Angelos Ananda is a Sivananda and Vinyasa yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic masseur, Reiki therapist, Shakti yoga dancer, Capoereista and he loves QiGong.

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Angelos Ananda

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Jasmin Vodjdani

from Netherlands, June 2021

"Transformational experience in paradise "

My yoga teacher training (200 hrs) with Angelos was a transformational experience in all senses - a step closer to my inner self! In a few weeks only I got to deepen my theoretical understanding of yoga, anatomy of the body, set the first steps in learning how to teach yoga classes, meditation, getting to know different pranayama techniques and did many many many hours of yoga practice (200 to be exact :-)). With that, I truly got to deepen my understanding of yoga and its philosophy. More importantly, I connected to myself, truly. That's where Angelos' amazingness came in: he is passionate, inspirational, devoted, loving, caring, knowledgable and 150% honest. Together with his wholehearted support, it allows personal growth at its best & purest form. If I were to recommend any teacher for yoga or yoga teacher trainings, where you are trusting your body, mind and soul to another human being, then it would be Angelos with no single doubt! Enjoy his wisdom, care & aura, it's unique! And on top of all this, the beautiful nature, accommodation and zen around the Lentas retreat center. Amazing!

Jennifer Millet

from France, June 2021

"Diving into humanity"

I had really high expectations. It tooks me a while to chose my YTT. And I didnt regret my choice.

More than a stage in a beautiful place. This séjour was a real therapeutic, méditative, nutrishous time. Yoga is so immense, and because of the exceptionnal place, and the beautiful heart of the teacher, I was safe to explore all the personnal teaching the intensive practice gave me.

Angelos is a real beautiful heart. I really appreciate his humanity. Really. We were all together students of life, and he bring us so much love... So much acceptation...

We had beautiful, unique time.

I came back so much healthy than before. Inside and outside. And the most precious benefit, with a real personnal practice, and the pleasure to teach and share it.

Don't waite. Just go. And let it flow.

Kristen Meyer

from Germany, September 2020

"The Most Valuable Life Experience I’ve Had"

Everything about this retreat was absolutely perfect! I highly recommend to anyone!

The accommodation was stunning, everyday you get to wake up to the sounds of the ocean with the most gorgeous view and then get to practice yoga with that view as well. The room had everything you needed and was extremely clean and comfortable. The food was INCREDIBLE! Each meal was better than the last and was completely vegetarian which led me to begin my journey to being a full time vegetarian.

The yoga was perfect and Angelos will be sure to challenge you and let you see what your body is truly capable of. Each day I felt completely refreshed, more flexible, and enriched.

The workshops and meditation were exactly what my soul needed. Angelos has a way to give a message that can really touch you and ignite your soul.

Finally Angelos, wow what an angel!! He was the exact person and soul I needed in my life. He was so soft, genuine, loving, and caring. He taught me so much and gave me so much hope and guidance for moving forward. He is so special and I’m so grateful I choose this retreat so that we could meet.

This retreat was so moving and powerful I recommend it to EVERYONE!

Thank you Angelos and Levinthos :)

Johanna Pudlarz

from France, September 2020

"Best First Yoga's Retreat Experience !"

The location is amazing, the food is delicious and the teacher (Angelos) is absolutely brilliant. It was a special week and I am very thankfull for the experience

Raphaele Wallier

from France, August 2020

"An intensity far beyond what I could have imagined."

I am so grateful to have been accompanied by Angelos for my first retreat. Not only is he an excellent teacher with varied and sustained yoga classes that are accessible to all, he also offers very powerful meditations and a rich approach to Ayurveda, but beyond that he brings a beautiful energy of love and respect within the group, accompanies each person on his or her own path, with respect and attention, while making the stay comfortable with simplicity and discoveries. I couldn't imagine living such an intense week.

Thanks to the kind presence of Angelos and the very disparate and cosmopolitan energies of the group, we lived beautiful moments all together. Moreover Levinthos is a small cocoon in a beautiful landscape of Crete (island that I know a little bit and that I particularly love) in a very Greek family atmosphere. The meals are delicious, the welcome is perfect even in this year of Covid, the rooms are very beautiful, the quick access to the beach where we were alone was a very appreciated extra. All was magic and perfectly orchestrated by the professionalism of Angelos. I will never thank him enough for this magical week in this so special year. Before this retreat I was determined to participate in an optimistic vision of the current changes in our world. I leave even more convinced that I will do everything, at my little level, to bring grains of hope, Love and sharing. I am already looking forward to another retreat with Angelos. Raphaële

Ana Baldomir

from Switzerland, August 2020

"Fantastic experience "

This retreat was a wonderful experience to learn about myself, improve self care, relax and disconnect, with a great balance between the physical benefits of yoga and personal development with great life coaching from Angelos.

The program is comprehensive including additionally a boat tour, night walks to see the starts and delicious Cretan food!

Angelos is a source of inspiration! very knowledgeable and experienced, passionated about his work, he is a kind and caring person willing to help you find happiness. He did a great job providing individual coaching to every person in our group and at the end of the week everyone left very satisfied, happy and with renewed energies! Life transformation experience for many!

I stayed in the Levinthos retreat center and it was amazing, with an almost private beach, beautiful view to the sea, clean, spacious and comfortable rooms. The owners and staff are very friendly and welcoming!

The experience was great as I was part of a multicultural group with people from different ages and backgrounds, which makes it very rich!

All in all, excellent experience and highly recommended!

Julien Courtey-f

from France, August 2020

"A perfect journey !"

This retreat was an amazing and positive experience!

I couldn’t have dream to have a better yoga instructor than Angelos! Kind and wise, you can sense how he mastered his practice of yoga and how he kindly teach and share it with the group. Angelos brought always positive vibes with a perfect balance between physical exercises and times for mediation. He was always also here for each of us to help us to reach our goals and go beyond !

Additionally, as a group we had an amazing connection with beautiful souls.

An humbling lesson of gratitude !

The location in Lentas is quite charming, very quiet and so close from the beach. Levinthos center is very clean and beautiful with a very welcoming and professional staff! The food was also ablsolutely exquisite!

Olivia Altman

from United States, January 2020

"The Perfect Way To Experience The Real Peru"

This retreat was the perfect opportunity to expand my yoga practice, connect with nature in an absolutely stunning location, and experience the real Peru. The staff at Samadi went above and beyond to make sure everyone's stay was to their liking and Angelos did an excellent job leading the retreat and ensuring every single unique individual felt seen, loved, and encouraged.

Esra Samli

from Canada, January 2020

"Inspiration, connectivity and freedom"

Angelos is a true gem! He will make you feel welcome; his genuine personality will keep you warm; and, his practice will awaken you. Angelos has a vast knowledge of yoga and a sincere interest to share it with you. He is a loving and caring teacher that I would follow around the world! I will cherish the experience Angelos provided us at Samadhi all my life...

How lucky we were in Sacred Valley! Fernando and all his team at Samadhi made us feel at home! Warm and trustworthy people... Not once I locked my door, nor felt uneasy a second. As a solo traveller, during my stay, I was simply a proud member of Samadhi family. A magical place on this earth! Much appreciated in every aspect! Esra

Jonathan Baldrati

from Great Britain, October 2019

"A life changing experience!! "

I love how I felt welcome into the group and a very pleasing staying. A special thank you to Angelos, who’s very passionate about his work and he helped me shift my perception of the world. Definitely a life changing experience! I would love to do it again.

Kiran Liddar

from Great Britain, October 2019

I had a wonderful week with Angelos and the group. The location was amazing and we were very well looked after by everyone at the resort. There was a good balance of yoga and meditation and Angelos was a great instructor. He encouraged us to push ourselves further than we thought was possible. He also did an amazing job of bringing the group together. We started the week as strangers and ended the week as a family. I left feeling refreshed; mentally, physically and spiritually. I would highly recommend it.

Richard Codanti

from United States, October 2019

"Life changing experience, you must do, best teacher ever!!"

First the location was amazing, the villa house was perfect and everyone had a wonderful space. The people who ran the house and took care of us were so wonderful and kind. The meals you get are over the top. The are there to take care of you. The yoga classes are such a great learning experience far from what i already knew. Then other men in the group were all amazing and i feel they are now apart of my family. We got to learn how to love ourselves better and become better men, learn to let go and life better lives, Angelos is such an amazing teacher, he brings so much knowledge, and his way of teaching you will leave with so much to give and share. It was like he knew what we all needed, like really needed. I left a better person and took away so much that I will and want to incorporate in my daily life of who i am. Thank you Angelos so glad you made this all possible and if anyone is thinking about or on the fence you must attend one of his retreats. Truly a master at what he brings in yoga practices and to the learning process of what will make you feel and become a better human being.

I connect with such amazing men from all over and we had such a great time and wanted to spend the relaxing part of our retreat together. We got to do day trips and swim and see things we may never have seen. These guys are so very special to me and an extra gift I get to take away with me, love them.


Tim Castorina

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Just a fantastic experience"

This retreat was really exceptional. The accommodation was perfect for a restful week of yoga, in a fairly secluded location with the most wonderful view over the sea (which we looked out over whilst doing yoga) and two pools. As a meat-eater, I can say the vegetarian food was absolutely fantastic - delicious, very varied and prepared with love by love by the family managing the villa who gave all of us the most amazingly warm welcome. But best of all, the yoga. 4 hours a day, mornings and evenings, after which we would all have breakfast and dinner together. Angelos is both an exceptional teacher (caring, patient, good at helping you push yourself) and a really great guy. All that yoga brought out a lot of emotions and Angelos was skilled at helping us understand how to put yoga to good use, not only for this one week, but also going forward in our everyday lives, in facing our challenges, from work stress to relationships and self-confidence. I was lucky to have had a great group, but in any event Angelos is good at getting people to come together so I am sure this did not happen by accident. A very happy and successful week, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Jamie Harnett

from Ireland, October 2019

I loved everything about the week in Mykonos with Angelos. He is a great teacher and really lovely guy. The food was amazing and there was so much of it. Accomodation was so lovely with loads of space, 2 pools and amazing views. The group were really lovely between 25-55 years old so a good mix of people. Would highly recommend!

Carmen De Abreu

from Great Britain, September 2019

"South Crete / Levinthos the best for a yoga retreat"

The location is amazing!! The food delicious!! South Crete a paradise not dicovered by the crowds. If you can chose one of the rooms in the Yoga retreat your experience will be a total Excellent.

Our instructor Angelos was totally dedicated to get the most of the week

He is excellent as a yoga instructor and also other disciplines like Qi Qong

His programme is holistic going beyound Yoga in order to explore in the emotional psyche. So if you want to go beyond yoga this is your perfect retreat.. and the group of people were nice and funny

Hanne Holm Bach

from Denmark, September 2019

"Yoga "Art" retreat / vacation"

All in all a great retreat leaving me with at lot of new inspiration for my own yoga life journey.

Angelos was very prepared and an excellent teacher (or master or guru - as we said with love and smile in our voices and faces). He dared to challenge each of us in his own teaching style. Sometimes to the edge in order to challenge us and push us out of our comfort zone, or to make us aware, that we can do more that we think we can. Still with humor and also with respect for the differences of each participant. There was a link or a "Red thread"(maybe that is only a danish expression) during the week and all sessions. Very skilled.

I deeply respect Angelos for his yoga "Art" work and his personality.

Julia Zhahlina

from Poland, September 2019

"Extra special retreat"

I fell in love with everything. Angelos create magic for body, spirit and mind. Perfect place to reconnect with authentic self and have some rest from everyday life. Yoga classes and meditation are really great, different and deep, actually the best I had. Highly recommend get experience with Angelos!

Elisabetta Besana

from Italy, August 2019

"8 days of inner growth"

I really liked all about my retreat with Angelos.

The yoga practice was great, challenging and also fun.

At the end of the week I felt my body was strong enough to try the shirshasana asana, that scared me a lot!

All the meditations, the qi gong excercises, the dance etc were very interesting, and I appreciated the love and patience put by Angelos, who was always trying to let us go outside our comfort zone, sometimes I felt awkward but I guess it’s part of the practice, go behind our limits.

My accommodation was Levinthos, really beautiful, the room was very nice with a stunning view at the sea. The place it’s only 10 minutes walk from the Lentas village.

The food was excellent, all very fresh and delicious.

I’m very satisfied of this experience.

Kostas Koutras

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Amazing 8 day men only yoga retreat"

Great yoga retreat in lovely surroundings. Stelios is a fantastic teacher who offers a unique experience combining dynamic yoga, meditation and movement workshops. His personalised and supportive teaching technique will make you challenge yourself, overcome any barriers and ultimately help you achieve your goals. Highly recommended.Thank you Stelios.

Declan Barry

from United States, September 2018

"a fantastic week of yoga and more "

The was a very strong consistent core of yoga to the week with the morning classes, but the best part for me was the diversity of the experience, with different forms of meditation, qigong etc for the evening classes. Angelos guided us brilliantly through all of this, and at the end of the week I can really see how I will bring this experience forward in my daily life. The location was superb, and the simplicity of life was a great detox.

Tom Raines

from Great Britain, September 2018

"An Amazing Week of Yoga "

This was my first ever yoga retreat and it exceeded my expectations.

The location and venue was perfect with sea views and a great place to relax after yoga practice.

Angelos is an incredible yoga teacher and the entire group grew in confidence and ability. He is perceptive, highly skilled and good company too. I definitely recommend Angelos as a teacher and am already looking forward to booking another trip.

Thanks again Angelos!

Margaret Ball

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Beautiful yoga"

A very positive talented teacher and very experienced... loved all the classes.. will certainly miss the firm but gentle ways of Angelos and with his inspiration I shall continue my practise with enthusiasm..🧘‍♀️x

Anne Karine Sørskår

from Norway, August 2018


The location and the teacher made it a great happenings in my life

Krishnadas K. M. Känzig

from Switzerland, September 2020

"Tolles einmaliges Integrales Yoga Retreat!!"

Das Yoga Retreat war ganzheitlich, integral, mit dem philosophischen Hintergrund, mit persönlicher und herzlicher psychologischer Begleitung, Gruppenprozess und Ausflügen. Das ganze an einem traumhaften Ort mit wundervollem Familienbetrieb - da hat einfach nichts gefehlt! Einmalig und unvergesslich! Herzlichen Dank!

Katrin Lindau

from Germany, December 2019

"Toller Aufenthalt mit einem so warmherzigen Yogalehrer"

Die Samadhi-Anlage im heiligen Tal Perus ist ein unfassbar schöner Ort inmitten unglaublich majestätisch anmutender Berge. Ein Ort wie im Märchenland und ein wahres Geschenk, dort Yoga auszuüben und zu meditieren.

Angelos ist ein toller Mensch, der einen mit seiner warmherzigen Ausstrahlung empfängt, bei sich aufnimmt und dafür sorgt, sich dauerhaft wahrgenommen und wohl zu fühlen. Die Atmosphäre, die er mit seiner Aura schafft, ist besonders, spirituell und schön. Seine Yogapraxis ist intensiv, fordernd und aufmerksam und führt dich zu dir selbst. Ich habe mich in der Nähe eines Menschen selten so wohl gefühlt wie bei Angelos und kann nur wärmstens empfehlen, sich mit ihm auf eine Reise in die Welt des Yoga und der Meditation zu begegeben.

Sylvie Le Tadic

from France, August 2019

"such an amazing experience with Angelos in Lentas ! "

This was my fisrt yoga retreat and it was exceeded my expectations. Angelos, such an amasing teacher! guided us nicely and empatically in a complete yoga experience. He allowed us to connect to our body and above all to our inner selves and to overcome our barriers. Each day was surprising and rich in insights and beautiful emotions .

The result is i can now restart my life on new basis. The group was also extraordinary !

All of this in a beautiful and peaceful surrounding !

Thank you so much dear Angelos ! I am so


from Morocco, September 2018

Best yoga week ever. The place is a paradise.


from France, August 2018

"Yoga retreat in Lentas"

First of all the location is amazing. The Shala facing the cristal bleu water. The retreat organized by Angelos is very complete. I fell super relaxed after one week of yoga. Relaxation. Qi qong. Dancing. Meditation. The result is here and I am ready to face work again,;). Angelos is a great teacher with good attention for each participant. I will definitely recommend this retreat. (Food was great as well!). Virginie