ANDEAN SCHOOL OF YOGA offers yoga classes and yoga teacher training, combining yoga practice and philosophy with the teachings of the Andean Cosmovision.

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Daya Nimai Das

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Anna Dudzinska

from United Arab Emirates, September 2021

"Life changing"

The Andean Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a YTT, it’s an experience. You will get to immersed nature, explore beautiful surroundings and listen to the Sacred Valley mountains as they speak to you. Daya and Pati surrounded us with so much love and care. Rafaella provided beautiful and diversified food every day. We participated in Kirtan, Temazcal and Huachuma ceremonies and transformative breathwork. We sang mantras and andean songs daily connecting us with our true inner light. The training was life transforming and if you want to enhance your life I strongly encourage you to come to Pisac and join the training!


from United States, September 2021


Andean yoga teacher training was some of the most enriching, soul satisfying, loving, transformative 3 weeks of my life. From the moment I stepped foot in the scenic and beautiful village of Pisaq, I knew I had made the right choice. The accommodations were so so lovely, and from the first night I slept here, I felt so much peace in the air. The Sacred Valley, surrounded my mountains on all side, with a beautiful river crossing through, is a magical place for travelers with a brave and open heart. This place has seemingly been shielded from the chaos of the world, and offers a sacred healing energy for all who come.

The training itself, led by Day and Pati went beyond my expectations. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to have had my consciousness consistently expanded by every lecture, vinyasa, pranayama, and activity. Daya is an amazing teacher. As a former Hare Krishna, he was able to share so much with us during our yoga philosophy classes. He made each class interesting, memorable, and profound, and what’s more, he made each student feel special and capable. Pati is a beautiful kind soul that infused joy in every lesson. They both created a truly organized, thoughtful, and impactful program.

I am grateful to have attended this yoga teacher training. I have experienced much love and friendship from all the fellow students-my new brothers and sisters. I will always carry this beautiful community in my heart, mucho gracias

Deborah Martinez

from United States, April 2021

"The best retreat on this website!"

Our instructor and staff went above and beyond in every aspect of the retreat. Everything was well planned and organized, and the staff was able to quickly adjust for anything that came up.

Our instructor/organizer is a pillar in the Sacred Valley community which he humbly leveraged to provide subject matter experts in every aspect of our training. Every experience was authentic and memorable!

No pictures can give justice to the beauty of the Sacred Valley, it took my breath away every single day. Pisac and ALMOST everything you need is walking distance!

The physical instruction was easy to follow and digest but still challenged us all to improve our own practices. We also received consistent guidance on how to lead others as future yoga instructors.

Whether you choose a single room or a shared room the accommodations are top notch, my room was BEAUTIFUL! Our chef beamed with pride (rightfully so) every time she laid out our meals. I am not vegetarian/vegan and I still feel those were some of the best meals that I’ve ever had. The food was a perfect balance of 5-star and family style meals.

Mitchell Crook

from United States, April 2021


This has been truly a one of a kind experience. You can never fully apprehend every detail of a Yoga teacher Training. It is highly contingent upon your prayers and the things you can control like your basic necessities. I knew that I wanted a natural setting, affordable cost, a clean living area, a dedicated teacher, and I wanted to bring back teaching tools with me. I knew that I wanted to have a deeply immersive experience in the culture and way of yogic living, not just a western approach on how to teach Yoga. This Yoga Teacher Training met all of those requirements and more. If you take this 200 Hour YTT, you will be extremely satisfied. One of the most impressive parts of this training was the teacher. Day, the guide for your journey, is not only extremely knowledgeable, but extremely humble as well. He keeps the space for learning very pure. He is funny, approachable, and aware. The classes are very engaging, as is the itinerary. He keeps the schedule oscillating around a central them of the Andean Cosmovision. What the heck is that you might be wondering. Well, to keep it short, the three worlds of the Incan Culture easily relates to the system off the chakras, Vedic Philosophy, Buddhist principles, Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's and other systems of thought. He has a clever way of tying many concepts together that any seeker of the Truth will drink up like juicy nectar. Something to be aware of: the altitude is very high and you must look out for your health.

Catalina Montes

from United States, April 2021

"Life changing experience!"

The past 3 weeks with Daya, his crew, and the rest of the students were completely transformational! My favorite part of the program was the wide array of different activities, expert teachers, and workshops. This isn't only a training where you will learn yoga Asanas, but you will truly emerge in the life practice of yoga, Andean culture, visit many different temples and communities, build long-lasting friendships, and most importantly, deeply connect with your truest essence. Some of my favorite activities in this training were the daily Pranayama classes, the fresh vegan food, ecstatic dance, daily singing and mantra chanting, and the sharing/reflection circles. I walk away full of gratitude, memories, and excited for what's next! Thank you <3 <3 <3

Jeanne Garnier

from Germany, December 2018

"Schöner Ort, aber..."

Sehr schöner Ort in Peru mit kleinem Städtchen in der Nähe, wunderbaren Ruinen gleich oberhalb. Auch die Aussicht vom Yogaraum ist toll. Die Gruppe war sehr nett. Die zwei Yogalehrerinnen, die die interessanten Workshops am Ende des Kurses geleitet haben. Gracias Dania y Nicole!


from Spain, December 2018

"It was amazing!"

The diversity of lessons and ceremonies. Amazing location and nice yoga sequence! The andean tradition is also very interesting. Loved also the meditation by Dannia!