A secluded, rustic holistic wellness haven set in quiet natural surroundings, for Ayurveda treatments, yoga and meditation .

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A. Mohandas

Anoop Chandran

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Ofelia Gutierrez

from Mexico, December 2017

"What i can say is i feel like a diferent person."

This school is unic, the teachers, the people that work there every body is always smiling, the food is vegetarian 100 %, every plate is delicious, the teachers always on time, me personal I learn a lot, I feel in peace, and more flexible, is incredible how everything togather change you and gives you peace. I know this doesnt stop here, I need keep learning, cuz yoga isnt just one curse, yoga is learning process for life. Im super happy that i book in this School.

Keziah Critchlow-salisbury

from Great Britain, November 2017

"Wowwow!! Amazing experience!!! "

Everything was so wonderful! What an amazing time I had! It was so much more than I expected! The most wonderful, kind and helpful staff and such beautifully dedicated teachers and students! It really was special! It was a lucky last minute decision for me, I had originally booked another retreat, they cancelled last minute and I had to find another TTC! It was a blessing in disguise because I found this one!! It was a really brilliant small group, we were lucky with our group of 5 women, all different ages, we were a strong enthusiastic group and got on so well, we made lasting friendships, from all around the world!

The teachers were so wonderful, I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. Their dedication, passion and openness with us was so hugely appreciated and more than we all expected! They always listened and answered everything we needed, they went out of their way to help and teach us always more! They never pushed us too far or made anyone feel unequal. Everyone of course was at different levels and they taught each one of us accordingly! What beautiful teaching methods, I learnt and grew on my asanas, pranayama and meditation so much! I could do things I didn't know or expect.

The body is an amazing thing! The other staff were also so wonderful. So kind, helpful, friendly and accommodating! Particularly mahesh the main waiter for Anrutham! He was so so amazing!!!! He worked so hard, and did everything he could to help and make us all happy! All amazing

Valérie Rogivue

from Switzerland, November 2018

"un séjour hors du temps"

Un nourriture végétarienne excellente; au delà de tout ce que j'aurai pu imaginer.

Une équipe formidable et dotée d'une très grande gentillesse, lors de ce séjour.

Une approche de la philosophie de l'hindouisme et du yoga traditionnel avec mon maître de yoga Mohandas...

Stefanie Haseloff

from Germany, April 2018

"200 hours Teacher Training"

I did my 200 hour TTC in March/April 2018. It has been a very enriching and interesting experience that helped me to give my life a new direction. Amrutham is a very beautiful place. It is located in the middle of a little village, surrounded by banana plantations, coconut trees. The food was both delicious and healthy. I especially enjoyed the abundance of fresh fruits we had for lunch. The Yoga classes were very good and demanding. Our instructors, Mohandas and Anoop, were both very professional and compassionate Yoga teachers. We had a rather calmer yoga class in the morning with Mohandas and a more energetic class in the evening with Anoop. Mohandas is a very experienced instructor. Thanks to him I have learned a lot about myself and Pranayama. Anoops passionate and motivating teaching really helped me to improve my flexibility and strength. Due to Anoops encouragement I progressed more than I had ever expected in such a short time. The fact that we were a small group of only 5 people made progress easy because classes were quite individualized. So there was always enough time to ask questions or discuss topics from the theory class.

I also had some ayurvedic treatment, which were quite enjoyable. The staff was nice and made you feel at home. I am happy that I have chosen this place for my TTC.

Tinko Panevski

from Bulgaria, December 2017

Touts etais tres bien,je passais des moments exeptionelle

Pedro Crespi Palmer

from Spain, November 2017

En general todo fué muy bien , lugar estupendo, gente amabilísima , comida excepcional , la sala de práctica perfecta y los profesores muy preparados.


from Peru, November 2017

"TTC in Amrutham, an unforgettable experience"

I did the TTC from October 15th til November 12th, 2017. It has been a fantastic experience.

The hotel is very good, the rooms are comfortable, in the middle of a little city, where you can find banana and coconuts plantations, but also houses and little shops.

The food is amazing, anybody not veg can survive with that delicious recipes.

The TTC is very intensive but very good, I have learnt a lot from both teachers. I like it very much as the groups are between 1-8 people, so it can be very individualized.

The theory classes are fine, the manuals are easy reading and have a lot of information of yoga philosophy.

All the staff are very kind and make you feel like at home.

The ayurvedic treatments that they offer are amazing, the general massages are the massages I had ever had in my entire life.

I feel great about choosing this place to do my 200h TTC.

Ruben Davo

from Spain, September 2017

" Mohandas is a demanding,serious but nice teacher."

He has a deep knowledge about the yoga philosophy and about the integration of mind, energy and body.he adapts his lessons to the level of the pupil.

Isabelle Favre-victoire

from Switzerland, May 2017

Personnel gentil et accueillant

Testimonials (3)

Vidya S. Texas, USA

TripAdvisor website

I was visiting family in India to bring back balance into my life. With bad experiences while looking up several other yoga and Ayurveda centres on google, I decided to try Amrutham for one last time. And my try was worth my time.The yoga classes and mediation with the experienced and inspiring Yoga Gurus were superb.They restored back strength and stability in me.The massage left me pampered, while the staff was attentive and courteous.If you have the time to invest in yourself then I would say Thumbs up and go for it.

I had an amazing one month vacation there. Everything was beyond the expectation. I had been really busy to be happy. Meditation with beautiful sunrise in a jungle, 2-2.5hours morning yoga (real sun saltation!), tasty and clean yogic meals, interesting theory class learning about Indian history, culture, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy, evening yoga and meditation with nature sounds and long deep sleep every night!

Takako Ohkawa

TripAdvisor website

I was so lucky to be alone at a class of teacher, Mr. Das. He is very experienced with huge knowledge of Indian culture and Ayurveda on top of Yoga. Whatever question I ask, he has very clear answer. He is also very caring gentleman, and always wants to make sure that I'm happy without any tension during the stay, not only his class! The first local language that I learnt from him was "Sun Dosha = happy"! He is very quiet and looks very serious, but once I know him well, I totally got how great guru he is. He looks at me very carefully every day to maximize his support to make my stay the best. I really appreciate the opportunity to spent time with him. I really had no time to be negative or stressed.

The place is more like staying at rich family rather than staying at a hotel. Very clean and warm warm hospitality. Everybody is so smiley and very kind.

Some western people kept complaining based on their country standard, which was really annoying everybody who enjoy very authentic traditional Ayurvedic life in India. If you want to keep your original life style, you better go to Global hotel chain and spend the boring ordinary time. For example, if we study Ayurveda well, we will know strong muscular body made by too much protein is not the best body. Muscle has to be soft and flexible, Ayurvedic yogi meals are designed for those lithe body. If you really concern something, you should bring all what you need from your country (western protein powder for some people!).

Most of people that I met there were amazing positive people, though. They really know how to enjoy the life, culture differences and happy vibrations.

It's really uncontrollable. So I wish your good luck to have a positive amazing class mates!

Jaonne Lockart Australia

TripAdvisor website

Reading previousTripAdvisor reviews was the reason I'd chosen to stay 9 days at Amrutham in Feb/March 2017. Nothing written or said could have prepared me for the actual experience.

After a difficult 2016, I was looking for a self care package of yoga, meditation and possibly some ayurvedic treatments. Immediately, I felt that I was in the right place from Sadesh's blessing at the front door to Vandana's and AK's warm greeting and arranging an immediate doctor's consultation. I'd never had a full Panchakarma treatment plan before and it was exactly what I needed.

Each day I would wind through the garden to the rustic treatment hut, to be met by the beaming smiles of Sunitha and Ambili, who would then lovingly massage and treat my tired and broken body. I still can't believe that in just over a week I could feel vitalised, rejuvenated and barely able to recognise the person who first arrived. Words can't adequately express my gratitude for their wholehearted, generous and nurturing care...true angels.

The food is nothing short of amazing!! The doctor promised that I'd lose 3kgs (which I did!) and it's hard to imagine how, when everything is so plentiful and delicious. Rajesh is the main server and you will never find a more attentive person anywhere - I'm including 5 start resorts! I swear the food tasted better just from having him serve me.

Yoga was twice daily and, again, I was impressed by the level of teaching from Subash Krishna - a true yogi and spiritual teacher.

Amrutham is situated in the heart of a village, yet even with the sounds of village life i.e. roosters, dogs, local temple, Indian music and religious chanting, there is a serenity and peacefulness that allows you to relax and be still.

Kovalam Beach and shops are worth checkin out too and a tuktuk can be arranged for only 150 rupee (one way - 10 min trip).

As you can see, I was blown away by my time at Amrutham. Mainly because of the people, who are truly dedicated to making your stay as memorable and pleasurable as possible. I'd read where another guest cried when she left and wondered 'how so?' Now I get it. As the taxi drove away, I too had tears in my eyes and realised I'd also been touched by the magic and soulfulness of this very special place.