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Zelement club adventures revolve around activities like skiing, snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, diving, golf, and yoga in order to reconnect with your inner child and live the life you want.

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  • Renee Rodgers

    Zelement Facebook page

    After hearing about my goal to ski instruct, it was as if Jon took it on as his own. He was full of patience for my learning process and passion for the sport and lifestyle. Even as my lessons became more advanced, they never lost the original patience, passion, customized teaching style, and genuine interest in my progress as a person.

  • Ed

    Zelement Facebook page

    Why is a Zelement ski trip a great time? Top-notch trip planning, attentive hosting, adventuresome guiding, and the best ski instruction available. Having joined trips in the US and Japan as well as on-resort ski lessons, every event was exciting, well run, and beyond expectations. Jon and Sharon run a great program that I cannot recommend enough.

  • Leah Pearlman

    Zelement website

    Zelement has completely changed my relationship with travel. From the moment I contacted Sharon about traveling to Bali, to the very last minute of my trip, I had the best-possible experience. Sharon and Jon are amazing hosts. They are warm, kind, super fun, introspective, and caring, and everyone I met through them was the same. They handled all of the "difficult" parts of travel so that I could simply show up there and have a life-changing experience. I have fallen in love with Bali. I'm no longer terrified of surfing (that is huge progress), my inner work has deepened, and I will absolutely travel with Zelement Club again. I'm happy to talk to anyone who is considering traveling with Zelement for the first time.

  • Lindsay Nickel

    Zelement website

    Zelement Club represents exactly how I want to both travel and live my life. Whether it be chasing surf or enjoying my first Kirtan, chatting over beers at sunset, or simply hanging out by the pool in their beautiful villa, Sharon and Jon are inspiring others to live out their dream life as they live out theirs, proving that you do not have to prescribe to the rules and the norms that are set for us by the societies we live in. Above all, they are incredibly genuine, thoughtful, and fun people, ones that I feel like I have known for a long time, with a palpable love for life. I feel lucky to have met Jon and Sharon on my first night in Bali to be part of the Zelement Club.

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