Yogita Yoga School

Florida, United States

Yogita Yoga School offers 200-hour YTTC's and yoga health and wellness retreats, sharing the healing powers of yoga on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

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  • Nicole Wagenstetter Germany

    Yogita Yoga School website

    Joanna was one of my teachers during my 200-hour teacher training in India. Not only did she inspire the way I teach yoga, but also how I approach my own yoga practice. Confidence and headstands are all just fine, but for me the healing aspect of yoga, both physically - I struggled with an old hernia injury - and spiritually, were sparked through Joanna's wisdom. I know I would jump at any chance to practice yoga with the woman that can teach you more about using a block, a strap, or bolster than you can dream of.

  • Eleonora Ignazzi Italy

    Yogita Yoga School website

    Joanna has been one of my teachers during my teacher training in Goa, India in 2014. Her classes, besides being perfectly structured between theory and physical practice, gave me something I needed the most, confidence. Confidence in myself and in believing that one day I could actually become a yoga teacher. I remember how much I had to struggle with the language and in giving instructions, but then there was Joanna's smile and right advice. I could have not asked for more and now that I am back to Italy and I am actually teaching yoga, I always keep in my mind her beautiful smile and pictures of her funny and special way of being.

  • Jo Crago United Kingdom

    Yogita Yoga School website

    Jo's classes opened parts of me that I did not know were shut. The emotional healing that I went through was so cathartic that I felt like a totally new person after my course. I cannot tell you why, what or how, but her attitude to life, her experience as a teacher and student, words, and guidance through meditation and asana opened my heart and mind to a new understanding of yoga and a new found respect for my body too. I hope to have taken this forth in my own teaching and given my practice of yoga its healing element with my own spin. Thank you Jojo! Always in my heart, thoughts, and guidance for inspiration. All the best to you and those you teach! Love Jojo.

  • Callum Carr Australia

    Yogita Yoga School website

    Joanna is a magnificent teacher and my first teaching experience would not have been the same without her. She is knowledgeable, gentle, caring, empathetic, nurturing, and makes you feel comfortable, even when practicing Kurmasana. Joanna helped me find my natural style of teaching and has given me the confidence to continue my journey as a yoga teacher. Most importantly, Joanna is a lovely human, and I feel blessed to have learnt from her teachings.

  • Karen Faye D'Souza from New Delhi, India

    Yogita Yoga School website

    Joanna taught me asanas and alignments during my 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014. There aren't many people in this world that I feel at ease with on the first meeting itself, but Joanna's big, beautiful eyes and encouraging smile immediately put me at ease. Each one of her classes was well thought out, informative, and fun, with Joanna always reminding us to listen to our bodies. Her gentle spirit combined with her knowledge of yoga will be a great asset to any student or aspiring yoga teacher's journey.

  • Weronika M. Stockholm, from Poland

    Yogita Yoga School website

    Joanna is a great teacher! I met her in India during my 200-hour yoga teacher training in May 2014. That was one of the best experiences in my life. Joanna was the best teacher, whom you can ask about difficult questions and get support any time. She showed to me that there is possibility to find solutions for everyone in yoga. It doesn't matter how much flexibility you have, just believe in the meaning of yoga and keep moving, continue. That's what I did. With passion to yoga and meditation, I started my classes in Stockholm. Thank you for inspiration. Namaste!

  • Jane Forster United Kingdom

    Yogita Yoga School website

    Jos passion for yoga is clearly conveyed through her teaching. Always willing to share her experiences as a yoga teacher, empowering us to understand ourselves, our students and how the benefits of yoga can help us heal. These lessons were invaluable when I started teaching yoga and I can still hear her saying listen to your body, which I now say to all my students. Most of all Jo taught me patience with my own practice; to be gentle yet challenging with my students and to enjoy the yoga journey wherever it takes me for which I am forever grateful.

  • Nadia Saadi United Kingdom

    Yogita Yoga School website

    I met Jo at teacher training in Dharamsala, India. Being quite nervous about starting a teacher training course, I was a little worried, but Jo instantly made me feel welcome and confident with her positive attitude, and clear and passionate understanding of yoga. As the course went on, I felt more and more comfortable about learning my teacher training from her, as she was entirely immersed in the yogi lifestyle. She made learning easy, as her teaching was clear and concise, and brought an amazing, fun, and beautiful energy to the class. The main thing I have taken away and use today in my teaching is the fact that Jo really focused on performing asanas safely, always protecting the spine, which I think can sadly be missed in classes all over the world. I also loved the special little touches of motivation and encouragement she brought to our classes, including print outs and readings. I cannot recommend her as a teacher or practitioner highly enough and do hope you get the chance to experience her sincere and beautiful classes.

  • Caro Spain

    Yogita Yoga School website

    I have met amazing teachers guiding me through the joy of the yoga practice, and I thank them all. However, meeting Joanna was a real blessing. She is a truly inspiring person and teacher. The warmth of her smile, her always kind words towards every individual, her knowledge, and experience make you feel confident, strong, and capable no matter what. With her guidance, everything is at your reach. From the very moment you walk into one of her classes you are then surrounded by her so special energy. Jo makes you understand that yoga is for all, and not only for those who can bend or stretch further, and that every practice is a real achievement. Not only do I recommend Joanna as a teacher, I cannot wait to meet her again, somewhere in the world, to keep learning from her!

  • Gloria Malone United States

    Yogita Yoga School website

    When I went to India to do a 200-hour yoga certificate, I was not really sure that it was what I wanted to do. Even to the day prior starting, I was questioning myself. But once I met Joanna and took her first class, I realized she was the perfect teacher for me. She inspired me and made me see yoga with the real meaning of it.

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