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7 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Italy

  • Ecoresort Le Sirenè, Litoranea Gallipoli-Santa Maria di Leuca, 73014 Gallipoli, Lecce, Italy


Nature Bliss Italy Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Gallipoli is known as an oasis of wellness in south of Italy between history, art, and nature. You will experience yoga, nature, adventure, sea, sun, food, and everything you could possibly imagine in this ideal location. You will have the opportunity to discover and practice the natural, true, and intense ancient sensations. On this retreat, your body will be strong and purified and your mind will be free and relaxed.


  • Daily Vinyasa Flow yoga classes
  • Functional training and animal yoga sessions
  • Daily experiential meditations in contact with nature
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner with typical product of Salento
  • Excursions and experiences outdoors at sunrise and sunset
  • 6 nights accommodation

Good to know

  • All ages are welcome as participants.

  • 6 days with instruction
  • English, Italian
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Recently renovated, the Ecoresort Le Sirenè, is located in the heart of a luxuriant private pine forest with fitness trail and jogging trail: an oasis of prosperity and tranquility. It is perfect to regenerate and recharge your batteries when returning from trips to the discovery of Salento.

Directly on the sandy beach of the Naturalistic Reserve of Torre del Pizzo, the hotel overlooks a famous bay for the many shades of crystal-clear sea, out of the blue cobalt blue to emerald green. Their restaurant offers the best recipes of the Salento cuisine made by the chef, who selects the most genuine ingredients directly in the territory. Gallipoli center, with its shopping streets and island that encloses the old town, is only 3000 meters.

This retreat will take place in Gallipoli, Italy. Gallipoli, from the Greek Kallipolis is a beautiful city. On the origins of the city of Gallipoli, opinions are controversial. According to legends, it was founded by the Cretan Idomeneo (which would bring to the city the image of the rooster imprinted on his shield, then chosen for the coat of arms), while another legend says that it was created by the Spartan Leucippus. In fact, the human presence seems to be of prehistoric origin and probably Gallipoli was the port call of the Messapian town of Gallipoli, which then later was destroyed. Its beauty made it already known at the time of ancient Greece as the pearl of the Ionian Sea.

Nearby places

  • Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport (BRI), 80 kilometers
  • Brindisi - Salento Airport (BDS), 194 kilometers
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Daily experiential meditations in contact with nature
  • Daily Vinyasa Flow yoga classes
  • Excursions and experiences outdoors at sunrise and sunset
  • Free entrance into the museums
  • Functional training and animal yoga sessions
  • Private parking
  • Use of private beach of fine sand, equipped with deckchairs, sun beds and umbrellas
  • Use of swimming pool with sun terrace and a shallow pool for children
  • Use of the pine forest with fitness trail and jogging trail
  • Wi-Fi
  • Welcome drink

The Greek word, zoé, indicates the life of living beings, understood as vital energy that regenerates cyclically, as opposed to the bios, which defines the life of an individual, limited in time.

Zoé Animal Yoga® is the result of Enrico's theoretical and practical training. It builds on tan, तन् expressions, and kama, काम, and is a yoga animal, archetypal, elemental, erotic, and ecstatic. The movement is studied, perceived, practiced, and lived in its most ancient form which is universal and primordial. They unearth the animal instincts that are the basis of one's anatomical needs of movement. That it is the body with all its weight and its structure that is used at all times as a source of which to develop the four basic physical qualities of the human being: strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, and mobility.

The balance and proprioception research is stimulated through experimentation of the basic skills of acrobatics, hips and shoulders through feline movements accompany muscular expressions of the lower and upper limbs; the abdomen in its centrality through the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation expands and contracts around the body; the spine is enriched by an archaic freedom and becomes connected to carry the warmth and the energy of the body, Kundalini, from the bottom up.

A body that moves is a cosmos that moves. Starting from the similarity between the macrocosm and microcosm, and then the body (where the physical mind and will are inseparably united) takes on a meaning far more practical and pragmatic purpose. That it is capable of operating in the real territory through transformational processes. Each person is guided through movement and dance of the breath. Vinyasa is to enter into one's self, to know, recognize, and become the practitioner and the hero inside, making one's journey educating to your will and building your freedom. You are what moves. You are what burns. You are that which is complete.


  • Training and daily Vinyasa and Power yoga (warm-up poses, standing poses, balancing poses, hip-opener poses, forward bend poses, twist and turn poses,
  • back bend poses, arm balance poses, inversion poses, restorative poses)
  • Zoé Animal Yoga method, based on animal movements and primordial exercise of fundamental physical qualities of the human body
  • Experiential personal growth workshop.
  • Therapeutic massage and Thai yoga massage practice
  • Specific gastronomy
  • Sensory laboratory
  • Nature experiences outdoors

Driving directions from north and central Italy

  • Take the A14 or A16 austrostrada up to Bari Nord, then take the exit for the Brindisi-Lecce and follow the path.
  • Before arriving in Lecce, you will find a junction West Ring - Gallipoli, imboccatelo and after 30 kilometers, take the Gallipoli exit.

Driving directions from south Calabria and Sicily

  • Take the SS 16 until Taranto.
  • Once you are in town, head to Brindisi along the SS 7 Brindisi and from there, head to Lecce.
  • After that proceed to Gallipoli as indicated above.

Arrival by airplane

Please Please book your flight to arrive at Brindisi - Salento Airport (BDS) or Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport (BRI). From both, you can use the transfer service that will take you to Gallipoli or you can take the bus and train.

Arrival by train

From the Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport (BRI), you can take the train to Central Station of Bari or a bus. From there, take the train to Lecce (the Bari-Lecce lines operated by Trenitalia are well connected and provide many trains). Once in Lecce, you can take a local train that will take you from the Baroque city in Gallipoli.

Of all major Italian cities (Rome, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Venice), there are trains traveling with up to Lecce, then from there you can take the local trains.

Arrival by bus

From the Brindisi - Salento Airport (BDS), take a bus that will take you to the city terminal of Lecce. In the summer, Salento has an active service in the province of Lecce Bus that connects all the major resorts of Salento via bus. There are several other lines that connect Gallipoli with big cities across Italy.

Additional information

For more information, ask your questions directly to Zoé Animal Yoga ® - Enrico De Luca, who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Send Inquiry button to send a message.

Visits to the Gallipoli historic city center with museums, oasis of Torre del Pizzo, and bays of Salento are included in this retreat.

  • Enrico De Luca

    Enrico is a master of yoga (RYT 200, RYT 500, ERYT 200, and RYS 200), a life coach, naturopath, Shiatsu therapist, and expert in symbolic for art.

  • Additional charges
  • Flights
  • Travel expenses
  • Travel insurance

All breakfast, lunch, and dinner are made with organic, local ingredients, and are included in the price of the retreat.

  • Beach
  • Jogging
  • Other excursions
  • Shopping
  • Swimming
  • Visit museums
  • Yoga
  • Golf course
  • Massage
  • Mountain biking
  • Sailing
  • Scuba diving
  • Shopping
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Balcony
  • Bar
  • Beach
  • Hammock
  • In-room safe
  • Lobby
  • Mini bar
  • Restaurant
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hair dryer
  • Library
  • Tour assistance
For information about the booking conditions, please send Zoé Animal Yoga ® - Enrico De Luca an inquiry.
  • Review by Sara
    10 out of 10

    "First of all thank you for having made possible this formative experience and congratulations on your preparation and the passion that shines through your work. I was not sure what to expect from a teacher training because it was the first I've ever attended. Surely, having viewed many others, it is deduced clearly that your training approach has a far from schematic. So now only taking the decision to participate in your TT takes a first choice to a training approach that would define unconventional and complete. In fact, the idea that I had made previously is knowing you personally following your work and carefully reading the detailed program you have kindly provided, has not changed during the TT. I was good, I enjoyed it, I was super flexible and I think you are very very very very good."

    Zoé Animal Yoga ® - Enrico De Luca, edited

  • Review by Loredana
    10 out of 10

    "The proposed program for this teacher training is complex and original, so when I choose to participate, I was curious how the theory and practice of yoga would be integrated, with the experience to do in nature (hiking, sea, spas). The integration took place naturally: any time is Yoga. This integration is the element that makes the difference in this course than others, and that is the added value for the student who wishes to become a teacher. Thank Enrico De Luca for being a true teacher."

    Zoé Animal Yoga ® - Enrico De Luca, edited

  • Review by Francesca
    10 out of 10

    "The intense contact with nature was a key element of growth, transformation of the limits, adaptability. Everything in nature is accomplished, the mind body are in their natural rhythm of the inner nodes melt. The theoretical and practical program and the experiential are extremely valid. Enrico you're an exceptional teacher whom I respect and whom I trust, you do well to stay firm on your visions and ideas, characterize and make unique your education. Thanks for everything, I am proud and honored to have you as a teacher."

    Zoé Animal Yoga ® - Enrico De Luca, edited

  • Review by Nausia
    10 out of 10

    "How many times have you given up to a little fun, and how many other times, fortunately No !? I did not choose this path, I come to the right moment in my life as it was a visceral imprint to read the program. I followed my instincts, I had no particular expectations but inside I knew that I would need ...A journey with strangers become 'family', the nights with the light of candles and stars, the sounds of nature, say a 'yes' without thinking twice, the' I love you 'said out loud because are good for your heart. The challenges; the 'I can' and in the end we've really done, the exceeded limits, forgotten and new ones to deal with. Yoga is everything and it's nothing, it's not all about asanas, or physical training, this experience has made me discover a part of me that I had repressed for too long, that part wild, immortal, alive and free, the existential condition that everyone should follow as a lifestyle to be happy. The performed activities have been experienced by me with all existing senses, totally appropriate in order that our teacher wanted to achieve, I take this opportunity to say thank you, for the first time I did not feel different, but an integral part something that I was living in secret without being understood, I found in him not only a guide but also a great friend. What I feel I have experienced it is not only a big improvement in my asanas in their knowledge and execution, but I restored an even deeper connection with my soul, my identity, with all of myself to others and the universe. Namaste "

    Zoé Animal Yoga ® - Enrico De Luca, edited

  • Review by Alexandra from Italy
    4 out of 10

    "The Zoé Animal Yoga teacher training in Ischia with Enrico da Luca was not what I expected. I selected this course because it seemed like an intensive training program (with convenient location, price and time of year) - I came prepared to work hard and learn a lot; instead, it felt more like an island vacation. Though I've been a yogi for 10+ years, this was my first YTT experience. While I did learn more about anatomy and asana alignment (as well as make great friends), the lack of organization and communication was constantly frustrating. This location and teaching style is great for a 1-week yoga retreat, where one can explore the senses while immersed in nature; but not well-suited for a 3-week yoga teacher training, where one hopes to learn the practical application and transmission of yoga as a modern career. Overall, this course has great potential, but I was not very satisfied with the training."

    "Pros-Enrico is a very knowledgeable yogi; he did a wonderful job teaching the asanas, taking the time to correct each one of us throughout the sessions. I learned more about anatomy and alignment. The location was beautiful - the view of the sunsets over the island unforgettable! The excursions were enjoyable and appropriate for the training. "

    "Con- Organization and communication were mainly absent - no daily schedules or mealtime conversation. Enrico was generally unavailable outside of sessions, even leaving the location altogether without warning. Excess of free time and lack of transportation. No regular schedule or group unity (Italian versus International students). The location was very remote and very basic - the house itself is really lovely, but be prepared to go without electricity, laundry facilities, wifi and other modern conveniences. It's a 45-60mn hike (literally) to the closest town and beach. Many of the study topics listed in the course description were not covered. (Ex: chakras) No reading/studying materials were provided. Two meals per day (brunch and dinner) instead of the advertised 3 meals per day. An Italian-English translator was present, but it was a university student who never studied yoga.", edited

  • Review by Enrico De Luca's (organzer) response to Alexanrda's Review

    "I already know the considerations of Alexandra. As I have often said to her my training course is an Adventure & Nature Teacher Training so based on the proposition of a lifestyle surrounded by nature to reproduce an environment similar to what was the first yogi. It is an experiential course where the teaching materials are constantly placed in a learning laboratory. teaching therefore requires a predisposition in students the ability to let go and not be chained in the rigidity of a daily schedule. Of course, the subjects are studied in the same way. the teaching material is digital for foreign students while paper for Italians. The location was chosen because of its isolation and has been notified to make the most of the experience. "

    "Some organizational difficulties should be considered normal for a location like this that offers a particular lifestyle and natural, but this is described in the ad where in fact speak of a house built in the rock at the foot of a mountain. sweet breakfast, salty brunch and dinner were included in the price and are offered. As indicated in the program classes ended in the evening and after dinner the time was free so everyone could use it as preferred, myself included. The translator did not satisfy me either in fact next year it will use another. the course is 21 days, and therefore I consider it appropriate from an educational point of view the inclusion of 3 days off to rest the load of daily study.", edited

Naples, Italy

Zoe Animal Yoga® offer adventure, wellness, nature, and yoga retreats in exclusive locations in the South of Italy, led by experienced yoga master RYT 500 and RYS 200, Enrico De Luca.

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