Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand

Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden is a sanctuary and a home-stay for yoga, meditation, and any creative activities.

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Fenua iti

Organizer and permanent teacher: Fenua iti made his dreams true by opening a healthy space focusing on: - developping well-being through self-knowledge and realization of the essential Self - more harmonization between human beings and nature, permaculture gardening - developping connections between people having the will to make the world more human, collective rising of consciousness - 500 hours Yoga instructor certified by RYS and Yoga Alliance

Reviews 12

  • Charlotta Waldau Sweden

    December 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    The calmness and how you shut off the rest of the world. Breath in and out! Concentration! Listening to Fenua when he explain the chakras and other education around body & mind- how they are all connected. To sit on the floor- to close your eyes!

    I am not found of tods and frogs

  • Alicia Ortiz United States

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I loved waking up to a detox drink, meditation and sun salutations! It's the perfect way to start the day, followed by free time for journaling, walking, doing inner work and highlighted by a very delicious vegetarian lunch! The afternoon sessions of chakra balancing were interesting, and I enjoyed the yoga with music during some evenings.

    Beach was quite far so can feel a bit isolated after extended period of stay. Walk to massage, general store and restaurants is about 15minutes just must watch out for local farm dogs which can seem vicious but if you stay calm they don't attack. Went to do laundry at local hotel just up the road and was harassed by two police officers. After run in with local police I did not feel safe leaving the retreat via foot again.

  • Vicky Rees United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Thank you for your wonderful teachings and hospitality, the retreat was much needed for me to rest my body and mind and I'm leaving feeling much more at peace, light in mind and light in body. I can also see how much I've changed in the 2 years since I was here last, all of your teachings feel easier to understand and make much more sense to me.

    Sending much love and peace to you and Cookie.

    Namaste, Vicky x

  • Kate Rees United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Thank you for being so welcoming and inviting me into your home. I have learned a lot in this time not just about myself either, it has helped me to look for the future with better outlook more positive. You are a great teacher and host, good luck in the future.

    Kate x

  • Ulf Lubbert Germany


    Thank you so much for the nice talks, the laughs, the meditation, the knowledge, the flexibility and thank you for letting me be the crazy guy doing maths between sessions. :)

  • Gemma Lepere United Kingdom


    I am extremely grateful for these ten days. I needed to get away & let my mind & body relax which I struggle to do back in Spain. You have put me back on the path of being again & I feel calm inside & out. Thank you for you to share your home, wisdom, advice & life stories I am very grateful... And of course the lovely fruit you provided every morning!

    It's been so wonderful to unwind the body & soul & start to learn more about yoga & meditation other than just practising it.

    Thanks again, you are really such lovely people. Keep shining peeps, the Earth needs the warmth of your rays, positive vibs & hugs

  • Solen Yucel Turkey

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Spending 10 days in Zen House was incredibly good on my body and spirit. Fenua provides a very comfortable stay for his guests/students. Located 10 Kms outside of Hua Hin, the house is in a very peaceful neighborhood surrounded by pineapple fields. Both meditation and yoga classes are very good. Not too hard in the beginning and gradually improve as you improve in terms of flexibility and patience. The breakfast is amazing; all fresh fruits and some nuts and lunch is quite delicious. I highly recommend Zen House for the ones who wants a fresh start or wants to make a change for the better in their lives.

  • Carola Italy

    BookYogaRetreats website

    It was a really great experience!! The zen house is beautiful and very relaxing. Fenua is very professional and very kind. And the practice was very good

  • a Dylan Australia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Zen house Yoga&Meditation Garden was a real life changing experience for me! Julian has set up a wonderful retreat with an amazing vibe and amazing food! He's program & teaching was beyond helpful! I learnt so much about Yoga&Meditation and the lifestyle that goes with it. Highly recommend this retreat for everyone, I hadn't done any yoga before in my life but with Julian's help and great teaching skills I picked it up very quick and got a lot out of it :)

  • Vicky United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I really like your style of teaching, very calming, balancing, you have shown me another side of Yoga, one that I didn't really know existed. It was not at all what I was expecting, but I'm glad, as it was better you explain everything clearly and I loved the theory side of the classes too. I like how we alternated Sun salutations, yoga intuitive and the meditations, it keeps it interesting.Food is simple, healthy and delicious, my body and mind feel light! Breakfast was my favorite, trying all the new varieties of fruits, some I had never seen before. I liked the change from rice to noodles too. And as much as I enjoy brown rice, I may have a rest of it when I get home! (too much of a good thing) When I do buy it again I'll make sure I get organic. In fact, you have made me think about a lot of things / eat, I will look into macro-biotic diet n7!The house is beautiful in energy, very calming, clean and friendly, room was very confortable, fans were nice to keep cool.Everything was perfect, and I've loved my stay here, I'd love to come back!And if you're ever in England, I'd love to have you teach at my studio! Much love to you, Foxie and Cookie, take care, I'll miss you all.

  • Andrew United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Food have great selection of fruit in the morning, really helps promote a healthier lifestyle and gives us a real taste of Thailand. The lunches are good healthy meals with enough taste to keep the taste buds interested and enough energy for the rest of the day.The teaching consist of great informative lessons really give structure to the Yoga practise and the theory has broadened by understanding of the yoga practise a lot. The change between meditation in AM/PM with Yoga keeps the balanced and exciting. Only thing I would suggest is a diagram of chakras to make it easy to remember ( with both names) and maybe some softer lighting outside.The house has a great vibe, and gives us a comfortable place to continue our meditation and rest. Really encourages peace of mind, with pets helping to sooth our minds and calm us down.

  • Fanny France


    Ma retraite de 12 jours a Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden a ete tres reposante et enrichissante, Fenua a ete un guide spirituel et un hote particulierement agréable. Je cherchais une premiere approche du yoga et de la meditation et c'est exactement ce que nous avons fait : decouverte du yoga a travers l'apprentissage de divers asana et diverses pratiques de meditation. Lieu tres tranquilles, chambre agreable, magnifiques petits dejeuner! Je recommande vivement!!!

Testimonials 23

  • Alicia Ortiz

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden Facebook page

    I spent 10 days at this lovely Zen House. The 7 day detox retreat was exactly what I needed! I loved everything about the retreat; waking up to a yummy detox drink, meditation, assorted fruit breakfast, amazingly delicious lunch and the chakra balancing in the late afternoons! My favorite were the sun salutations while chanting! Fenua iti is a wonderful host with a very gentle way about him. His enthusiasm to share his knowledge of yoga was so attractive and welcoming! I hope to be back someday in the near future! It was truly a zen experience!

  • Bastian and Steffi Germany

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

    Thank you for many wise lessons. We really enjoyed your house and joining your way of life for some time.

    All the best, may the power always be on your side

  • Gabriel Antunes Brazil

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden


    Thank you for this wonderful week you provided us. The retreat opened my mind for new possibilities in my life, and I will keep this knowledge forever.

  • Norine Dollenkamp Netherlands

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

    Thank you so much for these days. For having me in your house and that you took care of me, the food, the lessons, the walking, everything. It was more than I could wish for. The only thing was not able to tell you, because I was in silence. But believe me these days here everything I needed. It helped me to give rest, to move things clear in my head, to make decisions and space for other thoughts.

    Besides the mental power, the yoga was all my body needed. I knew it already but now I know for sure:

    meditation and yoga have to become a part of my life.

  • Fanny Lefert France

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

    I was looking for a place to relax, to get out of the wolrd, to have time for me and on top of that, discover this beautiful life practise, the yoga.

    You were our guide for these 10 days, through different approaches of meditation, asanas, diets, kriyas... Thank you for that, I wish you to continue to help people to find their way to the light.

    I wish you love, health and cosmic communion, I will follow your lessons.

  • Luca Boll Germany

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

    Thank you for the experience of your wonderful retreat.

    In 10 days I learned a lot about very beneficial things for myself.

    I really grew with that experience.

    I wish you all the best for your future.

    Silence isn't empty, it is full of answers.

  • Julien Grelet France

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

    A big thanks for that retreat which brought me a lot, and also for this superb meeting with you! We catch up again wherever we can.

  • Adam and Tatjana Germany

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

    Thank you so much for the time were able to spend here. The yoga lessons and our many discussions about food and life in general inspired us a lot! We had amazing 10 days here which were such a good break from our journey. Now we are full of energy to continue and practice at beaches, in parks, in forests.

  • Chloé, Vendée France

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

    I am very grateful to you both for this retreat. It has helped me sense the heart of yoga. I really want to take time to practice more now, and make yoga part of my life.

    Thank you for everything: making us feel at home, the great vegan food, the friendly atmosphere, and most of all, your knowledge and great advises about yoga. These last 10 days were wonderful! I wish you both the best in life.

  • Perla Vasquez-Caldera

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden

    I am emptyful.

    Thank you very much for the lessons. Julien , you are a great host and teacher.

    I'm so happy to be living around you and Peter.

    Beautiful place, food, and practice.

    Beautiful friends and family.

  • Edouard Joron Thailand

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation

    I try to find words to express my gratitude but so far no words are powerful enough to express it.

    So I have to create one which means all in one how much I love you guys:

    This retreat was just MISSALISS!

  • Jonathan Nadine Bern, Switzerland

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden Facebook website

    It was a wonderful time and i have learned so much about yoga. I Can definitely recommend it!

  • Nadine Rahm Germany

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    Merci beaucoup for this wonderful retreat! I thought I knew what was yoga about. But you taught me so much more and gave me a real look inside yoga and why we all should do it. Your teaching is very easy to understand with always a lot of humor and a big smile. As well I like the variety of your yoga and meditation. It was really a retreat for my body (tasty vegan food, asanas) soul (peaceful surroundings, lovely house) and mind (meditation, music, nice conversation).

  • Elisabeth Platnner United States

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    Your program is so well done! Your smiles and devotion carried me through these past 10 days! I loved the lessons, Yoga practice and meditations! The spirit in the house and gardens with all its inhabitants is magical! Thank you for all the nourishing meals! I will forever be grateful for the time spent here!

  • Bella Ng China

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    It is my pleasure to stay here for these 10 days. Everything is very new and exciting for me. I love the atmosphere, food, cat, yoga practice and meditation here. And 10 days are not enough. What I learned here may become daily habits in my life. Hopefully I can also become a yogini even after. Lastly, Thank you for every thing and see you ! XO.XO

  • Anastasiya Russia

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    Now I love two life: before your perfect program and after! Thank you for everything! It was great experience!

  • Yana Austria

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    Thank you for this retreat - it was really a great time. Your yoga style, your meditations, your house - like a paradise for spirit, body and soul :-) Deep to nature, deep to myself, deep to universe... Namaste & a thousand thanks!

  • Chris

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    I enjoyed every moment and I want to say Thank you. You inspired me, helped me back on track with my health and so much more. Thanks to you.

  • Rebecca

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    Thank you for welcoming me so warmly to your beautiful Thai home.You have taught me so much in such a short space of time. I hope to take away everything I learn and start the new chapter of my life with healthier, happier habits. I would love to come back someday.

  • Juliane Zett Germany

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    I really enjoyed the multiple yoga sessions and meditation techniques during my 10 day retreat including teaching lessons that provided me insightful knowledge. The breakfast has always been a lovely variety of fruits and nuts, I would have loved more options for lunch over the 10 days though I realize that the meals were either vegetarian or vegan [100% vegan], still there should have been more options. Overall though, the food was very tasty and intensity. The accommodation itself is a little sanctuary located in the countryside in a peaceful environment. Every night I had a good night's sleep and this helped me a lot to experience this retreat.Julien is a very friendly humorous and helpful teacher. I can recommend this retreat from the bottom of my heart.

  • Anni Germany

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    The house is calm & a peaceful place, clean and minimal. The chores in the house and garden can be used as a meditation. It would be amazing if you grow vegetables one day :) Animals are so sweet. They show us each moment how is it to be in the present moment, only to enjoy your life and go for your simply needs, that's it. Thank you so much for sharing all the knowledge about yoga. I really want to learn more about this science. A balanced mix between hatha yoga and meditation. Food and tea was really nice and all the time different, but also kind of the same (gave me safetiness, life becomes easiest). It would be nice if the food was more detox-oriented. For the practise, a good explanation, clear and easy. We all are coming from our own yoga experiences or tradition and it can be so different. I think it is the innapropriate way to think about what is right what is wrong. Better we look for it how we can compare it on a good way....Sometimes one body needs some alternative or special help, maybe you can help your students a little bit more if you have more knowledge about it.Showing different meditations are good, because everybody can look for his/her favorites. Thank you for all the great spirit. May there be love and light guiding your path.

  • Scott Koskolsky

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    Juju's 10 days yoga retreat at Zen House was a fantastic example of how a great teacher makes all of the difference in the world. Blessed with a genuine, open hearted and good humored approach, our group was able to learn through practice, theory, and explorative conversation. For these reasons and more I loved my experience with Juju (affectionately named, lol) as he reminded me and my girlfriend that yoga starts in the mind and doesn't care if you're flexible or not.

  • Vina Bina

    Zen House, Yoga & Meditation Garden website

    Julien's retreat was a delight. The space was in a sanctuary, which really gave us the ability to relax, find peace, and be present in the moment. The course was very consistent with the Agama Yoga theory and practice, and it was really interesting and an eye opening to learn the traditional spiritual aspects to yoga & what energy center it correlates to. Julien has such a bright and open hearted/minded spirit, that I feel very comfortable to ask question and learn things that are beyond my field of life experience. It really opened my soul to live a more mindful, ethical, and enriching lifestyle. Thank you!

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