Gaia bietet einen gemütlichen und intimen Ort für Alleinreisende, Familien und Gruppen an, um sich in einer entspannten Wellnessumgebung vom hektischen Alltag zurückzuziehen.

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Sophie Strasser

aus Deutschland, Oktober 2019

"Intensive wunderbare Erfahrung "

Warmherzige offene Gastgeber, familiäre Atmosphäre,hervorragendes Essen mit viel Liebe zubereitet,das keine Wünsche offen lässt.

Unglaublich intensive Erfahrung!

Anna Handrick

aus Deutschland, August 2019

"Great experience!"

The retreat was nourishing on so many levels: We had super delicious food, wonderful yoga and meditation classes, great conversations, walks in the forest and time as a group. Anat and Eran were wonderful hosts und shared lots of knowledge and truth from the heart. Went home inspired and loaded with love. Thank you! I think I will come back :)


aus Schweden, August 2019

"Wonderful retreat in beautiful surrounding!"

I loved how Anat and Eran took care of the group. The set up was really nice and I felt very welcome. Anat guided wonderful meditations and yoga classes and Eran cooked fantastic vegan food. I will definitely come back!!


aus Deutschland, August 2019

"Warmherziger Empfang, pure Erholung und spirituelle Einsicht"

Ich habe zum ersten Mal einen Retreat besucht und bin immernoch ganz beseelt. Yoga war bisher nie richtig meins gewesen aber Anat hat alle Übungen mit ihrer positiven und geduldigen Art vorgemacht und erklärt - und hat mich am Ende des Retreats vom Yoga überzeugt!

Eran und Anat haben ein wundervolles Retreat erschaffen und alles bis ins Detail liebevoll eingerichtet. Eran ist ein hervorragender Koch und hat uns mit üppigen, veganen Speisen verwöhnt - ich habe noch nie so gut vegan gegessen! Der Retreat hat alle meine Erwartungen übertroffen und ich plane bereits meinen nächsten Aufenthalt im Dezember. Absolut empfehlenswert!



Visité un Retreat por primera vez y todavía estoy muy inspirada. El yoga nunca ha sido realmente mío, pero Anat ha demostrado y explicado todos los ejercicios de su manera positiva y paciente, ¡y me convenció de yoga al final del Retreat!

Eran y Anat han creado un maravilloso refugio y han amueblado todo con amor hasta el último detalle. Eran es un gran cocinero y nos mimó con excelente comida vegana. ¡Nunca había comido tan bien! El retiro superó todas mis expectativas y ya estoy planeando mi próxima estadía en diciembre. El Gaia House está absolutamente recomendable!


Elma Orucevic

aus Bosnien und Herzegowina, Dezember 2021

"My first retreat, could not have imagined anything better "

The place was magical, the energy inside was calming and the space was created with so much love and attention to detail. I felt at home and in peace. The surrounding is green with beautiful forests and paths for walking. Eran was cooking the best food I ever ate, with so much variety and attention to detail. It was such a cozy and family like atmosphere. We learned and practiced much and the overall experience was magical. I am very grateful for Eran to provide us this space and letting us be part of Gaia for some days.

Sina Herholz

aus Deutschland, August 2019

"best experience"

Very welcoming hosts. It felt like we are part of the family for these four days. There was always a big variety of food cooked with a lot of passion by the chef Eran. The yoga and meditation classes were also led by a lot of passion and we could get to know a lot of different meditation types. I took a lot from these four days that changed my life in a very positive way.

Michael Wahl

aus Deutschland, November 2021

"Vier Tage, von denen ich noch viele positive Eindrücke lange"

Vor allen Dingen die Freundlichkeit der Gastgeber, die Yogaklassen und das Essen waren wirklich perfekt und nicht zu toppen


aus Deutschland, August 2020

"Yoga leben, eine interessante Erfahrung."

Mir gefiel der respektvolle Umgang miteinander. Die Kursleiterin hat eine wunderbare Art diese Form des Yoga näherzubringen und zu leben. Ich bedanke mich sehr für diese Erfahrung und möchte jedem empfehlen, sich darauf einzulassen und sich sein eigenes Bild zu machen.

Neben vielen anderen Dingen, fand ich auch das Essen wunderbar. Danke an den Koch.

(Gruß von Detlef)

Stefanie Haas

aus Deutschland, Dezember 2019

"Großartige Tage, die noch lange nachhallen werden."

Ein Gefühl von Zuhause, grandioses Essen und großartige Gastgeber. Die Kurse waren intensiv und abwechslungsreich.

Alexandra Thasler

aus Deutschland, Juli 2019


Anat und Eran vermitteln in ihrer Herzlichkeit und Gastfreundschaft sofort das Gefühl, “ angekommen “ zu sein.

Die yoga sessions waren vielseitig und ansprechend.Anat ist eine einfühlsame Lehrerin, die jeden auf seinem Level abholt und fördert.

Das Essen ( vegan) ist ein Traum und wird mit viel Liebe zum Produkt von Eran zubereitet.

Christine Loewenhardt

aus Deutschland, Juli 2019

"Amazing experience"

Anat and Eran are wonderful people and their concept of combining yoga, meditation, healthy and amazing food with their warmth, kindness, appreciation and joy is absolutely great. We laughed a lot and at the same time had very in-depth conversations, thanks for every single activity. Gaia Retreat House is the right place to relax, find stillness and come to inner strength. It was my first yoga retreat, I enjoyed every moment and the effect continues. I will come back!

Annalisa Ales

aus USA, Juni 2019

"My first yoga retreat "

I don't usually write reviews, but I felt so welcomed and happy during my stay that I have to share it with others. At Gaia Retreat House there is everything you need to have the most beautiful experience, adorable hosts (Anat & Eran) who will care for you as a member of their family, a wonderful and peaceful location surrounded by nature, lovely and healthy food that nourish your body and your soul. That was my first yoga retreat and I was afraid to not being able to follow all the activities, but I always felt invited in doing what I could, what my body was ready for and I had all the support needed to finally opening myself and realizing I could do so much more than I thought. If you need a break from your daily routine and stressy life and get fully recharged then I can only recommend to visit Gaia Retreat House, you will want to come back again!

Sinem Dienes

aus Deutschland, Februar 2019

"Gaia is, when your heart finds a home"

I really loved this awesome Yoga retreat! Anat and Eran really know how to make you feel home. Everyone coming there is not just a visitor, but a friend and a part of the tribe.

Everything was really perfect. I still feel how warm it makes my heart. The Yoga sessions were really really nice and the vegan food we got was incredibly delicious!

I highly recommend this to everyone searching for their inner peace.

Thank you so much, you beautiful people! :)


aus Deutschland, Dezember 2021

"Healing time "

Beautiful days in a wonderful place with excellent food!Thank you

Blanca Blanternate

aus Deutschland, Oktober 2021

"A relaxing break to reset your energy levels"

This retreat offers a quiet and calming small break in a perfect location. Gaia House is a welcoming place where you feel at home and the surrounding nature is the perfect backdrop to reconnect with yourself and with nature. The meals were incredible, the host kind and welcoming and the yoga classes are suitable for all levels.

Benjamin Estela

aus USA, Oktober 2021

"Yoga on my mind!"

Gaby and myself were new to Yoga and a little hesitant due to our inexperience, but I must say Bea our Yoga instructor made us feel relaxed and confident. Her patients, knowledge and spirit carried us through the 4-day retreat. I immediately noticed a change in just a few days of Yoga, more energy, better sleep pattern and overall feeling of wellbeing. I will incorporate Yoga into my daily life, as one would say, I caught the Yoga Bug! Lastly, our host Eran was top in my book, never have we experienced such a warm, generous and loving soul. He made us feel like family and the Vegan food he prepared was super delicious and a work of art!

Well Done!

Antonela Mestrovic Mandic

aus Kroatien, Oktober 2020

"I loved every moment of it!"

I can absolutely recommend this retreat. All activities are designed to support deep relaxation and connecting to yourself and the world around you. I felt very nourished with classes, teachings, food, house, nature, and other participants. I will come back again!

Alberto Barcelos

aus Deutschland, Oktober 2020

"Love & Peace"

Eran and Anat are very warm and welcoming. We had a great time, a lot of peace, sweat, meditation, great vegan food, and love. The meditation retreat with Itamar, and Robine was amazing. Even better than I expected.


aus Niederlande, Oktober 2020

"Lifechanging week"

I loved this retreat! From the meditation, the yoga, the other teachings, the kindness and love, the food, the environment, everything was lovely. For me it was a week where I learned new things and deepened my practice to bring this into daily life. On top of that it feeled like we created a new family.

Romina Kosinski

aus Deutschland, Juli 2020

"A wonderful experience"

It was like entering a different world. Anat and Eran are wonderful hosts that welcomed everyone with love and open arms. Anat created an environment were everyone was save to be vulnerable and share their story. She invited us to reflect about our life and I have learned so much from her!

I expected a weekend with "just" Yoga and I came out as a new person. Thanks for everything Anat.

With love, Romina

Nina Bittner

aus Deutschland, März 2020

The meditation training gave me a lot of new perspectives on meditation, my body and life itself. Anat created a safe space and a atmosphere full of love and respect which made the group of participants feel a deep connection. It was a time full of love - for each individual but also for oneself. A training can also be challenging at some time, but that's definitely part of the experience. Aside from that, the food by Eran is spectacular! And you can enjoy nice walks in the nature.

Ytamar Faybish

aus Belgien, März 2020

"A wonderful retreat"

It was an amazing retreat on so many level.. very special and lovely hosts, teacher and cook. We learned so many great things, and the food was just out of this world. The location is lovely, next to a forest. The accommodations were perfect, everything is clean and comfy. All the participants, including the teacher and cook, are amazingly beautiful and gentle souls, I am honored to have the chance of meeting and getting to know them in this lifetime!


aus Deutschland, September 2019

"Fabulous yoga retreat"

The yoga retreat was a wonderful four days with warm, generous people in a comfortable and peaceful location. From the first moment Anat and Eran welcomed everyone like family. Anat is an excellent yoga teacher, who helped me to deepen my practice through meditation and new asanas. The food was delicious, and the woods around the retreat house are perfect for quiet walks. Thank you Anat and Eran for a very special four days.

Neil Price

aus USA, Februar 2019

"Life changing experience!"

I've been to yoga retreats in the past but this was the most amazing experience I've ever had. Peace and kindness were the marks of the days. The yoga and the fellowship were great, and the food was simply delicious. Can't wait to go back.