Angelos Steliou

Angelos is a certified Hatha and Ashtanga yoga instructor. He teaches all kinds of people in different places in the world.

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Angelos Steliou

Angelos is a Yoga Alliance certified (RYT500) teacher and Ayurvedic masseur. He is Reiki therapist, Shakti yoga dancer, and Capoeirista and he loves movement and QiGong. Angelos has spent the last two years traveling and teaching classes, workshops, and retreats around the world. In his yoga path, he met a lot of important teachers and he teaches several techniques. He takes the yoga practice quite seriously, but his personality is fun and playful. This combination allows him to connect deeply with students from every walk of life and corner around the world.

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Jan Mouton

Jan was originally graduated as a Master of Philosophy. He is a certified BBTRS breath practitioner and specializes in many coaching methods, systemic constellation work, sound healing, shamanism, and trance dance. He has more than 18 years of experience in guiding change in both groups and on an individual level. As a universal mind, Jan has an unlimited curiosity towards classical and innovative forms of support and healing. He adopts a holistic approach with his clients and uses the latest insights from trauma healing, system work, life coaching, and contemporary and spiritual psychology.

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A thoughtful and skilled instructor.I have met Angelos during a week-long retreat. Practicing with him is a pleasant and fruitful experience.

Angelos pays attention on how to adjust the practice according to the group and encourages everyone to develop and make the best out of the lesson.

His consistency expands beyond the practice time. He is a pleasant, agreeable person and cares about everyone's enjoyment during the whole retreat. Everything is perfectly organized allowing the participants to relax and enjoy their time as much as possible. I feel grateful for coming across such a kind and caring yoga teacher.



Angelos is an extremaly nice person who teaches in a disciplined yet very compasionate way. Very kind and personalized approach. Open to the individual needs of each participant. Highly recommendable.



Wonderful teacher. I wish that Angelos lived in Kathmandu .He is a terrific teacher. He knows his stuff!


Angelos Steliou

Uplifting,body and soul

I have tried yoga many times over the years but never felt hooked, I was finally converted after Angelos' yoga retreat. Angelos creates an ambience and practice that is a genuine pleasure to embrace. Angelos's positive energy contaminates his students and creates an uplifting atmosphere for your body and soul. Angelos accompanies you to push your limits to the best of your capabilities. I am already looking forward to the next time I can do a retreat with Angelos. I can't thank him enough for that fabulous retreat.


Angelos Steliou

Extraordinary retreat with extraordinary teacher

I took part this August (2016) in the Yoga Retreat than Angelos organized in south part of Crete island. It was indeed extraordinary experience.

First of all Angelos is great teacher both on the technical level and emotional level. He combined the best possible classed for all of us who had different experience in yoga (some people were quite advanced and some beginners).

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