Zazyoga promotes a safe and personalized practice, self-confidence, playfulness, and personal growth.

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22 Jours-200h de Formation de Professeur de Yoga à Bali, Indonésie

Nov 10-Dec 1, 2019 | Oct 25-Nov 15, 2020, 2019–2020
    from US$3,500
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    Instructors (4)

    Marylene Henry

    Ella Ann Trotter

    Stephanie Parent

    Julie Varin

    Reviews (1)

    Sherry Malone

    from United States, July 2019

    "Yoga Training for both soon-to-be-teachers & personal growth"

    -The 3 instructors were all highly skilled and brought in unique qualities to the training. They provided role models for us as well a well-rounded approach to yoga

    -Great balance of personal growth & experience and teaching practice

    -I felt supported to love where I was at in my yoga journey (I'm a professional, 43 years old and found yoga a few years ago)

    -Their teaching methodologies were engaging & helpful for the vast age differences and levels of yoga. Impressive!

    -I appreciated the emphasis on correct alignment and the benefits of yoga postures and lifestyle

    -I loved that I actually put together and taught my own yoga classes to build confidence

    -Safe and nourishing held space for us to be vulnerable and open to taking in the experience

    -Teachers were flexible, hands-on, available, supportive, so so smart

    -I came for personal growth and they planted a seed of how I can bring yoga more centered in my world

    -I expected a lot and came away with more than I expected :)