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Yumba Retreats

Yumba Retreats support you to greater health and well-being in connection with sacred nature, amazing food and a safe and welcoming environment.

Instructors 2

Rebekah Harbour

Rebekah earned a Bachelor of Science (honors) in Psychology, at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. She specialized in social-cultural psychology. She attended Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, Southern India and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training. The program taught an integral practice including meditation, asana, chanting, service, and clean diet. She's also studied level 1 and level 2 Thai massage and Thai foot reflexology at TCM, a Thai massage school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Moreover, she is also a zero balancing practitioner and teacher.

Gabriel Brewdant

Gabriel earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Pomona College, in California. He was raised in the Tibetan-Buddhist tradition and began learning meditation techniques and philosophy at age 10. After a traumatic Kundalini Awakening in 2004, he disavowed all internal practices until he could find a safe system to develop the structure needed to contain that level of energy. In 2012, he resumed practice in earnest, delving deeply into learning vipassana meditation, qigong, and bodywork (Zero Balancing). He also teaches Jiu-Jitsu to help kids enjoy safe physical play!

Testimonials 3

a traveler United States

Yumba Retreats website

When I first get off the table I don’t feel anything. But then later when I’m resting I can feel my entire body adjusting and integrating the treatment. It feels amazing. Like nothing else I’ve experienced.

a traveler United States

Yumba Retreats website

As Rebekah guided me through this gently healing practice, I felt cleansed energetically and physically. I continued to feel a shift and realignment long after our session.

a traveler United States

Yumba Retreats website

With gentle manipulation of my entire body and extra attention to vulnerable areas like my lower back and shoulders, Rebekah focuses warmth and energy in a way that feels like no other body work... After my session I am able to move back into a hectic pace with a calm center.

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