ZeroYog aims to reach every soul and guide them through balancing all different facets of life for an overall rejuvenated, fulfilled, and satisfied living.

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Nisha Ahya

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Shawal Dave

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I became a believer of yoga because of yoga because of Nisha. She is an extraordinary teacher of yoga, explains each and every poses with its benefits. She knows what to teach according to body type of person. She makes yoga interesting for beginners and challenging for advanced learner.

Harsh Rawal

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I started yoga classes on a casual note never thought of continuing it for so long and this only happened because of you, Nisha, ma'am. The way you teach every asana special by reading the body reflexes of every student individually which makes learning yoga interesting especially the explanation which you give for the important asana helps us in understanding the benfits we get from them. Overall, you are a very good teacher and guide and your classes are benefitting me in many ways.

Gaddu Sondarva

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I love the way you teach Asana. I've never seen a person like you who have such a great knowledge about Asanas and their proper techniques. I am feeling really lucky I have a teacher like you and also a friend like you, you changed my life.