Zen Den Yoga School offers pampering yoga retreats, enlightening 200-hour YTT, fun dynamic yoga workshops, spiritual growth, health, and wellness to everyone.

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Ira Schneider

Valerie Leeds

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Sylvia Perez

from United States, August 2021

"A cleanse well deserved "

The environment was great peaceful the students were open and full of hope. Valerie and Ira were so supportive I felt as if I were visiting Family. That is the take away from my experience just awesome freeing and so renewed with clarity for the future! Because I went in with no expectations I was open to the experience. That is the change I am beyond grateful. I encourage the reviewers to take a step of faith and try something different. And meet new amazing souls that are all searching for unity within one self, because you are worth it. If your concerned about the virus rest assured Ira and Valerie go through extra miles to make sure safety is first and foremost. They are extremely clean and organised I felt safe and at peace.

It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.

David Attenborough

Nikki Mammano

from United States, May 2021

"Zen Den is not as advertised (Read below)"

Ira didn't teach much when I was there and Val did most of the work (teaching, cleaning, taking care of guests, etc) but the one class Ira did teach that I attended (he only taught the beginning) he stopped the class just to demand we were not listening, we were ALL doing it wrong, that we needed to listen to him, and restarted the sequence.

They didn't ask about injuries/conditions when I arrived in person or ask first if they could offer hands-on assists.

The amenities and the program were quite disappointing. The yoga house desperatly needs renovations. Neither of the houses have a state-of-the-art kitchen as advertised. I didn’t find the space to be very clean, they do not let you use the dishwasher they do not change the dish sponge when new guests arrive (super unsanitary during COVID times). 

The light in our bedroom in the yoga house didn’t work, so we asked to be moved to the other house. They moved us, but the process was a hassle and inconsistent. 

My mom and I only made 3 smoothies out of the 7 days we were there, we mostly ate out and bought our own food. On one of our last days there, we were accussed of taking more food than we were “allotted.” This was extremely unprofessional and frustrating considering we did not eat their food and we spent $167 on our own groceries. 

Laura Grippa

from United States, April 2021

"An experience of self love... egofree"

The peaceful energy of Love and acceptance that permeated this compound filled with natural beauty/flowers palms/bamboos creaking in the gentle tropical breeze


from United States, December 2019

"Fantastic Location"

The Zen Den Yoga school is in a fantastic location. Meditation on the beach was fabulous and it was nice to have a grocery store and a handful of restaurants in walking distance. Having an acupuncture experience and massage included with the yoga classes and meditations is a nice touch.

Denise Wagner

from United States, April 2019

"Fabulous experience "

everything about this retreat was fabulous .

Amanda White

from Great Britain, November 2018

My stay with Zen Den was just three nights, I wish I’d been able to stay longer but I got so much out of my short stay.

Val and Ira are both wonderful people and great yoga teachers. I felt very welcome and supported in my yoga practice, making great progress in the few days that I was there. I really think I saw my potential in yoga for the first time.

The yoga studio and outdoor deck were ideal for yoga and meditation and the hot tub and pool were a really welcome addition each day after practice.

The massage was good and the acupuncture excellent, I received good advice about my future health and wellbeing, with a lengthy consultation with the doctor and a list of reading for me to research afterwards.

As is often the case I enjoyed meeting the other yogis, just as much as the retreat, we shared experiences and our stories of how we came to be there. The support, compassion and shared learning was inspiring. Some were attending for detox and weight loss which motivated me to stick to the juicing plan and I felt invigorated from just a few days of the programme.

For me, the highlight was the sunrise Meditation on the beach. My last morning and a spectacular sky. My time at the Zen Den was about healing and believing in my body again after a period of sickness. I still have a way to go but I feel that the time I invested here, both alone and amongst kind supportive people has helped me on my way.


from United States, October 2021

The place was clean.

Cassondra Fahey

from United States, September 2021


I went for the Yin Yoga and restorative Retreat. From the moment I arrived I knew I needed to be there. Val and Ira were so welcoming. All of the other guests were beautiful people. And I am blessed to have met them all. I was at peace there. The experience is very zen and go with the flow. You have a few scheduled things but plenty of you time to do as you please. I loved the Tia Chi and meditation especially. Val made learning it easy. Ira helped me through a panic attack due to recent health reasons. There are really no words, no review I could ever write that would properly describe my spiritual awakening from this retreat. If you want to find yourself, book the retreat. Go with an open mind and heart. You won’t be disappointed.

Helen Sakkaris

from United States, August 2021

"Transformative Relaxation and Learning Experience"

Valerie and Ira are a loving and caring couple that make sure their guests feel supported and special. From the minute I stepped into the main home, the students were eager to welcome me, get me situated, get to know me, and make me a smoothie. I stayed in the Beach Room, which was fantastic. The morning meditation and yoga classes put me in a deliciously optimistic mood for the rest of the day. They are very cathartic classes. The afternoon Vinyasa/Ashtanga inspired classes gave me a lot of strength and the direction or cues I always felt I needed but never got in yoga classes, previously. The retreat is packed with optional activities. I really enjoyed the evening Sutra (close reading) classes because I contemplated new ideas that enhanced my stay. The dialogue between teachers, guests, and students is priceless. Overall, I had a wonderful time. I was just a walk away from the beach (Valerie has a beach pass set up for her guests, so we can hang out under an umbrella and on a beach chair), the supermarket, and tons of amazing restaurants and bakeries. Zen Den is such a fulfilling treat to give oneself!


from United States, July 2021

"Excellent Yoga Experience"

Zen Den Yoga Disconnect to Reconnect was an amazing experience for my sister and I. We spent a nice long weekend doing yoga, meditation, and improving our overall spiritual health. Each person is there on their own individual journey, and the environment makes it very easy to enjoy the company of other attendees for as much or little as desired. Valerie and Ira are fantastic hosts and put a lot of attention to detail in the entire experience. The Yin weekend yoga class with Rose was challenging and incredible! We were able to take daily yoga classes, make delicious/healthy smoothies, and partake in the local Boca community. Valerie and Ira provided recommendations to wonderful restaurants and local activities that were most appreciated. To relax the backyard pool and hot tub were readily available. The beach and downtown area are close biking, walking, or uber distances. The massage/spa experience at Maui Spa was an unexpected delight in pampering for sure. This was walking distance from Zen Den for us. Although walking back feeling so relaxed took a bit longer! We also had an opportunity to observe some of their Yoga Instructor trainees in action – those girls worked hard!! It is obvious they take training their new Yogis very seriously. Highly recommend!

Annamarie Aigotti

from United States, July 2021

"Zen Den disconnect to reconnect"

I found the location of the retreat very accommodating and centrally located. I met some new friends whom I am grateful for. I enjoyed the Yin and Restorative classes very much. I did enjoy the Spa and the Beach with complimentary chairs and umbrella.

Kristin Biddle

from United States, May 2021

"Not suitable for a retreat"

The spa, Thai chi, meditation

Sheila Rothenberger

from United States, April 2021

"Incredible experience"

WOW! What an incredible journey on my 5 day disconnect to reconnect! From making nourishing smoothies, to the peaceful yoga studio, to the comfortable bed, and the amazing teachers, Val and Ira! Through this journey, I was able to decompress and learn (and relearn) how to create space in my life for self care, space in my heart for extending grace and love to others and myself, space in my lungs and body for invigorating oxygen, space in my life, through the different breathing techniques to reduce my chronic illness symptoms. And, oh, my…the hydro-therapy and massages were fabulous! Sunrise meditation on the beach was a dreamy as it sounds. The yoga practices were both challenging and educational. Val and Ira were amazing hosts, bringing all the guests together as we all walked our own journeys, sometimes in a quiet space, sometimes laughing and sharing stories around the campfire. The picturesque beach is a short 2 mile run (for me) or an Uber or bike ride away. I did not do much touring as I wanted to just “be” and spend some time journaling. A group of us went to a drum circle on the beach one evening. It was a very cinematic event! Thank you so much, Val and Ira for such a wonderful retreat! I am anticipating returning next year and possibly with some friends. Thank you Zen Den!!!!

K Steinfort

from United States, April 2021


Enlightening. Homey. Comfortable. Experiential. Receptive to needs. Accommodating.

Teresa Kaczmarczyk

from United States, March 2021

"Exactly What I needed"

I really loved this retreat! It was exactly what I needed. I came after a year of lock down in cold New York, and experiencing post covid weakness. The beautiful sunny warm weather, the relaxed atmosphere, the excellent yoga and meditation classes, walks on the beach, salt water pool and hot tub, nutritious shakes and having roommates to talk to was exactly what I needed. The owners are practicing loving and peaceful yogis who provide enough structure to feel supported, but give you enough freedom to rest and have an actual vacation experience. Besides excellent yoga and meditation classes which are different every day, I experienced the following:

- beautiful sunrise mediation on the beach

- amazing Qigong on the beach

- one of the best massages I every had

- amazing acupuncture and Chinese medicine consultation (extra payment for that)

- guided Shamanic journey which brought up and cleared past emotions ready to release

- biking around nice residential area around the yoga retreat

- super healthy and nutrition packed shakes

- nice conversation with the owners who are caring and loving Yogis

- fire ceremony upon arrival (with yoga teacher training students)

- bonding and hanging out with fellow yoga retreat roommates

- just about the best Thai food dinners at the beach

- walking 13-15000 steps each day

- free access to 2 lounge chairs and an umbrella on the beach

- reading life changing books from the library at the retreat

Very happy and will do it again!

Stacy Stoll

from United States, March 2021

"Short stay to get back to me."

They brought me into their community. They taught me so much about nutrition. I felt like part of the family within minutes of arriving.


from United States, February 2021


I immediately felt welcome in this relaxed and peaceful environment. It's an urban oasis with paths here and there to open and inviting spaces to practice, meditate, read, talk, paint, whatever you care to do. Two zen chickens will come out to quietly watch you. I fell in love with the Lychee tree with branches twisting in all directions, absolutely magical. Every corner of Zen Den is thoughtfully and creatively tended. The property has a soul, so if you're looking for a sterile, corporate, polished atmosphere, go there. Not here.

Ira and Val are generous in all they do. Val explains the schedule, any changes, how to prepare juices, smoothies, etc. as if it's the first time. Each of them guides meditation and yoga classes with their whole heart, with complete focus and devotion. Adjustments in posture are freely offered FOR you, not for themselves. Their depth of knowledge is truly a gift there for the taking.

You will be free to structure your time as you like. If you're someone who needs constant entertainment with everything scheduled, go on a cruise. I met incredibly interesting, sweet people. Along with beautiful yoga and meditation, it was fun to be here. I wouldn't want to change a single thing.

Sam Marks

from United States, June 2020

"Disconnect and Reconnect!"

I had the pleasure of staying and practicing with Valerie and Ira in June of 2020 for 4 days, and it was exactly what I needed! I had a cozy accommodation in one of their Boca homes and participated in 2.5 hours of meditation, breathing, and yoga practice each morning. I enjoyed a couple of healthy smoothies for breakfast and lunch, and explored some of Boca's top eateries each evening. By committing to detox from coffee, wine, and screens, coupled with the daily practice, I can honestly say I have never felt better in my mind since being an adult. The reset helped me re-evaluate some business and relationship hurdles with clear thinking. I would recommend a retreat with them, even as short as my stay.

Indira Sharma

from Canada, March 2020

"Excellent Teaching practices "

Inclusion of various faculty of yoga and bringing in resource personal to enhance the art of teaching was impressive

Sam Ozersky

from Canada, March 2020

"Florida Zen"

Instructors good Not enough Meditation or Yoga sessions


from United States, February 2020

"Make sure you know what to ask"

I loved the actual sessions doing yoga and meditation. The instructors are very knowledgeable about poses and breathing. I loved my massage and acupuncture experiences. The local restaurants have a delicious variety for health conscious eating. The beach was absolutely breathtaking! It was a bit of a hike, I would recommend an Uber. I went with two wonderful ladies and it ended up being the best time I had.

Becky Ann Sarakun

from Great Britain, January 2020

"A Great Place to Be"

This was my second stay at Zen Den and I still loved it as much :). I experienced everything that I wanted to. An amazing detox leaving me feeling healthy, clean and alive as well as the best Yoga ever... I love this place and will continue to return for my me time fix...


from United States, January 2020

"Zen Den Yoga "

Boca Raton was warm and sunny and it was a nice group of people.

Rachel Appleman

from United States, December 2019

"A wonderful experience filled journey"

The hosts are just the most wonderful, loving people. They truly care for their retreat guests and their yoga students, and do everything possible to make the area comfortable and inclusive for all.

April Cavender

from United States, December 2019

"Ginger was amazing awesome YIN TRAINING"

the hands out the timing the knowledge the work on the mat

Ari Liakeas

from Cayman Islands, November 2019

"It’s hard to find the words to convey the beautiful journey"

The space held by instructors and fellow students to travel through the personal journey to become a teacher/sharer with unconditional love, support and grace.

Mary Dollar

from United States, October 2019

"28 Day Yoga Teacher Training"

Loved the flow of our day. Each day was filled with something new, always learning and growing strong! I was unsure about breakfast and lunch smoothies but they were perfect and now doing them at home along with the flows I learned. I feel confident now and ready to teach my first class this Saturday! So thankful for my teachers at Zen Den so much love there🌼🌻🌺🌹🕯

Lois Cole

from United States, September 2019

"Solo Yoga Retreat"

I was at Zen Den when there was no teacher training going on and no other retreatants participant. This turned out to be to my advantage. I had a room to myself and some great instruction and personal attention from Valerie and Ira, who took some extra effort to also adapt the program to suit my interests. Valerie, who has dietician training also coached me on ways to make my diet more balanced. I also found it wasn't difficult on my time off to meet people from the area, who are pretty friendly. I recommend the Wednesday drum circle in Del Ray Beach. Coming home, I've been sustaining some of the good suggestions and my yoga practice has become a notch more rigorous -- not just yin or restorative yoga!


from United States, July 2019

" Felt Better & Had Clearer Skin in Three Days"

All of the instructors, each one, were attentive and patient with me. Very knowledgeable on yoga and nutrition. The other ladies attending were wonderful. All positive with the staff. I felt comfortable despite not being able to do everything--without falling down. I'm pretty clumsy. I am continuing with the program at home. They are available to help you even after the program ends.

Diane Storch

from United States, July 2019

"Wonderful Experience"

Ira is a very knowledgeable instructor and is happy to share. He answers any questions and teaches a variety of techniques. He was so supportive during the entire stay. Valerie was hospitable and knowledgeable, as well, but she had to leave for a business trip, so most of the stay was with Ira. I learned so much, have become stronger physically, and found a new level to my meditation. What a great experience!

I also liked the opportunity to meet others from around the world who were participating in a yoga retreat or were there learning to be instructors themselves.

I will definitely be returning in the future!

Sarah Prindable

from United States, April 2019

"Life Changing Teacher Training - Highly Recommended"

My 300-hr training at Zen Den was an incredibly transformative experience. I grew not just as a teacher, but also as a person. My confidence in my teaching and my depth of knowledge has greatly increased. I learned about Sivananda, I picked up vital skills in keeping class flow going, I gained the confidence to help individuals deepen their practice and adjust alignment while still speaking more generally to the whole class.

I loved having the space to meditate and deepen my own practice while delving deeper into yogic philosophy. Most of all, I made beautiful connections with everyone at the school during my time there. Especially Val and Ira. They are two very beautiful souls on a journey together to teach and hold space for other to grow and develop. Their eclectic approach was exactly what I was looking for, but even more than expected. They have complementary teaching styles, and I learned so much from both!

I highly recommend this life changing training to anyone considering it. It will challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and you will come out the other side a better teacher. If you are not yet a teacher and considering the 200-hr training, I’d say dive right in. I couldn’t think of a better place to set off on your teaching journey and deepen your connection to your own practice.

Karen Capestrain

from United States, April 2019


Great place great location,,,,great classes learned a lot,,,,,got inspired,,,to go home and change body.

Disa Jirlow

from Sweden, April 2019

"4 day SUP retreat"

Cozy accommodations in residential houses repurposed for yoga retreat. A small and family run business with a relaxing and familiar vibe. Both Ira and Valerie were so welcoming. Very flexibel with bookings for SUP and very helpful around the clock. Yoga lessons daily with varied styles and flows. Delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch smoothies.

Tara Zenker

from Switzerland, April 2019

"Outstanding Yoga Retreat"

This is the first time my husband and I have done yoga. We found both Ira and Valerie to be outstanding teachers and individuals who walk their talk. The yoga instruction and explanations were excellent. We loved the variety of health-oriented activities: Paddle-boarding, acupuncture and massage to calm the nervous-system, colonic and juices / smoothies for internal cleansing, energy-healing sessions with Valerie are available. I personally benefited from this. Successfully meeting the needs of all levels from beginner to teacher training. Our week was transformative, eye-opening, restorative and fun. Can't remember having felt so good physically and mentally after a week's break.


from Canada, April 2019

"A profound life experience that encompassed all. "

Immediately taken into the folds of the lifestyle at Zen Den Yoga School, you become family. The daily practices of guided meditation, yoga, philosophy and meal planning leave you at the end of each day with an abundance of gratitude and quiet inner calmness. You are able to close the door to the outside world and step into the mindfulness of the here and now. All due to the peaceful guidance, knowledge and support of Ira and Valerie. These two amazing individuals truly have a gem in South Florida.

Linda Taing

from United States, March 2019

"200hr YTT went above and beyond my expectations"

Literally everything. We started teaching day 2 and when week 3 came we were all teaching full 90 min. classes! The smoothies were amazing and definitely provided energy. I’m home now and still drinking the green smoothie! This was an amazingly well rounded training. We didn’t just become teachers and yoginis, we learned nutrition, business, and energy as well. We also got the Shamanic Breathwork once a week and once week 3 came you could see how much healing and growth takes place here. It’s really amazing how much love Ira and Val put into Zen Den and all of their students and retreat guests. It truly is an amazing experience. These 28 days were truly transformational. I came here with armor and walls everywhere but they completely removed them and held the space I needed so I could truly and freely soar. I’m definitely 100% ready to hold space for others and teach yoga to all levels.

Kristin Meyer

from United States, March 2019

"Zen XXtra"

Ira & Val were amazing ! So down to earth, accommodating & real. The properties are breath taking. Clean, well kept, creative, spacious, and cozy, all in 1. The mix of students & retreat guests was such an interesting experience. Loved how the students were able to practice on us retreat guests. Loved the assitance & extra TLC from Val & Ira when in poses & even in meditation. They keep a good eye on everyone. The schedule is a perfect blend of structure & freedom. I loved being on a routine daily yet being able to wonder off to the beach, local favorites- stores, restaurants. If you're lucky you might even get a ride in Angel Namaste, their famous VW Bus! And talk about XXtra - the massage & accupunture !!!! Yes. I'm telling you these peeps - this place - the real deal. Thank you guys!!!! ✌❤🌴🌞


from United States, February 2019

"A little disappointed, but not terrible"

Met some very nice people, retreat guests and yoga teacher students, the pool was nice, some nice yoga classes.

Ben Perez

from United States, January 2019

"Yoga and new spiritual experiences"

I liked the Yoga instruction, and meditation Ira and Valarie compliment eachother well in teaching styles. They have a very high level of skill in the subject area that they teach. I liked that Ira and Valarie both seemed to me to be mature, practical, and authentic teachers. I liked being able to have new experiences like tai chi, meditation on the beach, yoga in the park, feast for life event, going to restaurants, going to the beach, drum circles, chants around the fire pit, shamanic breathing, and hot stone massages. I liked that you had the oppurtunity to learn how to make the smoothie yourself. I liked that the washing machine and dryer were accessible and the kitchen had every utensil a person could need for cooking. I loved the Yoga studio and all of the power objects located in the yoga studio. I loved how publix, cvs, and gnc were all within walking distance as well as many other stores. I loved the warm weather that made outdoor activities easy. I loved that I could live and learn from other guests and students.


from United States, January 2019

"My first yoga retreat was rejuvenating and lovely!"

Communal living, sunrise meditation on the beach, swimming at the beach,outdoor yoga sessions,acupuncture and massage, hot tub, nearby restaurant and boutiques.


from United States, January 2019

"Absolutely nothing was as expected. In fact, we had to make "

This place was nothing as advertisers expected. In the first place, all of us had to make our own juices. People are on different types of cleansing rituals and routines, and the refrigerator is stocked full of food, which makes it very enticing to eat and not fast. There were nine people for the first couple of days of my arrival so it was like a university dormitory with all of us clamoring to make our own juices. They don't even bring you water. For the money I paid, I was aghast that nothing was advertised as expected. Additionally, this place is filthy.

Becky Ann Sarakun

from Great Britain, January 2019

"I Learned so Much"

The Yoga was fantastic and I learned so much. We practiced Sivananda which I have not had much experience of. I loved it and Valerie and Ira are excellent teachers. I practice yoga every day and Sivananda is now part of my daily routine :) ... I came to this retreat primarily to detox, which I did for two weeks. I was closely monitored by Valerie to ensure that I followed the plan in order to get the most out of it. Yoga was also a priority for me, so I did get all that I wanted from this retreat. Also, with the juicing, I can continue with this at home when I need to as I have the guidelines to do so. I also know that I can email Valerie whenever I need any advice on this. A great experience at Zen Den which will always be with me :)

Shelby Guthrie

from United States, November 2018

"Awesome retreat! "

The center itself is fabulous, and the accommodations were great. Valerie is very good with giving you different options to make your stay personal. I feel as if I developed a good relationship with Valerie and Ira, both very genuine people. The class size was only 5 max at a time which gave the instructor time to adjust us students into better asanas. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this retreat! Valerie also held a little movie night for us, showing Beyond Food, took us to a couple free yoga classes in the area and have us a small tour of a couple spots she liked in Delray. Again, making it a very personal experience (:

Diana Caporiccio

from Canada, November 2018

"Excellent Place to Reset & Refresh "

- The house was very simple, clean & had a relaxing cozy feeling to it. The house is shared amount guests whom all have mutual respect for the space & eachother.

- Cost effective and worth your money. This was one of the more budget retreats I found on this website and it exceed expectations for what I paid. The massage & acupuncture was a huge treat!

- Yoga on this retreat was great. Everyday of the week they had different classes and weekend community yoga where you can explore the community and met other local yogis.

- Valerie, Ira & Elias were absolutely spectacular. They all genuinely care about your well being & getting to know and support you during the retreat. They all spend quality time with you and try there hardest to accommodate your personal goals. Val & Ira will spend there personal time driving you around the city and taking you places to enjoy your stay.

- I did the liver detox juice cleanse which was mentally challenging and quite difficult yet the end results are amazing and Valerie is well educated on the process

-The pool and outdoor ground are very peaceful

- Lots to do and see in the area. Del Ray beach area is where all the nightlife and shopping is, Mizner Park has great upscale shopping, lots of trails and wildlife!

- Overall positive vibe from guests. I met memorible people on this trip! Everyone is there to relax and de stress!

Ann Bossier

from Belgium, November 2018

"What a lovely surprise!"

I had no odea what to expect when I arrived at Zen Den. And low and behold, here I was on my own at this retreat for quite some days. I had to get used to that idea at first but it happened quite quickly! Private yoga lessons twice a day and a house full of books, and a pool and kitchen for only me to use! I was in heaven :-) It made it all more relaxed for me and even though Val and Ira were going through a moving transition, I really felt there was time and attention (and some great chats Val!) to make my stay really fantastic.Thank you! I will definitely consider coming back if I am in the area!

Also, if you get a chance, do the paddle yoga and also the one on one with Val! She's a gem!