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Op en naast de yogamat

Verken fascinerende yogabestemmingen, verbeter je skills met tips en trucs van yogi's over de hele wereld. Strek je lichaam en geest en ontgrendel je ware potentieel.

Yoga Styles 101: An Introduction to Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation that has gained popularity over the past few years.

Yoga Styles 101: An Introduction to Acro Yoga

These days, social media is full of pictures with people in circus-like Acro Yoga poses that might seem impossible to nail without years of practice.

Yoga Styles 101: An Introduction to Aerial Yoga

Ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? As you might already know, there are several types of yoga that can help you do it.

Yoga Styles 101: An Introduction to Iyengar Yoga

All yoga styles combine physical poses with deep breathing and meditation, to create a balance in the body and mind.

Yoga Styles 101: An Introduction to Yin Yoga

Looking for the best yoga style to relax, be in the present moment and let go of the need to keep yourself busy? Yin Yoga is the ideal style to enter a state of mind that will provide you with all the balance and relaxation you need in your life.

Yoga Styles 101: An Introduction to Hatha Yoga

When thinking of yoga in general, physical postures combined with controlled breathing and meditation are what often come to mind. This is, in fact, Hatha Yoga.

Yoga Styles 101: An Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga

Whether you are just starting out or already have some experience under your belt, you probably already know that there are various types of yoga you can practice.

Yoga Styles 101: An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

No matter where you are in your yoga journey, you are probably already aware that there various styles of yoga one can practice. What you may not know is how each one so different from the next, even though the asanas may be generally the same.

Yoga 101: What Yoga Style Should You Take Up? [Infographic]

Whether you’re thinking about practicing yoga for the first time or you’re a committed yogi, you probably already know that there are various types of yoga you can practice. 

Why Acro Yoga is the Perfect Date Option: 5 Reasons to Do it with Your Partner

You love yoga, he loves yoga – it’s a match made in heaven.

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga & How Practicing It Makes You Feel

How about hanging upside down on a fabric like a swing or a hammock? Can you imagine something more relaxing and exciting at the same time? Welcome to an Aerial Yoga class. It is a mix of pilates, aerial gymnastics, and yoga movements that will give you more strength and flexibility in a fun and twisted way. 

Yoga for Seniors: 4 Amazing Benefits for Health & Beyond

There’s plenty to be happy about as we get older – with age comes maturity, wisdom and experience. 

Which Yoga Style Works Best for Your Needs (5 Types of Yoga You Must Consider)

Have you tried yoga yet? If so, you may already know that this ancient practice is perfect for relaxation, to stretch your body muscles, improve athleticism, minimize stress and it’s even good for sex! However, with so many yoga styles to choose from, it might be a bit complicated to pick the one that better suits your needs.

15 Most Popular Yoga Styles Explained [Infographic]

Have you ever found yourself confused about all the various styles of yoga out there? With so many names, schools, lineages, etc. it can be overwhelming and you’re wondering where to even begin!

What came first, Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga?

I know what some of you might be thinking, and no, Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga are not the same. They could be very similar, but definitely not the same. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the differences and origins of both styles. 

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