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Zoe Animal Yoga offers adventure, wellness, nature, and yoga retreats in exclusive locations in Italy, led by yoga master, Enrico De Luca (RYT 500 - RYS 200).

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Enrico De Luca

Enrico is a master of yoga (RYT 200, RYT 500, E-RYT 200, and RYS 200), a wildlife coach, naturopath, Shiatsu therapist, and expert in symbolic for art.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 (Yoga)

Acre Anukalana Yoga Italy Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Odaka Yoga Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

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May Christin Engeli

from Norway, July 2018

"Very proffesional both theory and practise! "

Everything- the location was magical. Enrico was very structured And have alot of experience. He really put all his efford to make us Good teachers. Classes were very well organized And there is a good opportunity to have a swim in the sea right under the castle, during the breakes. Overall a life experience i will never forget- Good value for the money. Also Ischia is a special place with its nature And beautiful And Calm suroundings🙏

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Zoé Animal Yoga - Enrico De Luca website

In the last few weeks, I participated at Enrico's 200-hour yoga teacher training as a way to improve my own personal practice and to open the doors for a potential future carrier. In Stromboli, a beyond beautiful location, the setting was amazing and particular; the island is unique and isolated, so I embraced the possibility of some last-minute organizational changes, adapted the Italian mentality, and enjoyed amazing meals while working hard and learning both about anatomy and practical aspects of yoga!


Zoé Animal Yoga - Enrico De Luca website

Thank you so much, Enrico, for this wonderful training. A dream came true. I lived one of the most beautiful moments of my life here in Stromboli. Your teaching is so interesting and so complete. I feel now ready to teach and to become the best teacher I can be. You have been an example for me during these days. I learned a lot and I feel so grateful having you as master. Stromboli was one of the most beautiful places I have seen. Our location was absolutely stunning. The hosts were the most welcoming persons I have met, and I have eaten the most delicious food. I feel so thankful for every moment of this training and for the most kind people I have met. You made me the happiest student of the world.


Zoé Animal Yoga - Enrico De Luca website

In recent years, I have been practicing yoga as a student, I was looking for a course that was educational, professional, and that allowed me to deepen my knowledge of yoga, both in practical terms and theoretically. I followed the training of Enrico De Luca Zoe Animal Yoga, that has allowed me to do 200 hours of yoga useful for teaching.

Enrico was absolutely meticulous in the teaching of asana, prana, and theory. Stromboli is a perfect location to practice yoga, considering its peculiarity of wild island.


Zoé Animal Yoga - Enrico De Luca website

First of all, thank you for having made possible this formative experience and congratulations on your preparation and the passion that shines through your work. I was not sure what to expect from a teacher training because it was the first I've ever attended. Surely, having viewed many others, it is deduced clearly that your training approach is far from schematic. Taking the decision to participate in your teacher training was the first choice to a training approach that I would define unconventional and complete. In fact, the idea that I had made previously by knowing you personally, following your work, and carefully reading the detailed program you have kindly provided, has not changed during the teacher training. It was good, I enjoyed it, it was super flexible, and I think you are very very very very good.


Zoé Animal Yoga - Enrico De Luca website

The proposed program for this teacher training is complex and original, so when I chose to participate, I was curious how the theory and practice of yoga would be integrated, with the experience to do in nature (hiking, sea, and spas). The integration took place naturally: any time is yoga. This integration is the element that makes the difference in this course than others, and that is the added value for the student who wishes to become a teacher. Thanks, Enrico De Luca, for being a true teacher.

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