YOL Trips

Mill Valley, California, United States

YOL offers transformative mind, body, and service "re-boot" experiences for high performing executives, teams, and individuals around the globe.

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  • Karen Hershenson

    YOL Trips website

    I cant imagine anyone leaving here and not feeling more connected to themselves, more passionate about what their work is and more ready to go.

  • Robert Mayer

    YOL Trips website

    It was an outstanding trip with a great bunch of people. I was asked to describe the trip for (my companys) website. And of course that just extended the trip mentally for me just a bit longer, stretching that soul-satisfying feeling a few more days.

  • Jessika Borsiczky

    YOL Trips website

    The Yol team arranged a perfect balance of fitness, health, relaxation and community. I was so impressed with every aspect, and most of all with the incredible people I met on the trip. What a special group of people who are all looking for a great experience!

  • Lisa Rueff Schneider

    YOL Trips website

    I believe in the healing and transformative powers of mind, body, and service experiences. For people in the working world, what Yol is offering is an opportunity to rejuvenate, give back to themselves, contribute responsibly, uplift communities and work hand-in-hand with host communities, having fun, and creating social and economic solutions where there is a real need for assistance.

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