Green Yoga International est une école de formation de professeur de yoga de qualité enregistrée auprès de Yoga Alliance USA et UK, qui propose des formations multi-style en Europe, à Bali, en Inde.

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Valentine Bavent

de France, novembre 2020

"Une expérience incroyable !! "

Le lieu : était très agréable avec plusieurs coins sympa pour se reposer (piscine, jardin, terrasse,...). J’ai beaucoup apprécié me perdre un peu dans l’Ashram et découvrir les nombreuses citations qui s’y trouvaient.

La nourriture : (moi qui ne suis pas Vegan de base), j’ai vraiment aimé les différents repas qui étaient très savoureux et variés (un peu trop pimenté parfois, mais rien de méchant) !

L’apprentissage : j’ai trouvé que nous avons abordé beaucoup de concepts autour du yoga qui sont très intéressant et important.

L’apprentissage en général est très intensif, physiquement et émotionnellement mais c’est ce que je voulais et j’ai adoré ces 21 jours !!

théorie : très diversifié et très complet.

pratique : tellement physique et enrichissante, un vrai plaisir !!

Pour finir, la gentillesse, le partage et la passion d’Atma, Shanti et Marco m’ont vraiment plu dans cette expérience, merci à eux d’avoir fait parti de cette incroyable expérience.

Caroline Rondeau

de France, mai 2019

"Simply Wonderful !! "

J'ai adoré cette expérience de YTT 200hrs avec Green Yoga, c'était juste incroyable ! Les professeurs sont très bons, ont tous des approches différentes et complémentaires du yoga. J'ai beaucoup aimé les cours pratiques mais aussi les cours de philosophie, d'anatomie...! J'ai appris énormément et c'était un plaisir de rencontrer toutes ces personnes fabuleuses. Le lieu est magique et sublime, en pleine nature, quel plaisir d'entendre les oiseaux chanter pendant la méditation...! La nourriture est également incroyablement délicieuse ! Les délicieux repas vont me manquer !! En bref, expérience inoubliable, merci Green Yoga !!


de Tunisie, mai 2019

Acceuil et emplacement


de Allemagne, septembre 2021

"Awesome journey"

The vegan food was amazing. The two chefs had such a passion for vegan food.

Overall, the organisation was also very good.

I can totally recommend :)


de Allemagne, septembre 2021

"Intensive Erfahrung"

Ein gelungenes Gesamtkonzept für ein Yoga Teacher Training. Es gibt so einige Herausforderung an denen man wachsen kann. Gut durchdachte Sequenzen, hübsche Anlage.

Lilli Hakenschmidt

de Allemagne, août 2021

Alles war super. Alle Lehrer waren sehr gut ausgebildet und konnten ihr Wissen mit uns teilen.


de Allemagne, novembre 2020

"Great experience"

I really liked the course structure.

The food was amazing.

The yoga classes were really good!

Atmas Philosophy classes were really interesting. Pity there could not be more of them.

Jessica Cook

de Royaume-Uni, octobre 2020

"Experience of a lifetime"

Amazing facilities, teachers and staff. The quality of the lessons was excellent, it really came across that they care about each student and our success as teachers. Despite the packed daily agenda there was enough time to rest and relax built in. The facilities were basic but clean and comfortable. The food was fantastic, and there was always enough. I felt amazing physically and mentally after the three weeks and came out of it with some great new skills, memories and friends. Thank you Green Yoga 🙏🏼

Gregor Haddow

de France, octobre 2020

"A magical experience"

This was a wonderful teacher training program. I have many years yoga experience and still found this course to be broad and comprehensive. It pushed me and I learned a great deal, but everything was taken care of and I felt supported and cared for every step of the way. There were a good mix of other students with varying levels of ability and experience who all had a wonderful time and did brilliantly too.

The food was lovely and lots of it. The accommodation was great - I really enjoyed sleeping in a tent (which was cleaner and better than any tent I've ever stayed in). All of the teachers were knowledgeable, expert, encouraging and helpful. The course has brought about great changes to me and my habits already. And I have stayed in touch with the other students (now qualified teachers) from the course - I am sure you would make some wonderful friends too.


de Suisse, août 2020

"Overall very good experience with room for improvement"

I loved the setting, the nature and Janine's yoga classes. For me she really held the course together and made it a success. All students loved her classes. She is a very compassionate teacher. The organisation was very good and I felt that whenever I needed something there was help by Paula. Atma's philosophy classes were very nice and I enjoyed listening to him, he loves telling stories and is very passionate about the yoga school. He is also very authentic and likes to tell a joke. I also really liked the food by the 2 ladies that cooked. The atmosphere at the course was good. The shala is beautiful, absolutely stunning.

Jeanine Leenheer

de Pays-Bas, juillet 2020

"Experience for a lifetime"

Coming 'home' feels not the same anymore after the Yoga Teacher Training. It felt like everything around me has changed but I know that there's one thing that has changed and that is me. I would like to thank all the amazing teachers who've put their heart and soul into this training. It was an amazing experience. Everything. The classes, the people, the ashram, the food, everything. I highly recommend this training to everybody. Yoga is for everybody and for every-body.




de Suisse, juillet 2020

The experience as a whole was very positive

Nada Dioury

de France, juillet 2020

"Life experience"

If you want to know what is yoga, go there.

Elena Poeta

de Pologne, novembre 2019

"very well organized training"

Great place, amazing teachers. Very well organized training. The ashram is perfect with everything you need even if you sleep in a tent. Clean and structured. Plenty of food and kindness :-)

Thanks for this experience and all the knowledges you gave me. I've got even more than expected.

Kathrina Maile

de Allemagne, octobre 2019

"Unforgettable experience "

This teacher training is perfect if you want to get a base in yoga and are not familiar with all aspects of yoga. In just 21 days the Green Yoga Team try’s to make you familiar with the different ways of Yoga (Raja Yoga - mind and Body, that is the focus in those weeks as well, but also Jnana Yoga - knowledge, Karma Yoga - Yoga of selfless action and Baktha Yoga). The teachers there are awesome. Alonso the Vinyasa teacher is the best teacher you can imagine for improving your Yogapraxis. Janine the Yin teacher made me like Yin really much also I didn’t like it so much before. she made me understand the concept that yin and yang complement each other and there is no yin without a yang. The ashram gives you the perfect environment if you want to get the Yoga feeling. Easy life with no unnecessary Luxus but still you have everything you need. The food they serve is awesome. It‘s all vegan. I didn‘t eat much meat before but know I m thinking about continuing cooking vegan, because you can tell that your body regenerates from all the grap we eat during our days at home. You meet really warm and like minded people there. Everyone is accepted and welcomed in the group no matter what background you have. I enjoyed my time really much and I definitely will continue to transport the knowledge i gained there to the world.

Julia Björn

de Danemark, octobre 2019

"Absolutely amazing experience! "

My YTTC at Green Yoga international Mallorca was one of the best experiences I have had in my whole life.

The Ashram was gorgeous - beautiful places to hang out as well as small get-aways when you need some alone time. Highly recommend staying in a glamping tent, during October the sleeping temperature was perfect and being greeted by the sunrise when waking up was amazing.

The teachers, the food, the content of the course.. everything contributed to this absolutely amazing experience! After this course I feel very devoted to the yogic lifestyle and I feel that I've been given the tools to spread it as well. Endless thanks to Green Yoga international Mallorca!

Sarah-marie Eichler

de Allemagne, octobre 2019

Das Essen war der absolute Hammer. Der Kurs war intensiv aber mit den besten Lehrern besetzt, die man sich vorstellen kann.

Mariangela Corsetti

de Autriche, septembre 2019

"A meaningful experience, I learned so much about yoga"

The teachers were excellent, very dedicated and kind. It’s intense but you learn so much. I felt like in a family


de Royaume-Uni, août 2019

"Medical place where time does not exist "

The place was just a warm environment where everyone felt like family! The location is beautiful and the best yoga lessons I have ever received! I wish I never had to leave!

Jennifer Hillman

de États-Unis, août 2019

"A magical and unforgettable experience "

When searching for a YTT program, I really wanted an authentic experience that was more than just a training course. I wanted to be immersed in the culture, philosophy and program. I found it at Green Yoga International! From the moment you walk in, you feel the energy and passion that lives in this magical space. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. The instructors are not only AMAZING, but truly care about your experience and your success. You’ll experience some of the best yoga classes you’ll ever take and begin getting comfortable with teaching from the very first week. You’ll experience a yogic lifestyle that includes meditation, times of silence, connection and clean eating. The food is delicious! The days are long and the program is intense, but well balanced and better than I ever could have imagined. I left Green Yoga having grown, not only in my yoga practice, but in my understanding of myself and feeling as though I have extended family all over the world and a second home in Mallorca! One of the best decisions I ever could have made for myself! Forever grateful!

Lea Heinrich

de États-Unis, août 2019

"A magical and inspirational journey"

I loved the whole experience from the first minute until the last!

Anna Morgan

de Royaume-Uni, août 2019

"Incredible experience and highest quality teacher training "

The atmosphere at Green Yoga International is incredible. The staff are the most welcoming, kind people who feel not only like your teachers but your friends. Most importantly, the quality of teaching exceeded my expectations massively, I have never experienced such amazing classes! The food is delicious and plentiful and the schedule of the day, although long, is broken up into a perfect combination of practical and theoretical classes, with pool breaks in between.

Martina Blättler

de Italie, juillet 2019

"Plant roots and develop wings"

The ashram is a very peaceful, green and beautiful place. Night and day you are surrounded by all the birds, insects, animals living right next to you. The ashram is located in the nowhere, perfect conditions for isolation and focus on your yoga journey.

The daily schedule is intense but great, a perfect balanced twist of theory, physical yoga movements (yin and yang), anatomy and philosophy of Yoga. These three weeks just passed so quickly and I would love to stay there longer. We studied together, we learnt from each other, we supported each other and saw each other grow during this short periode. We planted our roots at Green Yoga International, we developed our wings, now we are ready to fly away and share it with people all over the world. But for sure we will never forget our roots...

Daniela Thiele

de Suisse, juillet 2019

"Unvergessliche 3 Wochen"

Wenn man sein Herz öffnet, sind diese drei Wochen viel mehr als nur eine Yogalehrerausbildung. Die 3 Wochen waren sehr intensiv, man lernt viel und kommt menatal und physisch an seine Grenzen. Jedoch in einem Mass, wo es machbar ist :-) Nach diesen drei Wochen hat man eine sehr gute Basis und kann die Stile Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha und Ashtanga Yoga unterrichten. Natürlich hat man nie ausgelernt und es gibt noch viel mehr zum entdecken, aber es reicht auf jeden Fall um einmal herauszufinden, welcher Stil am besten zu einem passt. Die Lehrer waren alle sehr kompetent und konnten ihr Wissen sehr gut mit uns teilen. Vielen Dank und Namaste an das ganze Team

Simeon Smeltzer

de Pays-Bas, juillet 2019

"Unforgettable Experience "

The content and education of Philosophy and Yoga was far beyond what I had preconceived. My questions answered, my body prepared, my mind calm and present, and my path clear. I couldn't ask for more!

Alice Green

de Royaume-Uni, juillet 2019

"The best 3 weeks of my life!"

The Ashram is an amazing place to get to call home for 3 weeks whilst you get learn about something as wonderful as yoga.

It is an intense course with 6 days of classes and Sundays off but every moment is worth it. You learn much more than just becoming a yoga teacher! You get to experience all paths of yoga and many practise all different types. The food is amazing, Carmen & Mercedes accommodated my vegan/gluten free needs and I didn't need to sacrifice anything.

The most important thing is you feel at home. Everyone is happy to help with anything you need and the closest town Porto Cristo is only 15 minutes away by taxi, where you can go to super markets etc for things you might need.

I want to go back!

Gloria Cash

de États-Unis, juillet 2019

"Best in the World!"

Everything about this training was incredible. The staff and instructors pour their hearts and souls into the students and you really feel and connect with that. Being engulfed in a community of strangers for so long can be emotional, stressful, and terrifying, but you will leave feeling like family. Personal growth is inescapable (as a person and a teacher) and lifelong friendships will be made.

Cezara Darii

de Belgique, juin 2019

"an unforgettable journey to self-discovery"

Strangers at the begining became a family at the end. The intensive schedule and multistyle activities in the heart of nature. Peaceful place and excelent teachers. Delicious food 😍

Renee Fuchs

de Allemagne, mai 2019

"Just perfect!"

This place is just wonderful - full of kindness and happiness. I've learned so much during this short time. Atma, Alonso and Adam are just exzellent. I am grateful to call them my teachers.

Together with Shanti, Mallika and the best cooks they have created a warm and welcoming atmospere. It is truely a magical place. I'm coming back!


de États-Unis, mai 2019

This was a amazing experience! I learned so much in such a short period of time. If you love to be challenged mentally and physically this is a wonderful teacher training. Everyday you wake up early and learn about yoga until it’s almost time for bed. I loved this aspect. So immersive. The ashram is beautiful and peaceful, a good place to be when you are stressing over remembering alignments and new asanas everyday. Overall I had a really beautiful experience. I am so glad I picked this place to learn to be a yoga teacher, highly recommended if you like to be challenged, mentally, physically, spiritually.

Mickey Joy

de République tchèque, mai 2019

"It was amazing exprerience"

This whole experice was truely amazing.

The vibe of this place, the teachers, the food and also all other students.

I can't see any better place (in Europe) to explore paths of Yoga,

I have really enjoyed every single minute and I am graceful.

Thank you all so much!


Kateřina Hlavičková

de République tchèque, novembre 2018

"Unforgettable valuable time"

The place itself is amazing and very supportive for the learning, disconnected in the middle of nowhere. Also the daily routine, motivation from the group let us develop our skills, discipline and get deeper to yoga, spiritual practice. Everybody were always helpful, open and the amazing food was always ready for us. Sleeping in a tent is recommended. You can better connect to the nature and its rhythm. The best part is that we become one family and we stayed in touch. It was very hard to leave. I can highly recommend it for those who wants to have traditional way of learning in Europe.


de Italie, octobre 2021

"Overall a very good experience"

Steph MADE THE COURSE for me. Without her it would have been a very different experience. She is simply amazing! Passion, knowledge, charisma. Best teacher I could have hoped for.

The other teachers were quite good too, but she definitely stood out.

All in all, I feel like I learned a good amount of things and I definitely enjoyed living in the nature, disconnected by my normal life, and being surrounded by like minded people.

Alice Colomberotto

de Espagne, août 2021

"Transformative experience"

I loved the yoga classes in the morning, the explanations about meditation, the way anatomy was teach and the sweetnes of the philosophy teacher.

Fiona Stierli

de Suisse, août 2021

"Great Experience!"

I looooved the yoga instructors, the food and the place! ♥️