ZanteZest offers a wealth of experience in rejuvenation and relaxation, giving their best to make your time enjoyable, happy, and healthy.

Instructors 2

Julie Anne

Julie Anne has over 15 years experience within the health and fitness industry. Originally qualifying in sports therapy, she has developed her knowledge by undergoing continual personal development in spinal rehabilitation, working within a chiropractors, for many years and for the NHS. As a personal trainer, her skills include yoga, Pilates, corrective exercise, aqua aerobics, and many more. Julie Anne has studied in Eastern healing techniques, focusing on dietary awareness, and the ancient healing of Shiatsu and Thai massage.

Nasos Mystriotis

Nasos is a Tai Chi and Chi Kung practitioner, as well as a personal trainer, and juice therapist. He completed his juice therapy academy at the Jason Vale, juice master headquarters. Nasos has the understanding of experiencing the difficulties of quitting addictions, and shares a great wealth of knowledge in practical ways to help quit addiction when other techniques have failed.

Reviews 5

Jacqueline (jackie) Gaff

from Great Britain, August 2018


This yoga / pilates detox retreat for over 50s completely turned me around. Julie and Nas are the kindest and most genuine people, with complementary skills which ensure that each guest’s exercise and dietary programme is shaped to their individual needs.

The personal care and attention began when I arrived at the airport to find Nas waiting to greet me and drive me to our base for the week. Situated well out of town and away from the crowds, the accommodation is a stone’s throw from the sea and blissfully peaceful. After talking to me about my needs, Nas tailored a detox diet of fresh juices and salads which were delicious, varied and filling.

Julie’s experience in physiotherapy allowed her to shape the week’s activities so that we could focus on strengthening my weak legs and ankles through simple Pilates exercises. Every day we walked in the sea — an absolute joy as there was no fear of falling.

During the week I not only lost half a stone, but also gained confidence in my myself and my body thanks to Nas and Julie’s reassurance and positivity. I returned home glowing and cannot wait to go back for more!

Keelie Webb

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Absolutely amazing!"

This has been such an amazing retreat! The place I stayed at was beautiful - the beach literally outside the room and the area had such a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. I did the full 7 days juice cleanse and found it worked wonderfully well - the activities are gentle but effective - walks, yoga, correcting posture and some swimming so it was a lovely balance to have and i enjoyed the fact that nothing felt too regimented. I never felt hungry, just a little tired on the first day which is to be expected during a detox. Everything was delivered to me with a smile and there were a few lessons on how to do the juicing and why it makes a difference. The trips out meant that i got to see the island which has some beautiful sights - the boat trip to the caves and swimming there was a highlight! And I can't stress enough how lovely Nas, Julie and Lee are: very generous with their time, advice, nothing is too much trouble and they are so wonderfully friendly that you feel at ease to ask questions. They are also very practical and the advice they gave was very much grounded in understanding the reality of every day life and how little tweaks can make a big difference. If you are looking for a calming place to get your health back on track or just have a top up, this is the place!

Sabrina Ippoliti

from United States, July 2018

"Amazing week in Zakhintos"

We really enjoyed our stay in Zante and all

The benefits of the detox. Nasos is an incredibly nice and caring person, he made us feel at home and provide us with all we needed and even more. The juice detox was less challenging that we expected thanks to the customized program and the continuos check and adjustments. We could quite easily stick to the program. The yoga teacher is a great professional and excursions were amazing as well. The location is just perfect: simple but comfortable, so close to the sea you can fall asleep listening to the waves sound. The color and quality of the sea is just unbelievable. Nasos was also so kind to walk us through the process of making healthy choices and gave us precious advices that we will take in deep consideration in the future.

Michelle Luke

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Relax and unwind in Zante"

This break was perfect for me, it provided me the opportunity to reset. I needed the chance to stop and just get back on track / no where better than lying next to the clear waters of Zante and even seen a big turtle swimming nearby! Mother Nature st it’s best!

Chad Nash

from Germany, October 2017

"You will not be disappointed and your body will thank you! "

Wanted to take a minute to thank and recommend Zantezest.

I researched many cleanse / detox / yoga retreats over the year and I'm soooooo happy I went with these guys. For starters, it was much cheaper then what I found in India, Phuket Thailand, etc... then I also found it be much more family run / less corporate which means there was never an added fee for anything such as airport transfers or activities.

Here's what the package came with:

1. 7 nights of oceanfront accommodations on a popular and amazing island in Greece. From a 6am airport pickup to drop off to wherever as needed.

2. Juice 5 times a day delivered to your your door / lounge chair / hammock.

3. Entire retreat is small, maximum 4-6 people and THATS IT.

4. Daily yoga, tai chi (night time option too!), all completely included and optional at the same time. So many days I woke up not feeling ready for life and slept in, other days I took classes. Everyday you also have options for daily or nightly walks, hikes, beach, etc... one day was a full island tour.

5. Loving small staff. These guys are growing and you can see why when you are here, these guys are truly in alignment with their cause... you can see this in their desire to help you, in their smile, and their newborn baby of 1 month yesterday. Nasos and his wife work their asses off to make sure you're happy and not for themselves but because they really enjoy it. You don't get up at 5am with a smile like that unless it's real!

Testimonials 5

Zuzanna United Kingdom

ZanteZest website

I've been to ZanteZest 3 times and every time Julie and Nasos were amazing! Extremely good at their Zesting job, the exercises, the yoga, the advices on health, posture, mind and body and so on. They are kind hearted, warm and the most helpful couple I've ever met. I will go back again and highly recommend anybody to go to their programmes and juicing.


ZanteZest website

Julie and Nas are incredibly special. They are warm-hearted, generous, thoughtful, down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable. I didn’t think it was possible, but they made detoxing fun. I learned something new every minute of the day and the way everything was explained meant I was able to fully integrate it into my day to day life. I left feeling energized, inspired and with a renewed-confidence. Zante Zest is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.

a traveler Australia

ZanteZest website

Thank you Zantezest for the most incredible 10 days! Julie and Nasos, what an amazing experience, to meet and get to know 2 incredibly giving, inspiring people who will be friends for life, delicious juices, hikes up mountains, the most incredible beaches, mixing with the locals and exploring Zakynthos. Thanks to both of you for giving me this opportunity and I feel so great and healthy xoxoxo


ZanteZest website

I just want to say a big thank you to Julie and Nas for helping me with my diet/foods to eat and exercise. I have to say my stay there was wonderful. There were turtle beaches to invigorating beaches, each so special in it own unique way. Done yoga went on great nature hikes. Made great memories going on a glass bottom boat which was amazing. The juices and food they served us were lush too. Thank you soo much guys keep in touch.

Serena United States

ZanteZest website

Although my stay in Zakynthos was quite short, (5 days if I do recall), it was totally worth it and I would go back in a heartbeat. I was made to feel so special from the moment I got to the airport and for the duration of my stay. Finding not only a outlet from life in a beautiful place, I also found a friend in Julie and the other girl that was there. It was so nice to cleanse my body with the natural juices and have enough energy to work up a sweat at the same time. It is truly amazing what the human body can do if you treat it right. As a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, I would love to plan more ZanteZest trips down the road. You couldn't really put a price on the kind of experience you here. It was a great find and I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their health and especially those who lead busy lives!

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