Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing is a yoga and pilates studio that is also offering UK-based retreats and at other worldwide destinations.

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Anne-Marie Burford

James Burford

James Burford

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Kelly-Anne Head

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Sophie De Souza

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Fantastic yoga retreat "

A fantastic yoga retreat with very friendly and knowledgeable yoga teachers. I highly recommend. I have learnt not only more about yoga but also about the Ayurvedic philosophy and ways to improve general well being. It was a perfect way to start the new year as I now feel more grounded and inspired. Looking forward to returning in the near future!

Kimberley Soni

from United States, January 2019

"A wonderful yoga retreat"

The teachers were evidently extremely knowledgeable about yoga- and had a very holistic practise due to their extensive study of yoga & health and well-being in general.

The retreat was relaxed, and we were made to feel very much at home.

The accommodation was spotlessly clean and very comfortable.

Claire Brewster

from Great Britain, January 2019

"The best way to refresh and restore"

I loved the fact that despite not being very experienced at yoga, I could take part in all the classes as they can be adapted. I learnt so much about important daily practises and about myself. The extra workshops are fascinating and there is time to walk or use a Soundwave chair if you wish, in addition to the other activities. The hosts are very warm and welcoming and have a lovely home.


from United States, August 2017

La retraite s'est très bien déroulée. En tant que débutante, j'ai rencontré des personnes à l'écoute, disponibles et patientes. Ils m'ont transmis l'envie d'aller plus loin, de continuer cette démarche philosophique. La durée de la retraite était idéale car les activités prennent beaucoup d'énergie. Je recommande vivement ce stage. Un moment hors du temps.

Testimonials (3)

Lisa Burnet

Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing website

I just want to thank you for a wonderful weekend retreat, I found it really uplifting and inspiring. It has given me some good foundations to work with to not only improve my health but also the inspiration to make changes in my life.

Thank you for welcoming us into your home, what you do at the centre is truly amazing and beneficial to so many.

Vicky Fleming

Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing

Having just returned from a weekend at The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing I can't recommend the retreats here enough. Anne-Marie, James and Chris were so warm, welcoming and knowledgeable in yoga and meditation techniques and the Ayurvedic lifestyle in general. A fantastic start to the New Year; I learned so much more than I'd hoped, alongside a group of really lovely and interesting people. I shall definitely be back to learn more, either to another retreat in Harrogate or to experience the retreat in Kerala!

Melanie Richardson

Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing

I have just returned from a two week retreat with Anne-Marie to Kerala in Southern India. We were due to spend a week at Ahimsa Garden Retreats and a week at the Turtle Beach Hotel but in fact ended up staying 11 nights at Ahimsa with three very relaxing days at the lovely Turtle Beach at the end. Ahimsa is the brainchild of Dr Daisy Kuchinad who founded the retreat centre with her husband in 2013 to preserve nearly 400 species of Ayurvedic medicinal plants including rare and endangered species. Although Daisy is a doctor trained in conventional western medicine, she was drawn to learn more about Ayurveda after a member of her family became seriously ill a few years ago and her quest is to holistically combine the best of both medical systems to ensure that the body is kept in balance.

Upon arrival, you have a consultation with Dr Nair, the consultant Ayurvedic doctor, who assesses what treatments will be beneficial to balance your body. Each day began with meditation and yoga in one of the two beautiful indoor yoga studios which are positioned high up to make the most of the panoramic views over the treetops. What a stunning experience it was to do Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) to the backdrop of the most spectacular sunrises.

The daily Ayurvedic treatment followed, the like of which I’ve never experienced before. Two young ladies (male therapist for the men) worked on your body for up to two hours with a variety of ayurvedic massage techniques which included warm oils and hot herbal poultices. The massage was like a carefully choreographed dance as they both worked in complete unison on each side of your body and I was interested to hear that their intense training takes them a year to complete. I was lucky enough to experience the sublime Shirodhara for my last three days of treatment which involved hot oils being drizzled backwards and forwards across your forehead – absolute bliss! Where time allowed, we also incorporated a late afternoon meditation and yoga practice into our day.

The vegetarian food at Ahimsa is delightful and freshly cooked using many ingredients which are grown in the garden and the spice level can be adapted to suit your taste.

The stay also included a number of trips including a cruise on the backwaters on a houseboat accompanied by Indian classical music, a visit to a local convent, orphanage and old people’s home, a display of traditional Indian dance and a demonstration of an Indian martial art based on yoga called Kalaripayattu which had me astounded at the strength, agility and flexibility of the students. Given everything that is included in the retreat, I do think it represents excellent value for money.

One of the most important aspects of the stay at Ahimsa for me was the time which Daisy devoted to spending with us. It was like having your own personal tour guide and I learnt so much from her about the life and culture of India as well as benefiting from her wisdom on anything and everything over some lively dinner conversations! She is a truly visionary lady and I can’t help but think if there were more people like her, then the world would be a much better place.

It’s hard to describe just what a magical and inspirational place Ahimsa is. I went on the retreat to the Maldives last year and whilst I had a wonderful time, the experience at Ahimsa was in a different league for me. The experience has truly nourished my heart and soul and I didn’t want to leave. For anyone who may be considering whether to go to Ahimsa and a little unsure, I’d urge you to just do it. I know you won’t regret it and I for one will be back.