kind and helpful. Also the food was very good, healthy and rich in colour, texture and taste. The area was peaceful and beautiful, lush and green. Yoga was versitale and good as well.

    Jasmine Lau

    from China, January 2020

    When I first arrived at the retreat, I was so impressed by how much thought and heart went into creating this sanctuary - the beautiful plants, the healthy organic food, all the rescue animals... I would encourage people to come here not just for the yoga, but also to fully immerse in a natural sanctuary and the spirit of this place.

    Anni Pellikka

    from Finland, January 2020

    "Extremely compassionate and loving stay"

    The atmosphere, the entity of yoga classes, pranayama and especially yoga philosophy and ayurvedic guidelines. Everything was well-thought and run-through. Unni was extremely helpful and compassionate in every need, being genuine and gentle. It was a pleasure to get to know the story of Hinterland and spontaneosly play it back, having a playback theater performance with our theater group there. Days were intensive and opening in many ways, looking forward next time and deepening some aspects hopefully in private sessions.

    Laura Bonamis

    from United Kingdom, January 2020

    "Wonderful experience"

    Incredible place, beautiful people and fantastic food! It was our first yoga retreat and for my husband his first yoga class and Unni and his team made us feel at home from the minute we arrived. The atmosphere is so relaxing and peaceful - you would like to stay in this bubble forever. Truly unforgettable experience.

    Paul Stephenson

    from Greece, December 2019


    The whole experience was truly wonderful. We have never before tasted such a delicious array vegetarian food. The yoga was new to us and has been life-changing. The staff are so genuinely caring and friendly and showed us so much love. We also enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many interesting people from all over the world.

    Georgeta Marin

    from Romania, December 2019

    "Best Place to feel energy flowing towards you"

    I like the smile on people face, the yoga practice, the philosophy classes and meditation. Everybody cherrish food and massages, but all together invites you to experience happiness.

    Sima Mamtora

    from United Kingdom, December 2019

    "Excellent experience "


    Bridget Patterson

    from Saudi Arabia, December 2019

    Everything was perfect ! Can not fault

    Nicolette Sanfilippo

    from Turkey, November 2019

    "Rejuvenating experience in an oasis"

    Hinterland Village is just incredible. I could've stayed forever! The thoughtfulness that Unni puts into each person's daily schedule is so tangible. The yoga, meditation, massages, and yoga philosophy classes are all very well done and made me feel more relaxed and inspired than ever before. The food is also DELICIOUS! Everything is perfect, highly recommend!

    Nektaria Efstratiou

    from Greece, October 2019

    "Great experience!"

    Wonderful ambience, great food, hospitality!!

    Thaila Summers

    from United Kingdom, October 2019

    "Perfect retreat "

    The staff are great, unni and sri are very approachable and go out of their way to ensure you have a fulfilling trip.

    I couldn’t recommenced this retreat more!

    Katya Veleva

    from United Kingdom, September 2019

    "Exactly what i needed!"

    I really needed to not have to worry and think about what I am doing and eating and know that my body is being taken care of - for me the most relaxing part was having a schedule given to me in the morning and having my diet controlled for me - I was on a detox diet.

    Additionally, the yoga instructors were quite different from each other, even though they thought similar routines, which really gave me an opportunity to find out what works for me. The view from the yoga studio was magical!

    Having rescue animals around was also a great experience, I love animals and it really added to my experience.

    Unni and all the staff were lovely and caring and attentive to no measure <3

    Michael Hales

    from India, September 2019

    "Paradise in Kerala"

    Everything about this wonderful retreat.

    Unni and Shree are the ultimate hosts, kind, very caring and if you have any problem at all they will try their very best to fix it. Very hard to leave, already planning to return.

    Ingrid Kantorova

    from United Arab Emirates, September 2019

    The place is very peaceful, all amenities are provided, staff is professional and very friendly. I was looked well after.


    from Brunei, August 2019

    "Hinterland Village Yoga"

    Very peaceful and pleasant place. The program was helpful for me as an intermediate and there was no pressure to try poses that you were not comfortable with. The staff were very friendly and helpful. It was a very personal experience that is created by Unni for whom nothing was too much trouble.


    from Canada, August 2019

    "Amazing yoga retreat at Hinterland"

    This retreat was incredible and so memorable. Unni and his staff welcomed us with warmth and generosity. The accomodations were spacious and comfortable, the food was delicious and nutritious, and the yoga and meditation classes left us feeling grounded and energized. We feel blessed to have spent 5 days at Hinterland. We loved seeing the animals and especially Emma, the emu. We very much enjoyed both the cooking demonstration and the nature walk. We appreciated the time the staff spent with us and the attention to detail that made our stay wonderful. This retreat experience was the highlight of my time in India. Thank you Unni and all the staff for an incredible retreat.

    Travis Smith

    from Canada, July 2019

    "15 days of wonderful relaxation"

    Everybody was fantastic overall. I especially liked Swami's instruction of both yoga and philosophy. I met my weight loss goal for the retreat, with great help and support from the staff. I also liked the flexibility of how I could plan each day. Unni was very accommodating to my needs.

    Ambika Varma

    from India, July 2019

    "Ideal place to retreat"

    Coming to Hinterland was sheer chance, and I am thankful for that. When I booked the place, I expected only to spend three days doing yoga. I was pleasantly surprised both by the charm and tranquillity of the place and the warmth of all the people living and running the place, making it an ideal place for a retreat. Mr Unni is not only a warm and caring person but is a great organizer and manager. Even in a short three-day stay he managed to pack in all that was promised including a backwater trip and several Ayurvedic massages, without it being too overwhelming, giving me time to relax, reflect and take in the idyllic nature I was in. The yoga instructors were experienced, knowledgeable and accessible. The food was excellent. It was truly a homecoming for me - reconnecting with my roots. My only regret is that I was there only for three days. I hope to return one day...soon.

    Slavko Savinsek

    from Slovenia, July 2019



    matt o'neill

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    "Perfectly Balanced Retreat"

    I've been to many retreats around the world. They all have their distinct character, but Hinterland is first among equals. A real highlight was being around animals and even getting to know 'Emma', the resident Emu.

    I chose Hinterland because of its credentials for weight loss. It didn't disappoint. After 14 days, I left 7.3kg lighter than when I arrived.

    It's impeccably organised and everything runs like clockwork.

    Silvena Ivanova

    from Germany, June 2019

    "Incredible holistic experience in peaceful natural paradise"

    An amazing retreat built and delivered with so much love, knowledge, dedication and care by Unni and his lovely team. This was my first time in India and the retreat quickly exceeded all my expectations. Everything was perfect- the facilities, the sustainable and organic oasis of Nature that Unni so thoughtfully created, the unbearably delicious healthy food, the classes and massages... everything just beautifully flows and comes together to create the most well-built, body- and soul- nourishing experience I’ve ever had. Every single person at Hinterland (from the owner down to the housekeeping staff) was so respectful, positive and lovely, and went out of their way to make sure everyone’s stay is tailored to their needs. I am already planning to return and wholeheartedly recommend this retreat to any true yoga & nature lover!


    from New Zealand, May 2019

    "Not really sold...."

    1. communication with the retreat at the outset was very good and prompt

    2. during the retreat the staff were phenomenal

    3. the food was exceptional (do not expect to come away lighter--lovely curries and breads at each meal are too hard to resist)

    4. the yoga philosophy classes with Swarmi were great

    5. Emma the emu is a sweetie (if slightly intimidating)

    6. the owner Unni, provides a personalised note for everyone at breakfast time, that outlines your activities (eg, massage, trip into town). This is a nice touch.

    Amy Ellis

    from United Kingdom, April 2019

    "A paradise "

    Everything about this trip was perfect, Unni looks after you so well making sure you have nothing to worry about. Everyone that works there goes out of their way to take care of you. The food is delicious, the yoga instructors are excellent. The retreat is set in a paradise where being eco friendly is a priority. I will definitely go back to this wonderful place.

    Vera Canas

    from United Kingdom, April 2019


    I booked a 3 day retreat but very quickly realised that wasn’t enough, so I increased it to 5 days and Unni was very accommodating...

    I really loved the yoga instructor at the weekend 23/24 of March, unfortunately can’t remember is name.


    from United Kingdom, April 2019

    "The Hinterland experience "

    I loved the serenity and beauty of the place- a perfect environment for yoga and meditation. The staff were amazing and the food absolutely delicious


    from United States, March 2019

    "Wonderful Retreat"

    Everything. The staff were all amazing, the setting idyllic, the food delicious, eith a full timetable of yoga, massage, yoga philosophy, trail walking, cycling and hammocks and comfy chairs for rrading/napping. It was great value for money and their was a variation of yoga and meditation. Lovely to see the sun rise every morning with a view across the fields into the trees during yoga.

    Emily Cooper

    from India, March 2019

    "The Perfect Retreat"

    The food was incredible - I bought the recipe book, which I wouldn’t usually do. Best food I’ve had in India and I’ve been eating A LOT.

    The yoga was great, challenging but never too much. Meditation was excellent too.

    The atmosphere is wonderful, there is no stress and it’s a very easy place to arrive as a solo traveller. Everybody eats together so you get to know everyone quite quickly.

    There was a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor which was great.

    There are lots of friendly animals wondering around the property, each day there were a new group to meet.

    Couldn’t recommend Hinterland Village enough. I’ve already told all my friends to go.

    Charles Tak

    from United States, March 2019

    "Great experience!"

    Delicious vegetarian food with lots of variety. The staff and owner are extremely accommodating and friendly. Really great value. Nothing bad to say, had an amazing experience.

    Angela Helleur

    from United Kingdom, March 2019

    "A piece of paradise"

    Hinterland Village is a wonderful place where I managed to relax like never before. Unni is an amazing host who gets to know every guest as individuals. The staff are so kind, respectful and hardworking and the food is to die for. A very special place that I will come back to.

    Larry Prochazka

    from India, March 2019

    "Awesome experience"

    Helped me feel and experience Yoga differently. I've tried it at times over the past 30 years. Decided to experience it in India and so happy I did. I felt my body changing day by day. Instruction was excellent! Highly recommend this experience.

    Very affordable! Welcoming and exceptionally helpful staff. Quiet location. Full schedule but time to relax as well. GO!


    from United States, March 2019

    "Sublime experience "

    The whole experience was great, the food was amazing, the location so beautiful and peaceful and the range of activities included within the price made it very reasonable.


    from United States, February 2019

    "Hinterland Feb 2019!"

    I really enjoyed my time at hinterland. The day programmed are quite full on but I enjoyed the 4 hours of yog everyday! 😀

    Andrea Price

    from India, February 2019

    "Fantastic little place!"

    My stay was very short because of the availability at the centre, but I was really happy to spend a few days there and unwind from traveling. I was especially impressed with Unni, the owner, who personally greets and takes care of every one of his guests, with a smile and a genuine interest in them. I felt very loved and taken care of, and the yoga and classes are all done with care, quality and right on schedule. Well done to the team!

    Kirsten Scott

    from United Kingdom, February 2019

    "Best yoga retreat ever"

    All the people here are an absolute delight. Warm , welcoming, kind and informative. The yoga is wonderful and I learnt so much about the spiritual life and the philosophy of Yoga. I hope I’m going home a better person because of it.

    Amanda Adam

    from United Kingdom, February 2019

    "Fabulous yoga retreat"

    The people, everyone at Hinterland, all of the staff were amazing so warm and friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The other visitors/ travellers are fabulous all like minded and if not when they arrive they are when they leave.

    The food was absolutely delicious freshly cooked and most of it grown on the surrounding land. The yoga is intensive but manageable the teachers make you want to continue this practice and make this a lifestyle. A thousand thanks to Unni and his team for all their love and advice and all the organising of trips when asked.

    Rachel Aliwell

    from United States, February 2019

    "Absolute Heaven!"

    Hinterland Village is like a small patch of heaven on earth! A serene bubble that completely takes you away from all of the stresses of everyday life. The yoga and meditation classes are wonderful. The food is absolutely delicious and all of the staff do everything they can to make your stay as perfect as possible.

    Cassina Tawhai

    from Australia, February 2019

    "Wish I had been able to stay longer"

    For my first retreat I was really impressed by this group. The facilities were great. All the instructors were fantastic. They even organised an out of program boat trip for some of us.

    As a gluten free they catered to my requirements and the food was super amazing.

    I will def be back for a longer time next time.

    Kimbo Langford

    from United Kingdom, January 2019

    "My yoga experience "

    The yoga & meditation were amazing in a lovely room set in the woods with the sun rising in our view rack morning. The staff were all so friendly creating a very happy atmosphere. Every thing was taken care of for us. I enjoyed the healthy meals.

    Yaara Gross

    from Israel, January 2019

    "Just book it. The best yoga retreat"

    Atmosphere very welcoming. Nice crew. Unni is an amazing host and also his wife. Yoga lessons and teachers are professionals and even doing 4 hours yoga a day no hurting your body. Jayesh meditations are wonderful. 5 stars yoga Retreat.

    Louise Rose

    from France, January 2019

    "Fantastic experience "

    The yoga, the staff, the food, the birds the whole setting.

    Poppy Lyle

    from United States, January 2019

    "Beautiful place "

    I absolutely loved this place. very caring staff, beautful surroundings, great yoga, delicious food, nice atmosphere. I came with my 7 year old daughter and she loved it too and I felt very supported by the staff to enjoy some yoga-time as well as daughter-time. I hope to come back one day!

    Natausha Wilson

    from United States, January 2019

    "Soul Food"

    Soul nourishing experience with invigorating asana, peaceful meditation, and exquisite cuisine. Let me mention again how amazing the food was! Hinterland is a beautiful village of people united under the loving spirit of its owner. My experiences there not only deepened my practice...they deepened my appreciation for this life. I hope to return soon.

    Lorraine Gill

    from India, January 2019


    The staff, the instructors, the owners were all friendly, professional and made you feel so welcome and at home. İt was a truly wonderful experience that will stay with me always. İt's a very special place.

    Freja Dam

    from Denmark, January 2019

    I loved this retreat. The surroundings are beautiful and calming, the yoga was great, people were friendly and the food was amazing. It made me feel strong, relaxed and focused.

    Teresita Sekiya

    from Japan, December 2018

    "Everything is amazing."

    Almost Everything.The place,the food,the staffs,the yoga ,meditation and so gratefully thanks to Unni and family.


    from United Kingdom, December 2018

    "Best end to our travels in India"

    - The food was AMAZING

    - Unni was great at communicating with us prior to our visit so we had no worries about what we were doing

    - Yoga was great - I especially loved Aje's sessions

    - Meditation was a fantastic experience - I went in feeling like I couldn't be bothered with it that day but came out floating

    - You feel like you're really being taken care of. After spending three hectic weeks further North, this was the best possible end to our holiday

    - Rooms are lovely and big, great to have nice hot water

    - Massage was the best ever

    Daniela Isca

    from India, December 2018

    "Peaceful place"

    I really liked the location,the yoga teacher,the food was incredibile,and i really appreciated the kindness of Unni,the owner.he really cares about his guests.the staff is kind and everyone is so professional.

    Huixian He

    from India, November 2018


    THE WORKING STAFF....everything is perfect. :)

    Janava Benton

    from United States, November 2018

    "Organic simplicity for your highest self"

    Everything was great from the airport pickup to morning yoga, all of the meals, the massages, guided meditations and evening yoga. The preserved nature around helps you to find your place in the universe very quickly.

    Karen Shepheard

    from Australia, November 2018

    "5 days at Hinderland retreat"

    Loved the food, massages and daily yoga and meditation practices. The setting was very tranquil and peaceful and made many new friends during my stay.

    Great environment and left feeling very relaxed and chilled out. Great way to end 3 weeks in India.

    Cindy Casey

    from Australia, November 2018

    "Beautiful setting in the Hinterland"

    The staff were all very friendly and accommodating. Food was delicious (and Im not vegetarian) and healthy. The lush grounds were lovely and relaxing. It was all well organised and Unni was approachable and helpful.

    Andrew Love

    from United States, November 2018

    "Incredible "

    The food, the location, the staff of Mr Uni are all WORLD class. Such a treat relaxing, learning, and spending time in their world. Would recommend to anyone and will definitely be back.

    Thea Gillingham

    from United Kingdom, October 2018

    "Simply Magical"

    Such a magical experience, a placed filled with positive energy and incredible people. Excellent instructors offering support for all levels of yoga experience.


    from Hong Kong, October 2018

    "Great environment to center yourself!"

    The food was amazing! the retreat is located in a remote area on the hill overlooking a rice paddy. Very quiet and peaceful environment.


    from United Kingdom, September 2018

    "Wonderful place"

    Atmosphere and lovely kind staff


    from United Kingdom, September 2018

    "A beautiful surreal oasis in Kerala"

    I arrived here for my first ever yoga retreat and instantly felt as if I had been transported to another world. Everything here is about your wellbeing and relaxation, and after spending six days here I felt the most centred that I have been in years (though I wish I could have stayed longer!)

    Days start with a 6.30am yoga class overlooking the sunrise over the rice paddies and palm trees. Throughout the day, you can have massages, meditation classes and yoga philosophy, or spend time reading in the hammocks or swimming. The grounds themselves are beautiful - the groundskeeper really knows his stuff and will show you all the beautiful species of plants growing on site! All staff and instructors are completely lovely, and the food is delicious and healthy - I miss it so much!

    This place is hugely relaxing and stunning and will give you the chance to clear your mind completely through regular yoga and meditation practice. In only six days I learned so much about myself - fully recommend here.

    Erika Pucciarelli

    from United States, August 2018

    "Exactly what I was looking for"

    I was looking for a short retreat to experience the real meaning of yoga. I only had 3 days to spend in Kerala and literally went all the way from New York to India, flew 18 hours just to do this retreat. I arrived Friday night and Unni sent someone for me to the airport. He welcomed me and saved dinner for me. The food was delicious and I am not vegetarian. On Saturday I did a 2 hours yoga class, then an amazing breakfast, a meditation class, a philosophy class, an amazing massage and facial scrub and then another yoga class. Dinner was good as well. On Sunday I had morning yoga class, a private yoga session and another ayurveda massage. A taxi drove me to the airport on Sunday noon. I understood why people extends their stay. I felt welcomed, relaxed, disconnected. Unni was on top of everything (even my morning bananas!) and made my stay enjoyable even in such a short time. I don't remember all the staff names but everybody was caring. I wish I could stay for a week. I was afraid to do this solo but I am happy that I did it. Unni: I will see you in NYC! We need a Hinterland New York.

    Desiree Nelson

    from United States, August 2018

    My stay at Hinterland Village was nothing short of lovely. Upon arriving at Hinterland I was greeted by Unni and some of the guests and was shown to my accommodations to settle in before beginning my day. The village is quite beautiful with all manner of flowers, herbs, spices, tress and friendly animals. It was truly a bit of paradise.

    The schedule at Hinterland is quite packed but everything is optional so if you need a bit more rest time you can feel free. There are hammocks to enjoy a good book or to simply take in the scenery, a nice pool to lounge at or cool off in. You can take a stroll around the grounds and appreciate the surroundings or rent a tuk tuk and venture to the neighboring town for some shopping or exploring. You won't be bored.

    The food is well balanced vegetarian and is phenomenal. They sell a cookbook with some of their most popular dishes, which I couldn't leave without.

    Everyday from 6:30-8:30am and 6-8pm, is yoga practice. Don't let the time intimidate you. The practice is challenging (for beginner and intermediate students) but slow paced with breaks. You'll leave each class feeling energized and renewed. My only dislike to the yoga classes were that with the exception of a few, they were quite routine and unvaried. I would have preferred more variety but they were still great. I found the meditation classes to be exceptional.

    You can also enjoy a half-day backwater tour and a cooking demonstration. All in all, great time and highly recommended

    Varun Gulati

    from United States, July 2018

    "Magical oasis in the monsoon season!"

    I can’t say enough positive things about Hinterland. This place is absolutely magical. Unni has created a sustainable, eco-friendly village with HUNDREDS of native flora and fauna. The food is phenomenal, and there is so much to see and do on the property. You’ll get to improve your yoga & meditation practice, go on nature walks, eat delicious snacks (multiple times a day), drink fresh juices, learn yoga philosophy, take trips to nearby spots (backwaters, village, Kochi), swim in the pool, visit the vegetable garden, get a cooking demonstration, enjoy a massage, drink herbal water, get a steam bath, sing bhajans, get an ayurvedic consultation, feed the emu, and SO much more.

    Also, I must note that Unni and the whole staff really do a great job of nurturing you. I’m impressed with the care that they provide: at any given point in time, they are providing holistic treatment to a number of people for their specific conditions.

    There’s so much to see and do here. Don’t hesitate to book this — you won’t regret it!

    Dilara Ecem Umitli

    from Turkey, July 2018

    "Peaceful and uniting retreat"

    Amazing place to withdraw from your life’s stresses and refocus on what is real and important. Yoga practices are amazing and they tune you back with your body. The food and massages, the yoga philosophy lectures all work together to raise your mindfulness. I would love to come back for a longer period of time!

    Vita Rinkeviciene

    from United States, July 2018

    "Excellent retreat"

    Quality of exercise, food

    Camilla Drema

    from India, June 2018

    "Beautiful, tranquil & had the best food I’ve ever eaten"

    The food was incredible, the staff lovely, it was a 10/10 experience for me

    Ana Salgado

    from Finland, June 2018

    I joined in the retreat without experience in yoga and I left loving it. As soon as I arrived at Hinterland I felt at home. The whole experience is unique, as the service, accommodation and facilities are excellent. I booked a 6 days retreat but I was so happy with it that decided to extend my stay. Unni was very helpful all the time, as well as all the staff members. The yoga classes were great and I was inspired to be better every day. There was always new activities and still time to relax and escape from a hectic life. I will definitely come back here!

    Cindy Dalling

    from South Africa, June 2018

    "A little escape"

    This retreat attracts like minded, wonderful people. The staff are all genuinely caring and this retreat fills the soul!


    from Singapore, June 2018

    "You get what you pay for"

    The fellow guests, the food

    Juanita Castro Ochoa

    from United States, June 2018

    "I came for three days and extended my stay!"

    It feels as if you are in paradise. Everyone is welcoming and making sure you feel at home. The yoga classes are great, they are accompanied with massages and theory classes. Food! Food! Food! I'm not vegetarian myself but after eating clean and delicious for the past days I feel rejuvenated. I will buy a copy of the cooking book because the food is just amazing. If you are looking for a place where you can connect body and mind this is the place for you. I extended my stay and 4 people from the group did aswell.

    Bindu Ramawat

    from India, June 2018

    "Amazing experience with Hinterland Family"

    There is nothing which I did not like. Overall experience was above expectation.i am going to plan here again and this time for more than 3 days.

    Parthasarathy Mysore

    from India, May 2018

    "Yoga resort experience "

    Location, yoga classes, food, great, the staff are friendly and well disciplined. It was great experience for the price. The person managing the center is friendly, organised. Overall great

    Rachel Turner

    from India, April 2018

    "Like nowhere I’ve ever been! "

    The team look after you from start to finish, every day. The yoga shala was beautiful. Wonderfully relaxing place, couldn’t be closer to nature. The food was a particular highlight, and always different. Would go back!

    Esmeralda Agapiou

    from United Arab Emirates, April 2018

    "Amazing escape"

    What a delightful place! Thank you to Unni, his wife and all the lovely staff. Beautiful scenery, top quality food (we were constantly fed!), great yoga sessions, clean rooms and just overall an amazing experience. To top that met so many cool people , all eating together everyday- such a great atmosphere! Miss it already and hope to visit again soon.

    Juliana Garcia

    from India, April 2018

    "very nice weekend"

    Very relaxing place. The yoga shala is just amazing with a beautiful view to green fields. The food is great and staff very sweet and beyond helpful

    Ellie Miles

    from United Kingdom, April 2018

    "If you only do one retreat in your life ..."

    Unni and his team make you feel like family, the yoga and meditation instructors are really, really great ...massages every other day, incredible food, beautiful surroundings ...Unni has successfully created an expression of the Divine here on Earth. I booked for 3 days and stayed for 8 ... and even then I had to force myself to leave, but had to as I have found my path, thanks to everyone at Hinterland. A truly magical and unifying experience.

    Emily Nicholls

    from Hong Kong, April 2018

    "Awesome experience! Will return!"

    It was an excellent introduction to yoga for me and I will definitely be making it a bigger part of my everyday life. The teachers were great, it was well-organized and I thought the food was outstanding. Can't wait to repeat the experience!

    Kate Maier

    from United States, April 2018

    "Wonderful time!"

    The staff was so friendly and the food was amazing!! Wish I could stay forever! Interesting philosophy and yoga classes too!

    Amy Arin

    from United Kingdom, April 2018

    "Beautiful retreat, great place for a re-set"

    Calm, organised, structured while there is lots to do and opportunity to explore nearby villages/ Fort Kochi/ Backwaters if you would like to. The food is amazing and almost all grown on-site - ask for a walking tour.

    Monica Arreola

    from Mexico, April 2018

    "The right way to meet India"

    I love that you get the best of both worlds: nature inspired yoga and modern services. Hinterland Village is dreamy, everything is green, recycled, homemade, and locally produced however it also has A/C on each room, flushing toilets, and hot water to shower. For a single woman traveling solo to India, this experience was safe, fun, and beyond amazing. The staff is kind and happy, the owners are around, the teachers are excellent, and food is healthy and tasty. I want to go back for a longer program.

    Rachel Turner

    from United States, March 2018

    The yoga, the meditation, the food was all incredible. Can’t wait to go back.

    Emma Russell

    from United Kingdom, March 2018

    "Magical stay - highly recommended"

    Everything about the stay at Hinterland was superb. From the easy pick-up and accesbility from Cochin airport, to the wonderful ayurvedic food, to the resotrative yoga and meditation sessions. Unni has created a magical place - would highly recommend to all.

    Puja Herekar

    from United Arab Emirates, March 2018

    Amazing stay ..unni make personalised programs as per your needs. The food was delicious and the property was beautiful. Left feeling calm and rejuvenated. Can't wait for my next trip

    Rhian Sula

    from United Kingdom, February 2018


    Beautiful vibe. Super chilled. Unni and the team were so attentive. Food was incredible. Treatments and yoga sessions were good. Well organised operation.

    Inger Syltøy

    from Sweden, February 2018

    The atmosphere and the propellen was very nice.

    Erin Fleming

    from United States, January 2018

    "The best vacation "

    Everything! But I loved the staff the most; they were all kind and super attentive. The food was amazing and the yoga classes were the best. You will not regret going to Hinterland! I learned so much about myself and I feel like I grew as a person. Truly lucky and grateful for the experience.

    Rosalia Munoz

    from United Kingdom, January 2018

    "Will repeat! "

    I loved my stay in Hinterland Village.

    My friend and I spent 6 days in a shared room.

    From the beginning we felt very comfortable. The facilities are basic but at the same time every detail is looked after. The staff was incredibly attentive and kind.

    Unni, who runs the place is such an inspiring human being.

    Daily, we were waking up at 6am, starting yoga practice,

    (including asanas, pranayama and meditation), followed by delicious Indian breakfast (don’t expect croissants or porridge!). Free time, philosophy, dance therapy, massages, depending on the day (Unni adjusts the schedule for individuals based on their needs/likes) lunch, free time, more yoga, some other activities like meditation or relaxation and dinner.

    The yoga sessions last two hours. Don’t worry if you are not an expert although I would recommend having done a bit of yoga before to enjoy it more.

    They provide good yoga mats (which they clean regularly). The teachers are very experienced. The way they teach is fairly different to what we are used in wester countries but it felt to me like real authentic Yoga.

    The relaxation and meditation sessions were incredible, perfect way to forget about our busy lives back home.

    The food is all vegetarian (can be catered to vegans too), grown at the resort and amazingly cooked.

    We had an amazing time, thinking about going back again in the future. Highly recommended.

    Stacey Fraser

    from United Kingdom, January 2018

    "Superb 6 Days "

    Every member of staff is excellent from the moment you arrive, you instantly feel welcome and there are constantly there to assist. The staff ensured that we didn't miss any meals (selection of food and smoothes are great!!). The massages certainly add to the experience, plant tour (absolutely superb and the guide made it for us) animals running free :) yoga class (we are beginner level and they were very manageable) and lastly using the bikes - great trip to the local town to sample the locals cakes and coffees.

    Inderjit Singh

    from Sweden, January 2018

    "A new home"

    Just being there was a privilege. Felt like home with a new family and great minds.

    Rosanna Cummins

    from Australia, January 2018

    "Yoga/ayurvedic experience at Hinterland"

    Two 2 hour sessions of yoga and daily massage and daily philosophical talk all great. Food really tasty and wholesome and lots of really friendly travellers from all over the world and all different ages. Loved lying in the hammock and enjoying the lush scenery. All the staff were very friendly and helpful and Unni speaks to everyone individually everyday with their schedule of activities. Great to see all the animals wandering around like the Emu and the gigantic turkeys!

    Karen Rego

    from India, January 2018

    "The perfect break!"

    My yoga holiday at hinterland village was one of the best experiences I had. To begin with, the rooms are perfectly fine, spacious and clean. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The food was simply amazing. I enjoyed healthy, delicious, vegetarian meals and did not crave for anything else except what was served. The asana, pranayam and meditation techniques taught are appropriate for any level of student and also perfect from a relaxing yoga holiday perspective. The asana's are not strenous but at the same time helps to stretch and strenghten the body, just the right amount you need while on a holiday. And not to forget the beautiful location hinterland village has to offer, truly making up with nature. It serves as the perfect getaway vacation from the routine hustle bustle of city life, to relax and spend some quality time with nature within the resort and even the surronding village, do some yoga, meet lovely like minded people and eat delicious food! Many thanks to Mr. Unni who is an absolutely kind and delightful man. His hospitality made our stay even more memorable. Also a special mention to his team out there.. who are extremely hard working and kind people! Definitely worth a second visit! : )


    from Sweden, January 2018

    "A peaceful place for the soul"

    Very, very well organized. The management has a good idea about what the guests need and may want. Excellent service, lovely hospitality, clean and neat, great food with a lot of variation, the resort site is very well kept. Genuine!


    from India, December 2017

    "Once in a lifetime"

    Visiting Hinterland is something every soul on this planet should do once in their life. Unni has created something very special - a quiet haven of self reflection, learning and fantastic food. What blew me away was the amazing people I met here - many who will remain life long friends. I hope to one day return to Hinterland - it feels like a home away from home.

    Iris Reed

    from United Kingdom, December 2017

    "I shall return"

    Everything was so wonderful. The staff, classes, setting, food, pool.

    Janine Machet

    from Philippines, November 2017

    "Excellent value for money and wonderful generosity of spirit"

    Hinterland is a magic gem. A place that gave us very basic accommodation, yet with such love and care. The property and place also has many amazing offerings, especially the variety of fresh, organicly growing food, and medicinal plants, with all their Ayurvedic healing benefits.The welcome and care taken by Unni and his staff is excellent. Beautiful location and amenities. Kitchen staff were always helpful, kind, professional, welcoming, gentle and generous, Thier individual and collective service was absolutely fantastic. The food was always delicious, varied and nourishing. The nature walk was also incredibly interesting. Staff seem so caring and enthusiastic to provide a great experience. Cleaning staff everywhere were very friendly and good. The swimming pool was lovely and clean.

    Olivia Hart

    from United Kingdom, November 2017

    "Lovely start to a holiday"

    The food, the location was beautiful, all the staff were incredibly helpful and attentive

    James Stock

    from United Kingdom, November 2017

    "Enlightening yoga in a beautiful location with kind people!"

    We liked everything!

    The Yoga and Meditation were great, Swarmi is a great teacher and it was good to get to know him over our time there as he was a very interesting person.

    One of the highlights was the yoga philosophy as it was something we had not had much exposure to before hand but was very interesting and again Swarmi’s views and teaching made this very interesting.

    The food was AMAZING and has been the most enjoyable food we have experienced on our three weeks around India. Different dishes every day and always exciting to try.

    Also a special mention to Bianca and her dance therapy and aerobatic yoga classes. The dance therapy was right out of my comfort zone but Bianca was a great teacher and had well planned classes that made you feel at easy and comfortable and were very enjoyable. It’s a shame she will only be there for a limited time.

    Thank you also to Unni how perfectly organised everything was,he made sure you were well looked after and didn’t want for anything.

    All in all we had a great 6 day at the retreat and left totally relaxed and in a great mind space. We didn’t want to leave and wished we could have stayed longer.

    Aine Oconnell

    from Ireland, November 2017

    Loved the yoga -great pace, lovely soothing voice, nicely structured classes.

    Amazing location-so peaceful.

    Wonderful family-run business.

    Lots of options to get out for day trips if you wished.

    I'll really miss Hinterland and it's wonderful people!

    Katarzyna Pawluk

    from United Kingdom, October 2017

    "I would definitely recommend "

    Amazing place where you can practice yoga and learn about meditation in idyllic setting. Suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis. Food is to die for and people are kind and friendly. Perfect place to relax. I hope to be back one day :)

    Nadia Nesme

    from France, March 2020

    "une retraite yoga bienveillante et reposante"

    - les cours de yoga, la philosophie et la méditation

    - la cuisine excellente, bravo au chef!

    - le personnel aux petits soins et tellement gentil!

    Céline Brun-ney

    from France, January 2020

    "Un séjour essentiel "

    Une bulle dans la nature hors du temps et de l’agitation.

    Une nourriture exceptionnelle de qualité.

    Un accueil personnalisé.

    Une pratique intense.

    Jill Nussbaumer

    from Taiwan, August 2019

    "Holistic experience of Yoga"

    Hinterland is a beautiful place with wonderful humans, plants and animals living in harmony. It’s easy to strive and feel comfortable in this environment, eating delicious food from the garden and following the daily yoga and meditation routine. On top of that I learned a lot about the science of ayurveda and philosophy and practical skills like cooking. Unni and everyone from the staff were welcoming and attentive, taking care of everyone’s needs and making my stay perfect. Occasional get aways to fort kochi, the backwaters and to town were nice activities to balance out the retreat. I recommend this place to everyone interested in experience well-being and relaxation paired with yoga.

    Justine Greard

    from India, June 2019

    "expérience inoubliable !"

    Un petit havre de paix dans un cadre magique ! Les professeurs sont excellents, le personnel adorable et attentionné, la nourriture fantastique, bref tout est parfait au Hinterland Village !

    Camille Crutel

    from France, April 2019

    "Séjour parfait en tous points"

    J'ai passé deux semaines incroyables à Hinterland Village. Les cours de yoga sont de qualité et l'ensemble du personnel du centre est impliqué à vous faire passer le meilleur séjour possible.

    Le lieu est magnifique, un véritable havre de paix. Les repas sont délicieux et préparés avec les aliments cultivés directement sur place : une bombe de vitamines et nutriments, comme on n'en trouve plus dans nos grandes villes occidentales.

    Je recommande absolument Hinterland Village si vous recherchez un séjour dépaysant et régénérant.

    Merci à Unni et à tout le personnel d'Hinterland !

    Christine Barnel

    from United States, March 2019

    "Le paradis, c’est ici !"

    Tout m’a plu : l’ambiance, les gens, le lever du soleil face au studio de yoga pendant la salutation au soleil, les cours de méditation, les 4heures de yoga par jour, la qualité des repas si goûteux et si sains. Tout ! Merci à Unni et à son staff d’un tel accueil. Et merci pour les sourires et la gentillesse de tous. Revenir est mon souhait !

    Lau Carrillo

    from United States, February 2019

    "Una experiencia que vale la pena repetir "

    Agradezco mucho la amabilidad, calidad y entrega de todas las personas que trabajan en hinterland village, mi experiencia ha sido inolvidable y he aprendido mucho más de lo que esperaba. La calidad humana es lo más maravilloso que creo que hay en este lugar, hacen que cada detalle se disfrute al máximo y transmiten una hermosa energía. Definitivamente lo recomiendo y regresare cuando me sea posible!!

    Claudia Opfermann

    from Germany, February 2019

    "Entspannte Tage zum runterkommen"

    Die Anlage ist recht groß und schön. Es gibt einen kleinen Pool, Hängematten und beim Yoga schaut man direkt auf Reisfelder.

    Das Essen ist sehr frisch und super lecker. Das Personal ist generell super freundlich und erkennt alle Wünsche.

    Ich hatte sehr schöne und erholsame Tage und kann es nur empfehlen

    Helene Cerneau

    from France, February 2019

    "hinterland village is like paradise. Helene from France"

    Hinterland village is located in a very nice place, in the middle of the nature, surrounded by coconut trees and field rice. All the concept is about taking care of the nature and of yourself Food is organic and comes from the beautiful garden of the village. We had different delicious meals everyday. everyone is taking care of you and Hinterland village is the perfect place to rest, take time for yourself, medit, and meet nice people. There is no bad surprises one you arrived. In comparison with the price I paided, I am not disappointed at all.

    Annie Guimard

    from United States, January 2019


    L'accueil et l'attention personnelle que porte Unni à chacun. L'excellence des cours de yoga et les maitres totalement dévoués à votre pratique. La cuisine merveilleusement réalisée par l'excellent chef et son équipe. Ici tout le monde prends soin de vous et veille à votre bien être. Le découverte de la ferme en perma culture qui fournit tous les aliments servis est une très belle expérience.

    Merci à tous. Une semaine fabuleuse, juste envie de revenir au plus vite!.

    Safia GOUASMI

    from United States, December 2018

    "Je recommande sans hésiter !"

    Endroit paisible et très jolie ou la nature prime, Unni fait tout son possible pour vous aider et faire en sorte que tout se passe bien. Les repas sont delicieux. Le staff est juste super que se soit les masseuses, les profs de yoga ou de méditation.j'ai appris énormément, je leur serais toujours reconnaissante ! Merci encore

    Susanne Mühlhauser-jentsch

    from Germany, November 2018

    Sehr liebevolle Rundumbetreuung, anspruchsvolles Programm, sehr freundliches Personal, phantastisches Essen. Ein sehr friedlicher und wunderschöner Platz, wo man zur Ruhe kommt. Ich hoffe sehr, einmal wieder zu kommen!


    from Spain, August 2018

    "Pure relaxation"

    It feels like you’re in the jungle

    Neus Perez Olive

    from Spain, April 2018

    "Home sweet home in India"

    Everything was just perfect. The teachers were sooooo great, Yoga and meditation was fantastic, Unni and his family are such an example. They really inspired me! I bring home a lot of amazing experience, interesting new knowledge, new and great friends...I definitely recommend Hinterland to everyone! You will experience the happiness in one of the most beautiful places of Kerala. Thank you Unni!

    Alexandra Benz

    from Spain, February 2018

    Ell ambiente, la gente, los instructores, la comida en general todo.

    Françoise Kahane

    from France, February 2018


    Attention, care, benevolence, respect of life, plants, animals, people, ecosystem, desire to behave usufully, lovingly

    Drymail-perso Drymail-perso

    from France, January 2018

    "belle expérience de yiga"

    Retraite très agréable et bien organisée. Tout était parfait.qualite de l'accueil, nourriture excellente, une oasis de detente.les chambres sont simples mais propres

    Corrie de Beer

    from Netherlands, December 2017

    "Een ervaring om nooit te vergeten"

    Alles, maar vooral de positieve sfeer en levenshouding van de eigenaar Unni en zijn vrouw, hun staf, onze teachers Swami en Jayesh. Mensen als zij dragen bij aan een betere wereld. We leren graag van hen en komen zeker terug!