We are Carrie and Zach, a travel-obsessed couple in love with adventure! We love yoga, nature, sobriety, and giving back, so we combined all our passions!

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Carrie Hoffman

Zach Minnich

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Magan Glover

from United States, October 2021

"Perfection "

Carrie and Zach are the dream team. The property is gorgeous, the food is incredible. Great yoga and hiking. Loved our cacao ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for more. Can’t wait to book another with them. We felt like family here. Learned so much from them. Get ready to unplug refresh and feel one with nature!

Crystal Paqua

from United States, October 2021

"Excellent “off the grid” camping retreat!"

The food was incredible!!! We ate something very different every meal. Zero monotony. Portions were great too!

Also, everything was very clean. The inside of the yurt, the bedding, blankets, etc. That would have been a deal breaker haha.

The itinerary was great! 5 of 5 stars!! The yoga and hiking were better than I’d hoped! For some reason the star rating for “Quality of Activities” is not on here for me to actually choose, but I see that it’s marked 3.5 stars by default. Not sure why this part of the review is missing and defaulting to 3.5.

***Not accurate***

Bruce Tapp

from United States, September 2021

"Absolutely wonderful!"

The scenery at the retreat was beautiful.

The food is so delicious!

The experience was magical for our group. We all came with different intentions, but left with those intentions filled beyond expectations!

The trip was effortless. They planned everything from food, hiking, activities, yoga, meditation.

This was my first yoga retreat. I left wanting to book another experience with Carrie and Zach!

Ashley Schumer

from United States, September 2021

"An EXCELLENT ECO retreat! "

Carrie and Zach make such a good team! They each make a point to get to know you, they each have their specialties that make this retreat so special, they each have the ability to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own personal abilities. Overall, they balance each other out very well and make wonderful hosts. In just 2 “full” days we hiked the Grand Canyon and experienced the vibrant vortex of Sedona. We even went to an off grid natural spring that was just what the doctor ordered after 2 days of hiking. On top of seeing some of the most beautiful landmarks of Arizona, Carrie is an AMAZING yoga instructor and provides the perfect environment to get as deep into your personal practice as possible. Zachs cooking skills are BEYOND what I expected and I am even inspired to eat more vegan meals at home! This is the most nourishing, inspiring, rejuvenating retreat one could ask for. From the location, to the company, to the food, to the excursions. Just perfect!

Krisztina Bury

from United States, September 2021

"Perfect Balance"

Zach and Carrie created a wonderfully peaceful place and a perfect retreat of balance. The yurts were placed far apart to have private time but the yoga platform and dinner table brought our group together and created a nice community and great conversations. I loved the balance of active hikes, downtime, and yoga customized to the need of the group for that day. Carrie is really skilled at figuring out what kind of yoga practice and meditation are appropriate for the day depending on the activities we had or what lies ahead of us. We got to have one hike with Zach and one with Carrie which gave us the opportunity to learn from each of them about the places we visited and their flora and fauna. Zach treated us to delicious and beautiful food every day that was made with thoughtfully selected nutritious ingredients. We even got to try some wild mushrooms he harvested in one of our incredible dinners. I loved the portions which were small but always enough and there was food for seconds if anyone wanted it. I appreciated the thoughtfulness of providing a cleaning solution to wipe off the restrooms after using them and loved taking showers under the stars and out in nature in the private but partially open showers. I found their place and retreat the perfect balance of simplicity and luxury. The grounds and tents are simple with beautiful views, inviting and comfortable furnishing, but the experience is luxurious with wonderful food, grand adventures, and exceptional guides.

Sandra Riano

from United States, August 2021

" A yoga retreat that stays truth to its purpose"

Beautiful setting where nature is the protagonist. Carrie and Zach are the type of teachers that lead by example in an atmosphere of respect to everything yoga represents. The result? An awakening of the senses to nature, healthy food, yoga and real human connection. It is refreshing to find such an authentic couple offering the wisdom they have found through their yoga journey in such an inspiring way!

Carmen Hageman

from United States, July 2021

"Total complete BLISS"

Hosts went above & beyond to insure a peaceful meditative serene experience with exciting fun transformative adventures !! 7 total strangers came together and unexpectedly became family !!

Anna Pogorzelska-tselentis

from United States, July 2021

"Fantastic adventure that exceeded my expectations "

What an incredible adventure that was! Everything about this yoga retreat exceeded my expectations. Food, location, accommodation and of course people were fantastic!

Jennifer Ellsperman

from United States, July 2021

"Beyond expected!"

The balance of doing physical activities (hiking, biking, yoga) and relaxing/therapeutic activities (yoga, massage, meditation) is totally my style. The home harvested vegetarian meals were creative, incredibly tasty, and very fulfilling! Instead of leaving feeling sad it was over (ok, I was still sad), I left inspired to continue the journey with tools for being more in balance every day. Carrie and Zach have so much to offer! I feel like I could do a retreat with them every month and still learn something new every day.

Mark Yamashita

from United States, June 2021

"Vacation of a lifetime"

This was my first ever yoga/meditation retreat and it exceeded all of my expectations. It was nice that once I arrived at the beautiful location, everything was taken care of for me. This was definitely a trip that I knew would be out of my comfort zone as I had not been camping in over 10 years and had never eaten plant based food. After this experience I have determined that I would like to do more of both! Carrie was a great yoga instructor and I was happy that she took my requests to show me different arm balances as that is what I am looking to incorporate into my yoga practice. Lastly the tours we went on were fantastic. They know all of the less crowded trails so it was very memorable for me to experience hiking in the Grand Canyon and Sedona with less crowds.

Thanks again and I look forward to future retreats with you!


from United States, June 2021

"A wonderful experience"

Carrie and Zach created a fantastic retreat with amazing yoga, hiking, food and atmosphere.

I returned feeling refreshed, energized and can't wait for my next retreat with them!

Vanessa Means

from United States, June 2021

"Meditation, Yoga & The Grand Canyon"

What a special place to deepen both my yoga and meditation practice while checking the Grand Canyon and Sedona off my bucket list. The yurt made for great glamping and the food was fantastic. I had seconds at every meal! The excursions and activities were included and I even got to bring some of Carrie’s homemade essential oils home with me.


from United States, June 2021

"Book this trip"

Perfectly planned, detailed trip with amazing hosts and food was delicious. Plan to go back as there is more adventure to be found there. Absolutely recommend!

Debbie Touchette

from United States, May 2021

"Yoga Retreat Journey"

If you are ready to take a Journey within yourself - you have found the place to go! This retreat was EVERYTHING! From the best Vegan Food that should be in restaurants to Comfortable beds in the Yurt you will leave with a new purpose! Bring your Intention to be pushed physically, mentally and emotionally to grow within yourself in the serene setting! This was a trip with my daughter and We made great friends and our hosts Carrie and Zach - can’t say enough about how Genuine you both are and gave us everything we needed to have a full experience! Zach even went above and beyond to get my tire fixed while we were hiking!! Angels- Thank you for being you!


from United States, May 2021

"4-Day Wellness Hiking and Yoga Retreat"

I appreciated the variety and quality of the activities. The hikes were beautiful, and the yoga and breathing sessions gave me peace. The food was absolutely delicious.

Jamo Williams

from United States, May 2021

"Transcendence on Every Level"

This retreat, hosted by Sensei Carrie and Mr. Zach could do NO wrong!! Your meditation and mindfulness journey is not compete without this retreat in your life! It was challenging mentally, physically and emotionally and in all those ways I saw growth, discovery and peace!

The host are completely attentive, friendly, welcoming and accommodating! They treat you like the family you inevitably become from the start, The fact that they have been on six of the seven continents (way cool right!) shows in all the fine touches and considerations throughout their site. The yoga studio on top of the hill has the most calming and mesmerizing views. On the bottom of this hill, is deliciousssss vegetarian cuisine that excites and connects everyone at the table! (Mr. Zach could put a Michelin-star restaurant to shame!) And in the middle, are the most comfortable and cozy yurts with plenty of space to actually live in; and let’s not forget the mighty hammock!! The sauna and cold bath makes you feel ALIVE!

Overall, there’s literally no reason not to book this journey if you want to witness the beauty of northern Arizona and the beauty of meditation/yoga!

Rish Stanley

from United States, October 2020

"Awesome Yoga Experience"

Carrie and Zach were fantastic hosts - extremely accommodating and took us to some amazing places. The yoga was in the perfect location to enjoy all the AZ views, and our hikes with Zach and Carrie were informative and enjoyable. The food - a class of its own. Zach can up with some delicious dishes - keep creating, Zach!!


from United States, October 2020

"Exactly what I hoped for!"

I loved the location, the rustic yet comfortable vibe of the retreat, the yoga sessions were spot on, the hiking was incredible and the food was beyond amazing!!!

Una Kinsella

from United States, October 2020

"Awesome Glamping Adventure with Carrie + Zach!"

Carrie and Zach are an inspiring and genuinely awesome couple who made our 3-day AZ adventure fun, relaxing, and uplifting! They worked tirelessly as the perfect hosts and took care of us with incredible food, energizing and restortive yoga, guided hikes, cozy yurt /eco-friendly glamping. It was great to make new friends and escape to this high desert oasis of beauty and calm. It's no surprise that they were rated 'Favorite Hipcamp in AZ' by Outside Magazine (Oct1)!

Sherry Stehr

from United States, September 2020

"A little bit of Heaven"

Carrie and Zach maintain well kept facilities for the adventure seekers who are open to showering in the moonlight and sleeping with the sounds of nature. They are knowledgeable of the area, know the best kept secrets of the native land and give you the taste of inspiration everyone needs.

Rachel Wyllie

from United States, June 2020

"Didn’t know what I needed until I came to this retreat "

I’m not vegetarian and wasn’t sure I would like it but I must say some of the best food I’ve ever had. The hikes were amazing and the outdoor yoga settles atop a hill had gorgeous views. Something was pulling me to this retreat and I wasn’t sure what it was until I got there. I highly recommend the Ayrdevec class. Great information and fun to learn. Massage on the yoga deck was amazing as well. These people are authentic and very good hosts. They’ve spent their lives perfecting their skills and it shows. AND... I finally learned how to meditate!

Alya Alghamdi

from United States, June 2020

"Heave on earth "

When the corona took over and life got sad, I needed a place to get away and disconnect and reconnect. Carrie and Zach offered the best place to DD -Digital Detox -

The food is phenomenal and I hope they start teaching vegans cooking classes soon! The hikes and the beautiful places I explored with them was like Alice in wonderland. I am so going back.

Manal Salmi

from United States, August 2021

"Discovery adventure and so relaxing and beautiful"

I will definitively recommend this to anyone needing to reconnect to the nature their body and mind. It was a beautiful place in the nature and the yurt was so comfortable and clean. I am grateful to Carrie and Zach to have take care of everything. The food was so so delicious and healthy. The hiking activities was such a great in Sedona, in Forest and in this gorgeous Grand canyon. I will never forget.

Adding to that as a beginner I discovered so many things for the yoga and also for the meditation. I have participated for the first time to spiritual and healing activities that make me feel so so good in the sweet lodge, with the healing sounds, and in the ice bath. Thousand thanks to the group also which was such great funny and inspiring group.

Misti Birindelli

from United States, April 2021

Carrie and Zack are a wonderful team. I loved everything about the retreat! The yoga and meditation program were perfect for all levels and provided many useful tools for my home practice. The food was delicious and always an exciting part of our days. They provide a comfortable, open space to be vulnerable and grow! I have already booked another adventure with Carrie and Zack!